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Oregon | Autumn Confusion by Russell Tomlin


@myscelestedreamer-blog/Riane and I got surprised by @monkeycroft/Anna, @crowwwrey/Alex & @chartermagic/Laura on Sunday with a surprise gift that Anna has been working on since she came out to Canada.

Ever since I showed Anna an idea for an Old Kingdom Dungeons & Dragons 5e class I have asked her to create an Old Kingdom D&D game so we could play in one of our favourite fantasy worlds…

Well guys, she did it. With the help of Alex. And we played it.

It was some REALLY EPIC SHIT, my character (the Abhorsen-in-Training) NEARLY DIED, and I CANNOT WAIT until we play again!!! We have some more of the logistics to work out, but if you have any questions about what we did or how Anna and Alex made this beautiful RPG, go chat to Anna on Twitter!



You asked, and we are here to deliver!

Many people were curious as to what our Old Kingdom RPG was like after I shared images from our (surprise!) first session. This time, we recorded our session. So please watch and enjoy~

Players@chartermagic | Laura Tolton, @myscelestedreamer-blog | Riane V., @path-or-walker | Riah
Dungeon Master@monkeycroft | Anna

May the Charter preserve you.


Bit of an interesting art cue on the Amonkhet Invocations. The art for Maelstrom Pulse and Vindicate both show the crocodile god teaming up with another member of the pantheon to cast the pictured spell – he’s paired with the snake god on Pulse and the cat god (who we now know to be named Oketra) on Vindicate. While speculation was rampant early on, this seems to be solid proof that the Amonkhet Gods are mono-colored and also gives a good indication of which is which.

Extrapolating from this a bit, it’s likely that the crane god is Blue and the jackal god is Red, which lines up fairly well with earlier assumptions.