the color of night

file name: ice gays - all about that bass no treble

this is the cut bit from “I will possess your heart” and will eventually be a real fic of it’s own, if I ever finish the hinky fic?????

Yuri is wearing leggings and a loose shirt since he needs to go to the studio. He looks a little soft in it, he thinks, edging toward girlish. He feels nice in it. It matches the nail polish the triplets had put on him - a light, sparkly blue with gold glitter on top. It’s going to linger for weeks on his nails. Victor has a bubblegum-pink polish with heart shaped glitter pieces, very iridescent, very bright. One nail has peeled already and Victor spent time last night carefully repainting it in a coordinating color.

Victor is not happy about the leggings. He keeps reaching absentmindedly toward Yuri’s back pocket and ending up with a handful of loose jersey cloth. Then he stands around pouting about it. Yuri doesn’t feel guilty about it, because if he felt guilty every time Victor pouted at him, he’d be wallowing in it, just letting Victor steamroll over him even more than he does already.

Yuri slides out of Victor’s way as he tries again and says, “Stop touching my butt.”

“I can’t touch your butt,” says Victor, aggrieved. “It’s all covered up! We’ve talked about this before, Yuri. It’s a sin to cover up your butt like this.”

Yuri opens his mouth to say, ‘what if I grabbed your ass all the time, Victor’ and then closes it again. Victor would like to take Yuri’s hand and staple it to Victor’s ass. He would heave a small, happy sigh and lean right into Yuri’s hand, no matter where they were. It’s not that Yuri would mind, either. It’s that Yuri wouldn’t mind enough.

Finally he settles for “If you touch my butt at the studio, Minako-sensei will tease us about it.”

Victor raises his eyebrows. Yuri remembers when he had rewound a YouTube video of Victor raising his eyebrows at someone - Yakov, probably - at least ten times in a row, sighing at the screen in sweet, frustrated longing to be the one Victor was talking to. Now he understands why the person that Victor had been talking to looked like they were ready to rip Victor’s eyebrows off.

“If Minako-sensei teases me about you touching my butt,” clarifies Yuri, “I’m going to tell Yuu-chan who taught the girls to say 'tough shit’ in English.”

“Oh,” says Victor, and sulks behind Yuri the entire way to the dance studio. He only cheers up at the barre, where he does absurd stretches and peeks in the mirror to watch Yuri pretend not to watch him. Victor’s legs are very long.

Victor says something in Russian that Yuri really hopes isn’t “sit on my face and break my neck”. He isn’t very hopeful.

Skam Onesie Party!!! (coloring page)

Friday Night.

Imagine: Isak, Noora, Eskild, & Linn having a sleepover/gathering at their apartment with both the boy squad and girl squad & their dates there & they all had to wear onesies bc that’s the theme (that Eskild & Even came up with). They all sit on the living room floor sharing stories and playing board games and eating junk food & drinking & having fun (like in the cabin episode in season 2 with the girls up in the snow but now everyone’s there). Isak excuses himself from the party to “look for a DVD from his room for everyone to watch” & Even insisted he go with him because he knows/loves films & can pick out a good movie that he think everyone may enjoy. But that was just an excuse because Even really just wanted to be alone with his boyfriend for a while. After 10 minutes had gone by, the group ran out of stuff to do and gets impatient waiting for Isak and Even to return so Jonas volunteers to gets up and go see what’s taking so long because he couldn’t stand sitting there watching Eva and Chris make out on the couch in front of him anymore (even though he is not with Eva anymore it’s weird to see his ex making out with another guy). When he opens the door to Isak’s room he sees two onesies on the floor and when he looks up he accidentally sees Evak naked & making out in his best friends bed. Jonas jumped back quickly and slams the door yelling “sorry sorry sorry” in the hall. Isak shouts “wtf bro” (and gets a sudden flashback of s1 when they were in Jonas cabin & he accidentally walked in on Eva & Jonas having alone time) as he buries his face in Evens neck with embarrassment but with a slight smile (at the memory & thinking ‘shit, karma’s a bitch’). Even starts laughing and gives Isak a kiss on his forehead while he has one arm wrapped around & rubbing his bare back to comfort him for what just happened. Isak looks up at Even saying “I think we should probably go back out there now.” Even smiles and says “Yea we should haha”, Isak sighs & whispers “but I want to stay here and be with you”. “Yeah I know what you mean.” “Oh do you?” he says in a sarcastic tone. “Yeah because you look so fucking hot laying here this very minute, Isak Valtersen”. Isak gives Even a kiss and turns around to get up and start getting dressed quickly. soon they both return to the party shortly. Everyone gave short glances at the two with smirks on their faces & tried to act like they did not hear Jonas’s reaction earlier & knew what happened without needing to hear about it. Eskild straight up asks “so what movie are we watching?” with a grin on his face. Isak made a face because he realized he forgot to grab a movie but just as he was going to come up with an explanation, someone rings the door bell & he was saved by the arrival of the pizza guy, giving Even a short time to run to Isak’s bed room & pick out a movie. Everyone sits in the living room while eating pizza & watches a movie together. 

Later that night… Even is on the floor with his arms wrapped around Isak. He has fallen asleep leaning against Evens chest. Jonas, Mahdi, & Magnus are in the kitchen drinking beer and having a conversation. Vilde & Linn walks up to the boys and & Magnus wraps his arms around Vilde’s waist as she tries to convince the boys & Linn to join her Kose group. Eva is drunk & making out with Christoffer in the bathroom. Noora, Sana, Kasper, Chris, & Eskild are still in the living room near Isak & Even & they are watching a second movie they put on (this time a scary movie).

Well that threat didn’t last long. Jesus, Jack isn’t messing around anymore. Guess you could say he faced his demons…

Also we got to see the girls tonight and how they react to death (it’s failure and nothing more) and also saw them get a glimpse through the Akullusion they’ve been brainwashed into believing. Unfortunately the effect never got to gestate in them for too long.

Did Ashi survive? Will she get her revenge? Will she see the error of her ways? Will the Scotsman adopt her as his daughter so at least one of the girls finds some bit of happiness? Who knows, anything could happen at this point and I’m loving it!!!

And how about that color! Aagh, amazing, I could roll in it all!!! Have a good night folks, I’ll see you all next week!

(P.S. I am now 99% sure that the horseman is death waiting for Jack. Hopefully he doesn’t get to collect Jack for sometime. Probably is satisfied with all the dead Akuites sacrificed tonight!!!!)