the color of this vid is a mess

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Im absolutely in love with you art and was wondering if you have any progress pics/gifs/vids? Because I love that kind of stuff lol I searched your blog but couldn't find anything

it’s not complete + i’m experimenting with a new brush/method but

Jaylah thoughts

1. I have been thinking so much about Jaylah. And I have been thinking of that endless loop of a video playing in the mess(?), hangout lounge(?)

2. And how she learned English (probably from watching vids and journal entries and listening to the engineers’ logs)

3. She probably listened to them so much that she memorized them (”Chief Medical Officer’s log, stardate who gives a shit.  The engineers have to stop tinkering with every single thing on the ship.  Today someone ordered ‘coffee, hot’ and was awarded with a mug full of coffee colored hot sauce,” Jaylah mouths along as the medical officer begins complaining about the ‘flyboy space jockeys who don’t know they aren’t in a race’.)

4. She probably listened to all of Edison’s logs over and over until she gets to know him.  He’s bold and brave and ruthless.  He recorded a series of hand to hand combat training vids for crew to train with.  She has them memorized.  She jumps and uses her legs and is faster and smoother than her opponents.  (“Good,” Balthazar in the vid says, as though he can see her from over a century ago.  “If you did that correctly, cadet, you’re ready for level 2.  Talk to the duty sergeant about getting access.”)

5. She hacks access and next time she is fighting over the corpse of a ship, she pivots and ducks and slides and hears bones break and keeps going and going and going.  (”Good job, cadet,” Balthazar’s voice says. “Nice work.  More training vids are in the library.”)

6. After his las log entry, she figured that Krall killed him.  He went to explore.  He went to what’s now Krall’s camp.  She thought he was probably Krall’s first victim on the planet.

7. She tries once to explain her complicated feelings now, the tangle of anger and fury and krallisthereasonwe’reallhere and loss and loneliness and sadness and goodjobcadetedisonsaid.  Scotty smiles and puts a hand on her shoulder, but he doesn’t understand.

8. Jaylah says goodbye to Balthazar when she says goodbye to her house.  In the end, he was Krall’s first victim.

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how can anyone compare exo and bts. One group is full of vocals and the other has vocals and rap line that can't sing so

You gotta ask fans. I had an army try and snatch my wig saying BTS is better in every aspect. I hit them with facts and they talked about the vocal color of V and I was deceased. They said that V is a better singer then Kyungsoo and or Baekhyun because of his vocal color. Also, said the same with Jungkook. Have you seen the “comparing” vids? Absolute mess.

This is no Shade to BTS, but that’s like saying Chanyeol’s voice color makes him a better rapper or his bars are better. Like…. BITCH WHAT?

Vocal color?? I’m YELLING…. No Shade No tea, is what people use in order to act like they know shit about vocals. Like Hun, You mean tone and register?

Like It’s fine to prefer a voice and sound, but don’t be out her telling lies to yourself and others. 


Say Something // Sherlock + Molly

This has been a work in progress since… December/January I think? It’s been a very, very long time. I’ve been picking away at it so slowly because I was so nervous. At first I didn’t want to vid this song, but then I did. Then I was nervous about vidding Sherlock and Molly because I love them so and I didn’t want to mess them up, and I don’t normally vid Sherlock.

This has been stuck in the same place for months, but in the last… two days I’ve managed to clean it up and fix the coloring and add on the last minute/minute and a half or so and finish it to something I feel I can be proud and happy about.

So - this is dedicated to a very dear friend that introduced me to Sherlock to begin with, but she also introduced me to the joy of shipping Sherlock x Molly and this is for her. A very, very late birthday gift.