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Hello! Love seeing new hc blogs!!! Can I ask you to a classic scenario and hit me up with jealous RFA+V? I look forward to seeing all your work!!

*Hi, anon! I love seeing new requests. (: . I sure can do classics, thank you for the request and interest in my work, dude!! Hope you enjoy!

!!I believe this is pretty long!!


♥ You two were just strolling down the street, heading to the grocery store, (this boy needs food) when you heard someone whistle.
♥ Both of you turn to the sound and see some guy whistling at you.
♥ “Damn, why don’t you come see me sometime, yeah?”
♥ Zen was all, “Hell no, you fuck,” in his head, but he decided not to cause a scene, since it would cause damage to him, his career, and it could possibly have an impact on you.
♥ He growled, “Come on, MC, men are disgusting..”
♥ Wrapping his arm around you quite tightly, he fumes all the way to the grocery store.
♥ As you’re pushing the cart, he comes behind you, and puts his hands over your’s.
♥ Zen was basically caging you between him and the cart, so no one could approach you
♥ Even though you love him, he gets so jealous and protective.
♥ Who could blame him? You are extremely attractive, after all.
♥ You didn’t pick up much, just some vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, and a few more contributes for dishes.
♥ It took about 5 grocery paper bags, and Zen carried them all.
♥ It is very gentleman-like, but.. dude.
♥ “Zen, let me,”
♥ “No, I am going to carry it.”
♥ Zen must think carrying all the bags must mean he is badass, and shouldn’t be messed with..
♥ When you got home, he put all the groceries up. He was so upset that his grasp squashed a peach he was putting in the fruit basket.
♥ Zen cursed, and sighed.
♥ “Zennyyyy~, what’s wrong? Is it because of that boy today?”
♥ Zen put his head in his hands, muffling his words.
♥ “Well, what if it is? He was so disrespectful, and you’re my girlfriend, did I not project myself as your boyfriend? He pisses me off! Babe, men are-”
♥ “Wolves, yes, I know. Zen, you shouldn’t be upset, I know I am your girlfriend, and you’re my boyfriend. I am so lucky to know that, so, please, don’t get jealous over this.”
♥ You slid your hand up his shirt, rubbing his back.
♥ “Jealous? You think that I, the beautiful Zen, is jealous?”
♥ He smiles.
♥ “There’s the Zenny I know.”
♥ You two spent that night cuddling and watching musicals.

☏ You and 707 were at the park to get some fresh air.
☏ You both decided to sit down on a bench near the pet area.
☏ As Saeyoung was on his phone looking at the *~dankest~* memes and you were eating a snack..
☏ A dog with a loosened leash came over, jumping on your legs. Your attention turned to the dog, as it whined for your snack. (Some snacks you eat, your dogs can eat too! See what is good and not so good to feed a dog here. This is not sponsored, (: )
☏ You give some of your snack to the cute husky dog.
☏ Saeyoung looks over and smiles, admiring of how generous you are. He gets so lost that he doesn’t notice the woman jogging to MC.
☏ “I’m so sorry that my dog bothered you, I guess that collar is for when she gets bigger..”
☏ “Ah, don’t apologize! She’s super cute! What’s her name..?”
☏ Saeyoung got lost into his memes again, letting you converse with the female.. that was until he tuned in again not long after.
☏ “..and her name is Dara! She is cute, but she can’t possibly be as cute as you.”
☏ He looks up, just in time to catch the woman wink at MC, then glide her gaze to him.
☏ She widens her eyes,
☏ “ this your boyfriend..?”
☏ “Yeah, I am, and I’m allergic to dogs.”
☏ Saeyoung is quick to get you out of the area, and you’re now on your way home.
☏ “Since when were you allergic to dogs?”
☏ “Since five minutes ago, she was hitting on you right in front of me, I bet she trained her dog to sniff out pretty girls, so she can make a move! Cats would never!”
☏ When you get home, he goes into his ‘office’ and drowns himself in the light of his computer screen.
☏ You knew he was upset, so you grabbed a couple cans of PhD Pepper and a bag of Honey Buddha chips.
☏ You opened the door.
☏ “Baby.. I have PhD Pepper and HBC..”
☏ “Come here.”
☏ You sat in his lap while he worked, eating and talking, making him forget about today as you douse him in your ever-glowing love and passion.

φ He was gone on a business trip from Monday to Thursday..
φ At least, that’s what he told you.
φ This cute fuck wanted to surprise you, and show up on Wednesday with nice gifts, since he knew it had to be lonely when he wasn’t around..
φ He walked into the penthouse, just to find you chatting with one of the younger bodyguards.
φ Oh hell to the no.
φ Why was the bodyguard talking to you, does he want to be fired? Why were you smiling, have you ever smiled like that when talking to Jumin?
φ All his thoughts accumulated, but he pushed them to the back of his head.
φ Jumin sets down MC’s gift bag, making sure it was audible enough to attract attention.
φ “Jumin, you’re home!”, you smiled and hurried to Jumin for a hug.
φ He accepts, obviously, but glares at the bodyguard.
φ “Welcome home, sir, I hope your trip was enjoyable.”
φ “Yes, it was, so how enjoyable was it to speak to my wife, and look at her the way you did?”
φ “Jumin, he was just speaking to me,”
φ “It was very enjoyable, thank you, I’m disappointed that you were to marry her before I did.”
φ Oh shit.
φ “I hope that remark was worth it, you’re fired, goodbye.”
φ “Jumin, it’s fine,”
φ “It is everything but fine, MC, excuse me.”
φ The bodyguard left, and you saw the gift bag on the floor.
φ You looked through it to find a box.
φ Opening it, you found a necklace inside. It had your’s and Jumin’s fiirst initials, intertwined, your initials crested with your birthstone, Jumin’s with opal.
φ It was gorgeous..
φ “Jumin..? Dear, please help me.”
φ “Is something wro-..oh.”
φ He came in and saw you had the necklace.
φ “I couldn’t help but look, I hope you don’t mind.. would you latch it for me..?”
φ “It is no problem.. but yes, of course.”
φ You give him the necklace, him putting it around your neck. You turn around, hugging him.
φ “I am so sorry.. it gets lonely, I didn’t catch onto the liking he had for me.. I missed you so much..”
φ Putting his strong arms around you, he sighed a relieved sigh.. “It’s alright, honey. I missed you so much more. It feels so great to have you in my arms.”
φ That night, you rubbed his back, and he played with your hair. You cuddled up together, intertwining your bodies, along with your love for one another..
mushy gushy.

★ Yoosung begged you to play LOLOL with him.
★ He wanted you to play LOLOL sooo bad, that he created an account for you, and leveled it up!
★ Sike, he paid 707 to hack in and level the character up.. the thought still counts.
★ After teaching you how to play, (you caught up quickly,) he decided to let you play with some of his LOLOL buddies.
★ Giving you a mic, he turns his on and notifies everyone that he’s on.
★ Yoosung is greeted by them all, and they’re all connecting to the servers until they see your username.. ‘yooscutie’
★ “Yoosung, why is that my username?”
★ Becaaaaause, it’s true.”
★ Everyone gasped when they heard your voice.
★ “Yoosung, is that who you’re dating?”
★ “Yeah, I am very lucky!!”
★ You blushed, yet the members made retch noises into the mic.
★ As everyone played, you managed to get everyone cool armor and potions, and levels by the intervals!!
★ “Oh my gosh, Yoosung, whoever you’re dating is a legend!!”
“I taught them, that’s why..”
★ “Oh really? I’m looking at your pictures on FB right now, I bet you also taught them how to be hot, yeah?”
★ They continued to laugh, but Yoosung was turning red, starting from the tips of his ears.
★ “We are logging out. Bye.”
★ Yoosung saves, and turns everything off, huffing.
★ “Yoosungie.. I’m sure they were just joking..”
★ “They called you ‘hot’! They’re not allowed to say that, I am. I’m the one dating you! We shouldn’t play with them anymore..”
★ Babe, your yandere is showing.
★ You get him up and take him to the kitchen.
★ “Okay, then let’s bake.”
★ Baking is stress-relieving!!
★ Soon after, Yoosung cooled down..
★ Until there was a food war!
★ You started it, throwing flour on his cheek. He giggled, and flicked cupcake batter at you.
★ It all ended when you put frosting on his lips, and kissed him.
★ “You taste as sweet as you look.”
★ Never-ending blush!!!

✎ You and Jaehee were finishing your shifts for tonight.
✎ It was almost closing time.
✎ You were so ready to leave!!
✎ Just as you started to lock up cabinets, a girl walked in with long locks.
✎ Dammit.
✎ Jaehee was already jealous of her hair, for her’s was in the awkward stage of short and medium.
✎ You smiled at Jaehee, as a signal that you would take the order.
✎ As you took this girl’s order, she kept giggling and twirling her hair around her fingers.
✎ You smiled, “Alright, miss, please take a seat as I get your order for you.”
✎ She didn’t take a seat, instead she stayed and stared you down as you put her order in the brewer.
✎ While waiting, you decided to wipe down the counters of baked goods.
✎ The girl spoke up, “Whatchaaaa doooin’?”
✎ “I’m cleaning, bitch, this isn’t Phineas and Ferb rocket science, damn.”
✎ Yeah, you were tired.
✎ “I’m cleaning, miss, your drink will be with you soon.”
✎ After cleaning, you heard the brewer beep, and you catered to it.
✎ Jaehee was locking the rest of the cabinets, tuning in on the conversation.
✎ You served her drink to her with a tired and fake-ass smile.
✎ “Thanks, cutie~!” She slipped a napkin with her name and number on it.
✎ Jaehee sighed.
✎ “Do you like her..?”
✎ “What? No, Jaehee, I don’t. I like you, don’t worry.”
✎ “But, she was so beautiful, that hair..”
✎ “She kept playing with her hair, I wanted to cut it all off, and she was annoying, I don’t want anyone like her, especially when I have you right here..”
✎ Jaehee smiled. “I like you too, MC.”
✎ You beam, tossing the napkin in the garbage. “I’m glad to hear. Can I treat you to coffee?”

V / JIHYUN (He isn’t entirely blind for this, just slightly impaired sight.)
☽ You were out with him, taking pictures of what you find beautiful in the world around you.
☽ You took pictures of cherry trees, flowers, streams, and areas of the park.
☽ You couldn’t find anything else, so you had an idea.
☽ “Jihyun, we should ask people what they think is beautiful and get a variety!”
☽ “That’s a good idea, Pumpkin, let’s do it.”
☽ nicknames from v is my kink
☽ You asked plenty of people. and many of their answers were thoughtful, and sentimental.
☽ Finally, you came to this young man. 
☽ “Hello, sir, we have been asking many people what they believe is beautiful, and photographing it. Please tell us what you think is beautiful.”
☽ The young man stands up.
☽ “Excuse me, may I borrow the camera?”
☽ V looks at him and grins, “Yes, here you are.”
☽ The man then proceeds to take a picture of you. 
 “I believe that you, miss, are quite beautiful.”
☽ You smile and thank him, as that was such a sweet thing to say. 
☽ He proceeds to go on his way after handing V his camera, V is a bit jealous, and admits it.
☽ “I’m quite jealous of him..”
☽ “What, Jihyun, why..?”
“He had such a clever and true answer.. I just wish I could experience it fully.”
☽ “Jihyun.. you’re so soft and sweet.. I love you so much.”
☽ “I love you, too, sweetheart.”
☽ You printed the pictures when you got home and they were so beautiful, so indeed.
☽ V was even so sweet that he framed the picture of you, and put it on top of his dresser.

*This feels so half-assed and I am so sorry. It is currently 4:05am as I have finished this. I really wanted to finish it and post it asap, I apologize if it sucks eggs. Have a great day, guys! Thank you for the request! ~Admin Shayne


Miss Martian in “Welcome to Super Hero High” (x)

Missing: One Theodore Bear who may or may not have fallen off the top of an unimportant rollercoaster. If found, please contact Aaron Puckerman. I know it’s too late but I didn’t have enough time to put a collar on him. He was super super cute and is extremely missed and yeah. 


Photo shoot (3/5)

Was trying some possible work outfit combination as well. I like this electric blue pencil skirt. First picture is overall good one. Don’t like second ones look as it is so serious but I do like it otherwise. Need to get more clothes. Also even though my white shirt is messed up in picture (could not iron it) foxes in it’s collar are still super cute.  


MY COLLAR FROM @kittensplaypenshop @sara-meow CAME IN TODAY~! Its my first collar and Im suuuuuper happy with it ♡ It’s super comfy and looks even better in person than it did on the screen (and it looked really good on the screen) My package came decorated in super cute stickers (because, c'mon. Every cute kitten loves stickers) and Once opened up they had included some candy and cute care instructions on how to take care of my collar. They even praise you for being such a good kitten, waiting for your item patiently ^\\^ It shipped super fast too! (It got here in less than a week once it had been marked as ‘shipped’) It’s the puuuuurfect end to a really shitty week and hopefully a happy start for a better weekend. Thanks Kittens Playpen

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"Daddy? What is a tutor? Do they work at schools? Why don't i go to school? Did you get a tutor? Probably not cause you are super smart daddy!" Nina mewled cutely as her collar made it easier to talk to her adopted father. On the bright side, her handwriting had gotten much better compared to when she was first adopted.

(I JUST FOUND THIS! I AM SO SORRY!  I had this in my inbox forever I’m so sorry)

Dargor looked at his daughter with wide eyes and sat down, trying to find a way to answer all of them.  “A tutor is a type of teacher Nina.  They can either be older or around your age.  As for why you don’t go to school dear, you haven’t been old enough yet.”  He said sitting down and patting her head.

“And plenty of smart people get tutors, it can help smart people get smarter.”  He said kissing her head softly.  “You are almost old enough to start school though, we can begin looking around for a good one if you would like.”



…and done!!! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
I feel like this is a repeat of Plant!Tim all over again *grins*.
I just can’t stop imagining him sitting on Scott’s shoulder at important pack meetings, or Derek carrying him around in the breastpocket of that white t-shirt he has. 

Erica’d let him sit amongst her curls. You’d think Boyd would be immune from the cute but then BAM! a minifox pokes its head from the collar of Boyd’s shirt. It uses cute!eyes. It’s super effective! Isaac would let him curl in the folds of his scarves….