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“My mother always loved acting and taught us as kids how to do falls…. She would teach us to do the roll-down so you wouldn’t hurt yourself as you fell. ‘Remember, it’s ankle, knee, hip, chest, arm, head.’ We all learned how to do the falls. And we’d fall all over the house, all the time, and my mom was fine with it.” (x)

What are you like as a dad?

I read to the children most nights. They are 10, 7 and 3. I am big on hugging. We are very silly. We fall down for each other. We do pratfalls. (x)


“The first night I met you, when you were on the show, and you called me out for having cards and not improvising. And you didn’t know me. And I am - I’ve been many things - but in my heart I’m an improviser.

When you said ‘I like to improvise, you may like things written down,’ and I threw those cards away, you didn’t realize it, but you gave me a really nice invitation to do what I like to do.

And that’s why I pulled right up to you ‘til like our legs were intermeshed with each other and I was like ‘hi, how are ya?’ And you did not pull away at all. Or change what you were like. And as soon as that interview was over I went, ‘damn, I think that’s a guy I could actually spend a few years on stage with.’”

- Stephen Colbert recalls his first onscreen moments with bandleader Jon Batiste (x)