the coloring did seem like a good idea

ammoth  asked:

I did start Discworld with the colour of magic, I admit xD I like it but I haven't finished it yet. That flowchart is looking good though, now I have some idea of where to go next! I've been meaning to read these books for a long while but it's such a daunting task. All the Weatherwax quotes you've been reblogging got me motivated again, though! She seems amazing I want to read more about her. And about Death.

I did start Discworld with The Color of Magic as well! And I’d say it did its job in getting me interested in the series, even though a lot of the ideas are kind of… prototype-ish here. You’ll know what I mean :P

Definitely look forward to Granny Weatherwax! She’s a great character and the witches’ stories are one of the most entertaining and eye-opening ones in my opinion.