the club still goes crazy with this one

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What are some of the ways they can get sick, Hoei?

Hoei: When a Pokemon based specifically in fertility goes too long without using their powers, they get this crazy build up that pretty much turns into an aggressive version of the flu. Or, if the place they’re visiting becomes tainted while they’re still there it can harm them. Or if they become attuned to one spot–

Valery: Hoei.

Hoei: [sticks out her tongue] Valery came crashing into my club one day, keeled over, and it took months for her to get back up to health again. Lucky for her I had access to any medicine I so desired.


Hoei: Listen I’m an expert in dragons not Legendary Pokemon or Medicine. I called a Chansey eventually, didn’t I?

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Hi!! Can you do a reaction of how EXO would act at a club?

Hiya <3 Sure sure! Thanks so much for requesting it ^-^


Xiumin: The hot confident guy that attracts everyone when he gets in the club

Luhan: The baby faced bubblegum boy who is taken for underage and can’t get in.

Kris: That friend who can’t dance, but keeps moving to the beat of the music anyways

Suho: The snobby rich kid who thinks that all ladies are crazy for him

Lay: The guy that kisses everyone and everything.

Baekhyun: The ladykiller that can get anyone he wants.

Chenchen: The hot guy that rejects everyone 

Chanyeol: That guy who gets so drunk that he struggles to find the straw.

D.O: That awkward friend who hates clubbing and just goes for the sake of his friends

Tao: That one girl who keeps going to the toilet to check if his her makeup and hair are still okay after partying.

Kai: That handsome friend who dances really well and makes you feel like an awkward turtle.

Sehun: The minor who drinks shamelessly.