the color of the first text is different from the others

Here’s a thing that is helpful and free! It’s a plugin that uses a dyslexic-friendly font and color coding to make reading easier for everyone, but especially for those of us with dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning disabilities.

Above text reads: “Make reading easier and faster with BeeLine Reader! BeeLine uses a color gradient to guide your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. This seemingly simple tweak makes reading substantially easier and faster because it allows you to transition between lines quickly and effortlessly. Thousands of people have taken our online diagnostic test, and over 90% of them saw a benefit from BeeLine. Many people are able to read 20% or 30% faster with BeeLine, even on their first try. 

Our Chrome extension works great on news articles, wikipedia pages, and other text-heavy websites. You can choose between several different color schemes, and more features will be coming soon.”

The Signs and Practice SAT Books

Aries: puts it off until the week before the test

Taurus: reads 30 pages of the practice SAT book the first day. annotates by highlighting entire pages of text

Gemini: takes the test without opening the book

Cancer: reads five pages once a week

Leo: takes the practice test, doesn’t bother with the other information

Virgo: takes notes, annotates, writes out a study plan

Libra: busts out five different colored highlighters and pens

Scorpio: forgot the buy the practice book

Sagittarius: forced to do the practice book

Capricorn: does well on the test without even trying

Aquarius: falls asleep half way through studying every single time

Pisces: brings sat book everywhere but never actually works from it

Voltron and Color Theory

Friends. Buddies. Pals. I need approximately 10 billion fanworks involving/centered around the paladins and their colors.
First off: klance fandom, nice job makin’ the most out of that red/blue thing?? Very good.
Second: Hunk/Lance/Keith fandom, nice job working that primary colors angle, I approve!!
EVERYONE ELSE: this is an untapped resource of wonder and I have helpful suggestions from your friendly neighborhood artist. if u would kindly consider the following!!

Keith/Pidge: red and green are complementary colors. I know Christmas has kinda ruined this color scheme for everyone esp non-Christians but we can take it back!! Also red-green color blindness is the most common kind. Pls talk to me about an entire alien race that cannot tell the red and green paladins apart, despite other physical differences. Or decide this means they’re, like, bonded.

Pidge/Lance/Hunk: Yellow and blue make green, pals. Pls talk to me about how Pidge is the intermediate step between Hunk and Lance and they all connect on different levels. Science. Memes. Ridiculous plans that come straight out of TV shows and would never work. I need more Garrison trio in my life.

Hunk/Keith: first of all red and yellow what more can I say my friends?? Second, pls talk to me about the yellow accents on Keith’s stupid jacket and how eventually they make Hunk a little hot under the collar.

Pidge/Shiro: Green is the only lion that has black on her. That giant black shield thingie. I love it, so much. So much. Also in some art, most commonly with life/death motifs, green is used as the opposite of black because it is the coloring of living/growing things.

Similar to this, Keith/Shiro and Black being the only lion to have red on her with those giant wings.

Shiro/Keith/Pidge and the color-sharing between the lions. Pidge is upset Keith doesn’t complete the circuit so she puts a green bumper sticker on Red.

Okay the paladins’ special ‘guardian of’ powers and how they intersect are a WHOLE separate (hopefully better organized) post but I think u guys get the idea.
There are so many directions the color thing can be taken in, shippy or gen, for every paladin. I just would like to see more of it period! Lemme know if stuff like this already exists so I can go worship the hell out of it and thanks!!

leafbladie  asked:

How do you feel about Game Theory's new Undertale video? It doesn't feel like anything conflicts with the lore, other than the fact he said Sans bleeds, even though it's ketchup. Though oddly enough, we don't see Sans turn to dust.

(undertale spoilers)

It is interesting, but there are a few reasons as to why we weren’t completely satisfied with it. The first you already stated, which is that Sans is likely bleeding ketchup. It’s not confirmed, but the “blood” is coincidentally the same exact color as the ketchup. (And this red is different from the red heart/soul and the red text.) It also wouldn’t make sense that Sans bleeds if the machine he traveled in destroyed his organs, including the heart. (Bones are made up of both organic and inorganic material, so we’ll let his skeleton body slide for now.)

Second, Sans has an interest in science, which would explain his knowledge of the sun. As Papyrus said, Sans loves “spacey sci-fi stuff”, especially when it’s real. And if Sans was a scientist as we have theorized, then there is even more reason for him to know what the sun is. Papyrus, on the other hand, hasn’t shown any interest in science, which is probably why he doesn’t recognize the sun. (And Sans’ choice of words, “we call that ‘the sun,’ my friend”, was likely a ribbing at Papyrus.)

Third, the marking on Papyrus’ battle body is likely just a nod to Earthbound. The outfit was made “a few weeks ago for a costume party” before Frisk arrived, so Papyrus only recently started wearing it. It is possible Papyrus wore regular clothes like his brother up until then.

The most important reason, however, is the photo album in Sans’ lab. 

If Sans truly was Ness and had photos of himself and his friends who are the “people you don’t recognize”, Frisk and Narra!Chara would not be able to recognize Sans either. He would have been a human in the photos. And Sans and Ness don’t look similar enough to each other, even with their standing stances. This is the biggest hole in the theory.

The theory does outline several interesting coincidences between Earthbound, Toby’s Earthbound hack, and Undertale. But these are likely just coincidences or references that Toby added as easter eggs. Other connections, such as the Megalovania song, amalgamates, and flowers in the Earthbound hack are probably just ideas reused in Undertale with no intention of tying the two together.

Alas, as interesting as it was, the theory falls flat. But it was still an enjoyable video.

I saw this video of Uncle Grandpa’s “Grampies” it’s a spoof of the Grammies or any other award show but they had cameos from a bunch of different cartoons there too.

Ok we have characters from different cartoons? Alright cool, this isn’t the first time so whatever.  But look how off model almost everyone is. -coughs- DEXTER -coughs- 

It doesn’t end there either.

Jake has buck teeth now.

Pearl’s hair was the wrong color for this entire 3 minute skit of insulting other shows on cartoon network.

Look what they did to Samurai Jack.

You doing okay there buddy?


He liked Claire Randall, liked her very much ...

Roger is such an adorable human. I love him. I love sharing his point of view for the tiny observations of Claire, as he clearly finds her fascinating and slightly awe-inspiring. He is besotted and enchanted by Bree from the moment he meets her, but he is intrigued by Claire in a different way. It is delightful. In the first book you only really have a sense of Claire’s physicality through the eyes of Frank and Jamie, who are both in love with her, or her own (typically self-depreciating) descriptions of herself. Roger’s countless little descriptions in Dragonfly In Amber just warm my heart.

She was middle height and very pretty. He had an overall impression of fine bones and white linen, topped with a wealth of curly brown hair in a sort of half-tamed chignon. And in the middle of it all, the most extraordinary pair of light eyes, just the color of well-aged sherry.

Beautiful hands, Roger noted; delicately molded, carefully kept, with a single ring on each hand. 

She crossed her legs at the knee. A streak of sunlight gleamed down the shin of her stockings, emphasizing the delicacy of the long bone beneath.

Claire Randall was lovely, with the sort of fine bones and translucent skin that would make her look much the same at sixty as she had at twenty.

With the distractions of Brianna removed, he could see that Claire Randall was a very beautiful woman in her own right. Her face was flushed from the whisky, and her eyes were the most unusual light golden-brown color, he thought—like amber in crystal.

… Claire’s nervousness, and the air she had of keeping secrets.

And then there is his awkwardly specific imagination …

He had a sudden startling vision of Claire Randall’s fine white limbs, locked in wild abandon with the naked, straining body of a red-haired man, the two bodies slick with rain and stained with crushed grass, twisting in ecstasy among the standing stones. The vision was so shocking in its specificity that it left him trembling, sweat running down his chest to vanish into the steaming water of the bath. Christ! How was he going to meet Claire Randall’s eyes, next time they met?

Bless you Roger.

I also really love how he repeatedly says “Dr Randall—Claire—”, as if he’s never quite clear on the right balance of friendliness and respect with which to address her. He’s such a precious, awkward little nerd. Protect him at all costs.