the color of war

Tag Game ♡

I was tagged by @missmendelsohn thank you Alisha :3

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Disney or Dreamworks: Both

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Books or movies: Both

Windows or Mac: Both

DC or Marvel: Marvel

Xbox or Playstation: Playstation

Dragon Age or Mass Effect: n/a

Night owl or early riser: NIGHT OWL

Cards or chess: Cards

Chocolate or vanilla: Both

Vans or Converse: Both

Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar: n/a

Fluff or angst: Both ;)

Beach or forest: Both

Dogs or cats: Dogs ((but cats are lovely too))

Clear Skies or rain: Clear Skies <3

Cooking or eating out: Both

Spicy food or mild food: Mild food

Moon or stars: Moon

Whales or dolphins: Dolphins

Favorite Star Wars character: Director Orson Callan Krennic and Darth Vader

Star Trek or Star Wars: Star Wars 

Favorite flower: Dandelion

Favorite color: Black

TV or movies: Both

Science or math: I’d prefer Geography or History question tbh but neither

Apparently I need to add a question, so…

+ Bonus question - Movie or TV Adaptation: Both as long the show is good

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AU where the only nightmares Anakin has are about sand ;)

(also, when you totally do not realize your little ones sneaked in your bed and you get smacked, I know the feeling :D)

As a girl geek, I have learned to differentiate between *nice* male nerds and, well, the *bad* male nerds.

Nice nerds are the types who want to talk about Star Wars, Lovecraft, DC Comics, what the best version of Blade Runner is and are, well, polite and nice with you. They tend to be better and more considerate in bed, too, IMO. 

They’re smart and educated.They’re very cute and endearing. In their own way.

Bad nerds, however, just tend to be angry at women all the time, are bitter, get pissed off on the internet 24/7, keep harping on about Obama’s birth certificate and think maybe the alt-right aren’t so bad. 

The difference is crucial.