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Being fat has always been like…A Thing in gay communities, fat gay people have always existed, and the fact that there is this culture on tumblr of lifting up skinny, white, rich people who can afford to fit into a certain Artsy Queer Look™ is really really saddening

This is especially true for butch lesbians!! Why are Masculine Looks™ always on some skinny Tattoosleeve McSuspenders cookie-cutter model!!

Let’s collectively shift the spotlight


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Moon conjunct Neptune, Moon square Neptune, Moon trine Neptune, Moon opposite Neptune, Moon sextile Neptune 

When Neptune and the Moon make music the emotional spectrum can be oceanic. The individual is tapped into the whole sensory orchestra of the collective, mood shifts by the Moon become fantasised by the waves of Neptune, enveloping the individual entrancingly, transporting them to lagoons to pure feeling, euphoria, and ecstasy, and sadness, and deep melancholy. Moon-Neptune individuals have permeable boundaries, they can become cocooned by the mood of the room, leaky and vulnerable. The individual is an impressive empath, capable of reading body language and hidden emotion well. It can be impossible to deceive these people with lies that, ‘you are fine’, because they can feel sadness in your eyes and in your spirit. These individuals can be psychic children, often developing profound empathy as young children, receiving invisible signals and hidden details. The imagination can be wicked with Moon-Neptune. Triggered by emotion, the fantasy world can sketch a murky ocean of darkness, prophetizing chaos and torture. So this vivid imagination can turn self destructive, depending on the mood or environment. The artistic expression can be rich here, any form of creative essence flows from two cosmic waterfalls, music, painting, writing, cinema, glamour, dance, any experience that mimics the creative activity of God. This is the illusion of all illusion, a lunar dreamboat riding into Neptune bay.


Collective Shift:  Root Activation

there is a massive paradigm shift happening. i feel uprooted and life in transition(I have a lot going on in my life right now but i’ll try to stay updated as much as I can) but it’s strange that sooo many people are feeling very similar. moving to different states transitioning for the hurricanes, etc. It’s not very common to have back to back hurricanes, while also experiencing earthquakes across the country. This is very bizarre energy, - it has the energy of root activation.

The rook chakra may be getting activated and hit while the collective is going through these hurricanes. This is a high time to keep the root in check, stay grounded, centered, present, Scarcity and fear consciousness may come up more and more as many in the collective are feeling this uprooted energy due to all the literal physical changes happening. As we are all energy beings, take note of this collective shift because it can or may get you uprooted. Think of the ripple effect and how when one chunk of energy is hit - we all feel that limbic resonance.

We’re integrating a ton of energy after closing the eclipse window. Tons of new energy is coming in. means tons of resistance to change - I am getting ready to move to a new state. Tons of transition happening everywhere. Tap in, tune in and know that the universe has your back <3

Lightly Seared, Blue Paladin

They should’ve known it was a trap the second the paladins landed on the planet. A strange distress signal was sent out a few hours earlier from a planet devoid of life. That should have been the first warning bell, but being the saviors of the universe, they had to check it out.

Nobody really had any qualms about it until the communication system shut down and they landed. There was a giant cave that protruded from the barren ground and the paladins had landed to discuss going in it or not. That was when they realized it was a trap.

Lasers shot at them from inside the cave once everyone was out of their lion. Shiro cursed loudly, “Everyone back to their lion!” However, not everyone could do that. The Galra had cut Pidge, Hunk, and Lance off from their lions.

Hunk and Pidge had thankfully landed next to each other so Hunk easily got rid of the Galra for the two. Where Lance had a bit more difficulty, especially when the Galra closed in on him.

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Netflix Death Note: My Thoughts

So the long awaited American adaptation of Death Note arrived on Netflix on Friday the 25th of August, and it’s clear to see that the reviews are certainly mixed.

Let’s just jump right in and get down to the many faults with this adaptation.

Note* This isn’t all doom and gloom, as I think there is definitely some room for appraisal. There will be many spoilers ahead but who cares, right?

Light Turner (Light Yagami):

Light is essentially a bit of a loser, taking crap from bullies and even from L. As we know from the anime, Light isn’t hesitant on throwing in a good ol’ punch to the face. Yet in this adaptation, Light seems to just accept any grief that he is presented with. In addition to this, Light appears to be a bit of a loner, as we never see him socialising with any friends. Now in the anime, whilst it wasn’t common for Light to have the boys around for a few games of Mario Kart, he was still acknowledged around school to “hang out” with other students, but he of course declined because he’s a busy bee with a rotten world to cleanse

Another point to mention regarding Netflix Light is how careless he is. At many moments throughout the movie, Light can be seen shouting about the Death Note whilst in loud conversation with Mia (Misa Amane) and he even has his Death Note out on his lap during gym class. Whereas we all know that anime Light would never do something like that. He understood the importance of keeping the Death Note hidden from absolutely everyone, and wouldn’t dare openly talk about it in public. Because why would he be so careless? He wouldn’t. This links in to Lights intelligence, or so to say, craftiness.

Netflix Light doesn’t appear to be the brains of the operation, except at a few key points towards the end of the movie. throughout the anime, Light had his head screwed on from the start, and he allowed absolutely nothing to get in his way. He also wouldn’t sacrifice the Death Note for anyone or anything (except when Sayu, but of course he had a plan to wind up getting the Death Note back) In the Netflix adaptation, it is more Mia who has true intentions for the Death Note, and it appears that Light doesn’t really have everything set in stone, as he did in the anime. I’ll elaborate more on that when I discuss Mia’s character.

A crucial key aspect to mention is that at no point did Light proclaim “I am the God of the new world”, which is severely disappointing,as anime Light genuinely believed that he was Justice, but Netflix Light just wants to be a do-gooder and be rid of the bad guys. Netflix Light also never has a psychotic moment of ranting to Ryuk, himself, or anyone for that matter. Anime Light is iconic for having random outbursts of craziness, as all great characters do, but Netflix Light is pretty chill throughout the movie, with the exception of the moments in which he thought he was about to get caught out. I just believe that it would’ve been more enjoyable for Netflix Light to have been portrayed as the Evil Genius that we know him as.

Now onto Mia Sutton (Misa Amane):

In complete contrast to Anime Misa, a cute blonde model with a slight sinister streak, Mia Sutton is a dark haired edgy cheerleader who smokes (see? bad habits = bad movie) In a weird way, from watching Mia, I got the feeling that she was more suited to be Light Yagami than what Netflix Light was. Let me explain: At the beginning of the movie, Mia is the typical semi-popular good looking cheerleader. However, the look on her face is like a constant expression of boredom, similar to anime Light at the beginning. When Mia discovers the power of Lights Death Note, she is the one who is more keen on changing the world, as though it was her all along who has been “bored” of how things have been working out in the legal system, and as though she is the one with the real desire to be rid of all criminals in the world. This includes the lives of innocents who stand in her way.

The key difference between Mia and Misa is that Mia’s drive to use the Death Note is for her own personal desire, and she is very willing to throw Light under the bus, as revealed when she wrote his name in the notebook and promised to burn it so long as he gave her ownership of it. Whereas Misa on the other hand done everything under Lights instruction, and wouldn’t dare step out of line. This can be said to be because Misa was infatuated with Light, therefore her use of the Death Note was to assist him. If anything, Mia is more problematic to Light, despite being clever, that what Misa was.

This adaptation really spun things around for Misa’s character, as it conveyed Mia as intelligent, and only looking out for herself. I suppose this is only considered a fault if you prefer the original Misa.

Furthermore, the relationship between Light and Mia is also in stark contrast to Light and Misa. Netflix Light appears to be genuinely in love with Mia, and it actually seems that he is more interested in her than what she is with him, as we can assume she is only in it for the Death Note. Anime Light has zero romantic attraction to Misa, and only kept her safe as he was under threat from Rem. If it wasn’t for that, Light would’ve disposed of Misa in a heartbeat in order to make matters less problematic for himself. And yes, whilst we can say “but Netflix Light wrote Mia’s name in the Death Note” I don’t believe that was his intention from the start. I think he genuinely loved Mia, but upon realising that she was going behind his back and eventually holding his life against him, he had to fight back.

Another cringe detail on Mia and Lights relationship is how edgy and quirky they are. Their relationship is portrayed as slightly darker than anime Light and Misa. For example, they “make out” whilst writing names in the notebook. Honestly, how twisted does one have to be to get in the mood whilst killing people? In addition to their edge & quirk, Netflix Light has a “normal people scare me” picture in his locker, next to a picture of the two of them, Light and Mia. C'mon guys, only the edgiest of teens own American Horror Story merchandise. Having said that, I do see a slight resemblance between Netflix Light and Mia to Evan Peters and Emma Roberts… Oh, not to mention their edgy homecoming pictures. Choking? Very edgy indeed.

Now onto L:

Whilst my thoughts on L may be bias, as he is my favourite character in the anime and the movie, I am able to acknowledge his faults. Let’s start with his irrationality. For the beginning of the movie, Netflix L appeared to walk in similar footsteps to that of anime L, with some minor changes such as the way in which he addressed Kira during a press release, and confronted Light in a cafe of sorts. However, the calm and collected demeanour suddenly shifts after Watari’s disappearance, when L begins to panic. Instead of taking a rational approach, as anime L would, Netflix L decides to let his emotions get the better of him, and carries out a series of irrational behaviours: starting with almost assaulting Light at his house, before being stopped by a poorly portrayed Soichiro Yagami (but more on that later), then onto stealing a police car and, whilst being armed with a gun, recklessly chases after Light, and then attempts to shoot him. As we have witnessed in the anime, L isn’t keen on moving around much, so this adaptation was probably a bit too quick and fast to suit anime L. Another mistake Netflix L makes is announcing to a bystander that he is a detective and Light is Kira, and that’s why he’s pointing a gun at him. Of course, L is ultimately struck down by this bystander, allowing Light to escape. What was disappointing about this was that anime L would’ve known that virtually anyone could be a Kira supporter, and would’ve done anything to protect who they thought was Kira, so the real rational minded L wouldn’t have made that announcement. To be fair, the real rational minded L wouldn’t have been having a physical showdown with Kira in the back alley of a restaurant in the first place.

My final kick at Netflix L is that he’s a bit of a crybaby, very much unlike anime L. Throughout the movie, Netflix L is shown to be very passionate about justice and all that business, but he seems a little /too/ passionate. He is even seen to be crying at the end of the movie, which we know is very uncommon for the original L. This can be perceived to make L look weak, and sort of as though he’s lost the “war”.

In conclusion to Netflix L, this adaptation managed to maintain his quirks and mannerisms, however I do believe that he was made to be more emotional, which I guess is a good thing as we get to see that he is a real human.

Ok so here’s a lil list of various other flaws that aren’t necessarily worth making a big rant about:

.Watari’s name is Watari, and not an alias. This made it easy for Light (well technically Mia) to kill him.

.Wammy’s house has a different name, and it’s also dead. The orphanage has been abandoned and it just looks sad.

.The guy who played the guy who’s supposed to be Soichiro Yagami (cba learning the names) was not the best at all. His performance was so dry and pretty much annoying. The real daddy yagami wouldn’t stand for this.

.There is no Mello, Near, Matt, or any of the task force.

.Lights mum is dead and there isn’t a little sister who can’t do quadratic equations.

.Everything seems to move a bit too fast in the film, so I think that if you weren’t familiar with Death Note, then you’d probably be confused as to what’s happening.

.Ryuk isn’t that thing in the corner that laughs maniacally and makes the odd quip. Instead, he’s quite keen on making Light give up the Death Note, as he can see the trouble it’s causing. Anime Ryuk is preferable as he thrived off the chaos, which made his character more appealing.

There are most likely many more but I feel like I’ve dug deep enough.

I have to admit, the soundtrack for the Netflix adaptation was actually really good

What happens next

When tragedies like this happen, the State relies on Compassionate Progressive™ sentiment to impulsively call for tighter, broader central regulation—generally for strict control over a specific facet of our lives [disaster relief, firearms, mass destruction, famine]). This impulse riles up a swath of citizens, and makes them susceptible to State expansion that they might otherwise oppose in moments of calm.

Of course, nothing can change too quickly, or you would upset the status quo, which can lead to unwanted revolution. The State doesn’t want to rock the boat, but it can incrementally shift the status quo over time. In order to sustain itself, it must continue to grow and to do that it needs financial and civil support.

Sure the State might not take away guns tomorrow, but it could very easily exploit this event to implement tighter control on our movement, and on our perceived rights. Just look at the TSA, which many Americans excuse as a ‘given’ inconvenience despite its gross corruption and institutional ineptitude.

What do I mean by ‘perceived rights’? I’m talking about rights inherent to our humanity, for which the legitimacy depends upon our perception. Those who support the right to bear arms do so because they perceive a necessity of personal ownership. Even some gun control advocates will pay it lip service.

Gun control does not (and will not) have to be about confiscating weapons, but rather about shifting our collective perception on what is and is not appropriate with respect to firearms. 2A hardliners may want to disagree with me here, but stick with me.

The debate around the right to bear arms and the role of the State in regulating that right will continue for the week as it always does, and as usual it will die down; the State is not going to outright goosestep down the streets and confiscate en masse. Instead, the media will gently shift the narrative to other, less invasive means to monitor and control people; theoretically band-aids to prevent seemingly unpredictable future tragedies.

After 9/11, Congress signed the USA PATRIOT Act; most members never read the bill. The State used this foot in the door to expand the NSA, FBI, CIA and create the TSA; it also created the Department of Homeland Security, under which it were consolidated the Real ID and Immigration and Customs Enforcement operations (that’s movement and trade in layman’s terms). The State absolutely will tuck this tragedy into its arsenal to influence and advocate for additional security measures. Look today at sporting events, major metro stations, concerts. Now it will be casino, hotels, festivals. The fourth estate will happily wag its tail in exchange for influence on Capitol Hill.

It’s not just plausible, it’s reality.

But you can’t sell something so mundane through the energy of raw compassion. In fact, for most who voice this sentiment such a move would not be enough. However, the State would not upset its balance and would not immediately threaten our inherent rights. Instead, the State generally relies on the fears of Conservative Traditionalists™ to support the enforcement of this new, but still familiar, status quo. In this way, the perception of the right’s integrity remains in tact while in practice, those rights are diminished.

A penchant for the status quo is a crucial element of conservative ideologies—conserve is in the name. (Note, I am not talking about a left-right dichotomy). Just as this American sentiment helps to legitimize the ever-growing police state in the above-referenced facets of our lives, it would uphold future expansion too. If you aren’t convinced, then ask yourselves the following question.

How many more incidents of cops shooting peaceful—but armed—citizens would it take to convince you that people will absolutely defend this incremental growth in security (as they always have)? Police are already trigger-happy, and often presume whatever you’re holding is a threat. People defend it. They support it, and advocate it. Through this sentiment, the State will have its foundation to push the status quo just a little bit closer toward totalitarianism.

The second amendment is meant to guarantee our uninhibited right to bear arms, and yet we find ourselves living in a country where you are more and more likely to die for exercising that right (or for being perceived as exercising that right). Too often, those defending the former contrarily support the latter as well. In this way, the right to bear arms is perceived by the public at large as illegitimate if that right purportedly threatens a law enforcement official. This will invariably happen when some poor American walks into a hotel a security checkpoint with a gun, a knife, an oddly-shaped cell phone, an obscured wallet and the police claim they ‘feared for their life’ and kill them.

The State doesn’t have to take your guns away. It just has to convince you that there’s no problem when an agent of the State imperils that inalienable right by aggressing you. By influencing our collective perception on what is and is not acceptable (regarding the exercise of our rights), the State can shift the status quo to sustain its perpetual growth.

Fox On the Run

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Summary: It’s the 1970′s in the U.S. Things for a man like Kylo Ren are going surprisingly well, that is until something unexpected comes up. Just when he thinks he has time to relax, he’s thrown into a witness protection program. While he’s agitated that he was chosen, he finds that this one witness is going to change his life.

A/N: Look who got out another fic finally! And one I came up with that I’m really excited for! So really, I love heist action movies and the 70′s, so I figured why not combine them? Hah, hopefully you guys like it!

Eyes were all glued to the cards before them. Rough hands handling these thin pieces of paper, as if they were chunks of gold. Aside from the soft hum of the radio in the background the room was entirely silent. Cigarette smoke daintly drifted into the air, both from the ash tray and the lips that still held a cigarette between them. The room itself was rather hazey, the dark wood walls making the dim lighting even less effective. 

A collective shifting of seats were made around the room, as if signaling that everyone was ready to announce their lot. Cigarettes were doused as beers bottles kissed the lips of their respective owners once again. After a moment of things shifting from a state of still, the crowd surrounding the table came to life again.

“Alright, you all ready to cough up some cash?”

There was a shared laughter throughout the room as well as shaking heads. Another man spoke up as he brought his cigarette to his lips once again.

“Don’t get too cocky now.”

From among the group one of the other men slapped his hand of cards down onto the tabletop. With a confident cheeky smirk he settled back into his seat.

“Read ‘em and weap.”

A cluster of the men groaned, seeing that their companion had in fact gotten a good hand. Slaps of their cards went down as if in defeat. One of the men grumbled after taking a sip of his beer.

“Damn it.”

The lucky winner sat up with a chuckle as he stretched out his arms to the group around the table. Needless to say he was greeted with nothing but blank expressions and sneers. 

“Maybe next time.”

Suddenly one of the men sat up straight with raised brows, as if he was having a revelation. Moving his round glasses up the bridge of his nose he gestured his hand towards a corner of the table that was surprisingly quiet.

“Ah-ah, wait. We haven’t seen Ren’s hand.”

The man suddenly stopped, as if there was some kind of invisible force constraining his airways and demanding his attention. Instinctively he turned towards the ominous figure which sat three chairs away from him. 

In, ironically, the darkest corner of the table was a tall broad shouldered man with deep dark brown hair. His eyes were intense in their gaze, despite the rather beautiful honey brown toned color they possessed. Even under his white dress shirt it was obvious to anyone who looked at him that he was built with an intimidating physique. The angular features of his face made his clenched jaw look even more apparent to those around him as he leaned forward with his back still slightly hunched. 

The man was Kylo Ren. The Master of the Knights of Ren. The man in charge for this entire group. 

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Pocket Mirror: Pumpkin Charm Locations:

My full post on all locations in which you can find Pumpkin Charms. For those who want to find out the locations for yourselves, don’t worry I’ve got you covered! :) Click below to see all the pumpkin charms I’ve found throughout the game.

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The Awakening

I stopped believing in the Ascension and Awakening as some mystical date in the future a few years ago. As we shift our perception we begin to see that we are living The Awakening. The Awakening is breathing, living and evolving moment by moment inside of each of us. This increase in intensity around the world is stripping away the illusions and more truths will continue to be revealed. If there is a global resistance happening, underneath all resistance is budding transformation. The Ascension is not a single end date in “time”, it is an evolving state of consciousness that we are continuing to experience. The Ascension IS beingness. It is happening NOW, not tomorrow or the following week.

Ascension is an ever-evolving process, it is in truth a letting go process. as we shed layers and layers of old conditioning and old beliefs we begin to magnetize and align more and more with Source Energy. As we go deeper within, we begin to see the ascension process is the merging of internal and external alchemy individually. As we go through this process, the collective shift creates a limbic resonance within us causing those who are already sensitive to experience these activation and as many call them upgrades. These activations are the rising in frequency that we are bringing into our bodies. However during the ascending process there is also the descending process - how we are bringing all this knowledge and authentic truth and vision back down through our bodies, and integrating that Kundalini energy into the Earth Plane.

 We may believe this is an internal journey, but it through the mirror that we begin to see the changes from the inside out. Each mirror reflects the vision of our internal mind. Each Reality reflects the vibrations that we are choosing to hold in harmony within our bodies. If we’re not honoring that mind-body connection, we’re keeping that energy stuck from fully integrating rather than releasing it into our Reality. That is why it’s sooo important right now to be managing your energy, protecting your vibrations and staying in an elevated place during these changes. The awakening is here. It is US. It’s not some date in the distant future, it is happening moment by moment and we are waking up to these changes because we are starting to step into observer consciousness. We are the Awakening. 
Stop looking outside, begin Shifting the vibrations inside. 

That’s the key to true Liberation.  

To my family of light - stationed here on Earth…

Do not be distracted or fooled by the ever revolving charade of the matrix.

That which angers you, or causes you to feel disempowered or helpless within your society… with your governments…. within structures of authority - is only occurring to assist you in the awakening and remembering of your own limitless power.

We cannot function as empowered beings if we rely on on sources outside ourselves for guidance and salvation.
By shifting our world view from a slave view to a view of collective sovereignty, and by shifting our self view from limiting beliefs and self-defeating actions to alignment with divine purpose and inspiration - we then recreate our reality and shift our experience from defeat, struggle, and chaos to abundant embodied empowerment.
This is how we end all wars and realize peace and harmony on Earth.

The appearance of a world with increasing turmoil, chaos, and madness is only existing to catalyze you into remembering the divine limitless powerful creative gods and goddesses you are.
This moment of a collective healing crisis… our shared pressure cooker experience - is occurring to push us together towards a global illumination.

Your energy will be better used to visualize, dream, intend, plant, build, create, and pray a new reality into existence - than to fight against the madness of a culture rapidly being transformed through the collective awakening.

You have come to be luminaries… to shine with beauty and inspiration… to radiate hope and love and possibility… to light the way out of suffering and into inspired awakened freedom.

You came to Earth as change agents. It is time to step outside the matrix and reclaim your innate sovereign power. It is time to activate your innate potential and claim the god-goddess self that you are. 

Tune in and listen.
Turn off the T.V. Turn off the news. Turn off the phone. Pretend politics don’t exist. Get outside in nature … barefoot. Meditate. Dream. Be creative. Imagine.

You have the power to see beyond the veil…

art:  Aaron Pyne