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White-crowned sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys), at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, Gilbert, Arizona.

I love the common little birds. Sometimes they turn out to have uncommon abilities. These sparrows sing songs built of snippets and themes from the songs of birds they are exposed to when very young. Consequently, song dialects can emerge, and if a cohort is in an area where two distinct white-crowned dialects overlap, birds in that group will become fluent singing both songs. 


We are the 2016-17 cohort of the Museum Education Fellowship Program at the Brooklyn Museum! This is the true social media post of six strangers, picked to live in a museum, work together, and have their lives transformed. Find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real…

Jackie Du is a School, Youth and Family Programs Fellow. Her Guided Gallery Visits focuses on liberation through self-empowerment. and has an upcoming School Partnership with Kindergarten at PS 104. In Family Programs Jackie works with Meet the Museum for ages 2-3, Family Art Magic for ages 4-6, and Creativity Lab: a free with admission monthly program for visitors all ages. Jackie also assists the Museum Apprentice Program for high school students who are training to teach summer camp tours. Her research is focusing on students’ deep thinking and curiosity during GGVs.

Midrene Lamy is a School, Youth and Family Programs Fellow. She works with the Teen Night Planning Committee, a group of teens hired to create public programs for teen audiences. Midrene is currently teaching a drawing animation class for 8-10 year olds in the Gallery/Studio Program, called Drawing Movement. Another component of her fellowship are Guided Gallery Visits for visiting school groups and the PS154 school partnership. Lastly, she’s currently working on a research project centered on the experience of black self-guided visitors.

Sarah Chavarria is a School, Youth, and Family Programs Fellow. They developed and are teaching the curriculum for Build a Better Brooklyn, a 10-week Gallery/Studio course for artists ages 8-10. Completed a school partnership with Lyons Community School where they led students and trained them on how to use Visual Thinking Strategies. Sarah also conducts lessons for K–12 school groups in the galleries. As well as teach and co-program multigenerational art-making activities for monthly First Saturday Hands-on Art program. Sarah is researching the empowerment of young women of color in the museum through teen programs.

Camilo Godoy is a Public Programs Fellow. He was born in Bogotá, Colombia and currently lives in Brooklyn. He received a BFA from Parsons The New School for Design in 2012 and a BA from Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts in 2013. Previous to joining the Brooklyn Museum, Camilo worked as the Public Engagement Coordinator at Immigrant Movement International, a long-term project initiated by artist Tania Bruguera; and as a studio assistant for artist Carlos Motta. Camilo is currently a 2015 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence. Follow him on Instagram @camilogodoy :)

Haley Graham is a Public Programs Fellow. Along with teaching gallery lessons to general ed, integrated co-teaching (ICT), and self-contained K-12 school groups, Haley also plans and develops public programs that are geared toward our adult audiences, with a focus on Thursday nights. She coordinates regular programs like Brooklyn Talks, Art History Happy Hour, and our monthly Salsa Party, along with special programs such as Defending Immigrant Rights: A Brooklyn Call to Action and Brooklyn Comedy Marathon: Fierce, Funny, and Feminist. Haley is an advocate for accessibility initiatives within Brooklyn Museum’s public programs.

Chris Moyer is a Public Programs Fellow from New Jersey.  On Wednesdays through Fridays you’ll see him frolicking throughout the Museum, aka leading K-12 school groups leading guided gallery visits. On Saturdays Chris hosts First Saturday programs as well as a the monthly “Artist’s Eye” series in which contemporary artists share personal insights into special exhibitions. At the Museum, his passions are grounded in questions of power and access to space, and he advocates for museums as sites of community agency. @masahikokun on Instagram.

Posted by Jackie Du
Photos: Jonathan Dorado

Pretty Flowers Are Made For Blooming ~ Part 1

Rating: Mature

Relationships: Dean Winchester/Original Female Character (sister Winchester)

Additional Tags for this part: Teenage Drama, Wincest - Freeform, Teen Dean Winchester, Fluff and Angst, Pining, First Kiss, First Love,Young Winchesters, Female Winchesters

Author’s Note: I took the original version of this story down so I could post the reworked version. Hope you all enjoy this new version. Thank you to my beta and cohort on this story’s progression, @helvonasche. She’s one helluva plotter and beta. Also, thank you to the gals on skype who listen to me grumble through plots, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @when-the-day–met-the-night @trisscar368 @formidablepassion.

Reader tags are below. If at any time you wish to be removed or added to this story’s tag list, don’t hesitate to send a friendly request via IM or ask. I’ll be happy to oblige.

Summary: The Winchester twins, Dean and Maggie, have enough on their plates with keeping track of Sam and learning to be hunters, but then they had to go and fall in love.

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thievinghippo  asked:

Did Gemma date any aliens back in the Milky Way?

She did! She dated a few aliens casually through high school and her undergrad work on the Citadel (two asari, one turian, and she had an intense but awkward flirtation with a salarian classmate). 

Gemma is a serial monogamist; sex is a distant concern, when it’s a concern at all, but she craves romance. She’s goofy and happy and glib, which tends to mask a very soft and open heart that will drown you in love if you give it half a chance. This led to some…awkward and unfortunate situations when she was younger, and didn’t understand that just because someone fits some fairy-tale criteria, it doesn’t mean they’ll be a healthy or supportive partner. So she had a few bad breakups, including a real disaster when she was 20, but that horrible break-up led to a wonderful relationship with an asari, Nesua P’Vari, in her cohort at university. 

They were assigned to the same dig site together (training side-by-side with Alliance military as part of their prep for the dig), and it was the real version of what Gemma always wanted. They were isolated, doing intense work together, sharing discoveries and secrets (gee, Gemma, do you maybe have a type?), and for almost three years, they were fantastically happy. 

Nesua wanted to have children, and Gemma was nowhere near ready, so they split up after a long, sad series of fights that weren’t fights so much as trying, with tooth and claw, to stay together, even they knew it was done. They stayed sporadically in touch, and Nesua was the first person, outside the Initiative, who knew that Gemma was leaving. 

(Nesua’s still alive when Gemma reaches Andromeda, and always hopes that her old love found home, and peace, and all the romance she could handle.)

Khh Crews

Buckwilds: J-Tong (leader), Fana, Psychoban, DJ Wegun, Giriboy, Ugly Duck, Lil Boi, Louie, Zico (Block B), Hanhae, Take one, DJ Eager, Andup, JV, Wonhyuk, Checkany, Kirin, Vida loca, Duplex G, Booba, DJ Dopsh, Gganmo, Hwaro, Kkalchang, Ddolbae

DNH/Daenamhyup: Marvel. J (leader), i11evn, Rap Monster(BTS), Kidoh(ToppDogg), Kyum2, Samsoon, Iron, DJ Snatch, Illipse, Supreme Boi

Club Eskimo:  Dean, Crush, Millic, Colde, 0channel, #punchnello, Chek Paren, 2xxx!, Jusén, Miso

VV:D: Zion.T (Leader), Gray, Crush, Loco, Elo

ADV/Angderville: JJK (leader) , Olltii, Chulgoo (Xitsuh), J7, Reflow, Drev, DJ Kendrickx, Lupi, gJ, Joyrain, 8dro, Raretongue, Huckleberry P

RockBottom: Iron, Don’tcallmeadog, Hongsamman, Supreme Boi, Type-C, Rwam, i11evn, Sunghyun K, Hashmate, Kidoh

Royal Class: Scotch vip, Taewoon(Speed), Sims (M.I.B), Mino(Winner), Kitti B, Roydo, Konquest, Chancey

All I Know Music: Miryo, BRAY, DUCKBAE, GiantPink, DJ Drev

Jiggy Fellaz: Vasco, Deepflow, Basick, Dead’P, LE (Exid), Joe Brown, Untouchable, Maniac, Duckdap, M.Blow, RMK, B-Dubb, Hella Dope, Jayrockin, Funny, Baby Nine, G-Hun, Groove Master, Yeb5, Chan, Mark-k, Khan, Mister JS, Woo-side, Soulsnatch, Essenti, Big Tray, Annie. J, Broken Lips,  illTong, Big Smalls, Funny, 용해, M.Blow

The Cohort: Oscar, Okasian, Kanggook, Reddy, Swidea, Jay All Day, Keith Ape, Coke Jazz, Bryan Cha$e (Play$tar), Sung Jin Park

New Block Babyz: Kimm, Gimm, Ven, New Champ, Znisuk, Young’N, Wutan

ATCN: i11evn, illinit, Justhis, Born Kim, Nucksal

BJS/Abnormal Life: Crocodile, Dino.T, Terry Kim, Kicksol, Jimyeol, Catcher, Su5kid, Zangano, Owni

Valen Crew:  BNa, D-9INE, 소연, MTP

Verification & Validation/(V&V):  Ahn Soo Min, BlackJo, ScAr, Hyesung, Chachu, and Kkuksae

Piraps:  LTAK,  Lafic,  Hash Swan,  ColaGom,  최정은

Billinism: ValorT, Pluto, Sickloo, Bakey

Amourette/AMRT: Kitti B, Hoody Kim, Nieah, Seri

Vismajor: Deepflow, Wutan, Nucksal, Don Mills, Odee, Buggy, Brasco, Digga, Kaadiq, Babynine, Stalliest, Mojo, Ven, Rockyl, Rowdigga, TK, Daeil (24k)

$exy $treet: Cjamm (leader), Bewhy, Keebo, J-Zo, Lazy Bones, Eumko

Rookies Game: Demento, Eeyu, Sexyhomme, J.Counter, Trump King, Sapo, Be-All

Yelows Mob: Sik-K, Lee Gwagmin, Jung Sungmin, Jung Gwangmin,  Lee Hwimin, Park Gyujeong, Naeezy, Thomas Lee, Mac Kidd, Onehunnit, Hyungun

Vyve:  JayFactory, IPTC, Deezy, Suiko, yubak, Yella Diamond, Konsoul, Cadillac, Mr.Yaboo, HardcoER, D.meanor, mang, Hanhae, Musky, Jogo, SpellJ, Mozaic

Overclass: Verbal Jint, San E, Swings, Rimi, B-Soap, Crybaby, Nodo, Delly Boi, Warmman, Xepy, Youngcook

Illest konfusion: Simon D, Jtong, Beenzino, Vida Loca, Beatbox DG, Rocky L, Techniccque, DJ Freekey, Swings, Louis Ali, Jae Hoodz, Mr. Jinx, Kklachang, E-sens

Soul Connection:  Jay, Csp, Maslo, Yongguk (B.A.P), KeyReal, Rhymics, Kwangyo, Slake, Still PM, DJ Tiz

AOMG: Jay Park, Simon D, Gray, Hoody, Loco, Ugly Duck, Elo, DJ Wegun, DJ Pumpkin, ChaCha Malone, Hep

Just Music: Swings, Vasco, Giriboy, Genius Nochang, Giriboy, Blacknut, Cjamm, Kim Wook 

Hi-lite: Paloalto, B-Free, Sway D, Reddy, Huckleberry Okasian, Keith Ape, G2, Soulfish, Camo Starr, Soul One, DJ Djanga

illionaire: Dok2, The Quiett, Beenzino

Bulhandang: Rhyme-A, P-Type, Garion, A.Jay, Artisan Beats, Che Young, Daephal, DJ Skip, DJ Pandol, Fascinating, Jay Kay, Kebee, Keeproots, MC Meta, Minos, Naachal, Nuck, Optical Eyez XL, Sean2slow, Snowman, The Z, Wimpy  

Movement: Drunken Tiger (leaders), Dynamic Duo, Insane Deegie, Dok2, Double K, Yoon Mi Rae, Epik High, Bobby Kim (Robert Do Kyun), Leesang, Sean2Slow, YDG, Snacky Chan, Swings, Maniac, XL, Eunjiwon, Microdot, Entice, Yankie, EXP, MC K, Thanos, 

Disclaimers: Some of these crews are no longer active. 

These lists also include past members.

It is also impossible for me to list all of the crews in khh, but I did my best with the knowledge that I have. I also listed some companies that have a crew like atmosphere and theme.

If you’re curious about something, or feel that I left someone out please feel free to ask/message me :3

Legit (Okasian)

Anonymous asked: Hello~ can I have a okasian scenario where he’s the cold guy at School and every girl wants to be with him but he only got eyes for the reader and they end up dating ? Thank uu~

Originally posted by huckleberryb

    There was a whole web of rumors surrounding Kim Jiyong. Some thought he was a drug dealer, some thought he was in a gang. Most of the girls thought of him as a mysterious heartthrob and found his loner status intriguing.

     You knew he was simply an introvert and liked to keep to his work. He stayed alone because most of his friends attended other schools. You didn’t quite understand why everyone paid so much attention to him, though. You’d worked in a group project with him before, and he seemed quite normal. You supposed his unusual but strangely attractive appearance and confident, relaxed bearing helped him stand out instead of fade into the woodwork like most of the other loners at your school (including to some degree, you) did.

    You were sitting at lunch one day, wondering where your two closest friends, who you usually sat with, had gotten to when you heard someone clear their throat and looked up to see Jiyong standing there. “Oh, hey,” you said, slightly surprised.

    “Hey,” he said. His gaze wandered lazily over your shoulder and then returned to your eyes. “Mind if I sit with you?”

    “Not at all,” you said, resisting the urge to ask why he wanted to.

    He slid into the seat opposite you, and you quietly took another bite of your food, wondering if the conversation was going to be painfully awkward or whether you should speed up your eating so you could get out of it quicker. He cleared his throat. “How’s your day going?”

  “Well, so far I’ve only had statistics and history, and statistics went well, but history… It’s so much rote memorization, you know?”

    He nodded. “It kinda frustrates me because we’re just going to forget most of that stuff after the test. Seems like they should focus on more general stuff or big events instead of having us memorize every date and political faction.”

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