the coloring is so weird yet i like it


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes

I can’t play the new route yet because I have iOS so I’m trying to ease the pain by drawing some more lovely rose prince Saeran. (with my custom MC, per usual)

Fully colored version will be posted later but for some reason I always like these slightly colored sketches better than polished finished pieces. Is that weird? ;;

> Please don’t repost my art anywhere without my permission

- Admin Strawberry

cropped this MOB-U out and colored him in to use as icon bc hes like the fav mob Ive ever drawn 

feel free to use if you want to

anonymous asked:

can i request a hansol x reader smut where you lose your virginity to him and vice versa - preferably in a situation where you've only been dating for a short time and since you live abroad and have to travel back soon, hansol shyly feels you have to get together asap ( i hope it's not too much (>人<;) )

I hope I got this right and that you enjoy this bb! ;u;  💕

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 4,256 words

Hansol was everything you were looking for in a person. He was kind, funny, had good manners, shared a lot of your values and, above everything and among so many other things you loved about him, you felt incredibly comfortable around him.

You had first met during your year abroad in South Korea, where he had been one of the first people to approach you, which you knew to have been because you were, to say the least, lonely at that point, in a new country without more than a handful of people you knew. It felt comforting to have someone approach you as kindly as he did, instead of only forming a shallow acquaintanceship with you, not to mention downright ignoring you.

After your first meeting, it didn’t take too long for you to notice just how pleasant he was to be around, and so you had become friends fairly quickly - and close friends even faster. You had similar experiences, being a bit odd among all the (fully) Korean people, on top of which you had some shared interests and traits.

And even if you hadn’t shared those, as long as your personalities clicked, nothing else mattered - and your personalities played together perfectly. You spent a lot of time together, studying, going to concerts and hanging out, either with just the two of you or with the small friend group you had established, whether it was at his house or at a café or something similar.

Towards the end of your year abroad you had come to terms with the fact that you had romantic feelings towards Hansol, and were sad to leave, and even when you were back home, you weren’t sure if you were happy or sad because right before you had gotten on the plane, Hansol had taken a hold of your hand and said that he liked you.

Just like that. As his last words to you face to face.

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Rey taking charge

a doodle a day keeps the doctors away

Being Bellamy Blake’s soulmate would include

(I’m really into soulmate AUs right now, so yeah. This is the AU in which you have tattooed on your wrist the first thing your soulmate will say to you.)

Originally posted by morleybell

  • this soulmate thing having always been a bit confusing to you, since the phrase written on your wrist wasn’t one of the most normal
  • while your friends had pretty normal phrases by which they could already imagine in what kind of situation they would know their soulmate, you had no idea how your first first meeting with yours would be
  • “Hold that fucking rabbit!” these were the words that were always written on your wrist
  • your mother not being the biggest fan of your soulmate, since from an early age she had to listen to her daughter asking what “fucking” meant
  • you eventually find out for yourself
  • you spending a good part of your childhood confused, since you didn’t know what a rabbit was
  • and remaining confused even after you discovered what it was
  • “Why the hell does my soulmate want me to hold a rabbit?”
  • things starting to make sense once you arrived on Earth, but you secretly wishing that none of the delinquents were your soulmate, since you thought most of the boys there were stupid and rude
  • especially John Murphy, whom you came to hate after he tried to take your wristband against your will, which resulted in your wrist getting severely bruised
  • the only boys you really got along with were Monty and Jasper and you already knew that none of them were your soulmate
  • you thinking that you would probably only meet him when the Ark came to Earth
  • but then you volunteered to go on a hunt, since you didn’t do much at the camp
  • this seeming to have been a very stupid idea after two hours in the forest unable to catch any animal
  • not to mention that Murphy was there too, which made everything worse
  • you deciding to leave the group and try to return alone to the camp
  • which turned out to be not a good idea either, since you didn’t know the way back
  • you getting lost for almost an hour until you recognized a part of the way you had come
  • and then listening to quick footsteps coming toward you, seeing the group running after a little animal that was running desperately in your direction
  • and then you listening Bellamy Blake yelling at you
  • “Hold that fucking rabbit!”
  • you freezing for a second when you heard that phrase, but managing to catch the rabbit in your arms
  • the little animal trying to escape from your arms as Bellamy approached you with the rest of the group, holding a knife in his hands
  • you looking at the cute desperate rabbit, feeling your heart sinking, making you take a few steps back
  • “It’s so cute. Please, don’t kill it!”
  • Bellamy stiffening at your words and you understanding the reason for that. Those words were written on his wrist.
  • you quickly stopping to think that his life shouldn’t have been easy either trying to figure out why you would say that to him
  • “Ok, let’s look for something else to eat.”
    “What?! We spent an hour hunting that thing!”
    “You heard me, Murphy. No one touches the rabbit.”
  • you freeing the rabbit while Murphy stared at the scene with a grimace on his face
  • you and Bellamy discreetly staring at each other for the rest of the hunt
  • Bellamy completely taking you under his wing after that
  • him always giving you easy tasks to do around the camp and that were close to whatever he was doing in that day, so that he could keep an eye on you
  • and when he had nothing to do, he would stop by and talk to you so that you could get to know each other better (which would basically be you asking things to each other)
  • “(…) but that sounded kinda weird.” he chuckled. “Um… what’s your favorite color?”
    “(F/C) for sure.” you gave him a small smile, momentarily forgetting what you should be doing. “For you, what was the best part of coming to Earth so far?”
    Bellamy looked at you intensely, a mischievous, yet rather sweet smile appearing on his lips making you guess the answer even before he spoke. “Having met you.”
  • the bond between you two starting to grow more and more, passing from the you-are-my-soulmate-so-I-care-about-you stage to the I-really-like-you-and-that’s-why-I-care-about-you stage
  • Bellamy always going to you when he needs comfort
  • he letting you sleep in his tent when you’re feeling sad for being away from your family on the Ark or when you’re just feeling alone
  • there is no sex, you two just lie on the makeshift bed, cuddling and talking to each other until you sleep
  • because you feel incredibly better just by being near him and the same thing goes for him
  • him telling you that he spent a lot of his life thinking about what it would be like to find his soulmate, because of his sister he couldn’t exactly have a normal life, so he didn’t know what it would be like if you had met on the Ark
  • on the fight against the grounders, Bellamy asking you to stay in the dropship because he wouldn’t be able to focus on the fight if there was any chance of you getting hurt
  • “Be careful.” you said, giving him a quick hug before heading toward the ship, stopping and turning to him when you heard him calling your name.
    “I’m glad I had the chance to meet you here.” he said, looking at you intently.
    “Me too.” you said, smiling weakly at him before continuing on your way. That sounded like a goodbye. But it wasn’t. It couldn’t be.

  • you being caught by the Mountain Men after the fight
  • all 47 looking at you sadly because they thought Bellamy was dead
  • “Bellamy isn’t dead. I would know, I am his soulmate after all.”
  • when Bellamy got inside, the first thing he really wanted to do was see you, see if you were okay
  • so when he walked into the dorm, disguise as a guard, to give a gun to Jasper, while he was talking to the boy, his eyes searched for you, thanking for finding you well, even though you seemed a bit too palee
  • you holding each other after leaving Mount Weather
  • in the next three months your feelings passing from I-really-like-you-and-that’s-why-I-care-about-you stage to the okay-soulmate-I-care-a-lot-about-you-and-I-think-I-love-you
  • but you guys didn’t tell each other about that
  • you spending more time together
  • you sharing a room 
  • you trying to distract him a bit when he gets stressed
  • you getting a bit (very) disappointed with Bellamy siding with Pike and accepting his orders
  • which eventually resulted in several fights between you two
  • and ended up with you moving to another room
  • you basically ignoring each other for a few days, which hurt you both very much
  • but you didn’t have time to make up, since soon you had to focus on solving that whole A.L.I.E. mess 
  • you just taking time to finally show that you have forgiven each other with the two of you hugging for two minutes after everything seems to have been resolved
  • but then Clarke arrived with the news that everything wasn’t so well
  • you freaking out a little when you heard about the death wave that would be coming in a few months and Bellamy calming you down
  • “We’re going to be fine, I promise.”
  • him asking Clarke to put your name on the list, because if he were to survive you would too
  • but you starting to run out of hope since everything seemed to be always going wrong for you
  • “You know you don’t have to lie to me to make me feel better.”
    “I’m not lying. I promised you we’d be fine, so we’re going to be.”

  • you helping Abby to release him when they arrested him in the bunker
  • you going along with him, Clarke, Murphy and Emori to rescue Raven
  • and in your last hours on Earth (and what it seemed like might be your last hours alive) you took a few minutes to finally confess your feelings for each other
  • Clarke murmuring a brief “finally” when you kissed
  • the two of you holding each other’s hand while you were going back to space
  • you squeezing his hand because, besides you’re scared to death, you were trying to comfort him for leaving Clarke behind
  • him getting a little desperate when he noticed that you were running out of oxygen
  • after they managed to get the air to run through the Ark, he brought you closer to him, holding you as you both tried to breathe normally again
  • “I really love you.”
    “I really love you too.”

  • and in the next 6 years and 7 days that followed, whatever the hell happened, you two had each other’s back


anonymous asked:

To begin, I’ve been listening to your audio for the past 2 hours (pls don’t judge me lol) and I must say that you are a hilarious yet inquisitive fellow. I’ve looked at your frequently asked questions, but I wanna know more about you. Is that weird? It started with the 7 eleven video and I’m just so intrigued. Like who are you? What’s your fave color? What’s your name?! Like I almost feel ashamed that I’m barely seeing your blog NOW. How’s your love life? Are you this funny in person? LOL SOS

hey thats very nice of you! and i’m happy to answer questions.

I’m Chase, my favorite colors are pastel pink and sky blue, my name (again) is Chase, my love life is just fine, and I HOPE I’m funny in person.

Okay, I’m gonna speculate a bit.

I have my tinhat and rose colored glasses firmly affixed, but I’m feeling a weird sort of hope. The idea of which I am about to speak so precious and impossible that I fear to even speak it will prevent it’s existence in reality…and yet I shall.

I always have thought that if Destiel was a thing the REALLy did it would be ambiguous at the end, but what if…they do something else. These are writers that do like to hurt us in the worst possible ways. The last three episodes have me thinking, with all the emphasis on Cas’s gender or lack thereof, on his LOVE for Dean specifically, on Dean as his weakness. What if we get destiel this season…but it’s one sided.

I know, that’s awful but…it could certainly work and oh it would hurt so good and it could seriously set Dean up on a long journey to reciprocating. Yes, yes I know that we hate the “love the person not the gender trope” but seriously, I can see arrows pointing towards Cas actually expressing romantic interest in Dean and that leading to conflict and emotion and FEELINGS….It tests the waters, it relies more on Misha who’s more comfortable…what if guys…WHAT IF??

i watched a bunch of the new SU episodes with my dad earlier today and here were some of his comments about them

“Has the animation of this show changed? It looks crisper” he meant that it looked less like it was hand drawn and more like it was digitally animated

“Steven fucked up again” his exact words when it was revealed that steven gave out the list of humans to peridot by aquamarine

“That was sad” at the ending of I Am My Mom

his thoughts on some of the characters

Aquamarine - annoying and creepy

Topaz - very butch and interesting (topaz is my dad’s birthstone btw)

The Diamonds - very intimidating villains (also since my dad is a musician and knows a ton about broadway i made sure to tell him that yellow diamond was voiced by patti lupone the moment she showed up, because i knew he would find that cool)

The Zircons - funny comic relief characters

i haven’t showed him Off Colors and Lars’ Head yet but when i do show them to him i’ll update this post with his thoughts on the those eps

gimmebackmybrain  asked:

for promts: I'd love to see what you'd do with Victor's POV, especially if you subscribe to the headcanon of Victor with depression or similar. I've been wanting a giant Victor Angst Fest with him trying to navigate Yuuri's (unknowingly) 'mixed-signals' and his first ever roller coaster 'he loves me, he loves me not'-crush in season 1, but their time in St Petersburg from Victor's POV would be lovely as well. 'So this is what it feels like not to be lonely. But what if he leaves?' Thank you :)

Working my way through the latter half of prompts - thank you all so much for your patience!!

So first of all, thank you so much for this opportunity - it was so much fun to try! I gave your second prompt a shot. It’s bit more ‘wistful fluff’ than ‘angst’ because I seem to be incapable of making these kids permanently sad, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Also thank you so much @kevystel for encouraging me to post what I had written of this earlier this week! It seriously helped me think through this.

Fic below the cut! Also, mild warning for oblique references to depression (plus a bit of anxiety with regard to sense of self?) Also also, this owes so much to this post.

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I Think (Kim Seokjin Imagine)

Request: Can i request a jin smut where jin is in love with his little sister’s babysitter. Idk but I’m kinda into this kind of scenario lol 👉👈👉👈

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Gnere: Smut, Angst? (It wasn’t supposed to be but my mind just turned it into it. sORRY)

Warnings: none

Originally posted by bwiseoks


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Jake Paul Imagine


Your whole day had been weird and Logan kept calling you while you were on your way to your apartment. Since you started dating Jake you and Logan became good friends but him calling so many times in 30 minutes did make feel weird. When you pulled in your parking lot you saw Logan’s car, and by the looks of it he parked it in a hurry. It wasn’t anything unusual for him to wait or you at your place. He would hand out a lot there and film videos there too.

Walking in the building a weird feeling came over you. Like something was about to happen yet it didn’t feel like danger. So you shaked it off and walked to your apartment. As the door slowly opened you were met with a wall of balloons to the ceiling. They were all different colors and as you tried getting in you realized your whole apartment was full with them. Right then you realized everything. Now you knew why Logan called you so many times and why Jake wanted to know your favorite balloon.

“Paul brother. I know you are in here” you yelled out as you stopped in what you though was living room. On your right side you heard them laugh.

“You got pranked” Jake yelled out.

“It was his idea” Logan said as his head popped out of the balloon wall. “Don’t kill me, kill him. I just called you. He got them all here” he pointed at Jake when his head showed up too. He was smiling and looking at you with prod of his prank.

“Hi babe” he said walking closer to you and kissing your cheek. “Please don’t dump me for this” you laugh at the fact he thought you would break up with him because of a silly prank.

“Oh babe, I would never. The prank is funny, what’s even more funny is that you’ll be cleaning this up” Jakes face dropped. “Oh yeah. Me and Logan will go and have dinner while you clean this up.”

“Why isn’t Logan cleaning it up too? He was a part of it too” Jake said fallowing you and Logan out the apartment

“I didn’t do this. You did” Logan said laughing.

“Call us when you are done. We’ll bring you a pizza” and you and Logan walked away leaving Jake clean up. But you couldn’t leave him for too long. After getting the food you and Logan went back to help him, but Jake did  most of the job, since it was his idea.

RFA + V and Saeran during a Zombie Apocalypse

a/n: thank u so much for the one who sent the ask!! i made a re-do that’s why i lost the ask but you know who you are you beautiful person ;) omg i had so much fun with this request oops so i hope u have fun reading too! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!


  • zen’s weapon would be either a real katana or a wooden sword
  • he’d be wielding a M1911 Pistol for emergency situations
  • i’ve always pictured zen to be knowledgeable about kendo ( it’s a japanese martial arts swordsmanship style ) since he was asked to practice it as a part of a musical acting script he once performed
  • he’s got a fast, smooth move and excellent wielding handwork of all types of swords
  • he would prefer a reversed-edge sword ( he will use the not sharp edge to knock out human threats )
  • but his sword is a tsurugi type so he’d just knock off those people by the handle of his sword
  • he’s also the one who stays fashionable out of everyone even when there’s an invasion of the undead
  • “Uhm Zen… we’re going to kill zombies not walk in a runway.”
  • “Whoa, hey now! I need to look good just in case we save the world!” somebody help this guy
  • he would be good on either offense or defense but he’ll be much more efficient on the defensive side of the team
  • he’s the one who can kill a lot of zombies in a horde attack
  • sometimes he’s on the front of the team or on the back ( he can be the tanker or the shield )
  • but sometimes he can be a bit careless too and a lil off guard of his own defense since he’s pretty busy protecting the group
  • he won’t even if it costs his life ever leave you
  • when you’re in danger, he won’t hesitate to receive all the attacks that’s supposed to be yours
  • he always has a medicine pack available for his own and an extra in case of an emergency
  • and he’s a bit oozy when it comes to blood ( his sword is always squeaky clean lolol )
  • and he’d sometimes yell while attacking a zombie, ( the rumors say it’s his battle cry LOLOL ) “Like I’d let myself look like you! It’d be a disgrace on my grave!”


  • she is on the support side of the team
  • she’d either wield brass knuckles or a knife-edged police baton ( customization with the help of seven ) she’s actually good with any melee weapons
  • she’s on an advantage when it’s a close to medium ranged combat
  • she’s pretty knowledgeable about judo herself and has a pretty good stamina so she’s perfectly fine with defense
  • ps. she’s also the one holding jumin’s extra ammo supplies
  • would always always want to wear leather gloves as to not stain her hands with blood ( also not to catch any unnecessary germs )
  • she be aiding zen whenever he carelessly lets his guards down
  • she, alongside yoosung will be the ones who tries out seven’s data experiment just to know what characteristics of zombies might be used in their own advantage
  • she’s the one you can run to whenever you’re short of ammunitions or you need a reality check
  • "Do you think we’re going to die, Jaehee?”
  • "Yes, we will. If you base it on a survival probability rate scale of 1-100, we are only on 3. Unless we find a cure then we can survive.” gee thanks a lot jaehee
  • she is also a medical support by helping out yoosung by always carrying extra medicine packs with her so whenever yoosung runs out of it he asks few from jaehee
  • she’s the one running first towards you, no matter how far you are from her whenever you need help aka being cornered by a horde bcoz nobody dies under momma jaehee’s watch
  • she’d be teaching you basic defense stances so u can take care of yourself properly ( she does not want you to become a damsel in distress )
  • "Don’t worry, Zen. The zombies might be attacking you because they find you attractive.” uhm that is exactly not helpful at all lol


  • totes the one wHO HAS AN ARMORY FULL OF GUNS
  • he had been going to shooting ranges since he was a kid and he got interested in guns and gun works since then
  • "What? You have a house here?”
  • "A resthouse.”
  • "How many houses are under your name in this country?”
  • “About 20 of them.” ok but WTF??
  • “W- What were you doing, buying houses that many??”
  • "My interests may have…slipped.
  • he’d be wielding four Glock17 ( the two other are hidden on his ankles *tied* just for emergency purposes ) and one Marlin 1894 CB ( since these has one of the basic firearms cartridge -ammos- available )
  • ps. he has the fastest handwork while switching guns on a zombie horde attack
  • he also likes using an AK47 7.62x39 mm assault rifle
  • second one to kill most zombies aside from zen
  • has perfect aim aka always shoots bull’s eye
  • "Assistant Kang, have you brought my extra firearm cartridges?”
  • “Yes, Mr. Han. How many boxes do you want?”
  • "Give me as many as you can. It’s time to put these maggots to their rightful places.”
  • "Where exactly is that, if I may ask?”
  • "On their grave, under my feet.” jumin still be slayin zombies with his sassy mouth
  • he once killed a zombiefied child without hesitation ( in which yoosung strongly disagreed with and cried because of it )
  • "It could have killed you if I didn’t kill it first.”
  • he’d be the best protector/guardian for you since he puts a lot of efforts to keep you under his watch ( jumin never lets you get out of his sight )
  • he’s excellent at both offense and defense but never in assisting
  • has strong sensibility even in the roughest times
  • u can COUNT on him through extreme measures
  • because he is mistah TRUST fund kid


  • the medical support of the group!!
  • he’d be the one carrying all your medical needs so he needs to be badly protected
  • ps. he’s the most excellent assist in a group
  • but don’t worry he can protect himself perfectly fine aka you don’t underestimate this cinnamon roll he can actually kill u
  • his best wielded weapons would be two Smith and Wesson 54s and he’d be an excellent melee wielder as well ( probably an axe )
  • he’d be seven’s partner in analyzing things about zombies aka finding out what caused the virus and how to cure it
  • he’s not afraid to lay his life just to protect you has the self-sacrificing shounen disease
  • will come running on your aid faster then u can shout for help
  • he’d always make sure you won’t have any wounds, you are sterilized and that you are properly taken care of
  • but ofc when all of this first happened, he was he one who cried the most because what has the world gone into
  • such a worrywart when he sees a member having a wound he’d immediately clean it
  • "Yoosung, it’s just a scratch.”
  • "But what if it gets infected??”
  • "No, really. It’s just a scratch.”
  • "But.. but—” cue puppy eyes
  • “Fine. So you will stop worrying.”
  • do not underestimate his handwork in guns he’s pretty knowledgeable about it too and he’s got perfect aim just like jumin
  • he kind of enjoys killing zombies or going on a killing spree in a zombie horde attack uhm yoosung this isn’t a game omg
  • would go bat shit crazy if someone from his group gets wounded by an attack ( expect a massive amount of zombie bodies killed by this boi )
  • sometimes when he sees animals going to be attacked he’d risk his life to protect it all life must be protected under yoosung’s watch
  • also when he found out that animals can get the virus too he got depressed


  • the virus probably came from his secret agency
  • the central intelligence of the team & a perfect battle formation planner ( totes would work well with jumin when devicing plans aka escape routes and how to go heads to heads with a horde )
  • the brain behind every successful zombie attack defense of the group
  • he has the most weird yet convenient weapons available
  • he’s gonna provide laser markers for everyone in different colors
  • “Do you like rainbow colors? I have a rainbow one.”
  • “Are you serious?”
  • “…yeah!”
  • he can fucking drive a military tank
  • “Ohhh! This is the infamous WWII Nazi Tank!! Ohhhh! This is so brilliant!!! I get to drive a vintage classic!” he’s squealing in happiness excuse him for a moment
  • “…just drive, Seven.” 
  • he once made weapons out of nail guns, nails and a magazine
  • also made a deadly weapon out of a baseball bat and an unused mop
  • he also helped jaehee and yoosung to level up their weapons aka customizing them according to their capabilities
  • he invented a zombie tear gas bomb where zombies becomes immobile for a few minutes if it you throw it and it explodes at them ( effectivity rate of weapon will be good enough for an entire horde )
  • he works hard to find a cure for the virus because he somehow feels guilty and has a gut feeling that the mania came from his own secret agency
  • would ask yoosung to be the tester ( a kind word for bait ) just to try out his theories regarding what senses are still active when a dead man becomes a zombie
  • would probably hack WHO’s data base just to get data they gathered regarding the source of the virus and how it has spread wildly in an instant
  • would test out his developed experimental cures with yoosung
  • he has secret armory of weapons he made way back
  • he may have anticipated for a zombie apocalypse to happen
  • he’s best in both assisting, attacking and defending aka he’s the real tanker-shield-support of the group
  • he’s pretty knowledgeable about guns too and kind of collects some of his own ( and probably modifies it to his own liking )
  • “Wow, Seven! How were you able to make such weapons?? These are all good!”
  • “I… may have always dreamed of having a Zombie Apocalypse!”
  • “…uhm, what?”
  • “You may not know but… I’ll let you on a secret~” whispers
  • “Gamers have been waiting for this day to come!” grins goofily you can even see stars on his eyes wtf LUCIEL
  • would literally die for you also has the self-sacrificing shounen disease


  • totes knows how the virus came to be but keeps quiet about it
  • would try to solve the problem by himself aka giving his life to be a dummy in an experiment so they can find a cure
  • would do all sorts of things just to save you
  • just like jumin and seven, he’s good in guns too but he prefers close combat fights with melee weapons just like jaehee
  • his favorite weapon is a Nagamaki sword and a H&K .40 caliber Universal Service Pistol configured with a laser and a flashlight it comes very handy for him
  • he had gone under extensive training of self-defense
  • he can wield a sword and has good handwork with it like zen
  • aka the most versatile member of a group meaning he can be a tanker, a support or a shield
  • when the bus you were all riding crashed, throwing you out into the open and you got separated with the group because the bus exploded and they all came running to the other side to avoid it and you were trapped on the other
  • he came running after you
  • “MC!! MC, are you alright?!” and oh god did he sound so desperate
  • would probably be the most calm out of everyone he’s been through worst
  • would teach you how to heighten your other senses aka your hearing and feeling senses
  • “Listen… Not all things should be burdened to the eyes. When your eyes becomes a dead weight to you, your other senses remains active… you can strengthen them as well.”
  • he would teach you techniques when fighting in the dark since he’s the most efficient in it
  • the most secretive part of a group but still whenever a crisis arise, he’s the most dependable one
  • he has this crazy high will to save everyone
  • would work closely with luciel as a part of the group’s intel
  • probably knows more a lot about zombies than he lets on
  • has extremely good wilderness surviving skills
  • very efficient medical skills ( aka the fastest to provide first-aid to a hurt member )
  • also has the self-sacrificing shounen disease


  • and a bit of martial arts here and there would probably be knowledgeable about judo and maybe small karate
  • likes to work alone, never does well with team work
  • would probably get irritated over jumin’s bossy attitude
  • “…who are you to order me around?” glares
  • “I am the one who’s trying to save your sorry ass.” glares back
  • lots of glares
  • his preferred gun model is a G27 and has extremely excellent gun handwork ( much better than jumin’s tbh )
  • is fond of using shotguns and is efficient in aerial/large scale combat
  • his favorite weapons are FNH PS90, FNH Police 12 gauge tactical shotgun and an AR 15 Rifle
  • the excellent assassin aka the hitman of the group
  • he can kill zombies x20 faster than everyone else if he’s aiming from afar
  • would probably be irritated by luciel’s goofy antics
  • “…who said you can change my laser marker’s color?”
  • “But green suits you!”
  • No. I don’t like it. Bring me back the original one. Don’t just change my things without my consent.” glares
  • luciel never listens
  • is p much cold blooded ( he keeps on arguing with yoosung; one day saeran immediately put a bullet to a just-turned zombiefied old woman’s head without hesitation; they were just talking to her a few minutes before the turning and yoosung was determined to give her a cure but saeran just… yeah )
  • “…a single hesitation can lead to your own death.”
  • “What did you just say?! They’ve been alive too! They had lives before everything!”
  • “You won’t last a day with that kind of mind set. Tch.
  • but he’s a v important asset to the group and sometimes he teaches everyone how to use a rifle and a shot gun
  • but becomes irritated if u ask questions u should learn it immediately the first time he demonstrates and this happens rarely

anonymous asked:

I really don't get this video. I'm embarrassed though at whoever's behind it. The 2 guys look WAY different. Who'd go out of their way to edit a video (doing such a shit job btw) so we wouldn't think that's Sam? So weird. Makes you think more than ever SC are together bc...why? Why go through this trouble unless someone-who could be a lot of different ppl i.e. TPTB/Antis-is desperate to hide something? Do we think it's one source over the other? Do you think it's the same guy? My vote is no.

I didn’t watch the video - just saw the caps - so I don’t know if I think it was weird editing or what but I will say. I was more convinced it was him yesterday than I had been previously just bc of all the comparison pics (CSI shippers!) so it’s weird that the guy looks so WILDLY different in different shots. Like I didn’t think hair color changed that drastically based on lighting??? I don’t really know what I think ahaha. Like I said, it’s only been like 24 hours of thinking it was maybe Sam so it’s not that hard to let it go that it wasn’t him and I’m not at conspiracy theory level yet. If it was him, great. If it wasn’t him, oh well. I’m still pretty positive he was in NYC that week and not France. 

anonymous asked:

Hi!!!!! I love your art soooo much 😘😘😘 do you have any check please fanart in your original style??? I saw some recently and I think your art style is super cute 😊😊

Hi! Thank you so much!! you know, I haven’t yet tried it in my style. It’s weird because I usually like to do fanart in as close to canon style as I can because that’s how I personally prefer it, but I’m actually really flattered that you are interested in seeing it in my own style <3 <3

It would look something like this! (and the coloring would probably be pretty similar to N’s because I also do hard cell shading most of the time because it’s so much easier :)

anonymous asked:

Do you think svtfoe producers left the very ploty episodes to the last part of season 2? Because I haven't seen too much plot, just the normal continuity

SVTFOE is a weird show: as far as I know, american networks want easily re-airable episodes, making even plot driven show be, like, 3:1 for silly plots - important plots. Especially when they have 11 minutes long segments. And yet almost every episode, in Star Vs The Forces of Evil, introduces something new to the lore, to the world, and to the characters, making them enjoyable even when seen out of order, casually, by kids looking for something colored and flashy to watch on TV, but not as understandable. So I think that the writers are making the most out of what they have: a majority of episodes with a plot on their own, always adding something, big as revelations about Glossaryck and magic, or small as some foreshadowing during a disco party, and then a minority of important episodes that push things forward super fast (such as Storm the Castle, Is Mystery, Into the Wand, Bon Bon…)

Flashwave week - Proposal

Warning: there be crack!fic ahead.

Ao3 Link


“- and that’s why I’d like to get married at Pride this year,” Barry concludes, and smiles hopefully at his captive audience.

“…can we get out of the cell now?” Len asks.

“Oh, sure, yeah,” Barry says, and hits the button to release the door. “Sorry. Just wanted to be sure you’d listen the whole way through.”

“You need to stop solving all your problems with illegal imprisonment,” Mick grunts.

Barry shrugs.

“I second Mick,” Len says. “But – and let me get this straight –”

“Or not straight,” Barry chirps.

Len smirks.

Mick groans.

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🌺I did It for her 🌺

Pictures from yesterday 

Well um… yeah it happened..! 😬 I went from black… that I LOVED to.. Pink.. 🙃🙃 that I DON’T LIKE! the reason why is because my BFF @itsdevynnbitch and I have had a bet going on a for a while 😁 that yeah if it ended up happening the thing that happened, I had to dye my hair pink. I didn’t lose, I just had a feeling it was going to happen sooner or later, So yeah it happened! I feel really weird with this color on. 😬😬🙃 I already want to change it. But I won’t.. at least not yet 😬😬😬 so I gotta hurry up and think of a new hair color and change it back 😂😂😂😂 I’m joking but fr, girl yes I’m happy for you! ❤️☺️ I’ve been saying that for so long but yeah, you’re an inspiration tbh, amazing, a good ass friend, funny, beautiful, with soooo many good qualities, like im proud of to call you my best friend. I’ve seen your battles and I know how STRONG of women you are, you’re such an amazing mom too, yeah we may have different things in common but it’s just a few tbh, and we may bump our heads sometimes buuuuuut we always come around  😭😚 I love you soo much! 😊💗🖤 so here I am with my new hair color oh yeah.. and I added a new piece on my other thigh that I’ve been dying to get, so that’s a bonus too! 😁🙌🏼 hope everyone’s having a good day! Also, this gave me an excuse to yeah.. show my face.. and oh yeah… take in all these pastel/bright colors cause I RARELY dress like this :’)))) I’m more into the dark side🥀🖤 so yeah once, in a blue moon, I’m dressed like this ☠️