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etsyfindoftheday 5 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 10.20.17

beaded gemstone jewelry by layeredandlong

layeredandlong’s jewelry is minimalist and perfect for everyday wear, but don’t write it off as boring — there are all kinds of details like colorful mini-beads, varied chain styles, and unique lengths that really do encourage you to layer ‘em up! choose from necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more.

Diabolik Lovers - Mini Game List

Just a list of Mini Games that appear in the non-story line games.

Little note before you read:

  • Touch function can only be used for the front screen, and not the back.
  • Cursors will appear when you move your Left Stick or use the Arrow Keys.
  • VanDead Carnival has 10 Mini Games
  • Lunatic Parade has 12 Mini Games

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Acadia National Park, Maine

Surprisingly, I was the only car in the parking lot at the peak of Cadillac Mountain for this “sunset” a couple nights ago. A little rain scared all the tourists away and I had it all to myself. Looks like just home.



Sorry, I was just imagining you burnt to a crisp.


I want to know more about that horrible group of misfits so bad. Jayne stole my heart and I love her so much.


“The first episode that I was on, we go and have a beer together, and it’s extraordinary writing-wise to look at the dialogue from that scene. It maps out the next four years of our relationship. We brought these things out in each other that only happens when you meet the person that you want to end up with. The writers let it unfold in a real and lovely way.” —Adam Scott