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anonymous asked:

could I have a match-up? I'm a 5'5 female, an art student, I love going to museums, libraries, coffe shops. I love cats -animals in general-. I have brown hair and brown eyes (nothing special in there). I was diagnosed with social anxiety, so you could say I'm shy and a little quiet, so that person should make the first move or I would never talk to them. Thank you, sweetie, love your blog~

Social anxiety sisters unite!… alone, separately, in a nice quiet space.

I ship you with…

Konekomaru Miwa!

  • Koneko likes that you’re taller than him
  • One of you needs to be able to grab stuff off the top shelf
  • Or at least the one below that
  • He doesn’t think you’re brunette hair and brown eyes are plain at all
  • Sincerely he loves them and can see that they’re different from other people who are brunettes with brown eyes
  • You two first met at an art museum
  • You were staring intently at a painting that you thought looked neat
  • He liked it too…
  • But really he just wanted to talk to you so he asked you about the painting
  • Getting the relationship started was kind of difficult since you both have a tendency to be quiet
  • After many trips to the library together
  • He stepped up and finally asked you out