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71 hours later – A Mass Effect: Andromeda critique

Et voilà! Since March 21, 2017, I’ve passed 71 hours in the Andromeda galaxy. Hated the first hour, because the Character Creator (CC) couldn’t or wouldn’t give me what I wanted. But as soon as I started the game with the default Sara Ryder, I could truly appreciate (and frown at) Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Here is a critique of the game. Let’s see what you scored, Andromeda!

I tried to make this review as spoiler free as possible. Hopefully, you won’t be spoiled. Fingers crossed!

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Snowbarry fanfic

The Start of Something | Read on

Description:  “Cait?” he asks her quietly, having no idea what he’s doing. “Do you ever think about it?” My take on how Barry finds out about the shapeshifter that kissed Caitlin and what follows from then on. One shot. Snowbarry. AU Season 1. 

Episode 119 - ‘Who is Harrison Wells?’

The little crowd in his lab gradually thins; Cisco, Eddie and Joe all head for the exit, until it is only him and Caitlin in the room, standing with their backs at the sinister proof of Wells’s false identity. Her gaze is on the broad window on the far wall, her lips parted in shock. He half-turns toward her and presses his lips together.

“Caitlin… I’m sorry. I know this is difficult for you to accept…”

“All these years I’ve trusted him”, she whispers. “I can’t believe he’s been deceiving us all along”. She shakes her head and squeezes her eyes shut. “I was so naive.”

Barry shakes his head with force.

“No, you’re not”, he defends. Caitlin looks at him. Barry takes a step in her direction. She backs ever so slightly and he stops in hesitation, examining her. She’s calmer than before, at the lab, but it’s like a restrained terror, rather than a lack of it.

“We were all deceived”, he continues in a softer, controlled tone. “You can’t blame yourself. No one could have known. ”

“You don’t understand, Barry. Before… I didn’t want to believe you. I was so certain about Wells’s innocence, I was willing to visit him at his house and have a heart to heart conversation. Now I realize how idiotic that would have been.”

“It’s not idiotic to have faith in your friends. Your faith has helped me believe in myself countless of times, Cait. It’s an amazing quality to have the courage to stand up for your value. It’s not your fault that some people don’t share them.”

Caitlin smiles warmly, the light of the streets reflecting on her eyes. “Thank you, Barry. You really know how to make me feel better.”

His eyes squeeze into a smiling expression. “Well, I might know you better than you think.”

She chuckles softly and her angelic beauty captivates him for a moment. She’s so… peaceful. He doesn’t want to lift his eyes. After a while, he realizes he’s staring, because Cait smiles awkwardly and looks away.

“Umm.. We should get going. Cisco will be waiting for us”, he says, his fingers lightly brushing her elbow.

She doesn’t flinch back this time, but he can feel her muscles tense. He drops his hand and catches her gaze. She gives him an awkward, guilty smile. This time, he’s determined to figure out what her problem is. He blatantly searches her eyes.

“Every time I touched you today” he starts in a low voice, “you curled away. Is that because of the situation with Wells or have I done something wrong? Because if it is the latter, I need to know, Caitlin”.

She meets his gaze, and wrinkles her nose. “I’m sorry”. Her voice sounds clean and rational for once. “It’s not something you did”. She hesitates. “While you were unconscious, Bates… took your form, and thinking it was you, I told him about the serum. Anyway, I think he wanted to distract me from it, because he kind of tried to… seduce me”. She spills the last words in a rush. She stares at him with eyes wide-open.

“He tried to- Oh”. His gaze falls on her lips. He tries to pull it away, but it only results into an awkward flicker between her eyes and mouth. He wasn’t expecting that answer. 

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ok phantom troupe as internet personalities

  • chrollo is the beauty guru we all deserve. he films only close up eye shots so you get every detailed view of what hes doing. doesnt do voice overs, he puts text over to describe whats hes doing. instead of being like “yeah im using this $200 palette” he shows close ups of the colors and is like now im putting a taupe in the crease because he never wants his followers to feel like they can recreate his looks simply because they dont have the exact same products. very adamant that brand names mean nothing. his blog is just fashion detail shots and he never shitposts. small following probably no one appreciates him like they should
  • shalnark is a tech guy. uploads short and sweet videos on how to fix common tech problems, the occasional movie review, and videos ranting about the “technology is ruining your kids!” discourse.
  • lets be real uvo and franklin do not care for the internet
  • nobu posts videos about vape mods and e-juice reviews im sorry yall
  • kortopi is an aesthetic blogger who just posts pictures of slime and toys. uses many cute emoticons and is really popular for no real reason. 
  • feitan is a gore/horror/slasher movie reviewer. he probably posts weird shit with no explanation that looks like it comes from those videos that are like “10 scariest videos from the deep web” but his are all his own original content. secretly laughing at everyone who actually gets scared because hes making those creepy visual shitposts at 4 am with phinks. literally goes through his comments laughing at people who say hes fucked up b/c while he is. he did this as a joke. goes back to posting normal reviews and everyones confused
  • hisoka would be someone who films nothing but story time videos literally dont even try and fucking tell me he wouldnt be because he would. he probably also posts late night trisha paytas-esque emotional breakdowns and 5 am but then deletes them when he wakes up the next morning. there are entire chanels dedicated to catching those videos before he takes them down and they post them with the title “HISOKA GOES MENTAL: DELETED”
  • bono who?
  • pakunoda runs a blog thats just ootf shots and holy fuck how does she afford to never wear the same outfit twice
  • machi just vlogs and rants and complains but in a bitchy endearing way. whenever she gets nudes from hisoka she just posts them on tumblr and honestly that sounds bad but reading the comments where people mock him get him rock solid
  • shizuku just shows up in the bg of everyones videos and selfies and everyone loves her. shes cute and never talks but shes there and they love her
  • phinks posts shitty low quality rant videos about the dirty sjws
A Conversation With Tyler Mitchell

On a warm February Saturday, I took the bus into the city.  Seeing it would be a couple hours until I met up with Tyler:  I grabbed a slice of pizza, bought a few fashion magazines, and dropped off my film.  I immediately realized I had forgotten to bring my third role of film with me.  And while I was planning to shoot Tyler, at that point it seemed unlikely.  I began rushing around Union Square, running into a random CVS and a couple Walgreens along the way.  

When I got his text that he could meet up for coffee, I quickly walked from Union Square to Soho as a way to save money.  I met Tyler at Saturday Surf NYC where he was chatting with Jonah Levine.  As I sat down, Tyler introduced me to Jonah and shortly after, he left.  Tyler and I chatted for a little before I turned on the iPhone recording app and we started the interview.  Luckily, later on he was able to lend me a roll of film.

Tyler Mitchell is not only one of the most talented photographers I know, he is also one of the most genuine.  After spending the afternoon with him, having him show me his favorite art book store, Dashwood Books, and giving me a small heart attack after casually mentioning hanging out with Amandla Stenberg, it was clear that art meant a little more to him than fame.  He even snuck in some low-key useful life advice for the rest of us, “Sometimes meeting your idols is dangerous.  I used to really wanted to be apart of an artist’s circle for so long and once I got to know them, I didn’t want it as much.  You know, it’s always refreshing to do your own thing.”

While Dazed 100 has given him a huge amount of recognition, it is only the start for him.  With a few secret projects coming soon and a book already out, he is definitely an artist to watch in 2016.

We talked about everything from high school to Dazed 100, check it out.

Has art always been a part of your life?

Yeah, basically.  Since day one?  I don’t know.  But, you can’t really avoid wanting to produce stuff for other people, if you think the way I do.  That’s what I realized when I was talking to my friend the other day, he is an artist, too.  And we were saying how in this world, we aren’t consumers.  The way we think is always driven to produce and create.  So I guess in that way, art has always been a part of my life.  That’s probably the best way I can give it to you.

When did you start photography?

I started, actually, when I was fourteen.  But seriously, a year ago.  I started when I was fourteen, just through skateboarding.  I really didn’t like the school I was going to in Atlanta.  And I didn’t like what the group of people were doing.  If you are a black kid in my school, you are either an athlete or a nerd who dwells in the basement of this high school.  And I thought, ‘why can’t I pick a third option?’  So I started skateboarding and taught myself skating on youtube and my computer.  I got really into skating, I made a group of friends.  We would all go to parks and we would build parks.  Then my friend got a DSLR and taught me.  He said, ‘Yo, you should learn.’  We would watch skate videos all the time and I thought, ‘wow, shit, someone can create really high quality videos with this little camera.’  

I really like those; My friend actually has one of those really big cameras.

Which one?

I forgot what it’s called.  It’s tape, it’s not digital.  But they look so cool and I wanted to get one.  So I looked it up and they are over a thousand dollars.  So I was like, ‘nah’, I can’t do this.

Yeah, they can get quite expensive but I just remember using my friends and wanting to take pictures.

So you go to NYU right?


And what are you studying?

Film.  Film and TV is my major but this semester I’m taking all photo classes.  It’s weird because I don’t know what I want to do right now.  I want to do film and photo and in my brain, they are the same thing but people always want to ask me what I like better.  You know when people give you that question, ‘What do you want to do? Or which do you want to be?’ , and they try to make you chose?  That is where people are with me right now.  And I just think they are kind of the same.

For me at least, I always like to imagine myself, in the future, writing, taking photos, making movies, well maybe not movies but short films with my friends.

And that’s why you have a magazine.  You want to cross platforms or cross mediums, I guess.

Yeah and I feel like there are so many people who are successful with doing that.  But people think of them as a single entity, instead of what the norm can be for people.

Because you end up becoming famous for one thing or you end up being known for one specific project.  So they immediately say to you, oh I really like that thing.  But you are like, ‘well thank you, but there are also all these other things that exist’.  And that happens to anyone because people want to categorize.

Did you meet Grace Miceli before the Art Baby show, The Daydreamers?

Yeah! I met her because- well first she followed me on Instagram which is how people meet now, I guess.  She did that and I didn’t really know anything about her or her circle.  And it’s weird because both of our circles are joining in a way.  I would say, I wasn’t really involved in what she was doing, but I respected it.  And someone from Oyster emailed me saying, ‘Grace specifically wanted to name you as one of the five artists that are doing something important on the internet’ and I was like yah of course.  That is when I wasn’t really doing much press at all and things were way more low-key.  And it was like Grace named you specifically, I thought that was so cool because I was in a list of four other girls and I was so down for that.  I was so excited about that because I wasn’t being categorized either as a male making art or someone involved in street style making art.  Grace was just like you are doing cool things.  So then I made sure to keep in touch with her.  We kept in touch and then started doing shows together.

Where were the photos from The Daydreamers show from?

So, those were all stills from a short film.  They were, I don’t know if you remember the two diptychs, but those were stills from the short film.  And then the one in the middle was just a photo I took of my friend, Sam, and the name of the short film was, ‘Wish This Was Real’, and it all came from me thinking about what I wanted to represent.  I was thinking about how originally I took a lot of portraits of people who were my friends.  And I wasn’t thinking much about what that could mean or how those people are an extension of myself as a photographer.  So, I was taking pictures of my friend Ellis, who you know, and my friend Nicki, and most of these people were girls who were white.  Not that that’s bad, but that’s where I started in portraiture.  And people started to align that image with me.  I was like wait a minute, I want to be a bit more autobiographical and talk about being a black man.  Kind of going back to that thing in high school, where you are either an athlete or a nerd, and I wanted to pick a third option.  With this, I wanted to make a third world of black men with color and water guns.  Which is how I photographed them.

What video was shown in the second Art Baby show?

It was the resulting film.  In Daydreamers, it was the screenshots from the film and I was working on the film the whole time.  And then [Grace] asked me if I wanted to do the video, and I thought, ‘perfect’.

That is so great, you got to show both forms.

Yeah and Grace was like I fully support what you are doing.  And it was weird because I always feel like I don’t fit.  I don’t even know if you can say this but I always felt like, ‘Wow, Grace why are you always calling on me’.  I don’t really fit in this weird way.  Everyone else’s video was very art-y, very home video, DIY, a voice over.  And mine was very hi-fi, color, sound, no voice over.  It was just different.  I’m just honored that she did that.  

Did you know about the Dazed 100 before it came out?

Yeah, they email everyone.  But the crazy thing was they emailed me and said they wanted to put me in it and I just didn’t think it was going to happen.  So I asked them when it was coming out and they didn’t tell me that.  I just woke up one morning and I thought, ‘holy shit, it’s out’.

I think, last time I checked you were number two.  That’s wild.

It’s crazy, I don’t know how it happened.

How was the Dazed 100 party?

Insane.  I mean, did you see anything about it?

I saw some of the photos and it looked like so much fun.

So basically, I was thinking- I honestly don’t know what I was thinking because I still can’t believe I’m on the list.  But then they told me about the party and I was like, ‘okay I’m gonna go out to Brooklyn and it’s gonna be this low-key thing,’ because it was during Fashion Week.  So I figured all these people would have way more important things to do.  But, everyone was at Dazed.

Yeah because it’s kind of a New York Fashion Week Party.

Yeah kinda.  It was just scary seeing Frank Ocean there.  Seeing Dev Hynes, who I look up to so much, I almost cried a little bit when I saw him.  I mean, you see all the people you look up to and you see all the people who influence you but also you were just having a good time with them.  It was in this big warehouse and Arca dj-ed and my friend started crying when he saw Arca.  He went up to him and gave him a hug.

Okay, so your book, you took those photos last summer?

Yeah, half a year ago.  I was in Cuba for a month and I went with my school.  And I didn’t really know what I was going to get up into.  But as soon as I got there I knew I had to shoot everyday.  NYC isn’t what my mind would create.  I would create a city much more colorful.  So when I got to Havana, I thought, ‘why is this exactly how my brain functions’.  I got there and I basically shot three things; I started photographing my friends wearing interesting colors so I would purely play with form.  I would photograph my friend wearing a nice colored shirt and we would go to a basketball court to had these arches and I would make sure to get the arches.  I was playing with composition.  Or I would just shoot the composition, I would look at the cars, the buildings, and how those interact and try to convey an emotion with them.  And then the third thing I started shooting were these skaters and that was kind of the last component.  Then I sort of lumped those all together, started playing with page arrangements, and was like I can make this into a book.  The skaters came last, I bet them the night before the first GoSkate Day in Cuba and that first GoSkate Day was kind of historic.  It was crazy to be there and see all of the events, meet all these kids who were donated skating equipment.  So I was able to photograph them in more of a documentary way and mix that with my super composed, colorful stuff.

That’s kind of interesting because you said the reason you got into photography was skateboarding and then you made a book that included skate photography.

It weirdly came full circle.  But I don’t think I could ever say to someone that I skate at this moment.  Because I just don’t do it everyday.  And it’s weird because I did do it everyday in Atlanta but as soon as I moved to NY, I let go of it.  I think that’s because NY is not my ideal city for skating.  It’s too much.  There are too many things pulling you in different directions.  And also, Atlanta was just a better place to skate for me.  I can’t put my finger on it but I was a skater then and I’m not a skater now.  But that full transition allowed me to shoot these skaters in Cuba in a much different way than I would of back then.

After you graduate from NYU, do you want to stay in NYC?

I don’t know.  It’s expensive first off, if I can afford to live here than maybe.  But then let’s assume that I can, I might want to be traveling other places.  I always go to LA and love it.  I basically go to any other place and like it more.  I always say that NY is a place with tons of doors but also tons of gates if that makes sense.  There are all these opportunities but then there are also all these gates that want to keep you out of people’s resources.  And as a photographer, you need to surround yourself with resources.  If you need to wake up and shoot someone in your house ,you can.  If you need to wake up in the morning and shoot someone in the ocean, you can.  A photographer needs to be surrounded with resources to fully let their mind work and I think NY has a lot of gates.

And how do you think the internet and social media has influenced your work?

Fully.  I mean, there is no avoiding it and people kind of know that and can see that by how I operate.  And I’m sure that’s true but the reason I create is not because of the internet, it’s because of emotion and human emotion.  But, I am influenced by all of that stuff.  But, I’m getting older, I’m 20, and I’m getting away from that.

Check Tyler out on Instagram @tylersphotos

Interview and Photos by Remi Riordan ( insta: @ghostgirlly )

Some Tumblr GIFing tips

I’m not an expert - I’m still learning every day, when I have the time (ahaha -_-), so this isn’t a tutorial on how to make awesome GIFs, it’s just a few tips on how to get started as well as some things that took me ages to figure out on my own. Started this for Pleth and have been working on it sporadically ever since; HI PLETH. /wave

Note: I use Photoshop CS6, so this is based off that. Earlier versions of PS might work the same way, but then again, they might not. :(

Converting video to GIF

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