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Dylann Roof is remembered by some former neighbors as the strange, bug-eyed boy with a bowl haircut who helped with yard work in rural Lexington county. Some can’t fathom how he learned to have such deep resentment toward people of African descent. Weeks before his arrest Roof had told friends he wanted to do “something big,” and he had plans to commit a mass shooting at the College of Charleston. Another friend remembered that Roof was’t mean, but he had “a darkness to his life.”
These are contrary statements about a young man with no record of violence, who has remained largely silent aside from the website. 

We are Charleston - Chapter 2

VIDEO: Charleston Church Shooting survivor Felicia Sanders talks about Dylann Roof, her son & the tragedy

Bible study that night was gonna be cancelled because they had meetings and stuff there all day but in the end they decided to have it.

5 minutes after they started bible study Dylann walked in. They thought he was “just a child coming in to study the bible because he was calm & everything. We actually didnt see him looking weird or anything because my church is right by the college of Charleston so its not unusual that we have caucasians come in to the church. He sat with us really calm & everything & we read through the bible & he actually engaged twice with us”.

“Its just a sad day that when you can let your child practice shooting in your backyard & you dont do anything about it, you dont do anything, you dont see any flags, anything”.

“They said he was loner. If he’d took ten more minutes, maybe twenty more minutes to get to know each one of the people that he killed, he would have had some really great friends.” 😢

“Forgiveness is not for that person, forgiveness actually is for you. Its not for that person. Dylann Roof dont give a… whether i forgive him or not, so its for me, its for me”.


Spring 2017 Worn Wear College Tour!

Folks, we’re hitting the road and traveling to colleges around the country to repair clothing for free and teach folks how to fix their own clothes. In an effort to repair more than just clothes, for this tour we’ve teamed up with the Post Landfill Action Network to create conversation and action towards a world with less waste. There will be some fun talks along the way from our own Rick Ridgeway, Vincent Stanley and many others.

The Patagonia Worn Wear repair team can fix about 40 garments per day (sorry, no repairs on luggage or shoes). All repairs are made on a first come, first served basis. One repair per guest. We fix all brands!

Tour stops

Click on each stop for details:

Thur 2/16  Feb. 16  10am-5pm  College of Charleston  Charleston, SC

Tue 2/21  Feb. 21  10am-5pm  University of Georgia  Athens, GA  

Thur 2/23  Feb. 23  11am-6pm  Clemson University  Clemson, SC     

Mon. 2/27  Feb. 27  10am-5pm  Warren Wilson College  Swannanoa, NC

Wed 3/1  Mar. 1  9am-3pm  American University  Washington DC 

Fri 3/3  Mar. 3  10am-5pm  Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)  New York, NY  

Mon. 3/6  Mar. 6  11am-6pm  Yale University  New Haven, CT  

Wed 3/8  Mar. 8  10am-5pm   Mass Amherst  Amherst, MA 

Fri. 3/10  Mar. 10  10am-5pm  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)   Cambridge, MA       

Tues 3/21  Mar. 21  9am-5pm  University of New Hampshire  Durham, NH  

Thurs. 3/23  Mar. 23  11am-6pm  University of Vermont  Burlington, VT  

Mon. 3/27  Mar. 7  10am-5pm  Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)   Rochester, NY  

Wed. 3/29  Mar. 29  12pm-7pm  Ohio University  Athens, OH 

Fri 3/31  Mar. 31  10am-4pm  Michigan State University  East Lansing, MI  

Wed 4/5  Apr. 5  10am-4pm  University of Minnesota  Minneapolis, MN

Mon. 4/10  Apr. 10  10am-5pm  University of Colorado: Colorado Springs  Colorado Springs, CO  

Wed. 4/12  Apr. 12  10am-5pm  Utah State University  Logan, UT  

Tues. 4/18  Apr. 18  10am-5pm  University of Oregon   Eugene, OR 

Fri. 4/21  Apr. 21  10am-5pm  UC Berkeley  Berkeley, CA 

Tue. 4/25  Apr. 25  10am-5pm  Cal Poly SLO  San Luis Obispo, CA

Wed. 4/26  Apr. 26  11am-5pm  UC Santa Barbara  Santa Barbara, CA