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Progress, not perfection.
—  Twelve-Step saying
Bad Day Made Better

Requested: A caring Shawn one where you’re just having a bad day and he just holds you and is there for you ❤️



You’re beyond exhausted when you finally arrive back at the apartment you share with your boyfriend. Since it is midterm week at your University, you’ve got a lot on your plate with exams, papers, and presentations ahead of you for the week. You’ve finished an exam, took a quiz, and turned in a paper so far this week, but its only Tuesday evening, so you still have a lot to worry about and get done over the upcoming three days. All of it is weighing heavily on your mind, but you try not to let it bother you as you unlock your apartment door. It’s almost nine at night, and you can hear the tv playing from the living room, which signifies that your boyfriend is home already. Your stomach is growling, you have a long list of things to do before you can go to sleep tonight, and you’re not even sure if you passed the exam you took earlier. Despite your complaining stomach, and the loads of work you need to get done, you head in the direction of the living room.

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Dropping your backpack on the floor with a thud, Shawn turns from where he’s laying on the couch, only just noticing you’re home. “Hey hun, I’ve been waiting for you, how was your day?” He asks, a smile on his face at the sight of you, but it turns to a concerned look when he notices just how exhausted and stressed you look.

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