the coloring is different for the last two

I once read a report that said over 50% of Afro-Caribbean men have a non-black partner. Over 50%. There are twice as many biracial Afro-Caribbean children in the uk than there are mono-racial Afro-Caribbean kids. At first, I was like that’s not possible, I lived in a different country then but moved to the UK last year. But I was seriously wrong. I live like an hour or two away from London, but I find it hard to spot fully black kids and when I do they’re usually African. All I see are biracial kids running around the place. And obviously since the men aren’t dating the women the women date outside their race too. The same report said Africans in the U.K. also date outside their race but overall they usually marry their own people or within their race at least (think it said due to culture & because of parents, traditions etc).

There’s nothing wrong with biracial kids or interracial dating, if you find someone you love, race shouldn’t be a barrier at all. But just looking at that statistic alone, I can’t help but feel other factors are playing into it. Self-hate, colourism & anti-blackness. I watched this Jamaican youtuber, she has a white boyfriend, and said she loved black boys so much but they would always tell her she’s ugly, she’s too black (she’s dark skinned and so beautiful) , they only date white girls etc, so she had to expand on who she dates which is understandable. Some black people are literally dying to not be with another black person and that says a lot.

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Today the M/iarren's shipers played a lot of hatred on us because of the videos and pics of M and D. Telling us that Cc will never dance together bc they're not a real couple and that we have to stop confusing fiction with real life and bla bla bla It's funny how they think that we ship CC because of Klaine. Lol. I mean... I ship Klaine. But Klaine is the last thing why I ship Cc

I think everyone here knows that Klaine and CC are two completely different couples.  With the main difference being Klaine is not real.  The only commonalities are the way they look and it’s 2 guys.  I wish CC was as uncomplicated as Klaine. 

Let them riot. They are clearly wearing rose colored glasses. There’s nothing about that wedding that looked real, happy, or in love.  The dance was Darren so clearly playing a character and doing as required. Not to mention it was filmed and published to the world as it happened. Let them make their gifs. Reality will come soon enough.  

And how they can look at any of the three of these and think goals is again an example of burying one’s head in the sand.  It’s truly ignorant.  His body language rejects her in two and they don’t sit together in the other (pic is now out there on a news blog so I don’t feel bad posting.  Plus I cropped her mostly out). You know what my eyes are drawn to in the first? The actual couple and the contrast   

As I’ve said before.  If this is love.  Please may I never find it.

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Hey look at that! I was tagged in a tag meme. I was tagged by @humblydefiant in this post, by @sweet-ree in this post and @you-are-a-program in this post. Thanks y’all! 

It’s an about myself one. So here we go! Also, putting a lot of it under the keep reading tag, because its a doozy.

Are you named after anyone?

Nope - though my dad does like to go into a colorful anecdote about how he determined what my name would be. It’s always different, and always very involved. 

When was the last time you cried?

Heh, two days ago probably. I am a firm believer in crying/grieving in order to work through and past your pain.  

Do you like your handwriting?

I’m pretty indifferent about it. Though I really love my signature, I’ve worked long and hard to make that thing look good.

What is your favorite lunch meat?

For sandwiches? Turkey, but rare is the day when I have a sandwich for lunch…

Do you have kids?

Nope. Maybe someday? If I find that special someone and they want to take that journey with me. 

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And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.
I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom by the sea;
But we loved with a love that was more than love-
I and my Annabel Lee
;  - Edgar Allan Poe


*claws my way out of procrastination by using the pretty setters squad as motivation*

All of the posts for Dragon Age 4/Retribution!

>Game takes place primarily in Tevinter but we’ll have missions in the Anderfels, Seheron, Antiva, Deep Roads, and the Fade, etc..
>60% of the game world is represented by the capital city of Minrathous which is 200 times bigger than Denerim in DAO.
>Minrathous will be a open and living city with moving npcs that walk around, buy goods, do busy work,, think of how npc’s acted within Novigrad in the Witcher 3.
>The city will have large temples, statues, large buildings and towers, markets, docks, fountains, giant walls which you can explore and other cool areas like a coliseum and even an aqueduct which you can climb.
>If you hadn’t noticed yet Minrathous will be heavily based on imperial Rome and Constantinople and in lore is the largest city in thedas with nearly 1 million inhabitants. 
>The city is divided into 5 zones/districts with no loading screens to get into each one so it’s all integral.
>The districts include, the noble district which is in the upper/Northmost part of the city set on a hill which will have three different staircases that can get you in and out of the district.
>Within that district you have a smaller district encased in marble walls and only accessed by gate called the Imperial quarter which houses the Imperial Senate house, the Grand Library of Tevinter (lorewise its equivalent to the library of Alexandria and is nearly impossible to get into - there will be a quest dedicated just to that place), Archon’s Palace, the grand temple of Dumat and senatorial mansions.
>The lower half of the city includes includes the market district, the “plebeian/worker class district”, the coliseum district which also includes an academy of magic, the library of minrathous, imperial army headquarters and finally the poor district.
>The streets of Minrathous are all cobbled, the outside walls are large guarded by just as large juggernaut statues which are massive black golems.
>The city has three bridges that connect it to the outside world which you can also explore before being told to turn around.
>The other 40% of the game world will be large maps and dungeons similar to the zones in DA:I.
>One specific zone will be a swamp marsh area where you’ll get one companion and a tied story mission.

>Your character can only be human for story reasons, that means you won’t be able to play as a elf, dwarf, qunari etc…
>Can play as male or female.
>There’s a CC filter on being homosexual, heterosexual or bi and influence some dialogue line as well as romance options.
>Your character’ last name is Lanius and will be referred to as such by all the NPCs and text.
>DAR will be more story and character focused than DAI, you have a mother and father and a dead male/female that’s interchangeable based on your sex ie if you’re male you’ll have a dead sister and vice versa .
>Your dead sibling is dead before game and will be involved in a form of a quest with your own mother.
>Vastly improved CC system, you can literally make a young Liam Neeson type character if you wish, it’s that good and it’s the best CC system ever made.
>You’ll have 7 companions, 4 males and 3 females.
>Of those 7, one will be a dwarf, another an elf, and there’ll be a qunari companion.
>If you take any of these characters on mission with you within Minrathous prepare to have racist encounters and with the Qunari a literal bloodbath.
>The main female romance option of males is named Eva Scala and her father is senator Daedelus Scala leader of Populares faction of the imperial senate.
>Your father is a minor noble of the equestrian rank and is leader of the knightly class of Tevinter, he is in constant conflict with the patricians/senators especially Scala.
>The rest of the companions I’ll mention in the story bits.
>Will be more like DA2 combat and will have a vastly improved tactics system similar to DAO.
>Loads of build variety.
>Blood magic returns and your story is affected if you use blood magic/become a blood Mage.
>NPCS and companions will mention that a lot if you actually choose the blood Mage path.
>The canon is to play a Mage but you can still play as a warrior or rogue.
>The rogue is actually super fun to play as, you’ll actually be a stealth assassin type figure if you spec into it.
>Warriors are just warriors, still cool.
>Items system is the exact same as DA:I.
>RNG is more forgivable in DAR than DAI however the higher difficulty the less luck with RNG.
>Can craft weapons and armour.
>Can tint, color and modify your armour.
>Weapons are less final fantasy looking.
>Five different difficulties, easy, normal, hard, very hard, nightmare.
>No new game plus.
>Can customize companions.
>You have a den in Minrathous similar to the assassin’s den in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.
>You and Daedalus Scala lead this secret society known as the Old Order whose fundamental goal is to bring back the last two untainted old dragon gods to fight against a “greater evil”.
>You recruit people similar to how you recruited individuals in DAI and send them on missions of assassinations, political intrigue, resource gathering etc…pretty much similar to DA:I.
>You get rewards for mission completion including exp, crafting resources, rare weapons and items, and Old Order points used to unlock perks in the Perk system.
>The Old Order is integral to the story line but recruiting people and sending them off to missions is entirely optional.
>Attribute system returns and is pretty much nearly identical to DAO.
>Game is set in 9:51 Dragon.
>the Qunari have invaded Tevinter in six different invasion points.
>They’ve already conquered the northern half of tevinter except for Minrathous which is guarded by its powerful walls on land and by the Imperial Navy at sea.
>You’re apart of a southern tevinter relief force.
>Game starts off with massive cinematic battle.
>You pick your gender, do your CC, pick your class.
>You’re apart of a 4 man specialist commando force including yourself, Eva Scala which the commander, one warrior named Constantius, and a rogue named Justin (both of whom die at the end of the level).
>The first area of the game is the army camp area.
>Get assigned the mission by the general/commander Mage literally name Maximus Decimus (there’s there’s loads of name references to everything Rome and Roman including movies/TV shows) and dropped off immediately behind enemy lines.
>Your goal is too pretty much disable the Qunari warmachines (cannons) and destroy their supply train.
>There’s numerous cutscenes of a large grayish wolf stalking you.
>Kill trash mobs of Qunari and Dalish elves in alliance with them.
>Final battle of the level is with a powerful Saraabas.
>Get confronted after the grayish wolf finally appears and transform to a giant 10 foot tall armored figure.
>Pretty much destroys everything and sets giant balls of Fire on to the clashing armies.
>There’ll be a warden civil war that you’ll have to resolve.
>Assassination attempt on the Archon.
>Salos burning and killing tevinter cities and both Qunari/Tevinter armies.
>Second final level will be Solas essentially trying to destroy Minrathous just after you beat off a Qunari siege.
>Final level is traveling to the forest of arlathan to kill Salos/Solas.
>Ending choice is to kill, capture or save Solas.
>Solas is the main villain in game.
>Dorian cameo.
>Inquisition and Grey Warden both mentioned.
>Hawke/Stroud are in the Anderfell level.

EXCLUSIVE: BTS Celebrate Their Biggest Album Ever and Reveal What They Love About Themselves

Welcome to BTS’ next chapter.

The K-pop boyband shocked the biggest names in music when they beat out artists like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez for the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards in May – but their success is no surprise.

With 8.4 million Twitter followers and a fan base so dedicated it’s referred to as ARMY, BTS is one of the hottest acts in Asia, and soon, the United States.

“There is much more recognition of BTS music than before the BBMAs,” V, one of the band’s seven members, told ET. “Which means fans have higher expectations than before. We’re trying to live up to it and I hope the new album can be the answer to that expectation.”

The new album, Love Yourself: Her, dropped on Monday and was even shattering records weeks before its release with over one million pre-orders, according to BTS’ label, BigHit Entertainment. By Tuesday, Love Yourself had already topped the iTunes Album charts at No. 1 in a record-breaking 73 countries, the largest debut release for any South Korean artists. And “DNA,” the album’s lead single, is also blowing up on YouTube with nearly 30 million views since its early Monday release.

ET caught up with V, Rap Monster, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Suga and J-Hope on Tuesday, where they opened up about their incredible success, their fifth EP, and what’s next.

Q. Love Yourself: Her is already a huge hit around the world. Were you surprised?

Rap Monster: We’re surprised at the huge response when each album is released but it is beyond our expectation and overwhelming this time. Our new songs topped iTunes chart in 73 countries and made its debut at No. 4 on the US iTunes Song chart. “DNA” music video views surpassed 10 million in just 8 hours, which was the fastest for Korean artists ever. We are very grateful to our fans worldwide for appreciating our music and video.

Q. The music video for “DNA” is a little different from your past music videos, and includes some intense choreography – what does this mean for other music videos off this album? How long did it take to shoot the video?

J-Hope: BTS’ music videos always have intense choreography, but it was even more difficult to learn all the dance moves before the shoot. It may look different compared to previous videos due to complex use of computer graphics and edit styles for “DNA” video, but it took three full days to shoot. Everyone was great in learning the choreography, although there were many different moves we had to perform for the video. Personally, I think Jungkook and Jimin really pulled it off nicely.

Q. You collaborated with The Chainsmoker’s Andrew Taggart on the song “Best of Me” after meeting at the BBMAs. What was the collaboration process like? What did you learn from him?

Rap Monster: We first met at the BBMAs last May. [We] were invited to The Chainsmokers’ rehearsal backstage for the award show and we had fun talking about music and many things. The duo sent us several tracks after we returned home from BBMAs and we selected a couple of tracks to work together. “Best of Me” was the best for our new album in many ways so we decided to write lyrics and finish it together. The song came out great and we were all satisfied with the collaborative process. Andrew is awesome; he’s passionate about music and I think there should be more opportunities for us to work again in near future.

Q. Who’s your next big dream collaborator?

Jungkook: My biggest dream collaborator would be Justin Bieber because I just love his voice and the way he collaborates with other artists. However, I’d like to give it a try with whoever has the right chemistry with BTS musically.

Suga: I’m pretty much open to anyone who’s unique and has mutual appreciation in the music as BTS. I have some tracks and songs written for future collaboration and I’m happy to work with artists who have the right voice and taste.

Q. The song “Skit: Billboard Music Awards,” features Rap Monster’s speech from the awards show – what made you choose to incorporate that into your new album?

Rap Monster: It was one of many ideas we had for this album and we all thought that it would mean a lot to BTS and our fans if we have it permanently in the album and cherish that special moment for everyone. We’re facing the second chapter with Love Yourself: Her in terms of music and life and the BBMAs is like a new turning point for BTS in many ways.

Q. Rap Monster already revealed that Barack Obama was an inspiration for “MIC Drop” – Why? Who else were you inspired by on this album?

Suga: There are so many things that inspire us. For me, it’s people around me. And for RM, it can be books he reads. In general, what fans talk about and think about become a very important source of inspiration to us, because we want to write something that’s real to people, especially those who listen to BTS’ music.

Q. During your live stream on Monday, Rap Monster said that his favorite song is “Ocean,” but that song wasn’t released with the album. What can you tease about when the song will drop, and what it sounds like?

Rap Monster: It’s one of two hidden tracks you can listen to only on the physical album. “Ocean” has a lot of things I thought about since my debut in BTS four years ago. I have lived through many different dreams, worries and emotions in past years and I wanted to share those moments in the song. Sound-wise, there’s guitar and synth and the song is over five minutes, which is quite long. I hope people like it as one of the surprises I’ve prepared.

Q. You changed up your hair color since we last saw you – who decides when it’s time to change your look?

Jimin and J-Hope: The hair color decision is based on the concept of the new album and the timing is discussed with the whole production timeline. Each member’s opinion counts, so our stylists and creative team propose optional colors for us to choose from. But at the end of the day, they’re professionals and they know what they’re doing and in most cases, the proposed colors turn out to be the best for each member.

Q. This new album marks a new chapter in your careers after School, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and Wings. What do you want fans to know about this new era of BTS?

Rap Monster: We tried many new things for this album and I’d like to label it as “innovative,” if I may. There will be new styled songs, new video, and many new things from now on. We want to evolve as artists and develop what we have within ourselves. If we ever slow down or even fail for our trials, it’s OK and we’ll be and stay as BTS. In addition, I’d like people to love themselves and think about what true love is while listening to the new album, because real love calls for courage to appreciate myself as is.  

Q. What do each of you love about yourselves?

Jin: I love my face and how it looks, which I appreciate very much.

Jimin: I love my attitude towards work and tendency for perfection.

V: My newly discovered talent to shoot great photos.  

Q. You’re wrapping up your tour this December. When will you be back performing in the U.S.?

Rap Monster: We do have plans for a world tour in 2018 so we will definitely go back to the U.S. soon and meet our fans as much as we can. If there’s any special opportunity for us any time soon, we’ll make sure to share it with you first.



A lot of sweet drawings of Dirk and Jake, from “You can only take what you can carry to the edge of the Sea” by CallmeArcturus.

I finally added links thumbs up

ngl I might have listened to Land and Sea by Emancipator for almost two hours here. There’s actually some NSFW that will come (hoohoo) later. 

I have so many of these little drawings just littered through my sketchbook now and every single god damn one was in the last week respectively. Also I draw Jakes tail different each time I guess. I don’t have a stationary light source, so you get this jumble of slightly faded background colors.

ROAD TRIP AU (made with the help of @nonbinaryevanhansen, @thisiswhatmylifeamountsto, @dr-evn-hnsn, and other bros from the DEH discord chat)

  • The Gang™ decides to have a road trip–one last big hurrah–before they go their separate ways to their respective jobs/graduate programs. 
  • Alana is in charge of planning because she doesn’t mind phone calls, can be trusted to not spend more than they’ve budgeted, and is generally more responsible than the rest. She has a spreadsheet with every aspect of the trip planned–right down to what rest stops they can stop at for people to stretch their legs or use the restroom. She has a color coded binder containing the menus of the restaurants they’re going to eat at, the brochures for the tourist destinations they’re stopping at, and the receipts for all of their reservations; she also has a copy of the itinerary for everyone. Two copies for Jared because…he’s Jared.
  •  Zoe is the deejay. While she’s procrastinating from studying for finals, because Zoe has senioritis even though she’s not even technically in her last year of college yet, she makes dozens of playlists that are specific for every different road trip mood. One is named “For When Connor Starts Being an Asshole and We Need to Drown Him Out” and another is aptly titled “Weird Tree Noises to Calm Evan Down.” She’s the only one allowed to use the aux chord and she has to keep a close eye on it because Jared’s constantly looking for an opportunity to rick roll the caravan.
  • Connor is the driver. Not because he’s a particularly good driver, but because he’s pulled enough all nighters in his day that he doesn’t mind driving through the night as Alana requires for some parts of the trip. Even when he gets sleepy, he just has to put on Zoe’s “Please Don’t Fall Asleep at the Wheel and Kill Us All” mix and he’s good to go for another six hours. When Jared tries to call shotgun, Connor tells him “if I have to sit beside you all day, I’m going to drive us off a bridge.”
  • Evan gets shotgun. He spends most of the time playing eye spy with Connor– “I spy with my little eye something green” “Evan could you please pick something that isn’t a tree for the love of God”–or reading wikipedia articles on the various trees they come across. He doles out the caprisuns and individual bags of doritos and lays potato chips that they stock up on whenever they find a Wal-Mart that’s reasonably close to the interstate. When they make stops, he’s the one wearing the fanny pack with the tiny fan, travel-sized sunscreen, bug spray wipes, and extra bandaids in it.
  • Jared is…well, Jared. He’s relegated to the back seat with Alana and Zoe and he’s bored as hell. Alana spends their car time going over the itinerary and reading guide books and Zoe alternates between staring out the window while listening to music on her phone and playing Candy Crush on her phone. Jared tries to help her out by telling her what to do, but she mostly ignores him, much to his distress. At one point, he swipes her phone because “Zoe you’ve been at it for an hour this is getting embarrassing” and nearly gets mauled by Zoe in her attempts to get her phone back. Alana is the only thing between him and certain death at that point. He also smuggles a lot of contraband snacks on board in his backpack and suitcase and refuses to share despite having more chips and soda than any single person could/should consume. 

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Alright, I had a post on Instagram displaying my treasure trove of Japanese language learning books. I wanted to show off a few of them and talk about all of them. The first photo displays them all (tumblr limited me to 10 photos only, so I’ll discuss some of them without photos, sorry!). Starting from the bottom of the pile:

1. Kanji Power by Tuttle. It’s what you think it is, a kanji workbook. It has a kanji, a mnemonic, some space to practice writing, on'yomi, kun'yomi, stroke order, and some vocabulary/phrases. It has some kanji not covered in my other kanji books.

2. If You Teach Me Japanese, I’ll Teach You English. It’s a strange little book and it’s taking me a while to get the hang of it, but this book was written specifically for language exchanges. Each lesson is done first in Japanese, then again in English. You and your partner serve as the “teacher” in your native language, while you practice that language. So I would read through as the instructor in the English lesson and guide my partner with the scripted dialogues, helping them along the way so that they learn English. They would do vice versa for me with the Japanese. I got this one specifically to aid me in exchanging my language with my partners. They do great with the Japanese and I needed guidance on how to help them with English. So this one isn’t really to learn Japanese, it’s to help me exchange with my Japanese friends.

3. Japanese Step by Step. This is one of the few books that focuses on teaching you SPEAKING Japanese. Most of my books help in reading, writing and I’m having to supplement with Memrise and YouTube for listening and speaking. This book has very easy to understand lessons, starting with syllables not syllabaries. Shows you in English what they’re trying to teach you in Japanese. So it’s almost like learning in parallel, I’m not explaining it well. It’s a really good book, you should just check it out.

4. Beginning Japanese by Yale University Press. This was originally my Dad’s book that he used to teach himself Japanese since he was being stationed there (way back in ye olden days). He very kindly gave it to me. This book also focuses on SPEAKING Japanese, not reading or writing in it. As such, it’s entirely in romaji! Not ideal, but if you just want to focus on speaking the language, this is a good place to start. Very thorough.

5. Reading Japanese by Yale University Press. Same authors as book #4, but not originally my Dad’s. Since this one is focused on READING (hence the title of the book), it is not in entirely in romaji. Whew! What a relief. I just got it today, so I have no feedback other than, I wanted both of these books together. It’s kind of like an entire course at your fingertips.

6. Japanese Kanji for Beginners by Tuttle. Covers JLPT N5 & N4. This is my primary Kanji workbook. I LOVE it. It’s set up pretty much the same as Kanji Power, it has exercises after each lesson so you can practice what you learned. The Kanji Power has the same things, but after a certain number of kanji have been introduced, instead of after each individual lesson. So they differ that way and in that they have different kanji. This book is specifically for JLPT N5/4 whereas Kanji Power is about expanding your kanji.

7. A Japanese Reader by Tuttle (notice the theme?). Pictures 2-4 are about this book. I cannot say enough nice things about this book! The book is split in two; open it like we open all books in the Western Hemisphere and it’s lessons starting with hiragana, open the book the other way and it’s all the reading lessons: from top to bottom and right to left! It’s so cool! The first few elementary readings aren’t actual sentences. They’re just to get you accustomed to the style of reading and the syllabaries (this is where I’m at). The readings get way more advanced though and are excerpts from Japanese literature, some fictional and some non-fictional.

8. A History of Japan. This is another one of Dad’s book that he is lending to me (sadly I don’t get to keep it). I haven’t read it yet but I’m looking forward to it. Granted, it has nothing to do with the language itself, but who here has learned a language without learning anything about the culture, history, and society of the country that speaks the language? Half the point of learning a language is to learn the history and culture of the target language’s country. So I have a book on Japan’s history to supplement the language learning.

9. A Dictionary of Japanese Food by Tuttle. Pictures 5 & 6 are of this book. Just as I stated in the above book, it’s important to know the culture and history of the place whose language you are learning. The “Japanese Kanji for Beginners” book had an exercise in the first lesson involving food. One of the dishes stood out to me because I had no clue what it was “shabu-shabu.” I still don’t know what it is, but now I have a dictionary so I can look it up! If ever I learn how to cook Japanese food, shabu-shabu will be very near the top of the list of things to make and try. The back of the book has some appendices on chopsticks, some ingredients of Japanese food, and food etiquette.

10. The Handbook of Japanese Verbs (picture 7). Verbs seem to be the guts of a sentence in Japanese so I figured it’d be important to learn them a little more in depth than my grammar book goes into. Besides explaining verbs, it has exercises to practice!

11. All About Particles (picture 8). Much like the verb book above, this is all about particles (another very important part of the Japanese language) and also has exercises to help you grasp the concepts. Goes in depth about the particles and actually has sentences in Japanese, literal translations, and English translations. It’s very thorough.

12. Japanese Coursebook by Living Language. Akin to the Yale University Press books that I covered earlier, this book is a complete course for learning how to SPEAK Japanese. As such, it is entirely in romaji but is set up different than the Yale books and has different vocabulary. I use them in conjunction with each other, so that I get the most vocabulary overall.

13. Japanese Grammar by Barron. Pictures 9 & 10 are of this book. This is my absolute favorite book out of them all. Besides being pocket-sized so I can take it just about anywhere with me, it’s a grammar book. I’m not a Grammar Nazi, I’m a Grammarian (one who studies grammar [on purpose]). I read grammar books for my native English and I greatly enjoy grammar for Ancient Greek too (my first foreign language and first true love). All the other books focus on a particular portion of grammar, or the writing system, or speaking. I wanted a book that focused entirely on grammar since I’ve heard it’s so vastly different from English (it’s not THAT different guys). As you can see in the very last picture, the book is printed in two colors. I cannot begin to express how wonderful this is for me. I have Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS or 3S) and basically what that means is, my eyes don’t work right (duh). They don’t pick up all the wavelengths of light that they’re supposed to. So some colors (and light sources) are harder for me to see and make me very sick trying to look at them. It seems like I have dyslexia but it’s not my brain, it’s just my eyes suck. The added color is much easier on my eyes than all black print on white pages (college was nightmare, in case you wondered).

Last book,

14. Kanji Starter 1. Not a lesson book at all! It has 200 kanji and is essentially a book of mnemonics for them. I use it as a catalog and mark the kanji I’ve mastered from other sources in this book. I also use it as a quick reference when I get suddenly forget a kanji I’ve already learned. That way I don’t have to find the right lesson book and track it down. I got this kanji book before any of the others and it served as the introduction to what i was getting myself into. It made the kanji seem so not scary that by the time I picked up a workbook, kanji was beautiful, logical, and fun. No fear!

Sorry this was so long. I’m on a mobile device so I can’t do the nice “keep reading” breaks or formatting. So it’s just a really long, darn post. But now you know of 14 books you can use for Japanese learning! Also, quick note, all of the books with bar code stickers on them were all purchased form the same site. has so many books, including rare ones, old, ones, and textbooks, for a fraction of the price. I looked up some of my Tuttle books, one of them was like $19.95 normally (without shipping and tax). On ThriftBooks I got it for $3.50! If your total purchase is over $10 shipping is entirely free too. So if you’re looking for language resources, a new novel, or you’re in college and need textbooks, check the site out because it might save you a boat-load of money.


It’s still February so it still counts as Valentine’s Day fic, right?  Right? *nervous laugh*

There’s another drawing, too, but it really belongs at the end of the story, so it’s under the spoiler cut.

Inspired by this post about a Valentine’s Day-ike holiday for Hyrule - almost all the worldbuilding about Ribbon Day is from there, so credit where it’s due, those aren’t my ideas!

Ribbon Day

8,007 words, Vio/Shadow, rated T

Summary: When Shadow is introduced to a Hyrulean holiday celebrating different kinds of relationships, he starts to question whether his feelings for Vio are really as platonic as he has believed them to be for the past two years.  But even if he lets himself admit that it’s romantic love, he can’t escape the feeling that he’s getting it wrong somehow.  That he’s missing some crucial piece.

Who would expect a shadow-demon to be able to love properly, anyway?

Featuring asexual!Shadow, internalized acephobia/self-loathing, and lots of pining.  Which makes it sound like a much sadder story than it actually is.  I swear it ends well!

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gif/graphic tutorial

i never know what to call these things, but i’m going to show you how to do these 4 different gif effects in photoshop:

you can find the original gifset here. while this tutorial will not have any part about the coloring, and only how to make these different effects, it is really in depth for each and every step (with pictures!). so then hopefully this will be easy to understand even if you’ve never done something like this before. all you’ll really need to know is how to make a gif, and it might be helpful to have an basic understanding of clipping masks. otherwise these aren’t too complicated! this i a really long tutorial so here we go!:

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These two are so likeable that I can’t just color one in. (ノ_ _)ノ

Have poor awkward son and blushie food junkie.

(;-◞౪◟-)  Ch.7′s a doozie. We’ll post it in like a day, but have these for now


Harry: Shows up 20 minutes early during the first week of class with his 12 different colors of highlighters, but by the end of the semester he’s coming in 15 minutes late, doesn’t take his shades off, has two (2) different Starbucks cups and a smoothie for some reason. Calls all his professors by their first name, and is a textbook teacher’s pet. Managed to sneak a goldfish named Matilda in his room as a pet, and the hall manager pretends she doesn’t know about it.

Voted most likely to bring all the professors a gift on the last day of class.

Liam: Finds out at the last minute that he needs 8 math and science credits before he can graduate and he’s only got one semester left. Spends an obscene amount of time trying to spell deoxyribonucleic acid correctly (for reasons no one can comprehend). Spends all his free time on the Quad and goes to all the Uni sponsored events. Gives Freshman tours and remembers all their names months later when they show up, and walks them home when they’re drunk after their first party. 

Voted most likely to cry in the library at 2am until someone takes pity on him and explains how photosynthesis works

Niall: Has binders full of notes going back to his A-Levels. While Harry only pretends he has his shit together, Niall actually does. He always has extra pencils, has a calendar he keeps updating for assignments and deadlines, and is in a study groupchat for all his classes. Professors email HIM for notes to distribute to the class. Runs the college radio station and loves taking requests but does not tolerate disrespect of “The Oldies”. Is also “The Guitar Guy”. Still makes mixtapes for the people he dates. 

Voted most likely to fuck up the curve for everyone else, but then he gives you a copy of his detailed and annotated notes and offers to help you study so you forgive him. 

Louis: Was supposed to graduate 3 years ago. Why is he still here? What is his major? Has never shown up to a single class on time except his early childhood education modules because the kids he works with for the class credits know him by name and he refuses to disappoint them. Coaches a kids’ footie league on campus during the warmer months and is constantly trying to show people pictures of them. Wears their championship medal around for an entire month after they win Nationals. 

Voted most likely to forget to bring a pencil with him to take the final exam.

Zayn: Started as an English major, but now he’s a photography major, but he thinks he might switch to a music and drama dual degree, or maybe even a digital media degree. Owns 14 different kinds of mechanical pencil that he can meticulously explain the uses for. Takes naps in the school’s amphitheater while the orchestra practice. Usually wakes up during the middle and always stays till the end and claps (read: Whoop Whoops) when they’re finished. Can be found having “Jam Sessions” on the quad grass with Niall which usually draws a small (read: large) crowd, and results in crumpled bills being tossed in Niall’s guitar case (they split the take 50/50). Is learning to play the drums. 

Voted most likely to never say a single word in class until the last week of the semester when he becomes everybody’s best friend and favorite person. 

Glam Desk Hacks to Make Your Space as Productive as Possible!

Cute cord management….seems to be one of the biggest issues along with storage organization and innovation today when it comes to glamming up your most valuable space in your home! I have a few tricks to share with you that will help with organization, cord management, and productivity.

Hack #1: It is proven that when you are happy and satisfied that you work more productively. So having cute accessories to go along with your work/study space is almost a given. Say goodbye to that 80′s stapler and upgrade to a matching desk set. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s a nice feeling to look forward to adhering that report together with your new stapler. Anything that will give you that extra boost of motivation to complete your tasks is worth investing in.

Hack #2: Instead of investing in a new iPad or tablet case, to make your device stand vertically, try looking for a dish stand/cookbook stand. I picked this adorable stand up at an outlet store for under $5! Like I previously mentioned, revamping your desk doesn’t have to be pricey. Now I don’t have to get rid of my favorite iPad case (let me know if you’d like the information to purchase the case I currently use, it has a kickstand for horizontal use) and the cookbook stand doubles as a clipboard holder for when I’m typing research papers or essays and need to reference information consistently. Other stands that were marketed for the same purpose on online retailers were at least five times the price of this handy stand. Plus, the kickstand in the back is adjustable if you’d like to have the device, paper, clipboard, textbook (yes, it holds my texts books as well and the arrow in front keeps the page from turning!), etc. at different angles. I would recommend this hack to anyone looking for a decorative book/device stand or anyone who needs a book or device stand on a budget. I should also note that Hobby Lobby sells basic versions of these holders in black, brass/gold, and silver. They are extremely affordable, especially if you purchase the plate holder with Hobby Lobby’s weekly 40% off coupon.

Hack #3: This is an example of how the stand works and looks from the front (second photo). I also use the stand for my planner. It is helpful to be able to have your planner/to do list right in front of you while you are completing tasks for the day. I have purchased a Create 365: The Happy Planner and it is set up with three boxes for each day. I use one box for each school (since I attend two different colleges) and the last box for other things I need to accomplish that day. I make little checkboxes inside each box for each task I need to complete and mark them off when I have finished the task. I also color coordinate for each class/school which makes it helpful when I am glancing at the planner so I can differentiate which items are for which class/school. This also helps on the monthly view of the calendar, where I continue to use color coding to write tests and papers. The colors match the binders I use for each class to keep everything consistent. I also have three snap-in tabs in The Happy Planner (I purchased these at Staples). I use the first tab for this month’s monthly view, the second tab I use for this week’s weekly view/today’s view (which you are viewing in this photo), and the last tab I use for next month’s monthly view so I can write down upcoming assignments and appointments. They are handy to have right at the top of the planner because the side view tabs are hidden when the planner is closed (which I do like for aesthetic purposes).

Hack #4: Cord management is a big issue because I have a tv on the wall above my desk. Which means inevitable wires…everywhere! So the one wire that I couldn’t hide, I took a tall floral arrangement and wrapped the cord in there. Which you cannot see from straight-on, but from this angle, it is slightly visable. So if you have cords that hang down the wall and you can’t hide them in the wall, for whatever reason, use a plant, picture, tapestry or lamp even to creatively hide them.

Hack #5: This is an important “hack” because if you don’t stay hydrated you’ll start to get tired and no one wants to be tired when they are in the middle of a great workflow! So stay hydrated so your body can function properly. When I say to stay hydrated, I mean with water. I invested in one of these metal vacuum bottles, I found it super affordable at Tuesday Morning. It holds 25 oz., so I know how much water I am drinking and it keeps my water cold in the car during the summer as well. These bottles can keep your water cold for up to twenty-four hours! Similar to the popular Hydroflask, which I wanted to try a competitor before I invested the full $50 in a Hydroflask. I’ll tell you why I won’t spend $50 on one if you comment and specifically ask me to. But we tend to drink more water if it’s colder, so I highly recommend investing in one of these “stay cold” bottles.

Hack #6: My last hack is to use one a cosmetics organizer as a pen/stationery organizer! I found this cute organizer at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon to purchase it under $10! It organizes my colored highlighters and felt-tipped pens. It’s an essential if you’re a pen junkie like myself. I also love how it can hold things as large as a post-it and a giant paperweight in the front compartment.

Please let me know if you enjoyed these hacks or have any questions on any of my purchases. I am always more than happy to help or answer questions.



I may or may not have fallen in love with characters that we never see

Angst With A Happy Ending Masterlist

Bad Blood - danisnopeonfire

Summary: In a state of intoxication, Dan forgets that he and Phil have been broken up for the past year and accidentally brings back suppressed emotions.

Brittle - phandabbydosey

Summary: Told from the perspective of a doctor observing Dan’s strangely frequent trips to A&E, always for broken bones. His relationship with Phil seems perfect, but could there be a more sinister cause underlying Dan’s injuries? Or is it something else entirely?

Conversation Hearts (ao3) - Emptylester (timelordangel)

Summary: Terrified that he prevented Dan from having the experience of other sexual partners in his adult life, Phil suggests that this Valentine’s day in lieu of presents they each get a freebie. There is no way this can go wrong, right?

Dusk Between the Blinks - illustriousphan

Summary: Dan was in an abusive relationship. Upon finding Phil, who’s currently in one like Dan used to be, he wants to help… but maybe he needs some for himself before he can offer it to others.

If People Were Colours, He Was Red and I Was Blue (ao3) - midnightskydan

Summary: In which Dan and Phil’s relationship hits a hard patch when Phil has troubles. Dan associates his difficult love with different “colors” like blue and grey. Feat. mute!Dan and depressed!Phil.

If Tomorrow Never Comes - phan-panda

Summary: There’s a tornado heading straight for the Dan and Phil flat. With the inevitable storm on the horizon, Dan knows this could be his last chance to tell Phil how he really feels.

I Need to Love - six-foot-two-phanchild

Summary: Dan gets drunk and cheats on Phil. However, the situation isn’t as black and white as it seems.

Life Has A Hopeful Undertone (And I’ll Be Holding Onto You) - softiejace

Summary: Dan has an anxious breakdown and Phil comforts him.

Liquid Confidence - phangirlingforphan

Summary: The TATINOF afterparty proves to be a catalyst for feelings that needed to be spoken about to finally be admitted.

Nobody, Not Even the Rain - botanistlester

Summary: Dan is fine. It’s what he’s told himself all along. Even though it hurts when he has sex with his boyfriend, even though he shakes for no reason at all; he’s fine. He’s happy. But when he meets Phil, he learns about respect, trust, and how a relationship is truly supposed to be like. Most of all, he learns that maybe he’s not doing so well after all.

Orbit My Heart (ao3) - wekingsandprettythings

Summary: Phil Lester has always had an obsession with space. From a young age he loved looking at stars and imagining what life would be like outside of his plant. Now at age 27, accompanied by a PhD in Astrophysics, Phil’s dream is to find life on Jupiter’s moon Europa. With some special help from Dan Howell, the best Computer Science Engineer NASA has ever seen, will Phil find what he’s looking for in both space and in his heart?

Pieces of You (ao3) - howelllesters

Songfic: Inspired by Photograph by Ed Sheeran.

Saying Yes Has Always Been Easy - crescendohowell

Summary: On softly lit nights Phil will kiss Dan and hold him tight.  But that’s only temporary.  And Phil will leave Dan with words that feel like poison. (Or in which Dan is a writer, Phil is an artist and they’re friends with benefits)

Stick Around (ao3) - limelester

Summary: Phil’s spent every summer of his high school career picking up guys to have his way with, just to drop them before the real school year starts. He’s earned himself a reputation as a brooding heart breaker, and the summer before his senior year was to be no different. A tall, pastel boy named Dan who doesn’t like when people stare at him becomes Phil’s next target. It’s always been a game of one and done for Phil, but this summer he might have gotten more than he bargained for.

the lights are too bright and you’ve got cold feet (ao3) - tinydragon

Summary: it takes Dan a long time to come to terms with his sexuality.

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (ao3) - thatsmistertoyou

Summary: Dan and Phil meet in real life for the first time. Fast forward and things aren’t as happy-go-lucky.

Things We Left Behind - butterflyphil

Summary: It wasn’t that you expected to live with him forever; you simply forgot that ‘not forever’ meant ‘someday it will end.’

Those Who Trust - theshyauthor

Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.

Three For The Price Of One - softiejace

Summary: After getting to know each other online, Dan and Phil spend a promising first date, until Phil gets a phone call and leaves in a hurry.

Dan finds his wallet and decides to drop it off at Phil’s place the next morning, hoping for an explanation.
However, he ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for…

Wishes Don’t Last Forever - crescendohowell

Summary: One day, when Phil’s feeling particularly alone, he wishes on a star for a friend.  He never expected it to work, but all of a sudden there’s a boy named Dan that he keeps running into who helps Phil to realise what it’s like to finally feel better, after being broken for so long.  But there’s something Dan’s not telling Phil, or maybe Phil’s just too distracted by soft smiles and cute freckles to see what’s really happening.

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AU of where they have magic and it gets out of control?

  • Character A lives in a small town that doesn’t feel very positively about magic users, unlike the majority of the rest of the country. In order to spare themself them prejudice, Character A had been hiding their abilities their whole life, and now they’re about to leave the town. But then, only months from them leaving, Character A gets caught and cornered by a group of teenagers that want to challenge them to a fight- a fight that leaves the teens very injured, by accident of Character A.
  • “We’re in a training camp for soldiers to fight the mages, and you’ve been acting super suspiciously, so I’ve kept my eye on you. Yesterday, you somehow filled you’re cabin to the brim with water, which shouldn’t be possible, and for some reason I covered for you. Now you owe me” AU
  • Character A had a reputation for getting arrested for minor arson. Little does anyone know, what actually happens is that Character A gets a little overwhelmed sometimes and loses control of their spark.
  • “There are rumors that magic can be spread like a permanent virus, and I never believed it, but last night in the… heat of the moment… I thought your eyes turned a different color, and then you ran to the bathroom looking nervous. I thought nothing of it until I woke up this morning and my bed was two feet off the ground” AU
  • Character A is at a school event when they feel an unusual tugging in their gut. The lights shatter, people scream, and someone pulls Character A out of the room and into a smaller one, claiming that they know what Character A is, and offering to train them before any major damage happens.
  • “Look, I get that you’re old and experienced, but that doesn’t make you stable. Your magic has been out of control for years, which is why we put you in the institution. We knew you wouldn’t be happy, but that doesn’t mean you can just blast your way out” AU
  • Character A and Character B have been best friends since they were little, but Character A has always kept this one secret from their friend: They have magic. But lately, it’s been growing stronger and harder to contain. It all comes to a head one day when Character A lets lose a wave of magic that lands Character B in the hospital. The worst part is, when Character B wakes up, they don’t remember Character A. Character A sets out on a mission to find a solution, and learn to control their abilities, as well.

🎦 Inspired by @bluelioncub about theater/music/singer Lance and an adorable nerd Shiro post 🎭 I love U ! This au is so sweet~