the coloring is so horrible omg


High school AU?

This is so late omg >  <

I want to dedicate this to my favorite and precious sinnamon rolls hyakyuyas tfwnohaise ihavetobenkyou hiiragishinya-s and my 2 most favorite artists beansofyuki and xnotchii123!! I wanna thank you all for being my friends on tumblr and even putting up with my stupid art block (sorry ; - ;) You guys are so precious gdi I would kiss y’all but half of you are on the other side of the globe *cries

Anyways plz enjoy this while I fling myself out the window


So I got a request on my sideblog @dailyhenrycavill​ for some lockscreen photos of Henry as Clark Kent. I’m not too proud of these which is why I’m posting them here instead of there. They should fit properly if you have the six plus and any size under. There was only one good HD still that I could work with so I’m hoping just one pic in different colors will please some people. Please LIKE/REBLOG if you use. 

I have one student who comes from a pretty crappy background (like family-wise), and when I first met him, he only colored artwork using red. But over the course of the last month, he’s opened up so much, and ever since I showed him how you can make different colors by mixing primary colors, he’s started using different colors in his work. And my job sucks sometimes, and the pay is horrible. But I would continue working there for a million years if it meant this one kid has a good life because he deserves it so much, and he’s worked so hard for it.