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# 2 : no.6 (2011)

“If I hadn’t met you, I never would have realized what kind of person I am. I would have grown into an apathetic, clueless, obedient adult. However, after spending time with you, in tears, laughter, and anger, I now know that I have all these emotions inside me, too. And that makes me proud. I’m glad to have known you.

Title: Minor Set Back
Character: Jake Peralta
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Jake leaned back in his desk chair, arms folded across his chest as a small pout took up his face. His gaze was cemented to your desk where you and Amy were having a conversation and laughing. His eyes narrowed and he pulled a face at Amy, who looked at him with a knowing smile before turning back to you.

After the first successful coversation over coffee, Jake had tried to do so again for the past week. But everytime he even thought about moving to the kitchen, Amy would rush past him, two coffee cups already in her hands so he couldn’t get to you.

“I hate that woman.” Jake mumbled to himself, nearly having a heart attack when Charles came rolling up in his chair behind him.

“Oh, so the romancing didn’t go too well?” He asked, observing the two ladies chat about something with happy faces. “I mean hey, you’ll find someone eventually, and at least Amy gets a friend.”

Jake swiveled his chair around. “What? No? I was talking about Santiago. I’m still trying to win over (Y/n).” His brows knitted together as he tried to scheme up a plan.

Charles nodded. “Huh, well didn’t you get her number? What did you learn about her?”

Jake sighed, casting his eyes down at his hands. “Not much, just that she’s kind of,” He paused, looking up at you mid laugh while he smiled. “Wonderful.”

Charles moved closer to him. “Really? Tell me about her?” He encouraged, practically bouncing in his seat at the prospect of his best friend having a crush on someone.

Jake turned around so he was facing him. “For one, she’s a total movie nut, we had an intense three hour debate on which Die Hard movie was best. She’s not that into sports but she let me rant about the Mets game.” He went on a small tangent about the fun conversations the two of you had been having over the phone for the past week.

He only broke off when he saw Charles looking at him with a weird expression on his face. “What? Why are you giving me that look. It’s getting creepy.”

Charles just sighed. “Nothing, so are you gonna ask her out?”

“I’d like to but,” Jake lazily pointed to Amy. “Santiago’s been keeping her from me, and I wanted to ask in person.”

Charles ears perked up and he straightened his tie. “My time has come, I got you covered, buddy.”

Jake was about to ask him what he meant but Charles had already abandoned his chair and walked over to the two of you.

Whatever he said to Amy must have worked because in an instant she was grabbing her jacket and was out of the door.

Charles looked back at Jake and gave him a dramatic wink along with a thumbs up before leaving you alone at your desk.

Jake watched you work for a moment, suddenly feeling very warm and nervous now that he no longer had an excuse to not ask you out.

He stood up from his chair, walking over to your desk and cracking his knuckles to try and distract himself before he totally psyched himself out of asking you.

“(Y/n)! Hey! Long time, no see.” Jake said, plopping into the chair beside your desk with a smile.

You looked up from your work and gave him a puzzled smile. “What do you mean? I said hello to you when I saw you this morning.”

Jake laughed nervously. “Haha, yeah. What I actually meant to say was that,” His mind was running a total blank like it usually did around you. “Santiago left pretty suddenly huh? That was super weird.”

You laughed, pulling out your drawyer and revealing a collection of dozens of pencils tied together in different piles. “I know right? Apparently there was some kind of technical situation at her apartment and she had to step out.”

Jake reaching into your drawyer, pulling out one of the wads of pencils and observing them. “How come you have so many of these little dudes? Don’t they all do the same thing.”

You gave him a smile and shook your head. “I guess you could say that, but certain pencils are more sheer while others come off darker, some of them have different variations in line shape,” You noticed he had a confused expression on his face and you chuckled. “And you don’t really care about any of this, do you?”

“No! I think it’s kind of cool,” Jake said, taking one of the pencils out of the stack and twirling it in his hands. “I think anything that comes out of your mouth sounds cool,” He instantly looked up at you. “And that definitely sounded less weird in my head.”

“Thank you regardless,” You said, starting another draft of a criminal sketch for a recent statement a witness gave you. “It’s nice to have a conversation with you in person for a change, I feel like all we really do is text one another.”

Jake perked up, accidentally dropping the pencil onto the ground. “Yeah! I totally agree, which is actually what I wanted to come over and talk to you about,” He picked the pencil off the groun and started fidgeting with it. “I thought since it was Friday, you might wanna come over to my place after work.”

You smudged off a bit of your picture and then smiled at him before taking your pencil back. “I don’t think I’m busy, but yeah I’d love to.”

Jake clapped his hands loudly. “Great! Sounds like a plan.” He was mentally congratulating himself for a successful task completed as he went back to his desk.

“Uh, Jake,” You called back to him.


“I kinda, have to know where you live to go there.”

Jake’s brows shot up. “Oh! Yeah! That would be helpful wouldn’t it?” He dug into his jacket pockets and pulled a slip of paper out of one, grabbing a pen and scribbling his address. “Come around 8:30?”

You took the paper. “Works for me.”

“How’d it go? I could only read your facial expressions but it looked fine.” Charles asked whenever Jake pulled him into the locked room.

Jake scratched the back of his head and resisted the urge to start pacing. “I mean I think? She’s coming around my place later tonight.”

“That’s great!” Charles said with a happy clap of his hands. “You know, if this ends up going well I call dibs on being the Best Man at your wedding.”

Jake shook his head. “Let’s think about the present right now, if we’re being honest here, I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“It’s just a date isn’t it? Just do what you usually do.”

That was when Jake remembered something about your conversation. “I never specified that it was a date.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just asked if she wanted to hang out at my place” Jake said with a groan, placing his hands on his head.

“Oh that’s bad,” Charles said with knit brows. “That’s really bad, I don’t even think I’ve done that.”

“Thanks for the support, Charles, I really appreciate it.”

“It’s okay! It’s a simple fix, just go clarify it to her now!”

Jake swallowed, and his hands suddenly felt very clammy. “Yeah,” He said with a totally unintentional voice crack. “Yeah, I can do that.”

Charles clapped a hand on Jake’s shoulder. “I believe in ya, buddy.” He encouraged before leaving the locker room.

Jake tried.

He really did.

But anytime he would come up to you again, he’d open his mouth and nothing would come out.

It was like his body was telling him not to do it, because then you’d probably call off the whole thing.

You didn’t have to stay at the precinct as long as the detectives did on Fridays, so when you started putting on your coat and packing up your things, Jake started to panic.

Amy looked over computer at him. “Hey, you don’t look to great? Something wrong?”

Jake was about to think of some elaborate excuse when you came up to their desks.

“Hey Amy, how’s your apartment?”

“Funny thing, I went over to check and the maintenance guy said everything was totally normal. I tried asking Charles about it but his eyes bugged out and then he ran away.”

You tilted your head. “Weird,” You went to say something to Jake, but you noticed he looked a little sick. “Jake, are you alright? If you’re not feeling well we can just reschedule our date.”

The color instantly returned to his face and he sat up straight in his chair. “Date?”

“Oh, is that not what it is?”

Jake saw the minor disappointment in your eyes and he could have broken out into song. “I would absolutely not mind it being a date.”

You smiled. “Good, after all, you still owe me a portrait. I’ll see you later.” You said with a wink before walking away.

Amy looked over at Jake. “Did you just wheeze?”

Jake, who was watching you walk away with the most dazed look on his face, turned back to Amy. “That is definitely a possibility.”

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Chapter 3 of “The Newsflash That Broke Emma Swan”

Warning: In this chapter, Emma tells Codfish about her love for Regina, so he’s in it. Also because he’s in it, there is an “unwanted” kiss, as well as a brief mention of their relationship. Another trigger warning is “domestic abuse” (when did you think you’d ever see THAT in a juicecupswanqueen post?).  I promise you, there is no other kisses betweem Emma and Codfish ever again.  This is very much a Swan Queen Story.


The dark of night shrouds the house in shadows when Emma creeps in through the front door.  She hopes that he’s asleep. Please, let him be asleep.

Now, that she has had hours to replay the scene from that afternoon in her head, guilt and shame weigh heavily.  Her swallow is hard to force down as her insides thrash about.

She tries to dissect her feelings.  There is no shame in loving Regina; she has always loved Regina.  But, there is disgrace in how she behaved so wantonly, while still attached to someone else.

All those years ago, when she arrived that first night in Storybrooke, she was instantly fascinated by Regina Mills, and over the next few weeks, it turned into an embarrassing crush, but she hardly admitted that to anyone, including herself.  Then, as time went on, it transformed into deep caring, though she tried to convince herself it was because Regina was Henry’s other mother and he cared about her.  She hadn’t expected to forge such an important connection to a woman, who by all means, was trying to kill her.

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for @kagabutt because she’s an enabler with good ideas. 👌👌👌


Taiga enters Maji, takes one look around, and then promptly turns back to leave. Unfortunately, he’s not Kuroko, and his entrance catches the attention of two of the nosiest (for lack of a better word) people he knows.



He sighs, deems his escape a failure, and then marches towards the table where Kise, Momoi, Kuroko, and Aomine (just his luck) are sitting at.

“Yo,” he says in greeting. “I was just going to grab dinner and go, so – ”

“You look good tonight.”

Taiga chokes on air. Did Aomine just tell him he looks good? “Sorry, what did you – ?”

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Could you do a Lance imagine where you two were at the Garrison together and somehow you end up in space with him and the rest of the paladins, and how your relationship goes from close friends to crushes on each other? Thank you!! (Also your header is the cutest thing omg)

Ahh I live for my aesthetics thank you so much!! I was having a bit of a writers block with this one so I hope you like it! I feel like its not exactly what you asked but I got into the fluff and well this is where we landed.

I had never really given space much though, I mean I probably should have seeing as I was at the Garrison but it wasn’t a love for space that made me join. It was more of a chance to explore outside of her small town where all of her family had grown up and never moved away from. If it had been a school for studying dung I probably still would have gone so space was really just a means to an end. Yet Space was now my full blown reality.

I had always known that being friends with Lance was dangerous. Maybe not in a I may potentially die sort of way but in definite all the teachers kept an unnaturally sharp eye on me way. I had never gotten in trouble before in my life and yet by association with the misfit’s my file was sure to take up its own drawer. And I don’t regret a single bit of it. That is something most people couldn’t say as they were watching the empty void of deep space glow outside their window. And it was all because I had made friends with Lance.

Some days I wasn’t sure how I felt all of this. Some days I felt scared, I didn’t have any cool glowing weapons or a giant mechanical spirit pet to protect me from the unimaginable horror that was out there. And sometimes I felt as if I was the luckiest person in the entire multiverse. I got to know the universe’s greatest hero’s and I got to explore more than I ever knew could ever be explored. But mostly I felt confused. 

At least as of recently that is. So much had happened in such a short amount of time I would have never thought that any human was able to contain so many emotions at one time. And through the storm of everything there was Lance. We had made fast friends but something about this whole messed up space business had made me start to see him in a whole new light. At times it seemed that maybe he saw me that way to but then it was like nothing had happened. It was all back to puns and hitting on the princess and saving multiple worlds. Or in the bad taste of sounding repetitive, confusing.

Tonight, or maybe it way day back home, was one of those confusing times. We sat watching some strange old Alterian film which was just about the only thing you could watch. Well that and some weird foreign planet movies that Coran had been obsessed with that he had bargained for at the space mall. It wasn’t all that bad, a romcom on the same wavelength as The Notebook from what I could tell. I wasn’t paying much attention, instead I had spent most of my time stroking Lance’s hair and listening to him talk about his recent travels. He wasn’t the best story teller but it was entertaining none the less.

“Then of course the red lion had to come and save Keith, again but it was all in good hands with this sharp shooter. Pew, pew!” he said making finger guns at the ceiling and giving me a cocky grin and wink. “You know you really should come along sometime so I could save you too,” he wiggled his eyebrows and I couldn’t help but laugh, hoping that would excuse the rising color to my cheeks.

“Oh yes let me put myself in mortal danger against space overlords who would squash me like a bug so that you can have the chance to make an utter fool out of yourself,” I smirked pushing his head out of my lap and standing up to turn off the tv. I was beginning to feel something more than just casual friends having fun feelings which meant that it was time to call this session to an end. “Besides I don’t fly well and with my luck that lion friend of yours would spit me out like a bad hairball,” I said with shaky hands trying to remember how these screens worked.

“Hey don’t say that blue would love you! He trusts my instincts, naturally of course seeing as I have great instincts, and I looollllike you. Like my best friend of course I do,” he laughed in a forced, harsh sounding way and I felt a stab in my gut. There was that slip again, as if he wanted to say something else and then forced himself not to. Not that I could say that I was much better, how many times had I been so close to kissing him after fearing for his life and seeing him come back. Way too many than should be normal for friends thats how many. 

So as usual we both just pretended it didn’t happen, gave ourselves a few seconds to wipe our memories then returned with not quite our usual smiles. “You know I have been getting pestered about not actually having been in any of the lions. I guess the others see it as a sort of right of passage to being on Team Paladin. Actually Keith has been asking if I wanted a ride in red some time …” I said with an impish smirk. Instantly I had the reaction I was hoping, nothing got Lance going like goading on his rivalry.

His cheeks filled with air making him look like he had swallowed two balloons and I saw a temple pulsing in his forehead. “Oh no no no no no no no. You’re first time out is going to be with me and blue. She was the first one found and I was the first paladin and blue is your favorite color and the best color so there. Now come on,” he raged grabbing my hand in a more intimate way than expected, our fingers laced comfortably. Despite my best efforts I swooned and didn’t even fully register where I was before I found myself cradled on his lap staring out the window of the blue lion. 

Even as warm and safe that I felt sitting in his lap my panic started to kick in when my brain started to hear Lance’s count down to take off. “Okay I was not rejected but flying is still not great!” I squealed gripping onto him and burying my face into he crook of his neck. And yes I may have taken a nice big sniff of his familiar scent but I took a lot of them since I had started to hyper ventilate. So not weird and totally longingly desperate at all.

“Well I got two news flashes for you. One is that the castle is literally a ship that is almost always flying and two you are officially flying with the lion baby!” Lance said with a whoop and a tight squeeze around my waist. I chanced a glance out the front and found my breath taken away, which had nothing to do with any lack of oxygen. I may have never thought about space much before but sitting there watching the infinite stars stretch before us was demanding attention. Attention I was happy to give in this one close to perfect moment.

“Wow I never knew there were so many colors, those galaxy tutorials online just have nothing on this,” I said with a breathless laugh, running a hand down my face. Why exactly had I pushed this off so long? This was amazing and looking at the vast expanse of everything in front of us made me feel silly for ever putting anything off. There were numerous opportunities out there some where waiting to happen and it was enough to make your head spin. Or maybe I was experiencing a strange form of hysteria from being whisked out into space so quickly.

“Yeah the galaxy has nothing on this,” Lance muttered softly and I felt his fingers brush against my thigh and his breath against my neck. There was one of those moments again, something so intimate that neither of us as friends should be saying. Then I felt the moment coming where he was going to take it back. I felt his lips part and a sharp intake of breath and I did the only thing that I knew would stop him. I kissed him.

It was a struggle at first, it seemed like Lance thought of pulling away but with a strong push from me he let in and suddenly his hands were crawling up my back and pulling me in closer by my hair. Again I was left breathless and happy. “Erm did uh we mean to do that or was that some kind of space radiation mind control … thing,” he said now fidgeting and trying to find a place to put his hands other than on me.

“Well I know I did and Lance … I don’t want to forget it. I don’t want to pretend it didn’t happen. I know everything is crazy right now and the safety of the universe comes first before everything and you may just want a friend from Earth who is not involved in this weird magic destiny stuff who isn’t complicated. So I could totally be that because I know the last thing you probably need is more complications but I want this. Just this one time to feel not confused and know it was real,” I whispered with slightly trembling hands brushing the hair out of my face. I was ready for whatever answer I got because no matter what at least it was an answer and I wouldn’t be stuck in a constant state of confusion any more. 

Or maybe I was just fooling myself since his answer still left me shocked and spinning. “Honestly nothing has felt as real to me then the time I’ve spent with you since this stuff happened. Everything else is like I am living in someone elses movie script. A movie I would totally go see by the way but its always you that keeps me grounded. You’re like this awesome piece of home that I get to come back to, something real I am fighting for and not just some abstract idea of every single thing in the universe. Because really who can fathom that?! But you … you I can fight to protect. You don’t make things complicated, you make things easy for me. I uh am pretty sure I love you. If thats okay?” he ended pretty lamely compared to all the words that had just made my heart sore.

“It’s more than okay idiot,” I laughed pressing our noses together “because I am more than sure that I love you.”

“Okay awesome because all that would have been really embarrassing if you had turned me down after all that mushy stuff.” Lance said with an awkward smile that fell into a look of utter despair as Pidge’s voice rang out in the lion “No, no I am pretty sure this is still going to be super awkward for you considering we could all hear everything.”

We then heard snickering coming from the speakers and both of went red but smiled at each other. “Hey you all are just going to be jealous cause you are going to be stuck with weird aliens and I get this cutie from Earth. And oh whats thats oh right sorry errrcchhh my radio is going down blop!” he said with a press of the button that left us in quiet again. “So since that got ruined why don’t we start with a better kissing memory?” he smirked leaning in close and I indulged him with a small peck and said “Nothing could be better.” 

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WOAH HOLY SHIT I DIDNT KNOW YOU DID THE ART FOR THAT OUTER SCIENCE VIDEO BUT I SEE THE SIMILARITIES NOW WOWOWOW Omg I’m so excited the art on that video was top notch! Your art is great!! I’m so glad I’m able to see such pretty art ;w; (Aha sorry I hope this doesn’t bug you ><)

oh my gosh i got so excited just reading this /// i can’t tell you how happy i am that you enjoyed hitsuzen’s entry!! and how much your message gives me confidence about my artwork // thank you so much for your kind words!! 

i only did the sketching and the lineart! the beautiful coloring+shading was done by the talented kao! also im really proud to say that we’ve made the third round and i hope you’ll enjoy that entry as well!!

@darkxyzduelist really needs to stop posting art from animators… Because I really want to trace and color them…. Or keep posting them. Whatever. I can’t stop you…. So uh… Here’s Yuya and Yuri? ……This took me longer than I thought it would. Oh well. Enjoy? 

(The dark aura bugs me… May mess with it more later….)

  • Sora: Ok, what words would you use, miss wordypants mcsmartybluh.
  • Kairi: Eerily iridescent?
  • Sora: Umm…
  • Kairi: I certainly don’t see any oily rivers.
  • Kairi: There’s an ocean though.
  • Sora: I haven’t found an ocean yet.
  • Sora: But i dunno, the place is really big.
  • Sora: It’s like a whole planet down here.
  • Sora: Oh man, which reminds me.
  • Sora: I just got hounded by an Org. XIII member.
  • Kairi: Yes, one of them is bugging me now.
  • Kairi: I thought it was odd timing.
  • Sora: Yeah well, they say they want to be friends, also they’re on a quest for the Kingdom Hearts, but like not the same session as ours or something.
  • Sora: Oh also they’re moving backwards in time, which sounds really retarded, but whatever.
  • Kairi: Color my curiosity piqued, I guess.
  • Sora: Yeah, i guess answer him if you want. or not.
  • Sora: But anyway, it’s great you made it here alive and stuff!
  • Sora: So Riku came through?
  • Kairi: Eventually.
  • Kairi: Pardon the envy I’m about to vent in your direction.
  • Sora: For what?
  • Kairi: For finding yourself at the mercy of a rational orchestrator.
  • Sora: Oh, haha.
  • Sora: Yeah, i’d feel kinda weird if Riku was watching me too.

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sydrian: GoT or Hogwarts AU?

GoT or Hogwarts AU 

“What is this?” I feigned offense, tugging on his chin and scrunching up my nose at the yellow and black stripes smeared across his face. “Aren’t you supposed to be an objective commentator?”

“Yeah, well, I gotta keep up appearances,” he smiled, gripping my wrist and pulling me toward him for a kiss. 

“I’ve got to get out on the field!” I protested half-heartedly, my body not making any moves to resist. 

“Just a quick peck,” he insisted against my lips. “For good luck." 

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—  Peach Dream | Joshua Icons

read terms before using


Soooo I don’t know what to do with my hair now ( ’ - ’ )b I knew I couldn’t get the gradation I wanted in my city because it fails so much, but I didn’t listen to myself and gave it a try anyway.


At least I didn’t go with my initial idea, which was pink… After checking many photos in Google, I realized only a very specific shade of pink would look good with my natural color, and that I was certain they wouldn’t do well. They would have messed it up for sure.

What bugs me the most is not the color or the fact it’s not a gradation at all. It’s the fact she started it so high it’s impossible for me to get a haircut now to solve this mess (which was my initial intention).

Lexi, I hope your gradation turns better than mine (TwT)