the coloring looks kinda wonky


this was supposed to be a shallura tangled au but this isnt even in the actual movie lmao

anyway, allura grew up with magical growing hair that glows different colors depending on her mood, and lived in a tower since she was young till an escapee climbed into her tower to hide

bonus klance (this au probs only have side klance tho lol):

cant believe how dumb they are that person is literally just next to you–


the fresh scent of spring, a soft breeze envelopes me like a blooming flower, i bathe in the sun rays and clear blue skies. it reminds me of something––the moment i found you, the world around you seemed to twinkle, and i know that even in a millennium, they’ll be there, shining forever

*rosa voice* if anything happened to her, i would kill everyone in this room and then myself

(i’m making an askblog for her!!! but it’s still under construction right now…)

i have an hour break in the middle of my six-hour studio class, so i sat down in front of a mirror with a colored pencil and… yep. perspective kinda wonky from looking up so much, but i’m not gonna try to go back in with an eraser.

just wanted y'all to know i’m not here sitting on my ass; also working on a couple of updates so look out for those


i need u: japanese || korean 


Hi! It’s been a while!! :D

I’ve been drawing Link as Cecil and Rhett as Carlos up until now, and it has been brought to my attention that I should try switching them around. So without further adieu here are the guys switched around, and looking perplexed–because Night Vale is a wonderfully weird place!!! :3

Forgive me if my style looks kinda wonky right now, I’m trying out new coloring styles!!


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO @pinofs!!!!! <3 <3 <3

this took me way longer than it should’ve ha

This is inspired by the VERY FIRST piece I saw by Nikki, so I took that idea and put my own little spin on it! I’m quite happy with the turn out!!

Better pictures soon because what is lighting.

Zesty Snapchats!

He’d totally send another one like this to Rose saying ‘My bf is cuter than yours’

Rose grabs Alisha and sends one back saying ‘oH YEAH? LOOK AT THIS CUTIE’

It turns into an entire snap war-

Please don’t repost or edit