the club of doomed ships

The Doomed Shippers Club
  • Guide: Welcome to the Doomed Shippers Club, we are delighted and devastated to have a new member here.
  • New Member: O-kay?
  • Guide: On the left hand side you can see the Destiel and JohnLock shippers friendly disagreeing on which ship is more doomed because the writers won't even think about a gay couple on their shows. On the right hand side we have the Teen Wolf fandom, be nice to them, they have two major doomed ships. Ahh and here we have the Klaroline shippers! Still going strong guys!
  • New Member: Who are these people?
  • Guide: Those are all the cross shippers. Oh and do you see the light right there?
  • New Member: Yes?
  • Guide: You don't wanna go there. The doomed shippers club ends there, all the normal canon ships are right there.

“So, after the victims were abducted, children are back with severe cellular degeneration, and atrophy of internal organs. All these conditions are also symptomatic of old age, right?”
“I think so, ‘cause?”
“Well, aging has to do with the pituitary gland, right? To which you can access from the back of the neck.”
“You’ve become a scientist while I was in hospital? Are you trying to steal my job?”

Fringe - 3x07 - The Abducted

(they’re too precious for any universe ♥♥♥)