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if you ever play with tumblr friends in co-op or aram i'd be glad to play with you n.n

hmm…an aram sounds fun! I’m going to make a lobby right now. The password will be…bandlebutts
When Residents Take Ownership, A Mobile Home Community Thrives
A neighborhood in Minnesota is proving that there's a potential solution to run-down mobile home parks: The residents banded together democratically and purchased their community.

Typically, the companies that own mobile home parks also own the infrastructure, and the less money they spend maintaining it, the more profit they can make. Housing specialists say that’s one of the main reasons why many manufactured home parks look worn down and scruffy — like Park Plaza did before they formed a co-op.

Many people love to blame the bad conditions in most trailer parks on some sort of pathology of the residents, but if you give the residents control and more power over their homes and cut out more landlords, things dramatically improve.


My 1 year anniversary of my first day working at Cartoon Network is tomorrow!!! 😵 Still so grateful for the chance to work at such an amazing place with such wonderful people, making some sweet video games.

Been an awesome year and can’t wait to see what the future holds!! ⬛🔲❤️


1+Let’s Play SHREK 2

The “+” means I got a guest on. This time it’s my Tsundere friend @dumbandfaded and her friend, Mo.

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