the collection that is ya kno

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can u post or reblog some nice stickers? I want some ideas, maybe post yours on snapchat idk I kno u are the king of the stickers lmao

Current collection, video close up on snapchat for ya.

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hey ho,not to be annoying or anything,but when I saw that Post abt jungkooks bday present project thingy,I was just wondering why? I mean,I bet they're getting sponsored and all. Or at least they must be earning enough money by now to buy it themselfes ... Why all of that? I mean,that's so friggin much. I kno that armys care for him,but this is close to worshipping,don't ya think? sry for this long Ass rant though

It’s just a nice thing to do to show your appreciation, but ofc not something you HAVE to do. can you show your appreciation in other ways? of course, but this is fandom culture, it’s something that has been going on for years now even before bts came along. fansite projects also don’t necessarily mean projects done solely by the fansite, often times they’re are gifts collected from different armys that want to participate.

I don’t know if i’m explaining this well lol 

dear people who say “tumblrs not an accepting place”

im gonna drop some bombs here, so i want you to be sitting down for this one. tumblrs a website. tumblr doesnt stand for anything. tumblr, as well as just about any website, is just a random collection of anyone with internet access and an email account. the thing you are describing is the world. the thing you are mad at is literally any random joe off the street

its not a hivemind its a bunch of strangers with a thousand different opinions all sitting in front of monitors doing nothing