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So I saw a post saying that both dex's parents have been to Hell, will Dex ever go will nursey be so sad and dex comes back like "I'm a demon it's kinda hard for me to actually die"

THIS IS MY FAVORITE IM SO HYPE. ANGST/STUPID. MY FAVORITE GENRE. This got very long. I will eventually put it up on AO3, stay tuned. 

Part of the Monster Haus AU. Featuring Dullahan Dex and Vampire Nursey and a whole bunch of other monsters.

Edit: Now on AO3!!!

Six weeks and four days.

It had been six weeks and four days since everything had come crashing down.

Dex had stopped texting towards the end of winter break. He had just seemed to drop off the face of the earth as he stopped responding to Nursey’s texts and the group chat. It hadn’t felt all that odd at the time, just Dex being his usual reclusive self.

Then he hadn’t shown on on his move in day and everyone started to question. When he missed the first team meeting, a sick feeling had begun to creep up Nursey’s spine, though he told Chowder was he sure it was fine. When he missed their first practice of the semester, no one had any comforting words to offer.

It was that night that Hall and Murray called the team in, and delivered the news with lowered eyes and tense shoulders.

None of it still felt real to Nursey. Not the cold shock that had raced through his veins, not Lardo’s pearly tears striking the floor or the thunderstorm Chowder had caused that had ripped the gutters off the Haus.

Dex had always seemed so indestructible. His head could come off. With that sort of physical leeway Nursey would have never thought him even capable of injury let alone death.

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