the coloring came out really well on some of these

i wanted to draw some scenes from my Beauty and the Beast AU!!

i absolutely had to draw the snowball fight between Stan and the kids, haha. the second image is of everyone sitting in front of the fireplace, and Ford (as the journal) is telling them a story, while Dipper reads it aloud for everyone. the third is the ballroom sequence, and i changed around some of the colors here to fit the characters better.

my favorite is Stan’s transformation into a human again. i was itching to draw that scene for a while, and i’m really happy with how it came out!!

my second favorite is Stan embracing Ford. Ford, since he was stuck as a Journal for so many years, can’t really walk or use his limbs all that well. so rather than trip and fall on his way to Stan, he waited for Stan to make his way up to him. and Stan is just so relieved that his brother is back that, in a show of raw emotion, he just ran and held Ford as tightly as he could, while Dipper and Mabel run over to join them

the final image is of everyone just celebrating the fact that the curse is finally lifted. Mabel and Dipper are getting formally introduced to Ford (which is why they’re holding his hand), and Stan is helping hold Ford up to keep him from falling over

(Wendy’s design is by @cirilee and Soos’ design is by @soupery!!)

I don’t think the drawings from my smol sketchbook work very well posted like this and I really wanted to post two side by side but I can’t finish anything :v posting usually makes me want to draw more so yeaa I also kinda like how Eren came out <3 the bg tho… :/
referenced a photo by Michela Riva~ love the colors in their pics

Favorite Summer Albums of 2017

summer is almost over ;-; but these 10 albums made this summer v special for me and i highly recommend all of them :)

10. Aminé - Good For You

I’m not a big fan of Aminé but this album proved that he’s not a one hit wonder and has a LOT of potential. the album is very colorful, at times it sounds like the band fun. made a rap album tbh. also i personally care a lot about album covers and they actually affect the way i judge & listen to music, and this cover art is absolutely one of my favorite album covers of the year as it perfectly visualizes how the music sounds.

9. Haim -  Something to Tell You

ok maybe this album is not as strong as their first album but it’s the most “dream-girl-californian” type album that I’ve heard in a very long time, it’s like a soundtrack for all these tumblr blogs dedicated to highly stylized pictures of California and California girls and it’s amazing.

8. Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

honestly, i never expected to like this album as much as i do but it’s like literally the definitive American summer album. and like it’s like one of those albums that no matter how much they tried to fuck it up, they couldn’t make it any less good than it is with the list of artists that are featured on it. i mean Frank Ocean on the first fucking track?? and then the rest of the album being equally good? double amazing! “Faking It” is one of my fav song of the year despite the fact that i almost threw my headphone the moment i head Lil Yachty screech at the very end of it to compliment Kehlani, smh.

7. Brockhampton - Saturation

Kevin Abstract is amazing. American Boyfriend is an amazing album and Saturation is like Brockhampton’s take on that album and beyond. extremely fresh sounding, the rapping of every member is unique and exciting, the band knows their audience and so their lyrics resonate extremely well in a genuine way which makes the album very relatable for people in their late teenage years/early 20s.

6. Mura Masa - MURA MASA

the cover art is great but clearly a rip off of The Life of Pablo. but that doesn’t change the fact that Mura Masa is consistently amazing. despite releasing half of the album before the official release, the non singles - particularly “Who Is It Gonna B” , “Nothing Else!” and “Messy Love” - are phenomenal and it has such a London sound, and he even described the album as a love letter to London. every time I hear it, it makes me wanna move to London <3

5. Queens of the Stone Age - Villains

okay i can’t really judge this yet because i only listened to the shit quality leak, but MAN, even with that shit quality, this album fucking RIPS. less accessible and more experimental than “…Like Clockwork” and heavier too. lyrically and conceptually, though, it sounds like it comes from the same headspace that resulted in “…Like Clockwork” but this album to me is like a very epic epilogue to the previous album. “Villains of Circumstance” is a masterpiece and a strong contender for the best closing track of any album this year.

4. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

i’ve talked about this album before but the more rap albums i heard these past few months, the more amazing this album became for me. i mean just go listen to Mike Will Made-It’s new album (or any other generic trap album from 2017) and Big Fish Theory back to back, and the difference in production and atmosphere says it all.

3. Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy

i’ve also talked about this album before but this album this summer is what Blonde was last summer for me. it’s Tyler’s most defining work, and it only makes me excited to see how he will follow it up.

2. Lorde - Melodrama

this masterpiece soundtracked a lot of my sad & happy summer afternoons and nights. every time I listen to it, it reminds me what’s like to be 20 years old, and “Supercut” is the ultimate Lorde song ever tbh; amazing dance beat + intensely emotional lyrics. and that applies for most of Melodrama, every single emotion and feeling that Lorde expresses is actually felt.

1. Arcade Fire - Everything Now

believe it or not, in 2017, it’s unusual to like Arcade Fire. I’m still trying to figure out if the disappointment that this album brought to fans and critics is as a result of power of our absurdly high expectations, or the marketing campaign that pissed a lot of fans and critics off. either way, what matters for me is that I loved both the album promotion and the album itself. this is the best summer album (and potentially my favorite album) of 2017 for various reasons. for me a great album is an album that creates a world that makes me feel like I’m living in it for the duration that it has, and if it’s great enough, it makes me wanna live in that world forever (no matter how good or bad that world is). Arcade Fire are masters of teasing and promotion, and through a genius marketing strategy, they created a world for this album before it came out and after listening to the album few times after my initial disappointment with the singles, everything about it just made sense. the great irony about it is that despite its ridiculously complex and seemingly confusing promotion, the album itself is extremely direct and heartfelt. yes, the songs are extremely well produced and multi-layered, but what makes it amazing is just how personal it is. even in a song as colorful as “Everything Now”, there are some really dark lyrics. “Peter Pan” is about reaching an age when you start losing your parents (Win wrote it after realizing his dad is sick). “Put Your Money on Me” is a song where Win directly references his religious family and the dissatisfaction of his mother at his wedding, since Regine is apparently not of their faith. “Creature Comfort” and “Good God Damn” are both about a suicidal person (Win’s close friend) and why life is always better, even at its worst. and finally, “We Don’t Deserve Love”, an amazing heartbreaker about the simple concept that no matter how much we rely on people of higher status, whether our parents or religious figures, for love and connection, love and connection are inside us right from the start without us even realizing it sometimes. i think this album is the one that makes the most sense to me along with Father John Misty’s “Pure Comedy” - as both albums talk about the absurdity of our modern lives, yet in the end, both albums conclude with the statement that love is what matters the most at any stage of our life.


ok, i got my dad to take some photos! i told him just to pick some ones he liked, and according to him, “They came packaged very well, and look and feel great. Very impressive! It was not easy to take pics with the iPad with the cover on it. They look better in person than in the pics. Very professional.” along with these beautiful cards, you can see the super cool back that @saintjpeg did, and the really stunning box design that @skullbird did based off the card backing!

the good news is that all the colors seem to have come out as intended, which is spectacular! once i have a chance to look over all the cards tomorrow just to make sure theyre all right, ill be able to open preorders, assuming there are no issues. im so very excited!!!! thank you everyone for being patient with me through all the delays… i hope these pictures make up for it!

What’s that? You need a body pillow but don’t want a sexy anime cover? Have something goofy to cover your bodypillow with instead!  Testing the water on some odd, still genuinely prehistoric themed items- if this one does well i’ll start producing others- This is just a run of thirty- The colors/ printing and zipper are all really well done and i’m really happy with how they came out.

BTS Reaction to: Their girlfriend changing her hairstyle

Author’s note: Idk where this came from. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


Originally posted by bwiseoks

As soon as you closed the door behind you Seokjin was standing in the hallway, gasping loudly as he took in your new appearance. Your long locks had made place for a shoulder length hairstyle. Seokjin kissed your forehead as he whispered, 

“I knew you it would look good on you princess.” 


“Yes, you’re beautiful Y/N.” 

You blushed furiously at his compliment as you hid your face behind your hands, making him laugh. Yes your new hair was growing on him. It made you look even cuter than you already were. If that was possible. 


Originally posted by dreamyoongi

He wouldn’t be too fazed by at. Sure he knew you were going to change your hair but after all it’s just hair. As someone who has dyed his hair a lot he knows just how much of a hassle it is to keep up with it. He knew about your plans of dying your hair and told you just how annoying it was. But you being just as stubborn as Yoongi is, did it anyways. When you entered the living room Yoongi’s eyes grew wide. He hadn’t expected you to go for such a drastic change. Your natural hair color was now gone, a pastel pink replacing it. 

“Wow baby! I didn’t know you’d go for such a big change!” 

“Do you like it?” 

“It’s amazing. It suits you really well.” 

He’d press a kiss against your lips before puling you on the couch with him.


Originally posted by notjhope

He wasn’t too sure about it when you told him you wanted extensions. He didn’t see why you’d get fake hair. One of Hoseok’s favorite things was running his hands through your hair and he was scared that once you’d get extensions he wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. However, when you sat down next to him and brought his hand to your hair he chuckled. 

“You want me to touch it?” 

“Yes! Hobi it’s really natural and it also feels like that. It doesn’t feel fake at all and you can still run your fingers through my hair.” 

“Sure?”  “Yes. Try it.” 

Hoseok did as you said and gently ran his fingers through your soft locks. A frown appeared on his face, making you laugh. 

“I told you.” 

Hoseok laughed at your words as he pulled you close, tickling your sides as you tried to push him off. 


Originally posted by ciutae

You hadn’t told him that you were gonna dye your hair, so when you came home Namjoon just stared at you for 2 minutes, without saying a word. He was in complete shock. When you left this morning your hair was still dark and now it was bright red. What shocked him most was that you did it so sudden, and didn’t tell him in advance. But then he remembered that if you would have done that he would have tried to talk you out of it, since bleaching and coloring can be really damaging for your hair if not done well. Once he came back to his senses he stood up and made his way towards you. A bright smile prominent on his face. 

“Wow Jagi! You look beautiful! Who would have thought that red would suit you?” 

You gently pushed him back before you took a look at yourself in the mirror. You still had to get used to it. Since it was so different from what you first had. Namjoon sensed your discomfort and knew you needed some reassurance. So he wrapped his arms around your waist as he whispered, 

“You look beautiful. Trust me.” 


Originally posted by taessharpie

Ever since Jimin dyed his hair blonde you’ve been curious about what you would look like with blonde hair. You weren’t a stranger to hair dye but you had never actually bleached it. Once you got back from the hairdresser Jimin just stared at you in shock, before a bright smile spread across his face. 

“Wow Jagi we’re matching now!” 

Not only did you dye it, you also cut it. It was at least 10 cm shorter than it was before and Jimin really liked the change. As someone who changed up his look often he knew how scary it could be, but he liked that you did it. 

“You look so cute Y/N. Let’s take selfies together, okay? I need a new background picture.” 


Originally posted by parkjiminer

He’d stare at you with a bright smile on his face (just like in the gif). Your long hair was gone, being replaced by a short bob. Taehyung knew you were going to change up your hair but he didn’t expect such a drastic change. That didn’t mean he didn’t love it. In fact he loved it more than your long hair. Not that he’d tell you that though. Taehyung would spend the entire day touching your hair, gently running his fingers through it as he stared at you in awe. He didn’t expect it to look this good on you. 

“Wow Jagi you look absolutely beautiful. It really suits you well.” 

“You think?” 

“Yes Y/N. I love it.” 

You laughed as you climbed on to his lap, embracing him tightly as he held you close. Taehyung chuckled as he gently ran his fingers through your hair before giving you a kiss. 


Originally posted by yologuk

After having been bleaching your hair for the past years you finally made the decision to go back to your natural color. You didn’t want to deal with roots anymore and getting it bleached every few weeks was also pretty expensive. You were pretty excited to go back to your natural color, which was definitely very dark. The only thing you were scared off was Jungkook’s reaction. You’ve been together for 2 years and Jungkook has only known you with bleached blonde hair. He had never actually seen you with dark hair. So you were pretty nervous for his reaction. Jungkook was excited to see the change. He himself stuck to dark colors too because he personally thinks those suit him best and because he didn’t like the hassle of bleaching it and keeping up with it. So he was nervously waiting for you to come back home. 

When he heard the door opening he practically ran towards it. When he saw you a bright smile spread across his face. 

“Wow Jagi you look so good! It really suits you!” 

You giggled as he wrapped his strong arms around you, resting his chin on top of your head. 

“You look good Y/N, really.” 

“Thank you Kookie.” 

Yule Ball - Draco x Reader


Request - anon  :A shy girl and Draco and the Yule ball or something? Draco had never actually talked to this chick, but knows her and she knows him. He tries to ask her to the ball, but she’s always surrounded or she’s not around then the Yule ball comes up.

Warnings- Don’t think so. 

Pretty girls came into Draco’s life often. Pretty girls with kind hearts and genuine goals did not. So when Draco first noticed Y/N - he didn’t often pay attention to her. But when he started to see how nice she was and how she spoke her mind, Draco became more drawn to her. He wanted to know everything there was to know about Y/N.

He saw her for the first time in Potions class. Professor Snape had reassigned seats and she sat just in front of him. He watched as she tossed her H/C hair over a shoulder and sat with her back facing him. Draco couldn’t focus in Potions that day. He could smell the mint of her shampoo every time she tossed her hair. He could see her head bend down when she couldn’t keep up with the rapidness of Snape’s voice. He watched her knee bounce up and down when got impatient or bored.

The next few times Draco tried to ignore her, but he found it hard. She was beautiful - there was no denying that. But that wasn’t what attracted him to her. Y/N turned out to be funny. Draco could hear her comment under her breath during lessons. She also seemed to be as smart as - if not smarter - than Hermione Granger herself. She spoke her mind. She didn’t conform to other’s opinions. She had her own thoughts and she knew who she was.

Draco couldn’t keep his mind off of Y/N. Instead of his thoughts being consumed by Harry Potter, they were consumed with Y/N. He wanted her to notice him. He wanted her to want him as bad as he wanted her. Draco hadn’t even talked to the girl yet. He didn’t know how. They weren’t partners in any of the classes they had together. They didn’t sit near each other at meals. There wasn’t an excuse for him to talk to her.

Then Yule Ball came faster than he thought it would. When there were four weeks until the ball, Draco had thought about asking her to it. He decided it was too early. The next week, he had another excuse. He had too much homework. There wasn’t enough time in the day. She was always surrounded by her other friends. The third week, he was starting to panic. Everyone else in house already had a date. Draco didn’t. Y/N probably already did. Blaise brought the problem up to him at a late night study session.

“So, Draco, who did you ask to the Yule Ball? Anyone special?” Blaise winked.

“Blaise. You know I haven’t asked anyone yet.” Draco responded and closed his textbook loudly.

“Well now’s your chance. Look who just walked in to the library.”

Draco glared at Blaise. Blaise knew of Draco’s infatuation with the h/c hair e/c eyed fourth year. Blaise had listened to Draco make excuses for hours about why he couldn’t talk to the girl. Draco hadn’t even introduced himself yet. Granted, she probably already knew who he was - everyone did. Blaise gave him a pointed look and looked back to where Y/N was sitting at a table by herself.

“If you won’t do it, I’ll do it for you. You’re Draco Malfoy. What have you got to lose, mate?” Blaise leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. Draco gathered his things and made his way over to the table where she was sitting. He stopped midway when she was joined by one of her friends. Draco didn’t want to ask to the Yule Ball in front of her friends. He wanted it to be special.

He turned around and made his way back to where Blaise sat laughing.

“Mate, you can’t be scared of talking to her and her friends forever. You’ve got to ask her soon though, you don’t want her to get snatched up - if she isn’t already.”

“I’ll do it. I just want it to be at the right moment.” Draco replied angrily.

The week of the Yule Ball, Draco was determined. He studied her that week more than ever. Draco made note of what hairstyle she wore most often. He listened in on more of her conversations. Her favorite color was y/f/c. He learned that while she thought the idea of the ball was nice, it was also a brutal reminder that not everyone was meant to end up with a date. Most importantly, he had learned that she’d turned down several offers to go to the Yule Ball with someone because she was waiting on a certain boy to ask her.

Draco’s confidence wavered when he heard that. If he asked her, and she turned him down, he’d be disappointed. He had spent weeks infatuated with this girl. He had a plan though and he thought that it just might work. If it ended up in a disaster, at least he’d tried.

Then night of the Yule Ball, Draco waited at the bottom of the big staircase. He watched as several girls passed him. They would glance at him, giggle, and then saunter into the Great Hall. He saw Pansy and Blaise and several of his other friends in a circle gossiping. When Draco saw Y/N’s group of friends descend down the staircase, he became even more nervous than before. She wasn’t with them. Did that mean his plan hadn’t worked? He sat on the last step of the staircase.

Everyone had made their way into the Great Hall fifteen minutes ago. There was still no sign of Y/N. Draco figured he must have missed her walk down. Maybe she’d gone in before he got there. Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t seem to hear the heels clicking against the stone of the stair steps. There was a tap on his shoulder.

Standing up, Draco whirled around. His jaw dropped as he saw Y/N standing in front of him.

“Draco,” she cleared her throat. “I- uh- I got your note and your gifts. Thank you, it was very nice of you. You didn’t have to do this.” she spoke softly. Draco shook his head and closed his mouth. He swallowed and spoke.

“I’ve been trying to figure out a way to talk to you, but you always seem to be surrounded by your friends. I thought sending you something might be the only way I could talk to you alone. Er, you look lovely, by the way.”

An uncommon blush crept up the boy’s cheeks.

“Thanks. I’m glad you think so. Considering you sent me the dress, shoes, and jewelry, I’m glad you think I look decent.” She laughed and Draco’s breath caught in his throat. He loved the sound of her laugh.

“Well, I’m just glad you liked them. I heard your favorite color was y/f/c so that’s how I figured out what color to get you. I did have help though. Er, Pansy helped. She really picked everything out after I told her what - You know what, never mind. Shall we go in?” Draco asked. He was nervous. She had that affect on him. And he had already said too much.

“Sorry I’m late, by the way. I couldn’t decide how to wear my hair.” she confessed.

“It’s not a problem. I’m just glad you came. Now, let’s go have some fun, yeah?” 


Preview for my finished piece for @terumobzine2017!! really was a heck of a piece to color, but I feel like it came out okay :33


Just another update on my grimoire. :)

This past week I worked on a few new pages in my book, mainly information on runes, astrology, & candles. I also added a two page spread for a pendulum board that I made toward the center of my book. It came out really well actually, now I just have to color it in a bit.

I also finished up my entry on my page for the Bisayan goddess, Laon. All I have to do now is ink her illustration and the borders and we’re good. I do plan on drawing up some illustrations for the 12 different moons but I’m working on a few other pages at the moment so that will have to wait.

As you can see I love putting in random flowers and leaves in my grimoire to give it some life and color to the pages. These came from a bouquet of flowers my aunt and uncle put on our dining room table and some from one that my brothers friend gave him when he came back for the holidays on leave. Some of the leaves and flowers were sprayed with glitter which I just loved and had to add throughout my book.

And that’s it for now my lovelies. Until the next grimoire update. :)


It’s been a great day for gardening! After a few bad hermit-y mental health days I decided to stretch my legs and visit the garden center while my partner was grocery shopping and picked up a few new babies! I bought a tiny pot of indigo-colored Lobelia, some Peppermint, and, most excitingly, a big healthy gallon pot of English Lavender!

When I came home to place them in their new home, I saw that I had my first Chamomile flower blooming, as well as my first Calendula! I was worried the variety of Calendula I grew would have too large of flowers for pendants, but it seems like they’re going to be fine.

I’ve also got ever more Marigold, Borage, and Sweet Alyssum, and more on the way. Some of the Wormwood is starting to get really big and I may even get a harvesting season out of them this year yet. I might take a trip into town today to pick up more drying supplies just to accommodate this and all of the stuff blooming in the meadow.


So, @workerq colored some sketches that were drawn by @smashedatoms and I just wanted to show em off here because I think they came out really really well. Thank you so much to both of you because these are just so amazing and I love them so much and just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 

anonymous asked:

Which piece of W2H fanart was it that you used for the wallpaper?

This is what it is currently (by @rosallis-t​) !  

Prior to this, it was this Proveles art by @v-diggety​.  (Their regular forms were the lockscreen, and their cool deity forms were the wallpaper.)

And prior to THAT, it was this art by a username drunk-cannibal that doesn’t seem to be active anymore.  

(I might’ve had this one at some point too!  Username is listed as deactivated.)

(And I THINK I had this one as well?  I can’t for the life of me find the artist, a google search just yields pinterest boards, but this one really sticks out because… it came at a time that really sucked for me personally, and the tags were kind of slow too so seeing something like this in full color with lots of personality made me really happy!  Actually according to my camera roll it was literally around this same date in 2014.  I can tell you EVERYTHING except the artist!  XC  If anyone knows, hit me up.)

(And I had some artwork by @katy-133​ on an old iPod, I can’t find it at the moment, but it was blue, Sock and Jonathan were lying on their backs across from each other, and there was, like a sound waveform separating them…?  Does that ring a bell at all?  Haha.)

ANYWAY yeah I don’t change my phone BG often, but I like to pick drawings that make me happy every time I see them and just keep them forever, haha.  

Just attempted to speed draw for the first time to see what I could draw in 15 minutes (without any reference)

I’m quite surprised I got this far in tbh

A commission! 

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn Sam and this commission came at the right time to remind me how much I love this dork. I tried some new things when it came to the coloring and I feel like it turned out really well!

**My Commissions are open! Send me an ask if you’re interested! You can also just send an ask to just say hi!**

anonymous asked:

More siren phillip please

“In all my studies,” you smiled, “I have never seen anything like you.”

“That’s because humans don’t really think we exist,” Philip stated.

You laughed, nodding your head in agreement. Your boyfriend was certainly something. A siren, to be specific. You had been together for a while now and yet every time he decided to take a bath you were mesmerized by the gorgeous vibrant scales that covered his lower body. Having made the mistake of calling him a mermaid when you first met, you reminded yourself he wasn’t that, but a siren.

“I-I know,” you sat on the edge of the bathtub, “but this just goes to show how little we know about the ocean or what’s out there!”

A smirk came over Philip’s face by how excited you always got about the subject of the ocean or other creatures that you had to refrain from telling people about, like him.

“I know what’s out there,” Philip shimmied his shoulder farther into the water.

“Well, yes, but I mean scientifically we have no clue what they really are or how they came to be, considering what’s out there,” you always took the scientific route.

“Water and some fish and some plants, that’s what’s out there,” Philip smiled, always taking the simpler, more accepting things as what they are route.

You rolled your eyes, continuing to observe his caudal and how fine detailed with colors it was. Without warning the bathroom door opened, it was your room mate, Theo. Your heart nearly stopped, how on earth and in heaven above could and would you explain the scene? Standing quickly you practically shoved her out of the room, grabbing the door behind you.

“What was that?” Theo asked, pointing to the door.

“What was what?” You smiled nervously.

“That. What did I just see?” She sounded annoyed.

“That was Philip,” you started, trying to think of a good cover, “you know Philip! My- my- my boyfriend. You’ve met!”

“That was not human, that was-“

“Hey, Theo,” you heard Philip’s voice and spun around, now standing next to Theo facing the bathroom door.

It was Philip. Hair soaked and up in a bun, skin still glistening from the water and a towel wrapped low around his waist. He looked perfectly human and you felt like you could breathe again.

“H-hey, Philip,” Theo stuttered, now utterly confused by the whole situation.

“I’ll meet you in your room?” Philip pointed down the hall before kissing you on the forehead, smiling as he knew you would thank him for the easy cover, but currently there was only one thought in your mind.

Thank god he’s not a mermaid!

Some sunny day

Harry sat down on the grass next to the Great Lake and stared into the distance at the white shape of Dumbledore’s tomb, glimmering in the light of the sunset. A faint breeze was present around him as he was leaning on his hands, the last remainings of the battle held hours ago poking at his peace. After he was pursued by Hermione to get cleaned and change into another pair of clothes, he came here searching for … well, he didn’t knew. Answers? Serenity? Comfort? But he still left the Great Hall and all the mourning people to themselves and declined his friend’s offer about some company.

Now, here he was. It was true that Harry was feeling calmer than he had in days and probably the consequences of the War will hit him later, but now he ignored the hollow feeling in his soul and the clenching feeling in his gut in favor of the blankness in his head. Harry closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, trying not to think about tomorrow when he will have to choose what to do with his life. That thought seemed scarier than needing to face Voldemort again.

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I finally did what I should have done years ago and invested in some new desiccant for drying plant specimens, since the stuff I have I literally got from my grandmother’s possessions when she passed away and is probably nearly 20 years old.

Tested a batch with some Creeping Charlie from my yard and the results were better than I expected! Dried it really well with really great color retention and no wrinkling. It came out so well in fact I’m eager to give a second shot at drying the Squill I found the other day with this new stuff. I’ll maybe be taking a day trip tomorrow to do just that.

goldentopaz  asked:

Hi, I love your blog. I'm new in the SU fandom so I don't know if this has been discused, but are there some theories about who Pearl belonged before the Gems War or the show has given some clues about it? I just notice that Yellow and Blue Pearl have their gems on their chests as their diamonds. But Pearl, who is basically white, has her on his head, like White Diamond. Probably that means nothing, but then Peridot noticed Pearl looks like a very fancy one. Could Pearl have belonged to WD?

Hi there, welcome to the fandom! :)  Yes, there are many theories about it, I think it may be one of the most speculated subjects about the show.

For the very reasons you mentioned, her belonging to White Diamond is indeed one of the most popular theories.

There are many clues, just not enough to have a conclusive answer yet. Here are the theories I’ve seen around the most (none of these are my own theories, though I’m adding my thoughts to them):

White Diamond

As you mentioned, Peridot’s assessment about Pearl being fancy, suggests that there are different levels between Pearls, and our Pearl was at the top, probably belonging to a high ranking gem. And indeed all the Pearls we know seem to have the same gem placement as their masters, and all this points to White Diamond. 

Pearl’s skintone is white as well, just like the other Pearls have the same skintone as their Diamonds.

The bubbles reflect the color of the gem that creates them, and despite Pearl not being entirely white, her bubbles are white.

In the flashback scene of the Answer in which the characters were painted in one single color for artistic reasons, Pearl is painted all white which may be a hint about her past.

(There’s a common misconception that Pearl was actually entirely white in the flashbacks, which fuels the White Diamond theory even more, this isn’t true unless you also believe Rose was entirely pink back then. It was all a stylistic choice for the particular scene. In the later scene when Garnet finds them in the forest, they’re all back to their regular color palettes)

This is very ambiguous. A short scene during It Could Have Been Great, when Peridot is trying to activate the stairs of the moonbase, the stairs activate when she seems to figure it out, but also at the very same moment Pearl (who was absent from the scene until then) is about to step on it. As they’re walking up the stairs Peridot comments “Only the most elite of the elite can enter these sanctums. We are literally walking in the very footsteps of the diamonds” suggesting the moonbase was built only for the Diamonds, their court and by association, their personal servants. What if it wasn’t Peridot who activated the stairs but Pearl’s proximity, as the moonbase recognized her as the personal servant of a Diamond? (conveniently we don’t see who activates the stairs in Back To The Moon)

Against this theory: We only know two other Pearls and their masters, the gem placement may be a coincidence. Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl seemed to know each other, you would expect “White Pearl” to be familiar with them as well but our Pearl negated knowing Yellow Pearl when Steven asked her about it. 

Pearl’s skin is white, but her hair is peach-pink, her eyes blue and her clothes are blue as well (and she even has some yellow in some forms), while the other Diamond’s Pearls have matching monochrome color palettes with their Diamond’s. Pearl is not a White Pearl but a multicolored Pearl and this seems to be part of her character as even her fusions seem to reflect this: Opals in real life are multicolored gems, and even more compelling, there’s Rainbow Quartz.

The moonbase (despite its white color scheme) should had belonged to the leader of the Earth colony. If it’s true the building reacts to our Pearl, this may actually suggest more that she was a servant of…

Pink Diamond

The same arguments about Pearl belonging to a high ranking gem could be explained if she served Pink Diamond.

There seems to be more about Pink Diamond and Pearl to be revealed yet. She has very strong reactions everytime Pink Diamond’s shattering is mentioned and this seems to point at some sort of association between the two.

Pearl mentions seeing the Zoo back when she still served Homeworld, we don’t know too much about what function the Zoo served but if it was a private collection of Pink Diamond it would make sense one of the few who saw it was her own personal Pearl.

Her pilot suit (which is similar to Centi’s uniform, meaning it is a Homeworld uniform) had a Pink diamond insignia on it. 

And even Sardonyx has a Pink Diamond insignia on her shoes (which must come from Pearl, as Ruby and Sapphire used to be aligned with Blue Diamond).

Pearl’s hair is pink and some of her clothes are pink as well.

Arguments against it: The same as White diamond’s, her color palette doesn’t entirely match her Diamond’s, and she negates being familiar with Yellow Pearl. And if we believe Pearls’ gem placement should match her owner’s, then this option doesn’t work.

Rose Quartz

Her devotion to Rose could have started as the loyalty of a Pearl for her master, later developing into love after Rose freed her and Pearl decided to follow her for herself.

The biggest argument in favor of this is, of course, the unhealthy devotion Pearl had for Rose. Her insistance that she was more important than her and the way of thinking she was projecting on Connie towards Steven in Sworn to the Sword suggest that maybe Pearl and Rose were not equals at the start of their relationship (and Pearl had a hard time interiorizing that they were supposed to be equals after she stopped being her servant).

Rose calling her “My Pearl” in the “flashback” of the episode Rose’s Scabbard. Maybe Pearl was still her servant back then? Pearl does seem very submissive in her body language during this exchange, and even a little unsure when Rose offers her her hand, as if this was a first time between them.

Her Pink Diamond insignia could be explained as well this way, as she would be under Pink Diamond’s court by association with Rose.

Arguments against it: Are Quartzes really high ranking enough to own Pearls? Look at the way the Famethyst is treated (Amethyst wasn’t even allowed to enter the Zoo, even when Holly Blue didn’t know she was from Earth). Quartzes seem to be more valuable than Rubies, but they’re still just soldiers and bodyguards, extra muscle. Unless Rose did something important to win herself a Pearl (and a fancy one at that!), it seems unlikely she had a Pearl of her own.

Rose’s “My Pearl” may had been a term of endearment, hinting not at possesion but affection. The way they interlace their fingers after Pearl accepts her hand also suggest an already existing affection.

Maybe Rose freed Pearl from her original owner, and Pearl simply transferred that kind of devotion to her (even though they weren’t technically servant and master at any point). Pearl’s slip at the end of Sworn to the Sword suggests more that it was Pearl and only Pearl who insisted in treating Rose like a master, but Rose didn’t let her.

Someone else entirely

It could be that Pearl belonged to another high ranking gem we don’t know about yet, perhaps someone of White or Pink Diamond’s courts. She was a fancy Pearl, but also Jasper called her defective in The Return, would a Diamond own a defective Pearl? 

Pearl’s multicolor scheme may signify she belonged to someone of less rank than a Diamond. Apparently, other high ranking gems that are not the Diamonds do have Pearls that don’t match the color scheme (or gem placement) of their masters, as Holly Blue didn’t seem to find anything wrong with Pearl not matching Sapphire’s appearance during their visit to the Zoo.

Arguments against it: Well, who is it? The mysterious owner should have already been introduced, or at least hinted at, right? Also Holly Blue is really not a good source, she is terribly oblivious and only sees what she wants to see. And we’re not actually sure yet what Jasper meant with defective (her defiance? her gem? her color scheme?)

Multiple owners

Another theory is that she belonged to more than one owner. That would explain the contradictory hints about her association and her multicolored palette.

Say, she was White Diamond’s originally but was gifted to Rose as a reward for some achievement. Or because she came out defective or became defective, White Diamond rejected her and Pink Diamond or Rose took her as hers.

I personally think this is the most interesting idea of all.

Arguments against it: Well, this is really stepping into fanfiction territory. There are just not enough clues yet.