the coloring is so good in this

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Your color palette gives me LIFEEEE. There's so much color and vivacity that I haven't seen much of! It's quite a good pickup for me after a bad day, so thank you so much! Ilyyyyy

Thank you, anon!!  I hope you’ve been having good days lately! (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

some doodles of @sillyandquiteawkward ‘s wonderful soft dad Shiloh accidentally making friends with all the deities ever, some happy pokes with scarfs and protective Charon and Lucario. why are they annoyed? i don’t know. also Charon becomes a Shaymin pillow


Lost in space and lost from their families.

At least they have each other, and sometimes that is the only thing they can hang on… and give each other some hope.

Pidge and Lance relationship could go to so many places :’0

Since one anon suggested Lance and other anon suggested Pidge in the same color palette, I just mixed them and…got carried away.


Mchanzo Week- Canon Divergence/AU

In which the hunter falls for the lord of wolves~

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lipstick ✓
high heels ✓
my death ✓


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»  Remember how you the first girl I ever danced with? Or how I had a crush on you freshman year? Sophomore year. Senior year? Or how you saved my life? // You saved my life too. // Just remember, remember I love you.