the colony of roanoke

What will happen on AHS: 6

Finn Wittrock and Evan Peters will play each other

The main three cast will all live to the end of the season

Unless there’s a dumb twist where they’re all actually dead

There will be awesome visuals that will get lackluster/inadequate/no explanation

Evan Peters will fall in love with somebody.

Probably Emma Roberts as a ghost pilgrim, that sounds about right.

Angela Bassett will shoot people, only to find that guns won’t work on them

The Pig thing will probably get resolved mid-season.

Kathy Bates will make us all sad

When Lady Gaga shows up we’ll be plagued with gifs of her for months

There will be a flashback to the original Roanoke Colony, before it at went to shit.

Several episodes will be dedicated to prior tenants of the house in different decades, because Ryan Murphy loves period pieces but hates committing


And that’s what you missed on Glee.


American Horror Story S01 (ep. 11 ‘Birth) / S06 (ep. 1 ~ Chapter one: My Roanoke story)

In S01 Billie Dean Howard tells Violet Harmon and Constance Langdon the story of Roanoke:

“In 1590 on the coast of what we now know as North Carolina the entire colony of Roanoke- all 117 men, women and children- died inexplicably. It became known as The Ghost Colony because the spirits remained. They haunted the native tribes living in the surrounding area. Killing indiscriminately. The elder knew he had to act. He cast a banishment curse. First, he collected the personal belongings of all the dead colonists. Then they burned them. The ghosts appeared, summoned by their talismans but before the spirits could cause them any more harm the elder completed the curse that would banish the ghosts forever. - How? - By uttering a single word. The same word found carved on a post at the abandoned colony.
Croatoan! Croatoan.”

  • [Annabeth points to a word carved into a telephone pole]
  • Percy: Croatoan?
  • Annabeth: Yeah.
  • [Percy stares blankly]
  • Annabeth: Roanoke… lost colony… ring a bell? Percy, did you pay any attention in history class?
  • Percy: Yeah. Shot heard ‘round the world, how bills become laws…
  • Annabeth: That’s not school; that’s schoolhouse rock!

Chapter 2

Archeologists have discovered pottery linked to the lost colony of Roanoke

The team of researchers found two small pieces of pottery that could help crack the mysterious case of the lost colony of Roanoke on an island in North Carolina. The glazed blue, brown and white fragments are considered the most significant find in the area for over 70 years. The archeologists even have a theory about what the pottery was used for.

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cannot-kill-the-sun  asked:

2am just finished doing dishes and should probably not be asking questions Amme here asking if, during your trip to America, you were worried that there wouldn't be an appropriate/acceptable territory for you? Or that you'd have to go back to London?

I did spend much time listening to returned sailors, to hear what there might be to learn about the mythology of the natives. I did not learn much, as communication was not very cohesive yet. Instead, I made a choice that if I came, and there was no place for me, I would make one. But to hear them talk of the place, the sheer landmass was extensive and bountiful, the natives spread thinly, and the settlements ill equipped to stop me, should I wish to carve my own home.

As a side note, I did wonder, for many centuries, if the Roanoke colony could have been just such an occasion, another cousin massacring those who got in their way. I am now relatively certain that did not happen, but it has taken a long while to be assured of that.

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→ historical places: Roanoke Colony

In 1587, Raleigh dispatched a new group of 115 colonists to establish a colony on Chesapeake Bay. They were led by John White, an artist and friend of Raleigh who had accompanied the previous expeditions to Roanoke. Shortly thereafter, colonist George Howe was killed by a native while searching alone for crabs in Albemarle Sound. Fearing for their lives, the colonists persuaded Governor White to return to England to explain the colony’s desperate situation and ask for help. White sailed for England in late 1587, although crossing the Atlantic at that time of year was a considerable risk. Because of the continuing war with Spain, White was unable to mount another resupply attempt for an additional three years. He finally gained passage on a privateering expedition that agreed to stop off at Roanoke on the way back from the Caribbean. White landed on August 18, 1590, but found the settlement deserted. The only clue was the word “CROATOAN” carved into a post of the fence around the village. All the houses and fortifications had been dismantled, which meant that their departure had not been hurried. Before he had left the colony, White instructed them that, if anything happened to them, they should carve a Maltese cross on a tree nearby, indicating that their absence had been forced. There was no cross, and White took this to mean that they had moved to Croatoan Island (now known as Hatteras Island), but he was unable to conduct a search. The end of the 1587 colony is unrecorded, leading to the colony being referred to as the “Lost colony”, with multiple hypotheses existing as to the fate of the colonists. X

It’s American Wizarding School Theory time!

The Lost Colony of Roanoke is where the American wizarding school is located.

The only trace of the settlement was the word “Croatoan” written on a tree. That was the name of the Native American tribe in the area, but it could also have been a sign to wizards that muggles didn’t understand. A strong muggle repelling charm and cloaking spell would keep a settlement hidden like Hogwarts.

Jo can’t say the name of the tribe cause it would give it away? Totally the Croatoan tribe!

Think about it.

Wikipedia article about the Lost Colony


Last week we went hiking up on Bent Mountain above the Blue Ridge Parkway and came upon an old fieldstone foundation of a structure and this abandoned colonial cemetery. There were 20 markers in all, most were just slender pieces of granite sticking out of the ground. It was so eerie, just the wind blowing and the sound of a small creek. We wondered if it had been an old Appalachian church. I wonder who they were.


March 22nd 1622: Jamestown massacre

On this day in 1622, the Jamestown massacre occurred in colonial Virginia. Jamestown was the first successful English settlement in North America, following the failure of previous attempts to colonise North America, most notoriously with the lost colony of Roanoke. On March 22nd, fighters of the Powhatan confederation of Native American tribes - also known as Algonquian Indians - came into the houses of the settlers in the area, grabbed their weapons, and attacked them. 347 people died in the incident, which made up a quarter of the English population at Jamestown. The massacre was in response to the colonists’ mistreatment of Native Americans, which included burning down their homes, destroying food supplies, and threatening expansion into their land. In retaliation, Native American fighters launched a surprise attack on the area. However, as it was forewarned, Jamestown itself was spared from the worst of the violence. The incident is one of many conflicts between Native Americans and English settlers in the early days of the colonial venture, as the settlers increasingly encroached upon indigenous land.