the color run beginner

I've never been a runner..

But it’s something I’ve always really wanted to try. There’s a 5k color run coming near me in May and I’ve always wanted to do one, they look so fun! But I suck at running. I’m like that turtle stampeding through peanut butter meme lol and I’m super self conscious about people seeing me =\ but I hate running on treadmills so I’ve been thinking about getting up early and running at like 7am when no one is out haha I need to get some guts.. I’m so nervous but this would definitely be something to check off my bucket list and if I start now I’d have about 10 weeks to train.. Hmm, idk. Still thinking.


Let’s Talk Lip Tar!

Today I purchased these sets mini lip tar ‘test tubes’ pictured up above, and I’m going to talk about the ups and downs of my experiences with lip tar, and bang for your buck with a set like this. 

I am a lover of OCC’s Lip Tar but I’m going to call it an advanced level makeup product, I own almost 20 full size tubes, and have yet to run out of any of the colors. But for beginners they may be more difficult to apply.

You need the tiniest amount of product for a look that lasts all day. Comparable to other high end lipsticks I could probably get 10x the uses out of one tube vs a MAC Lipstick which is almost the same price. Plus with OCC lip tars you can easily mix to get way more shades!

These sets are perfect for those with some makeup experience looking to try OCC’s most famous product, and also good for those of us who like the ability to try two new colors in a smaller package for less of the cost of buying the full tubes. Beginners may want to take some time to read and follow instructions carefully to prevent feathering/bleeding but if they stick with it they may never switch back to lipstick again!