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Girls Do It Better (Snowbaz, gender swap)


A lot of things are unfair in this world.

The Humdrum stealing magic. Illness, poverty, war, discrimination is always on the list. Something unfair is when someone who is so beautiful is an evil plotting vampire. Tryphosia Bastet Grimm Pitch is the vainest, grandiose, and fancy person in the world who has tried to kill me numerous times and even pushed me down the stairs. This super villain had the longest legs ever and she wears heels to rub in the fact that I am a penguin in heels. The devil does wear Prada.

“And we set of frogs on fire using kitten fur as the kindling.”
“Wait, what?” I turn my attention to Perry who was sitting next to me.
“Oh, now she is listening to me. Look, Jasper, now she is finally listening to me.” I look at Perry and Jasper, who I didn’t notice arrived with his food. “You were staring Bastet again,” Jasper commented while shaking his protein powder in his drink.

“I was not,” I say, defending myself. Perry looked at me, shaking his head. “Your scone has been half way to your mouth for half a minute. That is half a minute too long for you hold a scone in your hand without eating it.” I take an angry bite of my scone before dropping my scone back on my plate. “You don’t get it. She stayed up for 3 hours yesterday with a single notebook. Don’t you think that is suspicious?”
“No. She was studying.”
“She was not studying, she was plotting.” I insisted.

Jasper sighed and sipped on his drink, wincing at the taste. I tried it once, I don’t know how he puts up with it. “Well, I am not saying that she is completely innocent and all, but I think you are getting way too paranoid with her over something she may not have done.” I feel like my insides turned a little cold for a moment but then grab my scone with extra butter and bite into it, following with my extra sweet tea. Just to rub it into Jasper who has a special diet he needs to hold for a few weeks for his lacrosse magical school championship. “Alright, guys. I am going to have to go. I promised to get to training early.” Jasper got up and left with his tan colored drink.

Perry looked at me and Jasper a few times. “Is there something happening between you two? That seemed unusually harsh.” I shrug, looking down to my food, avoiding Perry’s harsh glance. “It is nothing.” I didn’t want to talk about it and looked over at Baz, sitting with Naia and Devin. She noticed me looking and gave me a slight smirk before ignoring me completely. How dare she.


I could feel Sophia’s eyes on me every now and then, it was frustrating because I cannot slouch or relax even a little bit. If I don’t look picture perfect each time she looks, she won’t make that adorable grumpy face at me. I have been in quite the good mood this morning because of the relationship drama unfolding. I honestly cannot see what she sees in him, regardless of being gay. He seems like such a cliché on what is traditionally considered attractive and he is vain enough to agree with the fact. I finish my tea and head out, I could catch Sophia watch me leave. I headed outside to the lacrosse field.

         Jasper was stretching in the main field as some other guys were in the changing rooms. Passing the changing room is always unpleasant. The horrid things they say about girls. I have trained them not whistle after kicking someone in the balls in front of the whole team for ‘flirting’ with me. What kind of pick up line is “I know what you really want”? I really wanted to see him crying on the ground clutching his nuts. I sighed and smiled.

“Jasper, could I have a word?” I asked, maintaining a smile.
“Look, the football team promised that we could have more time on the field while we have our championship coming up.”
“Oh, I am not here about the field times. I just wanted to say how amazing it was that the team pulled through to the championship. Many people had been sure our team couldn’t make it, but I saw how much practice you have been doing and was sure it could have happened.” Guys are so very simple, you praise them a little and laugh at their stupid jokes. I could see it worked when he softened up.

“Thank you, the team has been working hard.”
“But I notice you have been really working hard yourself, it is impressive. You scored half of all the goals last match.” I wasn’t there, I just heard it. I couldn’t care any less.
“Thanks.” He looked like he was about to say something else and I waited, wanting this to be over so I could do literally anything else. “Would you like to come with me to the game?” I felt my smile drop for a moment and regained it in a bit. This is something guys ask their girlfriends since the game is out of Watford. I smiled again. “Sophia wouldn’t be too happy to see me there.”
“Sophia isn’t really interested. She didn’t say anything about it since I told her. I thought you might be more interested since you play sports yourself and maybe understand this better?”

I pretended to think about it. “Sure, I will go.” No way in absolute hell would I go. “Yeah? Cool. I will let the coach know.”
“Yeah, right. Great.” Whatever. What does Sophia see in this ass? How dare he ask me? But I’d still rub this into her face to bother her. Depends on how well it works, I might actually have to go to drive it home. I turned around to leave and I caught Sophia running away really fast in the direction away from the field. I turned to look at Jasper but he didn’t seem to notice. I couldn’t help the guilt twisting in my stomach.


I ran until I reached my bed and fell right in, face planting into my pillow and starting to sob. I really didn’t want to cry but I couldn’t help it. My entire mouth was bitter and my magic burned so hot it made the taste worse. I tried to breathe and not start a fire.

I probably should have locked the door or went into the bathroom because I felt her come in. “Snow.” Her voice was very disapproving. “Fuck off, Baz.” I wanted to flip her off but I couldn’t let her look at my face. “You cannot be this upset about a stupid guy.”

I sat up, furious. “How dare you? You are the one who went over to him and started flirting with him. I see why all the girls think that you will steal their boyfriends.”
“I have no use for anyone’s boyfriend.” She said like the boyfriend part bothered her more than anything else. “It isn’t my fault that guys like me and girls have a problem with it.” That sounds so incredibly vain. I felt so horrible I got honest. “You are right.”
She looked at me like I said I murder kittens. “I am a horrible girlfriend and I didn’t give Jasper attention and I…” I was so upset that I didn’t notice her take her pillow and smack me so hard with it that I flew off the bed.

“What the hell?” Damn the pillow fight exception to the anathema. She smacked me with the pillow again. “I can ask the same fucking this, Snow.” She threw the pillow outside. “What self-respecting girl blames herself for her boyfriend flirting back to someone?”
“So you admit you were flirting!”
“I fully admit I was flirting. I have no interest in him. I wouldn’t have done it if he would have flirted back.”
“You don’t even like him?” I demand.
“Not in the least bit.”
“That is even worse. You are leading him on by going with him!”
She rolled her eyes. “I am not going with him in any way, I never planned to.”
“Go fall in a ditch.”
I take my pillow and shove my face back into it. “Snow.”
“I am ignoring you.”
“You are not able to ignore me.” I sat up and glare at her. “Why do you tease guys this way when they like you? You went to the dance fifth year alone.”
“I was not alone, I was with Devin. Don’t say that like no one asked me. I got asked more than you did.” She has to always find something to rub into my face. “Why do you tease guys? This is why you don’t have a boyfriend.”

I really should have seen the pillow coming this time. “Ow!”
“I don’t want a bloody boyfriend!” She protested. I realize I shouldn’t mess with her business but I still wanted to know. “Why not?”
“Because I am gay.”
I think the world froze over a little and I was stuck with nothing to say. With that, she stormed out and I was left deep in thought, frustrated that I did not know.


Why did I decide to tell her? She would get extra paranoid with me. I don’t really care, I was not closeted, I just don’t wear a pride flag for a cape. I head outside and shiver at the cold since I took off my jacket in the room but kept walking away. I hate her so fucking much. Why does she need to be everything I could ever want?

         The space under the tree was free so I lay on the cold grown and look up at the sky and try to calm down. I need to feed tonight. My thoughts wandered and returned to Sophia. I give up. I cannot do this anymore. Each time I hurt her, I feel the pain on my own flesh and consciousness. “BAZ!” I hear her loud voice call out for me. How dare she interrupt my self-loathing.

I opened my eyes to find her already standing over me. I fight the urge to slide down a little and look up her skirt. “What do you want, Snow?”
“Why did you tell me?” I close my eyes and groan. “It is not a secret. I am not in the closet.”
“But you don’t…ugh…”
“If you say don’t look gay or something on the lines of that, I will kick you.”
“No. I, well, I…”
“If you are going to stand over me and mumble, I am leaving.” I already sit up to leave.
“Baz… I just… I…” If I had any blood in me, I’d blush. Her fumbling is irritating but incredibly endearing. I get up and start walking away. “Baz, wait!”
She chased after me, taking steps half the length of my marches. “Don’t follow me. I want to be alone.”
I suddenly feel her hand grab mine and that got me to stop, looking down at her hand and back at her. “Sorry.” She, unfortunately, pulls it away. “Snow, if you have something to tell me, go on ahead.” She couldn’t say anything so I felt before she could gather her thoughts.


I didn’t know what I wanted to say but when I figured it out, I realized that I wanted to talk to Jasper instead. I meet him after practice. “Hey, can we talk?” I ask. He walked in a sleeveless shirt in the cold weather after getting over heated at practice. “What’s up?”
“Why did you ask Baz to go with you instead of me?”
He looked at me like I said something weird. “Oh, come on. You don’t want to go. You have your own troubles. You care about Baz than you do about me.”
“That is not true!”
“It is too true. I know you have real things to do but you spend most of your time keeping tabs on Baz. So why do you need me?”
“What does that supposed to mean?”
“It means you never care what is going on with me.”
I get angry. “Well, you never care about what I do either! You always dismiss whenever I say anything about Baz when I honestly think she is up to no good.”
“Again with Baz. I cannot listen anymore.”
“Then don’t!” I turn in the other direction and start walking away. “If you really don’t care about me then I really cannot do this anymore.” All I could do was keep walking away.

In the return to the room and find Baz already in there since she must have gotten cold. She looked less pale than she did when she was outside. “I just broke it off with Jasper.”
“Congratulations.” She sat at her desk and was repainting her nails from black to a blood red. I flopped onto my bed. I was mad at Jasper. I was mad at Baz, partly because she is the root of the fight and because she can paint her nails perfectly without ever making a mess.

She got up and took a bag of crisps and threw it at me. “Here. Stop looking like you are bruised little rabbit. It is getting on my nerves. Do what most girls do during a breakup, starting with food.”
“Since when are you the comforting character from romcoms?” I opened the bag and started eating.
“I think you are confusing me with someone else. I am the alcoholic who is always with wine.” She pulls out 3 bottles from behind her desk. “How did you sneak that in?!”
“I turned into a bat and snuck it in.”
“I honestly have no idea if you are kidding or not.”
“And you will never know. Now don’t fight me, I am getting you drunk. Just because it is on my bucket list to see you drunk.”

I found myself taking one of the two completely full mugs of wine.

We finished the 3 bottles completely, finishing up the last one completely straight from the bottle. We ended up on the floor, laughing about nothing. Baz is more of a light weight than I expected. The room was swimming a little.

We were too close. I didn’t think when I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back right away. “Do you turn bi when you’re drunk?” She laughed.
“I don’t think the alcohol did that.” And we kissed again.

Truth Be Told

Because Olicity is my jam, most of this is going to be about them. I don’t know about anybody else, but last night’s episode felt like a season finale to me. it gave me everything I wanted to see—Olicity in survival mode, a big pot of truth tea, married-like banter during adversity, love, pain, teamwork, hope; and oh yeah, sex.

I liked the premise of them being trapped together and not having any doors to walk out of when the shit started getting real. Well, Felicity wasn’t going to walk anywhere, but I get the metaphor. Felicity repeated to Oliver at the end of 519 that he still doesn’t trust her. Then the power went out, and in the darkness, both of them had a front row seat to the dynamics of what it is to trust someone. It wasn’t about matters of the heart (not at first.)  It was about working together as a team. There has never been an issue for them on that score; going back five years, it is an ingrained instinct to have each other’s backs. In a way, Chase’s evil plan to trap them alone together ended up being the catalyst to opening up their hearts to one another. All I could think of was Felicity telling Oliver at the end of season three—‘don’t fight to die, fight to live.’

I also love that Oliver’s first reaction at the beginning of the episode was to call for Felicity. He could have had severed limbs or internal bleeding or any number of significant injuries. But Felicity’s well-being and her safety was his first thought when he came to. It gave me some serious feels—for personal reasons. There was a part of me that wanted to see Oliver pick her up and gently put her in the wheelchair, (again for personal reasons.)

As the episode went on, I thoroughly enjoyed them starting to take care of one another again. Felicity patching up Oliver played for me like the end of a drought. I can think of a couple of times during the season when she wanted to tend to his wounds and had to stop herself from touching him. The lead up to their flashback Bunker sex brought clarity as to why she kept her distance from him in that way. But the instinct to take care of him was still there. It will always be there.

And speaking of the Bunker sex. I kept hearing R.E.M.’s Shiny Happy People playing in the background of my enthusiastic mind. I love that they used Chinese food and wine and the salmon ladder to kick things off. So this sex happened just a month after the ‘you thought I was leaving too, not a chance’ exchange. Apparently, a lot of flirting was going on. And Curtis was instigating a lot of It. Who would have thunk? Okay, so they were drunk, and perhaps Felicity forgot that he lied to her and forfeited their chance for a happily ever after. Oliver talked her into trying the salmon ladder. After telling her she couldn’t do a chin-up, she was game and gave it a shot. I love that Oliver stood behind her admiring the view while she dangled from the bar. It was a valiant effort, but not to be. She asked him to help her down. It was very sensitive and erotic. He hadn’t put his hands on her like that for months; the same with Felicity bracing herself on his shoulders as he lowered her down. There was a soft glance and they were inches apart. Oliver reminded her that she had a little bit to drink. Felicity countermanded that she had a lot to drink. Then, as if she were diving into a shaft of rainbow colors, she came at him with everything in her. I’m guessing it was something she had fantasied about since the breakup.


The urgency of their intimacy was—well, it was breathtaking. She pulling his shirt off, him spinning her around to help remove hers—sublime. I kept thinking of ordering some Chinese food during the whole sequence. I also thought how fun it would have been if Oliver hoisted himself back up on the salmon ladder with Felicity’s legs wrapped around him. Now that would be some flourish. But the mat worked out fine.

Okay, enough. I’m not a smut writer. It was erotic, exciting and beautiful. But then, during their post-coital snuggling, Felicity remembered why she left him and reminded Oliver as well. Cue the bucket of cold water. She did tell Oliver she still loved him. I could have sworn he shot a quick glance at the salmon ladder when she told him. So Felicity solidified her wall and went out to find someone who appreciated her. And then Season 5 officially started , ambiguity and all.

Shiny Happy People, a great big sigh.


Oliver’s confession to Felicity about what he thinks Chase showed him was powerful. Telling her about his ‘enjoyment of killing’ was his biggest fear, not because he was afraid Chase was right, but because Felicity would agree and turn away from him forever. What I saw in that tear rolling down his face was ten years of pain and suffering and not deserving anything soft or peaceful or tender in his life. It was him not being deserving and worth of Felicity.

Felicity saw it too. She told him she wouldn’t have fallen in love with him and wanted to get married if she thought he was a monster. And perhaps with those words, Felicity might have unlocked the door that she closed between them and started to push it open. She knows she loves him. I think the real question is—does she love him enough?

In the hospital scene at the end, she said that he should try to find the man that he is. I’m sorry, and I might piss off some people here, but if you love someone as deeply as she says she does Oliver, wouldn’t the good qualities and the bad ones be part of that package? It is not okay to be flawed and imperfect, to have doubts and misunderstandings? Can he not make mistakes or bad choices? It works both ways. It’s not a gender issue, a he-said, she-said issue. It’s not about right or wrong. What it is about—and they both agreed in 410, is for better and for worse. Sure, he might lie to her again, or she could go dark again and join another evil organization; it’s a life filled with maybe’s, should of’s, and could of’s.

Man, this show drives me nuts sometimes.

And what about Felicity basically letting Oliver off the hook? Is it another example from her on wanting to take on his burdens? Was Felicity telling Oliver it was okay he lied to her? Don’t’ worry honey; you’ve got enough on your plate. I call bullshit. Oliver does need to take responsibility for his actions, especially when those actions hurt the love of his life. It kind of seemed out of character (and a bit rushed) that she would get why he lied to her about William. If these two are really closing the distance between each other, then Oliver needs to own his part, and not just assume that Chase’s mindfuck gives Oliver a get out of jail free card.

There is always going to be something messy happening in any relationship. Nobody’s perfect (Felicity, circa 420.)  What makes it work is knowing it, believing it and not repeating the same mistakes. Insanity is sure to ensue. Trusting each other, good or bad, is the cornerstone to a long, happy life together. It’s what keeps the momentum moving forward.

One more thing that struck me about 520—the elevator shaft scene and OTA. The allegory of them working together as a team was just beautiful. John on one end of the chain, Felicity on the other, and Oliver in the middle making sure the links stay strong and don’t break. It was the summation of OTA and why those three letters need to be capitalized. Great stuff.

Like I said at the start of this—it felt like it could have been a season ending episode. There are still three left! There is a mysterious corpse and a birthday party and a huge island explosion coming our way. Maybe even a kidnapping thrown in as well.

But if OTA and Olicity are standing strong with each other through all of it—that is a truth I can believe in.

C’mon, am I the only one who thinks Oliver and Felicity having sex on the salmon ladder would be viewing gold?

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anonymous asked:

Hello ! Do you have any tips to draw Bucky (And Steve maybe?) I'm trying to drawing him right now, his hair is not a problem at all, but I just can't get his face right. The expression I mean, it's driving me nuts, especially the lips. It's Bucky without being... Bucky. When I look at my drawing I'm like "Who the hell is Bucky?" you know hahaha I'm trying to sketch him on my tablet btw! So if you have any advices... It would be welcome! Thanks <3

Hi anon ^^

So if you have any advices… It would be welcome! Thanks <3 

1) Use a reference picture. It doesn’t matter if you draw him using your tablet on with a pencil in your sketchbook, a good reference photo is your friend.

2) I think that your problem anon, is that you are trying to draw “Bucky”, precisely!

Ok. The thing is that you should stop thinking in terms of “Steve”, “Bucky” or even “Mom” or “Dad” when you draw a portrait. You should try to focus on decomposing the faces in a series of simple (geometric) shapes that are going to be determined by the way light creates shadows and highlights on the face. You should also try to focus on the distance between certain distinct points of the face: the distance between the two eyes for instance, or the distance between the two nostrils. That’s what makes that someone is “someone”, the likeness, I mean: the way light creates the structure of the face, like a series of edges (close to the bone structures) and the particular distance between some particular points of the face.

I already talked about it here but I’m gonna show you again with Sebastian. You see, I decompose the face in shapes and these shapes are determined by where the light hits his (beautiful ♥) face:

Then I can refine the details a bit more:

And now I can add quickly some shadows and highlights by following my construction lines:

You see? I mean, I know what makes Sebastian “Sebastian”: his strong jaw, his cheekbones to die for and these tiny wrinkles at the corner of his eyes. But having in mind this kind of information won’t help me focus on what is important: enhancing the contrasts of the face, marking them thanks to my construction lines and filling them like a coloring book. If I tell you: “Hey, pay attention to his jaw, it’s very squared, not round. Don’t forget to enhanced the cheekbones and the dimples if you draw him smiling!” it won’t help you. Forget that you are drawing Bucky. OBSERVE, decompose, draw! The time to think of his smile and his cheekbones is at the end, when you draw the details, ok?

It’s not gonna be easy, it’s not gonna come in one day, but this method helps a lot from MY POINT OF VIEW, of course! ^^

Otherwise, if I may make a personal observation on Sebastian’s lips, he reminds me of a cat and more particularly of this smiley: :3 . It may seem stupid but when I draw his mouth, I think about it often (but I keep in mind the technical aspect too) - meow!

Anyway, to help you with this technique:

Good luck to you anon, you can do it! ♥

How To Restitch An Alpacasso Mouth: A Tutorial

Hey! Today I’m going to teach you how to restitch an Alpacasso mouth. This is useful to know if you have an older alpaca whose mouth stitching has become loose from wear and tear, wasn’t stitched properly in the first place, or simply if you don’t like your alpaca’s current mouth stitching and think you could do a better job! Sloppy mouth stitching personally drives me nuts so it was either learn how to do this or keep buying more of the same alpaca in hopes of getting one with a better mouth. Obviously, I opted for the former. But anyways, let’s just get right to it!

*Disclaimer: By making this tutorial I am not saying that this is the only way to restitch an Alpacasso mouth and I am not responsible for any personal mishaps or failure. Attempt this only at your own discretion.

Things You Will Need:

1. An alpacasso in need of a makeover

2. A seam ripper

3. Embroidery thread (in the color of your choice)

4. Crafting needle

5. Scissors (not pictured, whoops!)

6. Paper (optional)

7. Pen or pencil (optional)

Step 1:

*Disclaimer: You will NEED to open a seam for this. Sorry I don’t know of any way around this but if you do please let me know!! Also keep in mind that this is not the same way Amuse stitches the original mouths! I’ve tried doing it their way, but whenever I attempted it the little loop that holds the thread at the bottom middle point of the mouth always seemed to get compromised if I stitched it too close (which you have to do if you don’t want that snaggletooth look). Please do not move on with the tutorial unless you are okay with this variation.

Alright, so you will need to open a seam and create a hole big enough to stick your hand into so that you can fish the needle and thread back and forth through the muzzle. I suggest using a seam ripper to cut open the seam going down along the back, it is the easiest and least offensive way to get access to the mouth. 

Step 2: 

Next you will need to remove some stuffing so that your thread doesn’t get completely caught in it and also to make the actual stitching easier. 

Here is a picture of what the muzzle looks from the inside. Pull out at least half of the mouth stuffing through that little hole, but not all of it!! You CAN do this without any stuffing inside the muzzle if you’re concerned about your thread getting stuck in the poly-fil or would like to tie off your thread as closely as possible, however, keeping the muzzle semi-stuffed makes sewing the mouth design a lot easier (there is less chance of an uneven mouth). 

Step 3: 

The last step before we get to stitching is to remove the original mouth! Just use a pair of scissors to cut through the middle of each section and pull out the thread (the top left piece will need to be pulled out from the inside because of the knot).

lol so disturbing 

Step 4 (optional):

It is a good idea to practice your design beforehand and see what it will look like on your alpaca before you permanently sew it on. In order to do this you will need to draw your design out onto a piece of paper and then cut it out (around the lines) and place it on top of the muzzle. I don’t suggest drawing directly onto the fabric because it will compromise the end result, so this is the best way to figure out placement. Secondly, do some test runs on a scrap piece of fabric (I have a picture tutorial on how to do this at the end of this post). 

Step 5:

**Before we begin stitching, I wanted to mention that embroidery thread is made up of 6 individual pieces. I find that to be a bit too thick in comparison to the original Alpacasso mouth so I pull out two strands and use 4 individual pieces instead, but how many strands you use is completely up to your preference!

Now to begin, get your needle and thread ready by making a knot on one end - I wrap it around my finger to create a thicker knot (you can look up tutorials on how to do this) - and then start by fishing it through from inside (always through the little hole in the muzzle) at the top left point of the nose. 

Then take the thread and measure out your next point by pulling it straight across like this:

Once you’ve picked where you want your nose to end, take your needle and stitch it back through the hole in the muzzle to the other side. Then take it back through the hole once more (always through the little hole in the muzzle!!!), make a stitch at the bottom of the middle line of the mouth, and pull it out to the front like so: 

Now take your needle and go underneath the thread of the nose FROM THE TOP. Here is an example:

You can pull the thread down until you get your desired shape and then stitch it through to the other side in the same way as before. You end up with something like this:

Your next stitch will be from the inside, out at the farthest left point of the mouth (my bad, I must have forgotten to take a picture of this). You will then move onto the next point of the mouth which is the second most left point a little farther down from the previous stitch.

(dat pose)

You can get an idea of how the left side of the mouth will look by pricking the needle through the fabric at the second point and pulling it up to the bottom of the middle line. If you are satisfied, stitch it through to the other side. Here is what you should have so far:

The next stitch will be from the inside, out through the bottom of the middle line. DO NOT stitch it through the same hole that you made in your third stitch, but directly underneath. It should look like this: 

Then finish the line by stitching it through the same hole you made in the stitch before.

Sorry I skipped another picture!! You’ll then stitch from the inside, out through the farthest right point of the mouth. 

Then simply repeat the steps you did for the left side to finish off the right side.


Once you’ve stitched your thread through the last point, pull it out through the small hole in the muzzle and tie it off with a knot! Don’t worry about there being a lot of extra thread, once you restuff the muzzle it will keep your design from unraveling. Now all you have to do is restuff the rest of your alpaca and use a blind stitch to close up the hole you made on the back (preferably with white embroidery thread) and then you’re done!

Step 6:

Show off your mouth stitching skills!

LOL don’t mind him looking like a monkey. I didn’t stuff his head right so his left eye looks wonky but it’s okay, he’s my experiment alpaca (◎ヮ◎)

Thanks for reading!! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to message me!

Mouth Stitching Steps (extra):

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Lucky Guy

Request:  Hi!Would you mind doing a Brett Talbot imagine,where the pack is super protective of you and you spend the whole day trying to get rid of them so you can go on a date with Brett? Thanks! (If you aren’t taking request ignore this)

It seemed like I had just shooed the boys out the door when the doorbell rang. My bare feet padded across the hardwood as I rushed to answer it. “Brett, hi!” A smile stretched my face. “Come in! I’m not entirely ready yet; I had some unexpected visitors.”

           “That’s alright.” He looked me up and down slowly, a light flush dusting his cheeks. “Wow, you’re so beautiful. That dress is amazing on you.”

           “Thank you!” I giggled, giving him a one-armed squeeze as I closed the door behind him. “Lydia helped me pick it out. I wasn’t sure about the pink, but I think it’s grown on me.” I led him to the living room, throwing out my arms in a wide gesture. “Feel free to sit and chill, watch something on TV, whatever ya like. I just need to find my shoes and grab my purse.”

           I knew I had left the heels Lydia had lent me somewhere upstairs, but it was a matter of tracking them down. As I took the stairs two at a time, I ran over my day with Lydia in my mind. We had stopped by her house to pick up the shoes, and then we came over here…

Smirking, Lydia held her baby pink heels to the skirt of my new dress. “I told you they would match.” She tossed them onto my bed lightly. “You are going to look so good. I’ll be surprised if Brett is still breathing by the end of the night.”

           I smiled as I set my purse on top of my desk. “I still can’t get over how chill you’re being about this. I really appreciate it.”

           Lydia cocked her head to the side and set her hands on her hips. “Why wouldn’t I be? He’s not my arch-enemy.”

           I bit my lip. “That’s true, I guess, but he’s not Stiles’s either, and Stiles hates the idea of me going out with him.” After Lydia told the boys that I had a date tonight with one of the school’s rivals, the two knuckleheads pretty much blew up my phone.

           Sighing, Lydia rolled her eyes. “Stiles listens to Liam too much. So does Scott. Don’t worry about them. They’re stupid boys. What’s important is that Brett treats you right, not that he’s our school’s rival in lacrosse.” She tenderly tucked my hair behind my ear. “You like him, don’t you?”

           “Of course!” I exclaimed. “What’s not to like? He’s handsome, and caring, and strong, and funny, and he has such a sweet relationship with his little sister…”

           “So don’t listen to the boys.” She coaxed. “Go out with him. Have a good time. And take care of my shoes.”

There! I could see one pink heel poking out from underneath my bed. I quickly fished them out and slipped into them. More than likely they ended up under there when Stiles sat on me earlier.

“Stiles, get off! He’s going to be here soon and I have to get ready. You guys need to leave!” I shouted, pushing against the scrawny boy. Stiles was surprisingly impossible to move.

           “Nope. Not happening. Maybe if you weren’t going out with a total douche-bag, I’d consider getting up, but in this case you’re out of luck.” He shrugged and crossed his arms. “You should know I pulled him up at the station, and he-”

           “You ran a background check on my date?” My brow furrowed as I peered up at him curiously. “Why did you do that?”

           “Because if I didn’t I would be a terrible guy friend who doesn’t properly use his connections.”

           “Actually,” Scott voiced from the doorway, “I distracted his Dad while he printed everything they had. We weren’t even supposed to be at the station. We were supposed to be in Algebra II.”

           Stiles rolled his eyes. “Thank you, Scott, for your mind-blowing contribution to the conversation. Now, as I was saying, Y/N, there wasn’t any actual dirt on him, but another guy named Brett Jones who lives near WalMart got a DUI last week… you know the saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’? Well in this case I think that may be true. All Bretts drink and drive.”

           I raised my eyebrows. “Stiles, are you feeling okay? You sound a little nuts.”

           “Just a little?” Scott laughed. “He sounds completely bat-”

           “Y/N, I am trying to look out for you.” Stiles sighed. He looked at the ground. “Nothing ever seems to go right for us. I want to make sure that this time that isn’t the case.”

           I smiled and reached up to rub his arm, which was a little awkward considering his butt was digging into my rib cage. “Aw, Stiles, that’s so sweet.”

           “And I don’t want you to go out on any date ever. Especially not with Brett.”

           Groaning, I threw my head back against the mattress. “Can you please get up? We’re wrinkling my new dress. I just got it.”

           Scott propped himself on the doorframe. “Lydia sent me a picture earlier. It’s nice.”

           “Thank you Scott. I think so too. It would look even better if it wasn’t crinkled.” I sucked in a deep breath of air when Stiles finally crawled off me, dramatically wheezing.

           Stiles scowled. “Okay, you big Drama Queen. You’re not fooling anyone. We all know that I’m not that heavy.”

           Snickering, I sat up and rolled to the end of the bed, jumping off and landing on my feet. To my great pleasure, the dress seemed to have survived being smushed into the mattress. “What do you think?” I asked, holding it up for Stiles. “I’m still kind of iffy on the color. I don’t usually go for pink. I’m more of a red kind of gal.”

           “I’ve always liked you in pink and red.” Scott spoke up.

           “I’ve always liked it when you didn’t date assholes.” Stiles puckered his lips and lifted his hands in an open gesture. I pinched in between my eyes and said, “That’s not what I asked you, Stiles.”

           “Oh, I know. I’m just making it known.”

           “We are all well aware that you don’t want me to go out with Brett. The fact is, Stiles, Brett is a very nice guy. He asked me out and I said yes. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

           Scott scratched his head. “Um, I wouldn’t say that…”

           “What do you mean?” I cocked my head to the side, draping the dress across my bedspread once again to journey into my closet. Last spring I had bought a cute purse that I was positive would look awesome with my whole outfit.

           “Well,” Stiles wrung his hands. “When Lydia texted us the dress, and then told us that you were going out with Brett, I may have… panicked?”

           Slowly, I turned around. “What do you mean ‘I may have panicked’? Stiles, what did you do?”

           He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “I might’ve told Liam.”

Giggling softly to myself, I collected my purse and all the items that were strewn across the floor. Liam had burst into my room not long after Stiles told me that he had dropped a bombshell on the poor little Beta.

“You’re going on a date with Brett?” Liam asked furiously as he suddenly whirled the corner into my bedroom, making me jump and drop my purse. I didn’t bother to pick everything up; I had much bigger problems at the moment- those problems being that I had a date in thirty minutes and a very young, very angry werewolf was standing less than ten feet away from me.

           “Liam, I know what you’re thinking-”

           “Y/N, he is bad news. Seriously. Trust me on this. You can do so much better. Just please,” he begged, “don’t go out with him. I don’t want him to hurt you.”

           I ran my fingers through my hair. “Oh my God, guys, it is one date! You all are acting like we’re getting married!”

           Scott eyed me carefully. “Which you’re not, right?”

           Scoffing, I shook my head and stomped into the bathroom. “You know, if it were one of you guys dating a girl from the rival volleyball team, I wouldn’t be like this.” I angrily yanked the brush through my hair. It made tears prick at my eyes, but I was too mad to care. “In fact, I would be happy for you. I’d probably help you get ready too, but that’s not the point. The point is this: you guys are some of my best friends, and all you’re doing is feeding me negative crap.”

           Liam rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “Maybe that’s because we’re worried about you. We don’t want to see some jerk take advantage of you.”

           “Brett is not going to take advantage of me!” I nearly screamed. “He’s a gentlemen. He’s decent; he’s good; he’s polite…”

           “Okay, okay, we get it.” Stiles waddled into the bathroom and snatched the hairbrush out of my hand. “Turn and start doing your makeup.” He grumbled, delicately scooping up a handful of hair and starting to brush out the ends, gradually working his way up. “Y/N, we care about you a lot. Too much to see you go out with-”

           “If you call him one more insulting thing, I am going to kill you.” I promised, dangerously wielding my mascara brush.

           Stiles appeared offended. “I was just going to call him Brett.”

           “Oh,” I faltered, examining my longer lashes.

           “Can I just say something?” Scott asked. I nodded as I uncapped my lipstick. “Liam has got a crappy history with Brett. He’s seen a very different side of Brett that you haven’t- and hopefully never will- see. We’ve seen it, though. That’s why we’re being this way. We’ve seen his nasty side, and…”

           “You don’t want me to get hurt. You guys have said that about a million times already. It’s going to be fine. I can take care of myself.” I promised. Stiles set down the brush and I pulled my hair up into a neat bun.

           Liam inhaled deeply. Then he exhaled, shoulders slumping as he did so. “I’m guessing that this isn’t up for further discussion.”

           “Nope.” I smiled, patting his cheek softly. “Now I hate to kick you guys out, but Brett’s going to be here soon. I will call all of you tonight and let you know how everything went, that I got home safe, you know the drill.”

           Scott gave me a quick hug. “Have fun tonight. And be careful.”

           Stiles thumped my shoulder awkwardly. “I must say, you look incredible in that dress, Y/N. Don’t ever doubt pink again.”

           “Yeah,” Liam chimed in. “Brett’s a lucky guy.”

           “Who will also be a dead guy if anything goes wrong tonight.” Stiles and Liam exchanged a grin.

           “Exactly. If he forgets to hold the door for you? Doesn’t push your chair in?”

           “Then you know who to call.” Stiles paused for a minute, and then wiggled his finger between himself and Liam. “That ‘who’ is me and Liam, by the way. Just wanted to clarify.”

           Laughing, I turned to Scott. “Why do we let them hang out again?”

“Okay, I’m ready, finally. Sorry about the wait.” I called as I walked down the stairs as quickly as I dared. Brett smiled and stood, coming over to take my hand lightly.

           “Don’t apologize. I don’t mind at all.” I squeezed his hand gently and led him to the door. Tonight was going to go well; I was 100 percent sure. Still, it was nice to know that I had a little squad of freaks ready to unleash hell on my command.

You’re Hurt -  Josh Dun Imagine

Today’s the day, today is the day I’m finally getting to see Twenty One Pilots in concert. They’re honestly one of my favorite bands and their music has helped me so much. I’m dressed in a pair of short jean shorts, an ombre Ivory Ella shirt, and a pair of white vans. My hair is done in light waves and my make up is very light but with some bold liner. I look at my appearance in the mirror on the wall in my bathroom. I smile to myself and walk out of my bathroom. I grab my phone and my black Kate Spade purse.

I head out to the venue, my stomach full of butterflies. I was excited to see them but I was nervous because I have tickets in the pit and I know that they have a tendency to get a little rowdy. Unfortunately, I’m going by myself because all of my friends were either busy or just didn’t want to go. I arrive an hour before the doors open and to my surprise there weren’t a whole lot of people already there. I was expecting there to be a lot more people to be there waiting for the doors to open.

I lean up against the barricade and wait. I pull out my phone and check my Twitter. Josh had tweeted a few time, I smiled at them. I have to admit, I have a huge crush on Josh. I like Tyler a lot too but after all he is married, Jenna is actually one of my style icons. I tweeted Josh and Tyler saying that I was excited for the concert.

I switched to snapchat and was looking at other people’s stories and everything. That was until my phone buzzed with a notification from Twitter. I switch back to Twitter and see that freaking Josh Dun liked my tweet. I internally scream not wanting to embarrass myself in front of all these people around me. He also followed me back. I go to my DM’s and message him.

‘Hey, thanks for the follow it means a lot to me (:’ I sent him.

‘No problem! You’re very beautiful btw’ Josh had messaged me back. I can feel my cheeks heat up.

‘Thank you :$’ I can’t believe that this actually happening.

People start to scream in excitement, they had finally opened the doors. The line moves rather quickly. Once inside I immediately go to the merchandise booth right next to the door and purchase a tour shirt and wrist band. I put the wrist band on and fold the shirt up and put it in my purse. I walk over to the way to pit, my nerves suddenly coming back.

People were already on the floor waiting for the concert to begin. I got stuck being in the middle of the pit. I looked around the venue in awe to know that it was completely sold out. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out to see another DM from Josh.

‘Where are you seated at?’ he messaged.

I’m in the pit’ I messaged back to him.

‘Be careful, okay? Don’t want to see you getting hurt’ he says.

‘I’ll be careful, promise’ I respond.

The lights go dark and we all start to scream. Everyone in the pit starts to push a bit forward as the opening band comes out on stage. I had never heard of them before but they were pretty good. The crowd wasn’t too rowdy during their set which wasn’t much of a surprise to me. Once the first band had finished and left the stage the crew started to change out equipment and everything. I couldn’t help but be a little afraid for when the boys come out.

The lights go out again and people start to scream, this time it was Twenty One Pilots. Everyone starts pushing to get closer to the stage. The people behind me start to shove into me. The screaming becomes louder as Josh walks onto the stage wearing a red suit, black tie, and a black ski mask. He sits down at the drum kit and starts to play. Everyone starts going nuts. Tyler appears on stage singing HeavyDirtySoul.

The concert continues on without any trouble. The pit is rowdy but not as rowdy as I had imagined. Seeing the guys in person was unbelievable, it was a dream come true for me. After eight songs the guys leave the stage. Even though they left everyone was still screaming. There was another stage behind were I stand. Is that where they are going? Of course it is.

The people in the seats start screaming and everyone in the pit run toward the other stage. I just wan’t fast enough. I get pushed down to the ground. I try to get up but there so many people stepping over or on me that I can’t. Somebody steps on my arm and I swear I heard a crunch. I scream out in pain. Somebody I try to get up again but get pushed back down and I hit my head on the cement ground. It stars to go black and the last thing I hear is Ode to Sleep and someone yelling security.

“Y/N… Y/N, can you hear me?” I can hear someone say.

I slowly start to open my eyes. I squint and look over to see Josh Dun beside me holding an ice pack on my head. I try to sit up but he stops me. He slightly smiles at me.

“W-what happened?” I say quietly.

“You got trampled, some fans got our attention because you had passed out. We completely stopped the show until we could get you out. When you got back here realized that it was you so I told Tyler who you were so he’s continuing the show without me,” he says in a bit of a rush.

“I should probably go to the hospital Josh,” I say to him slowly sitting up.

“Shit, right. Did you drive yourself here?” I nod my head slowly. “Okay, one second.”

Josh leaves the room to I assume go tell someone what we’re doing. He came back with another guy who had a wheel chair, it must belong to the venue. Josh picks me up and sets me in the wheel chair. I open my purse and hand him my car keys.

“I’m parked on the third level of the parking garage,” I say to Josh looking up at him.

He nods his head and wheels me out of there and out to the parking garage. One we reach the level I parked on I point to my white Ford Focus. Josh walks us over to the car unlocking the doors. He opens the passenger side door lifting me off the wheel chair and seating me in the car seat. With the arm that doesn’t hurt I buckle my seat belt while Josh places the wheelchair in the trunk.

Once Josh is in the car we set off toward the hospital. When we get there and park Josh gets me into the wheelchair and quickly runs me into the ER entrance. We go up the window and Josh explains to the girl what had happened, a horrified look appears on her face and she goes on the phone to get a nurse to come get us. I man in a pair of navy blue scrubs appear and takes us to the back. Once in a room Josh moves me from the wheelchair to the bed.

“Okay, we’re going to take you to x-ray to take a look at your arm. You’re boy friend is welcome to come with us,” I nod my head.

“Josh will you come?” I say turning and looking at Josh.

“Of course,” he says to me with a small smile.

The nurse wheels the bed through the hallways till we reach where they take x-rays. Once inside they take several pictures of my arm with the machines. Each time they moved my arm I cry out in pain. We return to the room, Josh sits on the chair next to the bed and takes my hand in his.

“Well, it’s defiantly broken,” the doctor says as he walks in. “I’m Doctor Connors. If you’ll follow the light please.” He moves a small light around and I try to follow it as best I can. “It looks like you also have a slight concussion. You need to take it easy for a couple days, not to much movement and defiantly no driving.” The nurse comes back in with a cart.

“What color cast do you want?” The nurse asks me.

“Um red,” I say to him.

The nurse puts on the cast telling me some instructions on how to bath with it on and everything. We get discharged and Josh takes us back to the venue. Once we get back it’s completely empty. We head backstage and are meted by Tyler and Jenna.

“Hey, everything okay?” Tyler asks Josh.

“Yeah, I took Y/N to the ER. She has a broken arm and a slight concussion,” Josh says placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Y/N, are you feeling okay?” Jenna asks me sweetly.

“Just a bit groggy,” I say to her truthfully.

“Have you called your mom?” Tyler asks suddenly a little worried.

“Shit, no I haven’t,” I pull out my phone and call my mom.

She was really worried since I wasn’t home yet. I tried to explain to her what had happened as best as I could. She just kept yelling at me calling me irresponsible. Josh suddenly takes the phone out of my hand. He calmly explains to my mom everything that had happened, better so then I, and told her what the doctor had said.

“I’ll drive her home in the morning if that’s alright with you ma’am,” Josh says to my mom. “Alright we’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.” He hangs up the phone and hands it to me. “You’ll stay with us tonight and I’ll take you home in the morning. I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“Okay, I don’t know about you guys but I am starving,” Tyler says with a laugh.

“Mark just brought some pizza,” Jenna says with a smile.

“Do you think you can walk, Y/N?” Josh asks me.

“Yeah I think I can,” I slowly stand up out of the wheelchair and take a couple steps.

Josh places an arms around my waist. We follow Tyler and Jenna to a room. There was a table full of food and people seated in various chair around eating. We walk to the table. I take a plate and take just one piece of pizza because I wan’t sure if I’d be able to really eat. The four of us sit down together.

“You know, you two would make a cute couple,” Jenna say too us with a smile. I can’t help but blush at her. I look over at Josh from the corner of my eye and see that he’s blushing as well.

“Hey, Y/N,” Josh says to me. “Is it okay if we go somewhere to talk?”

“Yeah sure,” I set my plate down and follow him out of the room.

We walk down the hallway to another room with a couch on it. Josh motions me toward the couch and we both sit down. Josh looks down at his feet not uttering a word. Butterflies swarm around in my stomach, I’m afraid of what he’s going to say.

“Y/N, I-I like you,” Josh says quietly. I look at him with wide eyes not believing the words he just uttered.

“R-really?” I whisper.

“Yeah really. I’ve been basically stalking you on all social media for a while now,” he says embarrassed.
“I-I like you too Josh,” I say back to him with a blush.

Josh looks up at me and strokes my cheek tenderly. Josh begins to lean forward but stops right before my lips. I nod my head. His lips lovely touch mine. I immediately kiss kiss him back loving the feeling of his lips on mine. I wrap my non broken arm around his neck deepening the kiss. Josh wraps his arms around my waist. I didn’t want this to end.

“Y/N,” Josh says parting from the kiss.

“Yes Josh?” I ask.

“Do you wanna go out with me?” He asks with a huge grin.

“Of course Josh,” I say smiling and hugging him. I peck his lips feeling extremely happy. I would have never dreamed that this would happen but I’m glad that it did. I just can’t wait for what’s to come.


Thinking about turing this into a fanfiction 

I Am Never Letting You Go - Cameron Dallas Imagine

A/N: Kia Ora! I’m not to sure about this one… I really like the beginning but unsure about the end.  This is the longest Imagine that I have ever written, and to be honest I think I am better at shorter ones.  Please let me know what you think.  I hope you like it and feel free to ask me anything or give feed back, I would love to hear what you guys have to say.  

Word Count: 1,316 

Y/N   P.O.V.

“Cam, I’m home!” I yelled from the front entrance way of our shared apartment.  I was absolutely shattered from my long day at school.  Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching, but the whole curriculum is so different here in the States than it is in New Zealand.  Not to mention the spelling! I still end up spelling color with a ‘u’, it drives me nuts some days.  I have been teaching here in the states for a few years now, but I still have those days where I think it might be just easier to go back to New Zealand.

“Hey babe, I’m in the kitchen.  How was your day?” He yells back.  I take my shoes off and walk around the corner to place my bag and keys on the bench, god something smells good!  “Yeah, it was good thanks babe.  I’m absolutely shattered though, the curriculum is killing me!  And don’t even get me started on the spelling!  I have to change my spelling all the time, like when I’m at work and then when I’m Facebook messaging everyone from home, ya know?” I reply with a sigh.  I hop onto one of the bar stools and rest my elbows on the bench top to hold my head in my hands.  I hear Cam walk around the bench and wrap his strong warm arms around my waist. “Y/N, you are doing an amazing job!  I don’t think I would have been able to do what you have done.  You have moved halfway across the world, with no family or friends in the States just so we could live together.  You always seem to amaze me, and I am super proud to call you my girlfriend.”  With that he places a small kiss on my right check and walks back into the kitchen.

“Thank you Cam!”

“There is no thanks needed. It is my job to make sure you are happy and safe.”  He didn’t even look up at me, but I smiled anyways.  To me it just means that there was no real thought in his response and that it was just exactly what he believed.  That’s one of the many things that I love about him.  I step down from the stool and walk around to the other side to wrap my arms around Cams torso.  I press my right check against the middle of his back, right between the shoulder blades.  “What you doing?” I ask in a bit of a sing song voice.  “I’m cooking you your favourite dinner.”  With that reply, I can just tell that he is proud of himself and is displaying an adorable smile on his face.  “Aww, thank you babe!  I must say, you defiantly know how to make a good lasagna.”  With that, I left and went upstairs to get changed out of my work clothes.  I grabbed my sweats, one of Cams hoodies, and my slippers.  I put them on and just before I walked out of the room, I snatched my blanket off the end of the bed and ran down the stairs.  As I was half way down the stairs I hear Cam call, “Y/N, dinner is ready!” I just love the way his accent makes my name sound, it always gives me shivers down my spine which feels amazing.  “I’m coming!” I shout back as I run down the rest of the stairs and the hallway towards the dining room.  “Oh my god Cam!  It smells so good babe, thank you!”
“Well you haven’t tasted it yet Y/N.” He laughs at his comeback. God his laugh and smile are to die for!  It’s when I’m with him, I realise how lucky I am and the small amount of stress worth it.

After dinner, I help Cam clean up.  He insisted that I sat down and didn’t lift a finger, but that’s just not how I roll.  

Cameron’s    P.O.V.

God I wish that she would just sit down and relax.  It isn’t that hard to clean up from dinner, all I have to do is rinse the dishes and put them in the dish washer. But no, it’s not how she rolls.  Y/N has been so stressed out lately, so I just wanted to do something to ease her work load.  Lucky for me, I know exactly how to do just that.  “Thank you for that amazing dinner Cam!”  Y/N says.  She wraps her arms around neck and kisses my cheek before resting her head on my chest. Her accent still drives me crazy! It isn’t as strong as it used to be, but I can still hear it and love it. I put my hands on the back of her thighs, “Jump.”  She does as she is told and giggles as I carry her over to the couch.  I sit down with her on my lap.  I kiss her sweetly while I gently reach over to my right to grab the blanket that she brought down with her.  I guide both of us down to the left where we end up spooning (Y/N being the little spoon of course) on the couch with the blanket covering the both of us. Reaching over the top of Y/N I fumble to find the remote so that I can put on one of her favourite shows, The Game of Thrones.  “How do you know exactly what I need?”  She asks, as we watch the intro.  “Oh, I just had a feeling Y/N, that’s all.” I simply reply.  “Thank you.” Y/N says sweetly.  “Anything for you babe.” I say as I place a small kiss in the crook of her neck.

At just over three quarters of the way through the episode I noticed that Y/N had fallen asleep.  I lean over and pause the episode, knowing all too well that if I watched anymore without her I am a dead man.  I slowly slide out from behind her, careful to not wake her up.  I run upstairs to pull down the blankets on our bed, that way it will make it easier for when I carry her back to bed.  As I make my way back to the lounge, I hear Y/N in the kitchen getting a glass of water. I go over to the door way and lean against the door frame.  I stand and admire her, god she is beautiful. She is doing nothing in particular, just drinking a glass of water.  “Are you ready for bed babe?”  I ask in a soft tone.  “Oh my god!” she squeals, and takes a deep breath.   “Don’t do that!” she demands.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you Y/N.”  I reply with regret in my voice.  I truly didn’t intend on giving her a fright, she is just such a scaredy cat.  I walk over to her and pick her up bridal style, she wraps her arms around my neck and rests her head on my right collar bone.  As I walk up the hallway I place a gentle kiss on her forehead, I just couldn’t help myself.  

I make my way around to her side of the bed where I place her softly and pull up the covers for her.  I walk into our closet and change into some more comfortable clothes.  As I walk back out into the room I notice that Y/N has ready fallen asleep, I grab my phone so that I can take a snapchat of her.  I caption it with, ‘Someone is a bit tired tonight.’  I save the picture and set it as the lock screen on my phone.  Defiantly one of my favourites.  Laying my head down on my pillow, I hear Y/N stir so I pull her in close, knowing that she is probably stressing about something in her sleep. I hold her tight and whisper, “I am never letting you go.”



“Please, I need you guys to relax yourselves. Cynthia is fine, okay?” Cyn’s mom spoke into the phone

Cynthia decided she wanted to drop off the face of the earth four days ago and not call anybody and tell them what’s up with her. Now she has us going crazy because this isn’t like her.

“But you’re not telling me what’s going on, for days no one has been answering the phone now all of a sudden she’s ‘fine’?” I questioned

How stupid does her mom think I am? Obviously Cyn isn’t that fine, if she’s not home. She doesn’t even like spending the night at her parents’ house so auntie Kat was going to have to come a little harder than that.

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Starting Over (Angst/Family Fic) Shiki Kurobane/Ren Shibasaki

Honestly, I have no idea what to call this. So just read on~ For italianwriter! Enjoy! (◕‿◕✿)


There’s no way this happening.. I looked down at the positive pregnancy test and I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. “Shiki and I are not even married.. Oh my god..” I looked at ceiling of the bathroom in the Demon house. This is really bad..

I hesitantly walked out into the hallway, hiding the test in my front hoodie pocket. “Hey Anny! You look a little pale.. You okay?” Meguru peered into my face and I nodded franticly, “Y-Yes!” I quickly walked past him and went into Shiki’s room. That was close…

“Anny?” Shiki slowly sat up from his bed, cocking his head to the side, and adjusted his glasses, “What’s wrong?”

He beckoned me over to the side of his bed and I walked slowly, trying to waste time. I eventually got to the side and sat down, but right at that moment, the pregnancy test fell out onto the floor. Shit!

“Anny.. Is that?” Shiki’s eyes grew wide and he swiped it off the floor before I could. My heart pounded as he read the pregnancy test, “Your pregnant?” He looked back up at me, his heliotrope eyes looking at me in shock.

I didn’t want to lie to him so I just spat out the truth, “Yes..” I felt tears stain my cheeks but I was suddenly pulled into Shiki’s embrace. “I’m so happy Anny! This is one of the most best things that could happen!”

I was surprised at his words, “But.. Shiki we are not married.” Shiki smiled, “So? I would never leave you.” Our lips connected sweetly. Thank god he’s not mad! Things might actually turn for the good!

~The Next Morning~

I woke up alone in bed, the morning sunshine blocked by Shiki’s black curtains, I could just feel something in my gut that something was going to go wrong today. I could just feel it… Or maybe it was my morning sickness.

I got up out of bed and stretched earning cracks and pops from my body in response. Maybe they are all at breakfast..

~Down Stairs~

Everything’s… Gone? Is that possible? There no couch, no kitchen, no dining room table, no nothing.. That must mean the rest of the guys rooms are empty as well! I bet they left Shiki’s bed so I could sleep. That’s when I realized there was a note and a black bag on the floor.

“What’s this..” I picked the note up and I opened it up, my eyes scanning over the words:

‘Due to certain circumstances, everyone had to return back to the Demon Realm. We don’t know how long we will be gone, but it will be a while before we return. We have sent a resignation letter to your boss and this house his set to explode at 5:00 p.m. So please be gone by then. Please move to another city or country where no one can find you. It’s for your safety. In the sack is enough money for you to start a new life, put it to good use. -Shiki’

I quickly opened up the bag and inside was a load of cash. There’s at least 10,000,000 dollars in there!

My knees turned to jelly and I fell to the floor, what could be so serious that they had to leave on such a short notice?! My heart was broken to pieces, so much for not leaving me Shiki. I have to find a new job.. Oh my god… I’m going to have a baby in 9 months..

I was so overwhelmed at all the sudden information that was thrown at me. Okay.. I calmed myself down, first things first, this house is going to explode at 5:00 p.m. I looked at the clock on the wall, it’s 12:00 p.m. now. I need to get all my stuff packed and take a shower.

~4:30 p.m.~

I looked back one more time at the demon house while I got in the taxi that had been waiting for me. Goodbye everyone, I hope I will see you soon. I put my suit case in the trunk and got in the back seat, “Where to miss?”

“The train station.”

As we rode along, there was a sudden explosion. That must of been the Demon house! The driver of the taxi was so concentrated on driving he didn’t see a thing.

Finally, I arrived at the train station and got out of the taxi with my luggage and purse. I made it to the ticket station and looked up at the train time arrivals. “There’s one to Tokyo… Leaving at 5:10! That’s right now!”

Thankfully there hardly wasn’t anyone at the ticket line so I got my ticket and quickly boarded the train before it left the station.

Looks like I gotta start over, without Shiki. Life is going to be so different now that I can’t see him anymore. Now I’m going to have a child… What a sudden turn of events.

~Tokyo/8:00 p.m.~

I walked out of the train station after the 3 hour ride, the chilly midnight air hit my skin, making me feel refreshed. I need somewhere to stay, eat, and sleep. For now I better look for a restaurant, I’m starving.

I walked around a bit, mesmerized at all the fancy shops and hotels. I have enough money to stay in all of those! But one place got my attention.

There was a restaurant called, “Long Island, Sports Drinking Bar.” There also was a sign that said, “Help Needed.” I wonder if I could apply for a job there? I can eat too!

I walked into the bar, wow! It’s totally empty except for the guys at the bar. There were 5 guys sitting at bar and one making drinks for all of them. They are all so handsome!

The one making the drinks looked up at me and smiled, “Looks like we got a beautiful woman with us tonight boys.” All the men turned to look at me, shit! What do I say?

“Nice to meet you!” I tried to sound cheerful. “I’m Yuta!” A dirty blonde stepped in front of all the other boys and suddenly held out a hand to me, “My names Anny.” He smiled at me, “That’s a lov- Whoa!”

Before he could finish his sentence he was pushed out of the way by the famous writer, Saeki Takamasa. “You look beautiful tonight, would you mind having a drink with me?” I didn’t want to say no, but it might be bad for the baby.

“You guys calm down!” A brown headed male intervened, he has on a lawyer badge! He must be a Attorney!

“Here Miss, take my seat.” Another man with a red tie said and stood up.

“Thank you.” I calmly sat down and the man handed me a glass of wine, “Drink up. It’s on the house, you came here with a suit case. Something rough must of happened.

Rough doesn’t even describe what happened to me. “I’m sorry, but I don’t drink.”

"Why not?” The famous author questioned me.

“U-Um… I’m pregnant actually.”

The whole bar went silent, I was getting stared of confusion from the boys, “Then shouldn’t you be at home with your husband?” Suddenly, a blonde male spoke up, his emerald eyes looking my way. He’s.. So handsome..

“Anny?” I was brought back to my senses my Yuta. “S-Sorry!” All the guys chuckled and waited for me to answer the question. Looks like I gotta make stuff up!

“My husband divorced me after he found out I was pregnant with his child two weeks ago. I got fired from my job, lost my house, and lost my husband. It’s a complete disaster.”

All the guys eyes looked like deers in headlights, “Wow.. I’m so sorry.” The male behind the counter said and I smiled, “It’s okay! I came in here looking for a job.”

“Your hired. I’m Kunihiko Aikawa.” I was flabbergasted at his sudden agreement. “Thank you so much!” I clapped my hands together happily but it quickly faded away when I realized I had no place to stay.

“There a apartment upstairs you can use. It has a bathroom and bed room.” We shook hands.

“Now let me introduce you to my friends. This is Yamato Kougami.” He pointed towards the man with the red tie and hazel nut hair color.

“You already know Yuta Kajima, that’s Saeki Takamasa sitting right beside him.” The two waved and smiled, “That’s Takao Maruyama, he’s an attorney. Sitting next to him is the quiet one, he’s a Prince, Ren Shibasaki.”

~1 Month Later~

“You want your usual?” I asked as Ren came in through the LI bar door again. He smiled and nodded, “Sure.”

Ren and I had become close, he would come in every day and talk to me. Somedays he wouldn’t come due to work, but he would always come and visit. We would talk constantly about the most random things, I think it’s because I love science and so does he.

Of course I miss Shiki, but I’m afraid to say I’m falling for Ren since he’s not here. I haven’t confessed my love to Ren yet, but I will soon. The only thing I can hope for is that he will love me back.

My baby bump isn’t that large, but all the guys are supporting me. They are like my family now, it’s like they replaced the Demons.

~3 Months Later~

Ren and I entered his apartment, I was still shaken up plus the pregnancy hormones made the situation much worse.

There was a robbery at LI and the criminal came through the balcony in my apartment. The guys and I were all down stairs and he ambushed us, using me as a hostage. Thankfully, the police got there in time and made him surrender.

“Just calm down, okay?” Ren sat me down on the edge of his bed and squatted down in front of me.

“I… I was scared too, alright? I thought you were gonna die.. A-And..” Ren’s cheeks turned a maroon color and he confessed, “And I love you, Anny.”

I was taken back by his words, he just confessed to me.. Oh my god.. “Ren, I love you too!” I blurted out. Ren shot up like a rocket, his eyes practically bulging out of his head.

“Oh thank god..” He hugged me tightly, although my baby bump was sorta in the way. “Ren, will you still stay with me, even though.. I’m..”

“Pregnant?” I nodded shyly and Ren chuckled, “Of course I will. Why would I ever leave the woman I love?” He suddenly kissed me, his lips conquering mine over and over again. I can’t believe this, this is the best day of my life!

“And I promise that I’ll take good care of the baby too.” He caressed my stomach gently, looking at me lovingly. “I love you, Anny.”

~2 Years Later~

“Daddy why are you carrying a bunch of roses?” The dark colored headed little girl giggled as she pranced around us.

Ren and I were walking through the park, hand in hand. “It’s your mother’s and I’s wedding anniversary, sweetheart.” Ren chuckled and brought the back of my hand up to his lips, kissing it gently. “I love you, Anny.”

Shiki’s and I’s child turned out to be a girl with jet black hair like her fathers and emerald eyes like mine. She was a spitting image of me, only smaller, and cuter. Ren and I decided to name her Megumi, which means blessing and kindness.

Ren and I had also gotten married a year ago, which was one of the most best days of my life. He’s a great dad to Megumi and I know he will be to our other one on the way.

~No One’s P.O.V~

Shiki watched his girlfriend from a distance, she was walking across the park with another man, he could see the gold wedding band on her finger, he could see his little girl frolicking around them.

His heart was broken, “Looks like Anny found someone else while we were gone. Sorry Sheeks!” Haruhito patted his back, trying to comfort the heart broken male.

He had waited two years to see her again, but the woman he loved probably didn’t recognize him. It saddened him, he wanted to go up and hug her… But he had to sit in his own misery and watch them walk happily across the park.

This is a response to ashleymardell’s video Cutting off All My Hair.

[i was going to record my face just as a quick thing and done, but i’m still really anxious about putting my actual face up online publicly since i’ve been so careful about it all these years, so instead have these crappy sketches i did while thinking about this issue and writing up text for this response.]

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