the club had no idea how much they loved and need tamaki

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So, I have pretty bad stretch marks and they make me self conscious. I'm scared for anyone to see me in a bathing suit or nude. Anywho, that got me thinking: how would each of the hosts react to seeing their s/o naked for the first time and finding out they have stretch marks? You don't have to, but if you do thanks in advance.

No problem! I have some stretch marks I’m not too happy with as well, so this was therapeutic in a way, so double thank you!~


He honestly wouldn’t notice. This boy would honestly be so flustered at seeing you naked he wouldn’t notice anything really. When he finally cleared his head enough to realize what he was looking at, he wouldn’t notice anything of that sort. He’d be telling you how perfect you were because to him, you honestly were. He’d be telling you he hadn’t seen anything so perfect, ever and he’s genuinely believe it. If you were to point it out he’d be soooo confused! He’d be one of those people who’d just be like ‘and this is bad, how?’ It would suddenly be his mission to make you love every part of you, and make you see yourself how he saw you.


He would… note it? It would be when he was initially looking you over. He’d be memorizing every inch of you, so naturally he’d commit any marks on your body to that mental image as well. Any moles, birthmarks, or stretch marks would be simple additions to the canvas that made up you as a whole. He would just treat it like nothing. Genuinely he wouldn’t care. But, if you were insecure about it he would try to make you feel better about it, in his own weird ways. Little things, like complimenting them when he could see them, buying you swimsuits and clothing that would compliment them. He would try to make you understand that the stretch marks didn’t define your beauty, but the way you wore them could accentuate your beauty.


When he saw you naked the first time, trust me, the last thing on his mind would be any so-called imperfections. Mostly just, awkward, incoherent thoughts, and trying and failing not to show his awkwardness on his face. No but really, nothing would change. If you point them out he’d just say something along the lines of ‘yeah, so’? It would change nothing  for you two. Actually, I take it back. Nicknames. The only thing in your relationship that your stretch marks would affect would be your nicknames. He’d probably call you Tiger. He’d tell people that it’s because you’re fierce yet beautiful or something cheesy like that, but it would really be his very own unique approach to trying to help your insecurities on the matter.


This gentle boy. The first time he saw you naked, his face would get soooo red. He’d never seen anything so perfect and if you didn’t see it the same way, he’d be so sad. He wouldn’t understand, but he’d do anything and everything he could do to make you feel better about yourself. Constant compliments for one, but not in an obnoxious way, he makes it flow with the conversation, he makes it seem almost offhanded. He has no idea how you could possibly be insecure about anything relating to yourself, so doing things like this to make you feel better about yourself becomes his goal.


Let’s be honest here, this boy worships you. He loves you so much, it’s incomprehensible. The first time he saw you naked, he almost didn’t want to look in order to protect your virtue what a gentleman, but the part of him that was undeniably attracted to you won over, and he was in shock to be honest. He loves you, and your body is just an extension of you. He doesn’t think much of physical beauty, as he is more attracted to who you are as a person, so he thinks he’s lucky to have someone as physically stunning as you. But, you’re looking shy while standing in front of him. Why is that? Once you explain to him that you’re insecure about your stretch marks, he gets really quiet for a moment. He then proceeds to point out every mark on his body. Every scar he’s gotten in training, every abnormal birthmark, that one mole that just appeared one day from God knows where. He tells you their stories and then points to your stretch marks, telling you that they’re just stories your body has to tell as well, and that you should never be ashamed of what makes you, you.


When you told him your stretch marks made you insecure about yourself he looked so confused. You honestly felt  like you had just kicked a puppy. He had just been trying to take in your appearance for the first time, looking oddly serious, when you had told him there was no need to stare at them, because you knew they were gross. His eyes had snapped up to yours in an instant, the kicked puppy expression coming to his face. All he had been doing was admiring the view ;) when you had said possibly the least understandable sentence in the world to him. But, you were confused that he was confused. Wasn’t he looking at your stretch marks? When you asked him this, he looked back down, then said “Oh, you do have stretch marks, huh? Why would I care?” Not gonna lie, you were a little offended. How could he just brush them off like that? You tried explaining to him what the problem was, because he was clearly not getting it, but he just stared at you, looking uncharacteristically serious. He told you that some marks on your skin did not define you, and that you were beautiful in his eyes, despite what you seemed to think. Then he started to tear up dramatically, asking you why you were faulting yourself and so on. You sighed. He was back. But, you were also oddly touched… He had managed to make you feel a bit better about yourself, and for that, you were grateful.


  Not gonna lie, Honey’s scenario wasn’t my best work. Not too happy with it, but what can you do? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this though, thank you for reading!! 

Ashes~ <3 xoxo

REQUESTED: My Host club girlfriend!

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Warning Contains: girl kissing girl, and silly friends

Requested by: @insanityismysanity12345

Request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is Haruhi’s girlfriend (From Ouran) and Haruhi wants her to visit the club and meet the hosts. When the reader gets there everyone starts trying to charm her until Haruhi kisses the reader to shut them up? Then just the hosts being surprised and silly stuff? P.s I read all of your imagines for twilight and I’m in love!

Thanks a ton for the love hun! hope you don’t mind but I added a bit more to this :) I got really inspired <3

“Hey” said Haruhi your girlfriend through the phone.

“Hey whats up?” you said placing a watermelon slice in your mouth.

“Well you know how I keep talking about my friends at the host club?”

“You mean the ones who practically stole you away from me” you pouted, when Haruhi told you of the situation and being a host club member, the two of you weren’t able to hang out with each other as much as you would like too. Haruhi stayed after school to help tend the club and you couldn’t visit because the girls at the school would get mad that Haruhi had someone. You wish you two could hang out over the weekend but with Haruhi going to such an extreme and rich school she has to study all she can to keep her grades at a high level so she wont have to pay for the school. which led to you two only able to hang out every other weekend, and not even that if the so called “KING” didn’t have plans for Haruhi.

“I know, I know I wish I could spend more time with you, but I have an idea we can make it up” Haruhi said happily.

“what is it?” you asked curiously, hearing a hint of mischief in her voice.

“Well to be honest its starting to get frustrating not being with you as much as I like too, and I feel bad when we cant hang out and yet were a couple but we cant express it. So I wanted to ask if you could come to the host club this Monday? I want the guys to get to know you and maybe to convince them that I need to spend more time with you like how I should.” Haruhi said through the phone, your heart ached hearing your girlfriend pour out her heart in front of you.

“Okay ill be there”

Getting lost was not the problem when going through this huge school, it was getting into the damn room where the club was in! You stood outside the door nervous as hell, but why? Haruhi is YOUR girlfriend, no teenage boys are gonna take your girlfriend away! You placed your hand on the door knob and and entered, you were greeted by the smell of roses and group of teenage boys.

“welcome they said in unison” You just stared at them and looked around for Haruhi.

“Y/N!” Haruhi said as she hugged you from behind.

“Haruhi!” You said turning to fully hug your girlfriend.

“Hey boss? who is this girl?”Karou asked.

“And how does she know Haruhi?”Hikaru asked

“Huh? I don’t know, maybe from school?” Tamaki said rubbing the back of his neck.

“That is Y/N L/N Long time best friend and girlfriend, they have been dating for almost 2 years now” Kyoya said flipping through his tablet of knowledge.


“WHAT!?” said the three boys in unison looking at Kyoya with a blank bugged look.

Little honey was the first to greet you along with the silent Takashi, the two taking a liking to you quickly. You liked both of them finding the friendship between the two wonderful. Then it was Kyoya to greet you, short simple small talk took between you two, but you liked his well mannered nature. Then it was the twins finding you very interesting and eager to know everything about you. Last but not least Tamaki came up to, was hesitant at first but after a while warmed up to you.

“So Haruhi your lesbian?” The twins asked looking at your girlfriend.

“No, i’m actually pansexual” she said correcting them.

“I didn’t know Haru-chan had a girlfriend” Honey said excitedly.

“Yeah, she is normally here at school and helping with the club”

“Or sticking her nose in a book cause Haruhi needs to keep her grades up”

“Yeah and by Y/N clothing she seems to be from a different school”

.     .     .

“HARUHI YOUR GIRLFRIEND!” shouted everyone other than Mori and Kyoya.

“Why are you guys shouting?” Haruhi asked, who was practically scared to death by them.

“Haruhi can you forgive daddy? I work you so hard at the host club by pleasing women that I denied you to please your own girlfriend!” Tamaki announced, crying and on his knees.

The twins and Honey begin to shed tears as well 

“Y/N must feel so lonely!”

“She must really hate us!” 

“We are so sorry Y/N-chan!”

Tamaki stood suddenly “Men! we can’t allow this any longer! You are devoted to not make any woman sad and make sure she is always happy! We must take action! Haruhi!” He turned to your girlfriend as he takes hold of your hand.

“The Fridays you hang out with us at the club after school will now be spent hanging out with miss L/N! No questions asked and you cant refuse!” he said giving your hand to Haruhi. The twins, Honey and Mori nodding together in approval.

You and Haruhi still holding hands and watch as Tamaki made more orders for the two of you too be able to spend more time together.

“Never thought you were able to plan this out” You said to her.

“You pick up a thing or two when being a host” she said smiling proudly.

“What should we do this Friday?” You asked looking at her.

“Anywhere is fine with me” she said with a gentle smile as she kisses you on the cheek.

With love- Admin J


Kintsugi (n) ­ The Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 32,683

Warnings: Depression is a constant theme in this story, so if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable then please keep it in mind!

Author’s Note: The Taekook version is now up on AO3 if you’re interested!

Summary: Jungkook never expected to meet her, the girl that shone as bright as a million suns yet carried a darkness so heavy in her heart that it left her soul shattered, scrambling to pick up the splintered pieces and put herself back together again before she fell apart once more. He never expected to meet her, but he did, and he wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Fridays nights were supposed to be a student’s greatest sanctuary – a time for winding down and finally breathing after the weight of a week that seemed to be never ending had been lifted from their shoulders. Some chose to party until they no longer remembered who they were, some chose to have movie marathons until the sun was high in the sky and their eyes were burning from the pixels that were now ingrained in their brains, and some chose to bask in their solitude and block out the world until Monday came around and forced human interaction again. Whatever it was, it was supposed to be that one moment of freedom before reality came crashing down once more.

It was supposed to be relaxing.

It was supposed to be calming.

It was supposed to be rejuvenating.

So what, pray tell, was sitting curled up on the floor against the wall in the hall, shivering in nothing but pyjamas with murderous thoughts as her sole company?

Anything but that.

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Hey love! Could you pretty please write a scenario for Kyoya who over hears the girl he likes confessing her feelings to Tamaki? ~but~ little does he know that she was practicing confessing to him?? And after he over hears this he becomes super distant with the girl until she is fed up and confronts him about it and confesses? So like it starts out angsty but it has a happy ending?? Thank you so much dear! Love your work 💖💖

AHA! what an amazing ask, I love it! Love me some angst with a happy ending. 

It was not normal for Kyoya to fall in love. Most people didn’t perk his interest, they didn’t give him the spark that he needed.

But you weren’t most people. You were unique, you were kind, you were smart, and you were oh so pretty. He first laid his eyes on you when you came to his table in the host club. He didn’t know how, but your smile sent shivers down his spine, your mere presence made him feel so happy. Of course, he never showed his feelings, it was all covered with a layer of apathy and malice. Despite his cold demeanor, he always seemed to be kinder to you, even if it was just a little bit. Even you seemed to act differently in front of him, and he started to think that was because you liked him back.

Well, that was until he saw you with Tamaki.

Kyoya wasn’t the type of man to eavesdrop, but curiosity got the better of him, he decided, as he followed you out into the hallway. He got suspicious when Tamaki was at your heel, you both looked nervous. Could it be…? No, it couldn’t, it possibly couldn’t. You showed no interest in Tamaki, there’s no way that you’d be in love with him. All this time you’ve been going to his table and talking to him, not Tamaki.

So, why were you doing this?

He couldn’t hear the whole conversation, but he didn’t need to. As soon as he heard the words “I love you,” come out of your mouth he knew exactly what was going on. He felt furious, he felt depressed, but most of all he felt jealous. So, it turns out he wasn’t the source of your affections after all.

It wasn’t fair, he told himself he’s never stoop so low that he’d feel heartbroken over someone. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and Kyoya wanted you, he wanted your love, but what he saw was no joke, it was evident that you didn’t love him back. It hurt, it hurt a lot, and the worst thing of all, he didn’t know how to handle it. It was an all new feeling, and he hated it.

He hated it so much that he couldn’t stand to be with you, he avoided you when you went up to him in the hallway, in the classroom, even in the host club, he just couldn’t stand you. It was weird, why were you still trying to talk to him, shouldn’t you be with Tamaki? Doing whatever things that couples do?

So, one can only imagine the surprise on Kyoya’s face when you suddenly dragged him away, bringing him out into the hallway. You had an irritated look on your face. Just what got into you? You never did anything like this, you were always so… quiet.

“Alright Kyoya, I want you to tell me why you’ve been avoiding me.” you confronted him. Your eyes were on fire, he felt like you were staring into his soul. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you all week, and I haven’t got to tell you because you always run off before I can say it.” His eyes widened, he was too cooped up in his heartbreak and jealousy he didn’t even think about your feelings. “Y/n…”

“No Kyoya! I want to explain it to me right now because I can’t take it anymore, how many times do I have to try before you realize that I’m in love with you!”

There was silence, it was deafening. The words, ‘I’m in love with you’ were playing in Kyoya’s head like a broken record. He couldn’t believe it, you like him back. But, what about Tamaki-?

“Oh no, I said that out loud didn’t I? I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. This isn’t all how I practiced it with Tamaki…”

Wait… Practiced? Oh no. 

He’d been avoiding you for no reason, and now because of him, you’ve been stressing. He has to fix this, now. He took your head in his hands, making you face him, “y/n, I’m truly sorry if only I had known. I don’t want to admit this, but I saw you with Tamaki, and I got the wrong idea. I’m sorry for making you stress out like this.”

“I’m sorry too, you deserve a better confession than this.”

He chuckled, “It doesn’t matter how you confess to me, I’ll still love you either way.”

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Do you have any swearing headcanons? Like how much they swear, how badly they swear, what they say the most, ect?

Hohohoho fuck me up

Honestly I am so southern because I had to go back and take out every time I wrote “cuss words” like bless my heart

I’m sure that among all of them, they let out the occasional swear, but naturally due to social restrictions on more provocative outbursts of expression, they’re all pretty reserved. Like, I can only imagine Hani letting out a few Dammit’s and a healthy amount of usage of the word ‘Hell’ but besides that? Nah. 

With that being said…

Kyouya probably curses the most. Like, come on. Yes, he’s the ‘Cool’ type, but outside of Host Club and familial obligations, let’s be real; he curses all the time. And the really funny thing about it is that he’s still so posh when he does it. It’s crazy. And I really have to feel Kyouya out sometimes when I’m writing him because we all picture him as dark and he is sometimes, but overall, he is well intentioned when his motives aren’t rooted in self interest. He’s hella dynamic, and has more layers than just being “Mom” and the Low Blood Pressure Lord.

His favourite curse would probably be fuck, just because it rolls off of his tongue so well. And he says it at least twice an hour, if I’m being lenient. I really think Kyouya wouldn’t be too reserved with words when he’s older, but he would be careful because he has a carefully constructed image to protect. Like, yeah, he’s not going to use expletives around potential clientele and customers. But when it comes to his board and other supervisors, fuck them. 

“Are you trying to fuck me, Hatori?”

“What? Ootori-sama–”

I don’t like being fucked, alright?” 

Mori is another really confusing one for me too because I’m just like??? I feel like he’s the guy out of all of the hosts that tries his hardest not to swear. Maybe after a long day of Kendo he would be willing to let out a very tired and well deserved “damn”. I think the only time Mori would use an expletive is when he was probably, like, explosively upset? And we as a fandom don’t really have an idea of what that looks like because Mori was given the shitty schtick when it comes to actual character development. We’ve seen him sad, but an angry Mori? Unf like what an actual fucking factual turn on. His favourite curse word would probably be “hell” just because it’s so easily able to be used in confusing situations. What the hell???

Do I even need to do Hikaru and Kaoru? Like, really? Contrary to popular belief, fuck isn’t the word that soothes the swearing palate of these two; it’s cunt. They love it simply for the fact that it’s so garish, and it’s shared commonality amongst them. Because they are cunts. They’re huge fucking cunts. It’s insulting and demeaning and it strips away all of your personality and it kind of makes you feel like you don’t have any agency over yourself, huh? That’s why the love the word. It gives them the reins over the conversation because once it’s used, whether in private, among a group of people, or directed at a certain person, they know it feels HELLA good. 

Tamaki is honestly such a bitch

And I LIVE for it. He’s still very much a prince and chooses to carry himself around like one but has that stopped him from feeling needy? No. Has that stopped him from insulting those around him? No. Does doing those things make him a bad person? No. But do they help this characterisation? 

Fuck yah. 

I’m having a hard time between deining Tama with either ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’ because I think that he has such a demanding personality. He’s hard to categorise! I want to say that he’s more of a shit person because he’s literally always landing himself in deep shit in one way or another. Baby boy is so sweet and well intentioned when it comes to everyone and especially so when he’s with his friends. And because of that, he doesn’t really curse at anyone except primarily the Hitachiin twins. 

Tbh I can’t read that boy that well anymore.

And for Haruhi is just a ‘fuck’ kind of girl, through and through. It’s not even up for discussion. Unless it’s work or school, Haruhi is not about to put in extra effort into demeaning someone or something she doesn’t care about.   

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Weird request but how would the hosts react to their s/o bringing home a chinchilla? (I have one that's gray and his name is Chico. He's so soft it's like petting a cloud. Chico says hello.)

((HELLO CHICO I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3))

  And, that’s basically Tamaki’s reaction. He’d immediately love it and end up begging you to keep it, even though your plan was to beg him. He loves how soft this lil baby is, so good luck getting it away from him. You have a new family member, congratulations!

  Kyoya wouldn’t have that much of a reaction to be completely honest. You’d just be like ‘this is our baby now’, and he’d be like ‘okay, cool’. He’d have minor  concerns like food for it and shelter, but otherwise, he’d accept it. But internally? Confused. He has no idea when or why this happened, but anything to make you happy. It also helps that it’s so soft. He claims it helps him focus when he’s doing paperwork and such.

  Hikaru puts up a bit of a fit when you bring it in, but it lasts literally until he sees it. He was mostly concerned you wouldn’t love him as much as you loved it (poor baby), but now that he’s seen this little fluffy cloud of cuteness you have the same concern he had. But no need to worry! You guys become the proudest little chinchilla parents~ You’re always dressing it up and doing mini photo shoots for it.

  Kaoru Instant love. He loves you so much, thank you for bringing these little things into his life. Literally, he barely knew chinchillas existed before you brought one to him to ask to keep it (with the best puppy eyes ever by the way! Like, even if he wanted to say no, how was he meant to?! You fought dirty.) Now you guys have 4 and love all of them. They all have food names and they are your babies.

  Marry him? Mori has this special soft spot for animals of any kind, and he’s always bringing in strays, so thank you? He’s even more in love with you and this soft lil bean baby. The only downside is that they will undoubtedly fall in love with each other and so now you’ll have to fight for attention from either of them.

  YOU DID NOT?!?!?! HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!! Honey has always wanted a chinchilla! He’s literally so excited how did you know?! You didn’t know???? Omg you guys are perfect for each other!!!!! Basically, he’s too excited to speak, thank you, he loves you, he loves the new baby, just love this little muffin. (You also name the chinchilla muffin.)

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Hosts on walking on on you cutting?



Haruhi Fujioka

  • Haruhi was just
  • Shocked
  • It takes a lot to shock her, but this moment takes the cake
  • First thing first: Cleaning the wounds
  • Haruhi was just mumbling things to make you feel better
  • “It’s going to be okay”
  • “I’m always here for you”
  • “You’re beautiful to me and that’s what I want you to think of before you do this”
  • After finishing cleaning the cuts, Haruhi sat with you on the bathroom floor, your head against her shoulder
  • “You know, [Y/N], I use to want to cut too. But I knew there was someone out there who loved me and would never want to see me so upset. That person turned out to be you. And I want you to remember that no matter what you’re beautiful and I don’t care what anyone says about you. I don’t want to see you cut again, okay?”

Hikaru Hitachiin

  • He honestly had no idea how to respond
  • How could someone so beautiful and amazing be so distraught that she’d do this to herself?
  • He just kind of
  • Sad with you
  • Hugging you
  • He was crying too
  • “[Y/N]…”
  • He reached for toilet paper as he cleaned off the blood gently, hoping to see how much damage had been done to his love
  • Scars new and old littered her arms
  • “Why didn’t you tell me before? I love you, Kaoru loves you, Honey-senpai loves you…hell, even Mori-senpai and Kyoya-senpai love you. Why didn’t you tell any of us that you were so upset? We would have been more than happy to help. Please…don’t do this anymore. For me, and for all of us who care about you.”

Kaoru Hitachiin

  • His eyes teared up instantly
  • He didn’t say anything
  • He quietly cleaned up the blood and bandaged up the wounded arms
  • Even after he was finished, he didn’t say anything still
  • He sat against the wall and pulled you against him, your chest to his as he held your face
  • He was choking up
  • “Please, don’t do this. I love you too much for you to do this. Please. I will do everything I can to make you happy. Please.”
  • You both ended up crying as you told each other how much you loved each other

Kyoya Ootori

  • Needless to say, he was shocked
  • How could someone that had been so
  • Peaceful
  • Thoughtful
  • Careful as you
  • Be so upset with the beautiful life you had been given?
  • His family was full of doctors; he knew exactly how to treat these wounds like he knew how to do maths
  • He didn’t say anything as he cleaned you up
  • Even after he finished he didn’t say anything
  • He just took off his glasses and leaned his face against your neck
  • You could feel the tears against your bare neck

Mitsukuni Haninozuka

  • It’s pretty obvious
  • The poor baby burst into a fit of tears as he called for his personal nurse to help you
  • As the nurse did her work, Honey just clutched to your hand
  • His words were muffled from his tears, but you could make out some of it
  • “You’re too good for this”
  • “Did I not show you enough love?”
  • “Why did you feel the need to do this?”
  • After the nurse was finished, Honey clung to you for the next week and refused to let go

Takashi Morinozuka

  • He gasped, something that almost sounded like a choke
  • He grabbbed you, carrying you to his family’s nurse
  • The blood soaked his shirt
  • You were taken care of, and the whole time Mori sat beside you
  • Watching you breath
  • Mouthing different words
  • You couldn’t tell everything he was telling you, but there was something
  • “I love you”

Tamaki Suoh

  • He burst into tears
  • He was so confused on how his princess could even fathom that she deserved such pain
  • He called for his nurse
  • Soon you were taken to the nurse’s home office as you were taken care of
  • Tamaki’s lips found their way all around your face
  • You were too busy kissing him to realize that he was crying the whole time
Okay i’m way too tired/stressed to actually draw or write right now, so how about some headcanons instead?
  •  Kyoya loves to be touched. Ever since he was little the only one who ever showed him physical affection was Fuyumi, and even though he acts like he hates it…He craves it. He wants to be hugged and kissed and doted on, but he can’t go on and ask for it because it would put Yoshio Ootori in a bad light.

    This is where Tamaki comes in, Kyoya never told Tamaki about his need for physical affection, but Tamaki’s not stupid. He instantly figured out the situation and from then on, he gave Kyoya all the love in the world.

  • Kyoya and Tamaki can both sing very well, but Kyoya horrible at playing instruments and Tamaki ends up putting so much emotion into the performance of the song that it becomes annoying to listen to after a while.

  • Kyoya’s eyes are literally in the -6′s and -7′s

    For those who can actually see without glasses, Kyoya’s basically blind without them and is terrified to ever lose/break them because he’s basically useless without his glasses and he can’t wear contacts because his eyes are shaped weird and contacts hurt even when they’re formed to his eye and-

    Who gives a fuck that the Tamaki/Kyoya friendship diary sold out three times last time that Kyoya’s glasses got broken! He just wants to be able to see god dammit!

  • Kyoya taught Tamaki how to ballroom dance. 

  • Tamaki loves to people watch, and so does Kyoya. 
    Tamaki loves to see everybody living their lives and being happy, while Kyoya likes to try and piece together their life and what they might find worthy of purchasing. and they both like to imagine what would they be like in a different family situation.

  • Yoshio Ootori had tried to wake Kyoya up once before. To this day, he still refuses to go into Kyoya’s room and Kyoya has no idea what happened.

  • Hikaru and Kaoru once got pissed off at Tamaki so they flirted with Kyoya and Haruhi at the same time and ‘invited Kyo and Haru to sleep in their bed with them’ Needless to say, Tamaki freaked out and Renge is still fangirling over the ultimate ship. (Especially since Hani and Mori joined in on the fun and Hani hugged Mori and said, “But….Don’t you like us too?”

  • KYOYA CUDDLES LIKE CRAZY IN BED. Like, on those rare occasions that Kyoya would go to sleep before Tamaki…Tamaki will slip into Kyoya’s bed and smile because Kyoya will instantly snuggle up to Tamaki. 

  • Kyoya hates wasps. When he was younger he was surrounded by a swarm of them and to this day he’s fucking terrified of them. This is a secret only Tamaki knows.

  • Kyoya is the one who kills the spiders in the relationship. 

  • Kyoya once used his host club skills to charm a company that his father had been rivaling against for years to make a deal with them. 

  • Tamaki randomly wears cosplay and dresses around the house and Kyoya sometimes puts them on as well to humor Tamaki.

  • They both have abandonment issues. Bad abandonment issues.

  • Tamaki loves to give Kyoya lots of hugs and kisses and love in public and Kyoya just gets so flustered because “Tamakiiii, People are watching!” and Tamaki just smiles and kisses him on the cheek and says ‘and?’ so as revenge one day, Kyoya kisses Tamaki  on the cheek one day when everybody is looking away and when they look back ‘Tamaki’s like O//////O and Kyoya is just smirking like a little shit and everybody just thinks Tamaki is crazy.

  • Tamaki practices the lines he uses on the girls on Kyoya first and he chooses weather or not to use them based on the four reactions..

    -Blank face: It’s a mediocre line. Only use if you’ve run out of all other lines.
    -Sigh and a smile; It’s very cheesy, but it’s good. Safe to use anytime.
    -An actual laugh and Kyoya hides his face; It’s a very good line and should only be used at the peak of your ‘romantic’ spiel.. 
    -O///////O; The line is too good. Waaaaaay too good. NEVER SAFE TO USE THIS!!! KYOYA’S JUST BLUSHING BUT THE GIRLS WILL DIE.

  • They have a sleepover every weekend. It’s adorable and it is very important to both of them.

  • They are always touching in some way. Either they’re brushing shoulders or legs, or they’re holding hands or pinkies or they’re leaning against each other or they’re just hugging and kissing and neither of them ever gets tired of it.

anonymous asked:

Imagine playing hide and seek for some reason and having to hide with Kyouya who has a crush on you? Idk maybe it's a host club activity or something and he does it for the girls, but he ends up enjoying it with the reader?

Sure thing! I hope you like it! I’m sorry that it’s so late! For the idea of the imagine I’m using her/she pronouns because of it being a host club activity and the guests are female, if you identify as anything else feel free to change it if need be. I just wanted to say that so no one gets offended. Thank you! -Alicia 

Tamaki always came up with ridiculous activities to do but hide and seek had to be one of the strangest. The only upside was that Kyoya was hiding with his crush (Y/N). Her hair always fell perfectly over her (e/c) eyes. Kyoya had been admiring (Y/N) ever since she first stepped into the host club but he never had the guts to sit down and have a full on conversation with her. 

“How long do you think we’ll be hiding?” You asked quietly catching Kyoya by surprise. 

“Knowing Tamaki it may be a while.” He said causing you to laugh quietly. The first couple of minutes went by with the two of you making jokes and laughing quietly to yourselves. 

“You know I’ve always admired you.” You said looking forward avoiding Kyoya’s eyes. The statement brought Kyoya to complete shock, you were the type of person who depended on themselves and held themselves with confidence. 

“What do you mean?” Kyoya asked looking over at you. 

“Even with your father’s disapproval of the club you still stay with it. I wish I was able to do that.” 

“What do you mean?” Kyoya asked suddenly more intrigued. 

 “My mother doesn’t approve of me doing anything that isn’t academic.” You said looking down at your hands. 

“Is that why you haven’t been coming to the club lately?” He asked causing your head to snap up. 

“You noticed I wasn’t there?” 

“How could I not, you bring this type of light with you where ever you go. The club has been pretty dull lately.” Kyoya said causing your heart to beat faster. 

“I’m not allowed to play any sports, I can’t take piano lessons, or anything of the type. If it isn’t in text books then it’s out of the question. I wish I was able to stand up to my mother the way you do to your father. Ever since I was little she has had complete control over the choices I’ve made.” You said feeling tears form in your eyes. 

“It just doesn’t seem fair, so many of the students get to do what their hearts desire but ever since we lost my father I haven’t been able to do anything out of pure enjoyment. My mother says that it takes away from studies and I won’t be successful like her or my father if I don’t pay attention in school. She believes that it’s childish and inappropriate to do things like this.” You said motioning around you. 

You didn’t understand why you were telling Kyoya all of this, you couldn’t remember the last time you told someone what was wrong. Kyoya was just as shocked that you were opening up this much. It broke his heart to see the hurt that swimming around your eyes. A girl as beautiful as you didn’t deserve to be this broken. 

“If it wasn’t for Tamaki I wouldn’t be the man I am today, he was the one who taught me to stand up for the things I love. He has taught me a lot these last few years.” Kyoya finally spoke after being quiet for a few minutes. 

“I just want to be able to do the things I enjoy.” You said a tear falling down your face racing the others. 

“And what do you enjoy Miss (L/N).” Kyoya said wiping away your tears slowly getting closer to your face. The light from the window illuminated his face making it harder to look away. 

“Being with you.” You not being able to stop the words from flowing out. You saw a smirk form on his face before he whispered “good” then closed the space between you two. 

You two were so into the kiss that you didn’t hear to door opening up and the voices of the hist club that followed it. 

“I guess we weren’t the only ones who found who they were looking for.” Hikaru said with a cross of his arms and a smirk.   

lunarwanderer1420  asked:

Hello~ I was wondering if you could do the host club reacting to their s/o dancing terribly in public (maybe it's to embarrass them or maybe because they JAM IS ON AND THEY GOTTA SHAKE THEIR GROOVE THING! You pick~) Um, also... Your blog is hella and it brings me so much joy, so thank you!

i connect with this ask on a deep and profound level

(we are so sorry for the inactivity omg)

When you stopped dead in the middle of the shopping centre, looking for all the world like a stunned meerkat, Tamaki’s first thought was to be confused. And you then excitedly exclaiming ‘YES THIS IS MY JAM’, and proceeding to flail wildly had done nothing to help matters.
And when you had dragged him in to join you, he was nothing short of completely befuddled. He asks what you’re doing, to which you happily reply that this is your song, you have to dance!
It takes a few seconds for realization to dawn on him, but when it does, a grin breaks out across his face and Tamaki joins in with perhaps a tad too much enthusiasm.
“I see, this is a commoner tradition, then! Excellent, ______! Just the kind of exotic activity the host club needs!”

Haruhi tries not to laugh, she really does, but you just look so ridiculous.
Never being one to put too much thought into what strangers think, she just stands there, hand against the wall to steady herself, giggling uncontrollably. The idea of being embarrassed doesn’t even cross her mind, she’s laughing so hard.
And when you grab her hands and pull her into the music, she doesn’t have the heart to refuse. She stumbles a bit and her giggles falter, slightly more aware of the eyes now, but you don’t seem to care, so Haruhi tries not to either. Her sigh is both exasperated and fond as she reluctantly lets you twirl her around.
“Geez, ______, wouldn't you rather do this when we’re on our own?”

Hikaru is torn between pretending he doesn’t know you and bursting into laughter. So, stuck in this dilemma, he settles for standing awkwardly in front of you, red faced and snickering.
“Come on, _____, did you have to pick such an embarrassing song?”
In the middle of a flamboyant spin, you shout back at him that this is a fantastic song, what is he talking about?
Hikaru snorts.
And then videos the scene on his phone for blackmail material.

Kaoru plays the part of besotted fan spectacularly, over-dramatically cheering and wolf whistling as you ‘shake your groove thing’.
You laugh, and indulge him with an exaggerated wink. But he is quick to counter, full on swooning into your arms without a second thought to the looks you’re both getting from the public.
He cracks an eye open from his position in your arms, staring up at you with laughter in his gaze. 
“Wooooow… Never thought I’d be lucky enough to date such a talented dancer, ______!”

Kyoya stares at the scene playing out in front of him for a few moments, and then shuts his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. He sighs. He’s had plenty of practise in dealing with Tamaki, he’s more than used to being dragged into embarrassing situations in the middle of a crowd.
That doesn’t mean he’s happy about it.
“______. Do you know the meaning of the words ‘public protocol’?”
You either could not or would not hear this, continuing to prance around to the beat of the music, unperturbed by the gawking crowd.
He counts down from ten, before starting forwards with the unwavering spring of a businessman in his step, and before you even realise he’s moved Kyoya gently grabs your wrist and tugs you into the closest shop, effectively cutting off your impromptu routine.
You moan loudly, complaining that that was my favourite song I WAS NOT FINISHED COME ON BABE LEMME GET BACK OUT THERE.
“______, normally I would let you publicly embarrass yourself to your heart’s content, but you are now a permanent associate of the Ootori family for the foreseeable future, and I would prefer if you would please keep in mind that we have a reputation to maintain.”
The words ‘permanent associate’ are practically a love confession coming from Kyoya, and you wisely decide to let him have his way, too busy trying to calm your thumping heart to think about arguing.

Are you kidding Honey JUMPS RIGHT IN THERE WITH YOU. He doesn’t miss a beat, you barely have time to think before your hands are grabbed and he’s twirling with you in place, either not noticing or just not caring for the stares cast in your direction. If your goal was to embarrass him, it has sorely backfired, as the dance moves he’s roping you into are far more embarrassing than anything you could have ever hoped to top, and you can’t tell whether or not it’s intentional. And Honey’s so into it, enthusiastically swinging you around.
“Isn’t this fun, ______-chan?! We should dance like this all the time!”

If Mori is embarrassed, his face (unsurprisingly) does nothing to indicate so. In fact, a small smile graces his features instead. He truly doesn’t mind, it’s not like Honey hasn’t made a scene many a time in public, and your dancing is hardly doing anything to inconvenience the two of you or anyone around (unlike Honey’s episode at the sweet shop last week).
And your dancing is so horrendous, it’s actually… really cute.
You turn to him - or twirl, rather -  slightly sweaty with exertion, pupils blown wide and a grin so bright Mori feels his heart stutter right there.
He doesn’t care how silly you may look, he’d watch you dance forever if it kept that smile on your face.

- Admins Kits and Beckett

Giving Birth To Your Child

 I got kind of bored last night and this is the result! I hope you like it~ It was fun to write!!!

((For the record, (b/n) a means boy’s name, and (g/n) means girl’s name~))


  Another wave of pain washed over you as a contraction hit you hard. You screamed out with the pain and tensed up, causing your upper body to rise off the hospital bed. After what felt like an eternity, the contraction released you from its painful grip and you fell back onto the bed. You looked up at your husband with a dazed smile as he pushed stray strands of hair out of your face with a worried look in his eyes. He had always hated seeing you in pain. “Don’t worry Tamaki, the contractions are getting closer, so it’ll all be over soon!” He smiled down at you, momentarily reassured. “Then we’ll have our son…” he stated quietly, almost as if in a trance. You smiled widely up at him, excited. “We’re going to be parents Tama!” He nodded at you, looking excited at the concept that was slowly becoming more real.  Another contraction hit, causing you to grip his hand and grit your teeth. “Almost there.” Tamaki mumbled into your adjoined hands, which he had brought up to his mouth.

                                                      ~6 hours later~

  “I SWEAR TO GOD TAMAKI YOU JUST SEE IF I EVER SO MUCH AS LET YOU LOOK AT ME EVER AGAIN!” Everything was in chaos. Tamaki had regressed to only speaking in his native tongue, and you were screaming at him for doing this to you. “AS SOON AS THIS BABY IS OUT, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!” you threatened through yet another contraction. Tamaki was speaking rapidly in French, sounding like he was trying to reassure you, but it wasn’t going nearly as well as he had hoped. “Juste lutter à travers elle l'amour, nous allons avoir un fils!”** he stated,  prompting you to take an, in your opinion, well deserved break from pushing to look up at him in confusion. “If you’re trying to sweet talk me, it won’t work,” Before you could finish your thought, the nurse cut you off, telling you to keep pushing. 

  You gave one last push, and out came your beautiful baby boy. You sighed in relief and collapsed back onto the bed. The nurse handed your baby to Tamaki, and he looked down at your little miracle with tears in his eyes. “He’s beautiful (y/n).” You closed your eyes, overwhelmed with emotion. “Would you like to hold him mon amour?” You nodded, unable to speak past the emotion clogging your throat, and held out your arms for your son. He was handed over to you, and suddenly everything was worth it. All of the pain and suffering you had gone through to get him here made sense, and you would go through all of it again for him. ”What shall we name him?” Tamaki asked you. You thought for a moment, then managed to choke out, “(B/n).”

**Translation: Just fight through it love, we are going to have a son (I got it from Google Translate, I’m sorry if it’s weird. Feel free to correct me~)


  “I don’t wanna. I’m not ready. You know what, I’ll just come back later when I’m ready! Okay, bye guys, thanks for the help!” You went to get up, when a gentle but firm hand pushed you back onto the hospital bed. It was Kyoya, of course. “Relax love. You’ll be absolutely fine. Besides, you can’t leave now, the baby’s almost here.” His words comforted you, but you were still scared. How were you supposed to take care of a baby?! You could barely take care of yourself! Kyoya gently gripped your hand, causing you to look up at him. Seeing his gentle smile helped to calm you the rest of the way. Kyoya. That was how you were going to do this. He was your rock, he grounded you, and there was no doubt in your mind that he was going to be the greatest father ever. With your confidence renewed, you were ready to rock it. “Let’s have a goddamn baby Kyoya!” His smile widened and he laughed softly. “That’s more like it (y/n). You can do this.” Your responding laugh was cut off with a strangled groan caused by a wave of pain from another contraction. Your grip on Kyoya’s hand tightened, and you panted, focusing all your energy on riding the wave. His free hand went up to your stomach, rubbing soothing circles. It felt good, but at the time, it seemed like the worst thing he could do. 

  “Hands off Ootori, before I bite them off.” He smirked, amused by your sudden change in disposition, and lifted his hands up as if surrendering. Well, hand. You still had a death grip on his right hand. “Darling, how am I meant to get my hand off if you refuse to let it go?” You growled in response. Screw his logic. At a time like this? “My hand,” you managed to pant out between waves of pain. He chuckled at your response, but simply nodded. “Very well. Your wish is my command.”

                                                ~2 hours later~

  It was out. Your baby was out. After 4 hours of labor, your beautiful baby was born. “It’s a girl!” the doctor cheerfully announced, as she handed you your daughter. You looked down at her, and tears clouded your vision. She was beautiful. She was perfect. She was so, 100% worth every second. Kyoya leaned over, so you shifted so that he could see her better. “What do you want to name her?” you asked him, still in too much of a daze to name a child. “(G/n).” Kyoya said softly. You smiled lightly and looked down at the baby you were holding, who was cooing softly, looking perfectly content despite having just been born. “(G/n) Ootori. Welcome to the world (g/n).”


  It was time. You were finally going to meet your child. You were incredibly excited! But there was one problem… You had forgotten about the actual giving birth aspect of it. As soon as your water broke, you realized what was coming next, so naturally, you freaked out. “HIKARU!!!!” you screamed. You heard something hit the floor with a thud in the other room, a muffled scream, then you heard footsteps running towards you. “(Y/n)? What’s wrong?” he asked, panting slightly from the shock you had just given him. “My water broke and now we have to go so that I can push a human being out of me!” He paled slightly and froze, but then he snapped to it, nodding rapidly before running around the house like a maniac to get what you needed. He finally procured everything and met you at the door, then helped you to the car.

  You had reached the hospital and had been rushed to a maternity room and were now simply awaiting the actual birth and riding through the contractions as well as you could. During one particularly bad contraction, you opened your eyes and noticed that Hikaru was holding up a phone. You soon put two and two together and attempted to yell at him. “Oh my- HIKARU! Are you TAKING A SELFIE?!” he put down the phone slowly. “No…” he mumbled. You panted angrily. “Why would you do that?” He shrugged. “What if we want to remember this moment?” You glared at him. “There’s no way I would EVER want to remember this moment!” He put his hands up as if surrendering. “Alright, alright. Phone’s away. Just concentrate on pushing love.” You nodded, and breathed out, relaxing before you had another contraction. 

                                                  ~9 hours later~

  “One more push hun, then you can meet your baby!” the nurse encouraged gently. You gave one last push with everything you had, and heard the most beautiful sound ever. The sound of your brand new baby’s cries echoed out of the room. You breathed out in relief and slouched against the hospital bed and closed your eyes as they prepared the baby for you. “It’s a girl!” the doctor announced excitedly. Hikaru was oddly excited, so, being curious, you focused all of your energy on opening an eye and you saw him staring over to where they had taken your daughter, watching carefully with sharp, overly protective eyes. But, once you looked closer, you noticed that he had tears brimming in his eyes. You smiled slightly before closing your eyes. You tugged on his sleeve. “Yeah (y/n)?” With a half smile, you responded. “I want to call her (g/n). Is that okay?” He was quiet for a while, but eventually, you heard him agree. With that, you were asleep.


  You screamed as another wave of pain swept over you. You clenched onto Kaoru’s hand as though it was the only thing tethering you to the bed. This was all his fault. Okay, so maybe not entirely, but you were willing to blame this on him. He got you pregnant. Okay, so maybe you were the one whose idea it was at first to have a baby, but why couldn’t he be the girl?! Okay, you could probably actually blame your dad for that one… But who cares whose fault it actually was?! Kaoru was closest, so he gets the blame. “It’s your fault!” You panted out between waves of pain. “What?” He looked confused. “You did this to me.” You clarified. At that moment, the contraction ended, so you leaned back against the headboard again. “I’m sorry (y/n). But hey, at least we get a baby, right?” You nodded hesitantly. That was one point for him, he did give you a baby… “You’re rig-” 

  You were cut off by yet another contraction. This one hurt more than all of the previous contractions combined. “JUST SEE IF YOU EVER SEE ME NAKED AGAIN HITACHIIN!!” you screamed angrily.  He snorted out a laugh at your proclamation. “Whatever you say baby.” he said, wincing slightly from the pressure you put on his hand, but also looking amused. “No, you think I’m kidding, but like, never! I’m going celibate after this!! No more anything because no!” He laughed aloud at your statement. “Alright (y/n).” You pouted at his laughter. “I’m serious!” He jut nodded, then proceeded to pet your hair as another contraction punched you in the stomach. 

                                                ~3 hours later~

  It was done. You had just successfully delivered a human being. It only took 6 hours too! That was good, because you had heard that it took up to 16 hours for some people. You didn’t think that you could have done that for another 10 hours. The doctor handed you your son. “Look Kaoru! We have a baby!” you said softly. He nodded, speechless and laid his head gently on the resting baby’s head. “What should we call him?” you asked him. He deliberated for a moment, but eventually spoke up. “(B/n).” You smiled, nodding. “(B/n) is perfect.”


  You grunted in pain, cursing whatever whim possessed you to have a baby. You gripped tightly to the hand that was holding onto yours. Being in labor, you decided, was your least favorite thing in the world. “This baby better be worth it!” you grunted out as the pain intensified. Your husband ran a hand through your hair in a soothing manner, hoping to relieve some of the pain you were experiencing in any way he could. But, being in a slightly bad mood because of the pain you were currently experiencing, you were having none of it. “Get your hand out of my hair Morinozuka! I’m giving birth not getting my hair washed!!” He withdrew his hand from your hair, a slight, amused, smile on his face. “It’s not funny,” you insisted, “this is very serious business!” He nodded in agreement, and said “I know (y/n), and you’re doing very well.” You smiled slightly, pleased with the praise. “Thank you!”

                                                  ~7 hours later~

  ‘One more push,’ the doctor had said. She had said that, 5 HOURS AGO! You had pushed too many times for your taste since then, definitely more than one anyhow. But here she was, saying it again. “One more push, then you’ll have a baby!” “No shit!!” you shouted, as you gripped onto Mori’s hand like a lifeline. You screamed in pain, pushing with all of your might, when your screams were joined by the thin cries of your new baby. You fell back against the hospital bed, relieved that it was over. They whisked away your baby, getting her cleaned up and ready for you. “You did it (y/n).” You looked up at Mori, who was looking down at you with a proud look in his eye. He touched the side of your face gently, and you leaned into his touch. “I did.”

  “Would you like to meet your baby Mr. and Mrs. Morinozuka?” came the cheerful  voice of the nurse. You looked up and agreed excitedly. She was passed to you, and it was worth it. Everything you had gone through was worth it, because she was perfect. “Hello (g/n).” You had already decided on the name together before, so you felt well prepared to welcome your new baby into the world. You gazed down at (g/n) as if in a trance, amazed. Looking up at Mori, you noticed he had the same look on his face. You smiled fondly at him. “We made this Takashi. This human being was made by us. We literally, created life.” He chuckled lightly, amused by your statement, but he was nodding. “That we did (y/n)… That we did.”


  You were exhausted. You had been in labor for 15 hours. You were ready for your baby to just get here already. 15 hours was too much time to wait for anyone! Plus, you were starving. You hadn’t eaten anything more than a light snack since nearly 18 hours ago. The nurses said there was no eating while in labor, so you made Honey promise to take you to an Italian place as soon as you were released, Mori had already offered to watch the baby while you ate.His promise was probably half due to the fact that you were screaming in pain while you were asking him, but you knew he liked babies enough to keep said promise. You had made him leave though once your labor had gotten more serious. You didn’t want anyone but the doctors and your husband in there while you were like this.

  You looked over to Honey, hoping for something to take your mind off of the pain, maybe a nice conversation or something. But no. You looked over and you saw him… eating cake. No way. He was not. “Mitsukuni…” you said lowly, in a dangerous tone. He stopped moving altogether, then turned his head towards you slowly, only to be greeted with a dark glare. “Yes (y/n)-chan?” he asked timidly. “What is that?” you growled. “It’s a cake.” You hummed in agreement. “I thought so… And why do you have a cake in here?” He swallowed hard. “Because I was hungry…” You nodded, then closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. “I haven’t eaten in 18 hours. I swear to God, if you don’t get that cake out of here, I will get birth juices all over it!” He paled significantly, then raced out of the room with his cake, screaming apologies.

  3 hours later, you gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. Honey snuck you in some cake after hours, and all was forgiven. <3


  Thank you for reading~ I hope you enjoyed!!

~Ashes <3 xo

BTS as... Ouran High School: Host Club Members

Okay, so, my love for anime is profound! I honestly love it so much and I’ve been watching anime since I was a child! So here’s my first go at ‘BTS as…’ imagines. Requests are open if you want to send anything!

Believe it or not, it was a lot harder than I thought…

Mitsukuni ‘Honey’ Haninozuka

Originally posted by mitsukunis

So this one was the easiest for me? Many people forget that Honey is actually the oldest :) I admit, I thought of Tae at first because of the overloading cuteness, but I changed my mind after thinking about it and now I honestly believe that it would be Jin.

Originally posted by armygzb

So the members have said at some point that Jin is the cutest of the group. Jungkook even said that he forgets that Jin is actually older than him with the way he acts. Plus, both Honey and Jin really like food (okay, cake) and they can both cook really well. However, both of them can step up and show authority when needed. For these reasons I say Jin is like Honey. Furthermore, all the members say that Jin is actually really strong and he does work out a lot, as we all know. Honey is also surprisingly strong - his specialities being judo and karate.

Kyoya Ootori

Originally posted by tangofox

Okay so this one came to me slowly because I stuck between Suga and Rap Monster but in the end I chose Suga.

I couldn’t find a GIF of this look - (credit to owners, Sugarport)

So I choose Yoongi because him and Kyoya are both very intelligent and good at what they do. Both of them are ‘second-in-command’ in the group if you know what I mean - Rap Monster has said that Suga is the most influential member, and like Haruhi said, Kyoya is the ‘real brains behind the operation.’ Also, both of them faced doubt from other people about their abilities and have people almost telling them what to do? Like, with Kyoya, his family is constantly looking down on him and saying that he isn’t good enough and with Suga, people from Daegu told him that doing music wasn’t a good career choice and that he was going to ‘bring shame’ to his family. Both of them were told they were not good enough but both of them proved everyone else wrong. Lastly, do I really need to mention what would happen if you tried to wake any of them up? No, I didn’t think so… ;D

Takashi ‘Mori’ Morinozuka

Originally posted by kouhaiharuhi

This one was difficult because I was stuck between Rap Monster and Suga here too but yeah I chose Rap Monster for Mori.

Originally posted by ygnj

The reason why I say this is because both of them are quite mysterious, at least in my opinion. Strong and silent - both quite sexy without even trying. They are extremely protective of their friends and seem like the sort of ‘need to take care of everyone’ type of people. Although they can be seen as harsh at times, they obviously have everyone’s best interests at heart. Also, both of them are masters in their field - rapping vs kendo and this, amongst other things, brings them lot of respect from other people too.

Tamaki Suoh

Originally posted by suoh-centric

So for Tamaki, I thought a lot about his character and eventually I chose V.

Originally posted by my-fjo

Okay, bare with me, I know it can seem like a weird choice… So, of course, Tamaki is obnoxious and, no, V isn’t like that at all. But what I will say is the he seems very aware of how much love he gets. He knows just how to act to ‘get the ladies worked up’ if you know what I mean. I mean, they can both switch from intense sexy staring so just a babbling cuties in 0.002 seconds. Plus, the two of them have no problem making friends; they’re both social butterflies! Also, the other hosts think of Tamaki as the ‘idiot leader’ lolol and I am in no way calling V an idiot, trust me, but Rap Monster has called him 7th in intelligence before… besides, we all know how childish they can be.

Kaoru Hitachiin

Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to find an appropriate GIF of him on his own without Hikaru there too? I swear to God those twins are inseparable! I had to go and screenshot this moment. Urgh, the terrible quality is killing my soul….

So we all know that both of these twins are a bit mischievous, but they aren’t exactly troublemakers or anything. And out of the two, I feel like Kaoru is the meeker one? So for that reason I chose Jimin.

Originally posted by chambers1993

Sweet and a little shy too, I feel like these two are very precious and need constant protection in a way. They put up a good front, but you can tell that both of these members feel emotions very deeply and their moods can swing quite a bit too. Of course, like V and Tamaki, both Kaoru and Jimin can immediately turn the ‘sexy’ on in no time.

Hikaru Hitachiin

Originally posted by samezukaz

So Hikaru is the braver one? Some people can even go as far as saying that he can be the cockier twin too. I don’t necessarily think Hikaru is cocky, but he definitely has more confidence. So I chose Jungkook.

Originally posted by kookie-bts

I feel like Jungkook gets mistaken as cocky a lot too and we know it isn’t true. At first, he was very shy around the other members, just like Hikaru (and Kaoru) were when they first joined the Host Club. Of course, now, Jungkook can be mischievous just like Hikaru is. I feel like both of them rather enjoy teasing the other members and although they can seem quite distant at times, they are very protective of their friends.

Haruhi Fujioka

Originally posted by tangofox

Haruhi and I are so alike in some ways, I swear to God. Anyways, this took a long time but eventually I chose J-Hope.

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Natural cuties with a sort of happy charm that people naturally gravitate to, I think Haruhi and J-Hope are quite similar. On the inside, however, both of them are quite serious and sometimes you can feel a sort of sadness and reservation from them. I feel like both of them can get into bad moods and quite easily get a bit annoyed with those around them if they aren’t in a good one. Of course, how can we forget the natural cute-aegyo these two seem to always exhibit.

So there we have it. BTS as Ouran High School: Host Club members. I hope you liked it, please let me know was you thought!

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Hi... So i was wondering if you could do how the hosts (if you cant do all of them, could you do Hikaru, Kyoya and Mori) react to you telling them you love them? Like you tell them as if it was obvious but the host had no idea (they love them back lol :3) ok thank you sorry if this is too much to ask. xx

Of course I can, Nonnie! :) 

Host Club : Headcanons

Tamaki : Tamaki would end up being the most flustered of the group. At first, he’d just mumble, “Oh, yeah? Okay.” Only for the bus of realization to hit him. “Whoa, w-wait a second there, ___-chan!” His precious S/O would without a doubt end up laughing at the poor vanilla member of the host club.

Kyoya : Kyoya wouldn’t need a single second to catch onto what you had told him. He was a fairly fast reactor, after all, and certainly didn’t ever have his head in the clouds. It may have not been the easiest thing to register, but it wasn’t exactly the hardest thing, either. “Do you, ____?” He laughed softly, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, something he’d never do in public. “I love you too.”

Honey : Mitsukuni, too, would take a moment or two to gather what his lover had told him, although not as long as Tamaki. “Wait, really, ___-chan!?” He’d chirp, immediately focusing all of his attention on them. His S/O would reply, and Honey would latch onto them. “I love you, too!”

Mori : Takashi would be quiet for a second, as most of the club would. Although, he wouldn’t waste any time at all asking if his significant other was serious. He’d cup their cheeks in his hands, and say, “I love you too, ____-chan.”

Kaoru : Kaoru would almost be as flustered as Tamaki. Almost. “Uh- U” He’d begin, looking over at his lover, “What did you just say, ___-chan? Because I swear I heard you say…” Trailing off, his S/O would happily finish his sentence, confirming what he had hear. “Oh. O-Oh.” He’d stay silent for another second, only to finally reply to what they had said. “I  love you too.”

Hikaru : Hikaru would be a lot more active, in this situation. No matter where he was, he’d stand up. It could be a fancy restaurant, or just the two of you watching movies on the couch. None of that mattered, this was important. “Did you just?..” He’d question, staring down at his lover. When they nodded, used to his intense out bursts at this point in their relationship, the redhead would stand agape. “Oh my God…” He’d murmur, looking down. “I love you too, ___-chan.” Afterwards, his S/O would definitely tease him about being ‘almost as over dramatic as Tamaki.’

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Can you do one with the hosts having superpowers? Can you also give them a superhero name? :??

Tamaki: Mind control.  You always discarded it by telling yourself that he was really persuasive, thinking back to it, probably also because of him. You discovered the truth during a dark night, after going out with your friends. Distracted and tired, you took a shortcut through an alley, about 3 in the morning. A man came out of the shadows and got you from behind, a knife in his hand right under your chin. And then he came. Things got kinda weird from that point. He was wearing a disguise, but you could still notice it was him. You didn’t need to see the face of your aggressor to know that your ‘What the hell???” reaction was exactly the same. On the other hand, you dressed-up boyfriend didn’t notice, too immersed in his fantasy.

“Your Majesty orders you to let her go and throw the knife.” He said with a calm voice. ‘This is the end. He has finally gone mad and with the worst timing ever!’ you thought, hopeless. To your surprise, the man behind you actually did so, without ever letting go Tamaki’s stare. “Now go to the police and give yourself in.” he told the man once you were safe. 

“W-What?! No way! WHAT ARE YOU?” The man freaked out, getting out of his zombie-like state.

“I order you to go to the police and give yourself in.” He corrected himself, impatient. As the man returned to being a zombie and walked away, you realized that the word order might be the one that makes the click in people’s mind and that Tamaki might as well always forget about it. 

“So, how can I thank you?” You asked him in a Hollywood-like matter, actually grateful that he got the man away from you and not wanting to ruin his fantasy.

“You don’t need to thank me, it’s just my job!” He told you, looking like a proud puppy to then walk away. You controlled a giggle.

“Who are you?” You asked him before he left, wanting him to sound cool so that he could be happy for the rest of the week.

“I’m YOUR MAJESTY!” Tamaki shouted proudly to then completely leave the scene. You couldn’t hold back your laughter anymore.

Kyoya: Telepathy. “We have to get you a super hero name!” You insisted for the tenth time.

“No we don’t.” He cut you for the tenth time. He didn’t want to fight the crime and didn’t want a cool superhero name, you wondered what was wrong with him, but then you remembered the dark truth: He’s Kyoya. “They already call me the shadow king at the host club, what else do you want?” 

“But it’s not related to your power!” You insisted. It took you a while to realize that he had one, always discarding it as if he just knew everything, but a stupid mistake had shown the truth. 

You two had been together reading. Correction: He was reading, you were just thinking in a way to indirectly tell him to take you out on a date. ‘Oh god is it too much to ask to just go out with my boyfriend more often?’ you thought while pretending to read.

“You could just ask me out instead, you know? It’s not like I’m going to refuse…” He answered your thought. You just sat there, eyes wide open in surprise. You were sure that you hadn’t said that aloud and you hadn’t told anyone about it. “What, too shocking of an answer?” He joked to continue reading.

“Kyoya?” You said quite annoyed by his question.

“Yes?” He didn’t even raise his eyes from the book.

“I didn’t say anything out loud.” 10 seconds of silence, followed by a small laugh from his side of the table.

“Oh, darling, don’t you know that I-”

“I literally just started thinking about it.” You cut him off. Silence. “Do you have telekinesis,” you started in a whisper, making him put down the book, “AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME?! IMAGINE HOW MUCH WE COULD PRANK THE TWINS!” He was now the one surprised by your sudden response, but out of the nowhere he started laughing.

“Leave it to you to not be freaked out by this…” He said, mostly to himself, but it still made you laugh.

Flash forward to the name conversation, you were now by your 12th attempt. 

“How about Shadow Reader?” He said, trying to shut you up. You loved it.

Hikaru: Teleportation. He ruined the secret for a prank, but at least it was a good one. He had teleported everywhere near you during the day, leaving as soon as you noticed him, making you feel like you finally had gone crazy. It was actually an idea with Kaoru’s collaboration, who had to lie about him being the one helping Hikaru be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. By the end of the day you were legit scared and wouldn’t answer his calls, so he just decided to appear in your room. Screw it. 

“So, just to get this straight,” you started at the end of the day, after he told you the truth and you calmed down (not calming yourself down of your boy friend’s super power, but the idea that you had maybe gone mad), “you can teleport?”


“And you know this for a while now?” 


“And only Kaoru knew?”


“And you didn’t tell me because you thought that I’d freak out?”


“And that’s the reason you haven’t taken me to the Bahamas yet?”



“What are you waiting for?” 

“I’m waiting for you to give me the coolest superhero name ever.”

He finished up being the Orange Jumper.

Kaoru: Flight. It wasn’t difficult to know that something was off with him. I mean, one day you walked in your room to find him in a corner of your roof. You didn’t need to be Einstein.

“Oh, you’re back early…” He told you, still in your roof’s corner.

“Forgot my phone.” You managed to answer in your shock. It wasn’t an everyday thing to find out that your boyfriend has super powers.

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah,” You said as you approached your desk to grab it, “could you, I don’t know, get off my roof please? I feel like this is one of the we-have-to-talk-about-this things.”

“Okay!” He said, getting down of it to stand in front of view. Well, at least you though he was standing, when you looked down you noticed he was actually 5 cm over the floor.

“So, for how long you have this?” You asked awkwardly.

“Sometime between 6 months and a year.” He asked not giving much importance to it.

“I see.” Was your only answer, as your brain was having a thousand thoughts per second.

“Are you mad?” Kaoru asked you kinda worried and nervous. He was adorable when he got like that.

“No! I mean, I’m not as mad as I should be, considering that you never took me flying anywhere… Giving a second thought to it, how dare you?! You knew I always wanted to fly! Such a rude and insensitive boyfriend I have!” He stood there for some seconds, not too many but enough to make you regret your answer. Almost. After the longest 5 seconds ever, he cracked up and started laughing.

“Oh God, I actually thought you were mad right there! You should really consider starting a drama career you know; maybe you could win an Oscar, just like Leonardo Di Caprio!” He told you laughing, which made you laugh too.

“So, what’s going to be your super cool super hero name?”

“How about the Ginger Bird? You know, so people get confused when going ‘Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No! Well… kinda…’”

He ended up being the Annoying Ginger Bird


Mori: Super strenght. He picked up a truck. A TRUCK. That’s how you found out. You had always thought that he was strong thanks to the training, apparently you were wrong.

“I go to training so I can use my strength in a more effective way,” he explained, “to gain a technique and not just be throwing random punches.” It made sense, you had to admit.

“So, what are you going to do with it?” You asked him. “With your power, I mean.”

“Am I supposed to do anything special with it?” Mori questioned back confused. Awkward silence. Your relationship was full of them, but this one was especially awkward, for some reason.

“I don’t know.” Was all you could say that wasn’t lame. A tiny part of you actually expected him to become a superhero or something (Truth be told, that “tiny” part was actually pretty big), but you couldn’t just tell him that.

You two kinda dropped the subject there, not having anything left to say. Days passed and you started noticing how much things he had to do with his strength. You also noticed how much stuff Tamaki and the twins asked him to lift, of course they knew about it and they used it to their advantage. You weren’t mad or anything, it was just kind of a let-down for you, as you thought that having a boyfriend with a superpower would be more exciting. Also, the fact that the club got to know this before you did bothered you at first, but you couldn’t be mad at him for telling them first, as he spends so many hours with that group.

A week passed and you two were watching The Avengers, not because of the power thingy, just because you watched that movie and loved it (admit it, 90% of the reason why you loved it was Loki).

“We haven’t talked much about the power thing.” Your boyfriend said out of the blue. “It’s unusual for you to let something this important just slide, are you mad or something?”

“Nah.” It was the truth, your little jealousy about the host club knowing this first was now gone and it didn’t really matter, he was still the same guy in the end. You would have expanded a little bit more in your answer, telling him all this (which you actually did later) if the movie wasn’t playing. Some time of the movie passed, silence between you two.

“The day I showed you the power,” he told you again, “you didn’t seem to excited. I know you love superheroes, so what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” You felt kinda embarrassed about your excitement of that day, that’s why you didn’t tell him. More silence.

“You wanted to make a super hero name for me, didn’t you?”

“Nailed it.” You said, swallowing both your pride and popcorns.

“Any suggestions?” Plenty, actually, but you chose your favorite.
“ How about, The Lifter?” You said acting like you had just thought about it and that you hadn’t been thinking about so many cool names. He laughed at it and put his arm around you.

“The Lifter is just perfect.” You two then proceeded to finish watching the movie for the 150th time.

Honey: Super fast. “Didn’t you just finish eating a cake?” You asked him.

“Yup.” He said cheerfully, starting a new one.

“…Then where did you take that one from?”

“The usual shop.” The usual shop was a mile away.

“I literally just turned for a second.”

“I know.

“Okay then.” Was all you could think of saying before leaving the room, you closed the door behind you and started walking.

“Are you mad Y/N-chan?” Honey asked, right behind of you, startling you and making you quickly put a distance between both of you. ‘WHAT THE HELL?!’ Was all you could think.

“How come you are so fast all of a sudden?” You asked him, trying not to sound as surprised as you actually were. He smiled his cheerful smile before answering; by this point in your relationship you knew that he smiled like that so that you wouldn’t get angry at him. You couldn’t really see what you could be so angry at, maybe he just realized he had this ability, or maybe it was just a dream. You hoped for the latter.

“Oh no,” He started, “I didn’t get so fast all of a sudden, I’ve been this fast for ages!” Okay that was something to get angry at.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME BEFORE?!” You shouted, making him back of quickly, he could be a martial arts master, but you sure as hell were scary when you got mad. You couldn’t believe he didn’t tell you before, didn’t he trust you? How many people knew this? Also, how was he using his powers? You showered him in this kind of questions, making him get dizzy with just trying to keep up with them.

“I do trust you! That’s why I showed you, because I didn’t want to hold any secrets!” He shouted even louder than you, making you shut up a little. You had to admit he was off to a good start in the answers. “I got a hold of this a couple years ago and I’ve been mainly using it for eating cake… Also, only you, Mori and the guy that sales cakes in the usual store know.”

“The cake-selling guy got to know before me?”

“He also got to know before Takeshi…” You don’t know why you were surprised, you were dating the guy that preferred cake before his own brother, this was the least to expect.

“…anything more you want to tell me?” You said, your anger fading away.\

“The cake-selling guy, Jim, he calls me Speedy Mitsukuni.” It took you some time to realize that Jim was making a reference to Speedy Gonzlaes.

Haruhi: Invisibility. You would have been mad at her for not telling you she had such a power if you hadn’t found out while she was attempting to escape from The Host Club, whose twins open a giant bag of flour, making her power useless. She turned visible again and coughed before complaining. Maybe it was the disappointment in her eyes for failing to flee, or maybe it was how ridiculous the whole situation was, but it cracked you up to the point you were crying of laughter, making your presence obvious to everyone in the room.

It took you some time to calm down, and every second that passed worried Haruhi a little bit more of your reaction to the fact that she could just disappear to the human eye, she was also worried you may ask what she had been doing with her power.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked her once you could speak again while she got the flour out of her body. It didn’t really surprise you that Haruhi didn’t tell you something, but you still wanted to know.

“I didn’t think of it as such a big deal…” She answered standing up and helping you stand up too.

“Well, it is.” You told her, not knowing what to say anymore. “Hey, don’t look so gloomy! It’s okay, I’m not angry.” That made her smile and you were thankful of that. “Umm, Haruhi? Why don’t your clothes disappear when you do?” You asked her so that she could keep on talking; you loved to hear the sound of her voice.

“I have the ability to turn invisible, doesn’t that seem strange enough to you? Don’t question the powers!” She joked making both of you laugh, she then made a little movement with her hand “Hey, come here for a second.” She whispered, not wanting the host club to hear from the other side of the room. You did as she said and Haruhi grabbed your hand, catching you off-guard as she isn’t a whole lot into PDA and when you were about to mention it, you saw her eyes change colors to lighter ones. “Don’t let go of my hand and don’t worry about the volume, they can’t hear us.” Startled as you were, you obeyed and when you were about to ask her about her eyes you discovered in the mirror that was behind her that where you two should be there was only air now, well, at least it seemed like it.

“Whoa.” Was all you could say.

“I know, right? By the way, are my eyes gray too?” She asked you laughing at your reaction and apparently discovering the change in her eyes.

“Yeah… You are so awesome; I’ve got to add this to the list of things I love you for!” You said, kissing her forehead, until the she still looked kinda worried about your reaction, so you were happy when you heard her true laugh. “I’ve got to make a nickname for you with this.” You told her, thinking of something that had to do with Harry Potter’s invisible cloak.

“How about HaruCloak?” She asked, kinda lame, but it sounded funny.

“Didn’t know you could read minds too!” You joked.

“Nah, that’s Kyoya’s thing.”

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How would the hosts ask their so to move in with them/ what sort of place would they move into?

Okay, this is now the third time I’ve tried to write this and if it wasn’t published, I have officially thrown my computer out the window, I hope you like it.

Tamaki: He would build up for this question as if he was proposing, and his s/o would definitely get the idea that he was, even though he most definitely was not. He would plan for weeks upon weeks on how he would ask this question before he decided he would just pull his s/o to the side in a nice secluded park they would walk by and pop the question, but not the question, he would say “How would you like to wake up to my glorious face every morning.”

The house they would get would be extravagant, with enough rooms and terraces to make your head spin. There would be a large yard and pool, and a gourmet kitchen. Tamaki wanted his s/o to be completely cared for, even in his absence, so they had so many servants that if wanted, they never had to raise a hand ever again.

Kyoya: Kyoya would be very forward about it, but try to be somewhat sweet, which would fall a little short. He would take his s/o out to a fancy dinner, but he did this at least once a week so this wasn’t at all surprising, in fact, the only surprising thing about his demeanor was just how calm he was, almost more than usual. He had no doubt his s/o would say yes when they saw the key sitting on the placemat in front of them, and he would say “I think it would benefit us both if we made the next step in this relationship and moved in together.

The house they would get would also be quite large, but Kyoya would strive for efficiency. He would make sure everything saved money, but not because he felt the need to, but because he believed it would impress people and make them think he was a well grounded individual when they walked in. He would go so far as to get efficient couches, for one simple reason, he was Kyoya Ootori, and he would do as he pleased.

Honey: Honey would get a special cake ordered with “will you live with me” iced on the top in his s/o’s favorite color. He would have all of the host members in on it, each one holding a large bouquet of balloons as his s/o walked into the room and began to tear up, reading the cake.

The house they would get would not be as grand as the others, but still large and comfortable. They would have a gourmet kitchen with enough personal chefs to feed an army, not just one small boy and his girlfriend. They would have a place for him to practice all of his martial arts, and a nice comfy bed to cuddle up close at night.

Kaoru: Kaoru would be sweet about it, writing his s/o a long, heartfelt note that in the end would ask them to meet him where they first met, and when his s/o got there, he would be smiling, holding a key and ready to say “lets take the next step into our future in the same place it all began.”

They would get a large house with a grand staircase in the middle of it, with a large tv and bed so that they could have comfy movie dates in the comfort of their own homes, and Kaoru would love the fact that his s/o was there all the time so much that he wouldn’t even get any servants, so that he knew he was always coming home to just them.

Hikaru: Hikaru would be pretty blunt about it, but in a way that made his s/o think that he was breaking up with them. He would tell them that they needed to talk about something important before he would pull them into his arms and tell them how much they mean to him, and how he never wants to wake up without their face inches away from his.

They would also get a fairly large house, with plenty of room for Hikaru to run around in because he’s a nut, and plenty of places to cuddle and get close to each other because he loves the feeling of his skin on his s/o’s. They would definitely have a lot of servants, as Hikaru is very lazy.

Mori: Mori wouldn’t say much, he would just hold his s/o close and tell them that he wanted to live with them forever by whispering sweet things in their ear before saying, “if we lived together, you’d hear these for the rest of your life.”

They would have a smaller house, but not a small house, like medium. With a cute garden so Mori can have a lot of animal friends visit and a place for him to practice kendo in the backyard. They would also have a state of the art entertainment system, so that they never had to leave the house to dance or watch a movie together ever again.



Spending the Night

hey guys! this is the new admin, aryana! so, i’ll be looking into the requests we have now and try to do some of them. but my first post is going to be an odd fluffy kyoya imagine i wrote which the other admin, katie stumbled upon in deviantart and asked me to post and i’m doing so! hope you like it! also, constructive criticism is highly appreciated. you can send them here or to my blog, walldust! :))

Your name: submit What is this?

You walked in front of Kyoya’s room. The door was open, and you saw him. He was, as usual, sitting on his desk, with his laptop in front of him. You two had been dating for a while now. It started off when you two were partners for a project. He finally made a move when you were at his house.

You didn’t walk into his room, you just stood there in front of his open door, watching him.

“Is there something you’d like to say, (Y/N)?” He said, breaking your thoughts. His eyes were still glued to his laptop screen.

“U-uh, um. N-no, nothing,” you said.

“Well, why are you just standing there, staring? I mean, I know I’m attractive, but it is a bit creepy,” he said, chuckling.

You went inside, and sat on his bed. A part of you wished he wouldn’t always be so engrossed in his own things. You wished he would sometimes be like Tamaki, giving you all the attention in the world. But one problem – you didn’t like attention. Not the amount Tamaki gives, anyways. But yet, attention from Kyoya was a different matter. It was Kyoya, he wouldn’t show so much affection to make you feel odd, but enough to make sure you knew he loves you. Either you didn’t notice or he just never showed it. Tamaki always told you, “(Y/N), I know he doesn’t show it that much. But he truly does care for you. I’ve never seen him like he is now, before you came to Ouran, into his life.” Sometimes, that was hard for you to believe. An example would be right now.

“You are spending the night here, right?” Kyoya said, intruding your thoughts once again.

“W-what?” You said.

“It’s raining outside, I’m sure your mother wouldn’t mind you spending the night here,” he replied. The thought of staying at Kyoya – your boyfriend’s house shouldn’t bother you. It didn’t – not that much, at least.

“Well, where would I sleep?” you asked after a moment of silence.  

“In my bed, of course. You are my girlfriend after all,” he said.  

Kyoya shut his laptop, and left his glasses on his desk. He walked over to his bed – to you. He put one of his hands on your cheek, and the other on your waist. Before you could say a word, his lips crashed onto yours. It surprised you a bit. It was a sweet, blissful kiss. He disappointed you when he pulled away, because honestly, who wouldn’t be? He is one hell of a kisser – and many other things.

“I noticed you were a bit sad about something earlier.” he said, still holding you close. You lied down on the bed, and he lied down beside you. You looked at him, into his eyes.  

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” you assured him.

“I want you to know something. I know I don’t show it that much, but I really do care for you, a lot in fact. I love you, and I need you to understand that.” he said.

Kyoya pulled you into his arms and held you tight. You attempted to hug him back but your hand accidentally touched his inner thigh.

“Going there already, are we? Really, are you that impatient, (Y/N)?” he said, smirking.
It’s funny how suddenly he changes his way of speaking. One moment, he’s telling you how much he cares for you and the next, he’s making dirty jokes.

“Oh shut up. You really are mean, you know.” you replied, blushing. You thought you were lucky since the lights were dimmed so he couldn’t see your face all red. He chuckled.

Kyoya suddenly got up, and pinned you to his bed. With one of his hands holding both of yours over the pillows, and the other cupping your face, he kissed you passionately. If his hand hadn’t been pinning yours, they would’ve been ruffling his raven, soft hair.

He pulled away, and started planting kisses on your jaw, then your neck. The way he did so, you were worried about the hickeys they’d leave. The twins wouldn’t stop teasing you about them for weeks. But of course you didn’t mind, because they are from Kyoya. You guessed they’re one of the many ways he shows he cares, by marking you as his.

Kyoya stopped after a while and let you sleep, with one of his arms wrapped around your waist, his legs tangled in between yours and his face buried in your neck, of course. Spending the night at his house was truly a great idea.

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So I've been a Kyoya role player for a while, and I would love to pester you about your head canons for Tamaki and Kyoya's relationship! I've role played both TamaKyo (funny story about that) and KyoKao, and I'm interested in your take :3 ~Makayla

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how would the hosts react if they found out you had cancer?

I absolutely did not cry while writing this.

Tamaki: When Tamaki found out he froze up. He didn’t know what to do. The person he loves is hurting and he’s helpless to do anything. It was his worst nightmare - like his mother all over again. He would hold you tight promising that he will be beside you no matter what. He promised you would make it through and try to hold back form crying, he needed to support you after all, but he couldn’t help it. You were in it together. He would never let you forget that. He would play piano for you, falling back to his old ways despite your protests, because it’s an ingrained instinct for him. He simply doesn’t know what else to do.

Kyoya: When Kyoya faces a struggle in his life and doesn’t know what to do, he throws himself into his work; researching, working out finances, homework, revising. He does the same thing here but in a different way. He owns a medical company and has ludicrous amounts of money and power at his disposal. He orders research to be done trying to find ways to help you. He stays by you during the course of your medical procedures and begins to fund cancer research companies, anything he could do to help you, he’s done ten times over, yet it never feels like enough.

Haruhi: Haruhi’s heart breaks at those words. She suddenly feels a crushing weight on her chest and has no idea what to do. She’s paralysed, despite knowing that you must feel ten thousand times worse. She holds you to her, crying and trying her best not to let you see, but the shaking of her frame gives her away. She decides to make every moment count. She compiles a bucket list with you, trying her best to make you happy, but without making you feel less of a human being. She promises that you’ll make it, despite the doubt creeping inside her mind from all sides like a plague, and she ignores it. She has to be strong. Needs to be. For you.

Kaoru: Kaoru felt helpless. Like he was standing alone in a dark abyss with no one to help him. At the same time he’s surrounded by howling and uncomfortable moving shapes that put him on edge and make him afraid. It’s normally at that point that his twin shakes him awake and he finds tear tracks down his face. He does his best to spend every waking moment with you, trying to take your mind away from that crushing feeling. He tries to constantly remind you that your not alone because he’s there and makes you promise to never stop fighting. He tells you he loves you and tries to keep you happy, because seeing you happy keeps him happy.

Hikaru: Hikaru tries to act like everything is normal. He pretends that you’re okay, keeps you happy and acts like there is nothing wrong. However one day Kaoru texts you to help get his brother off the roof and when you arrive you see Hikaru cursing God or whatever deity is out there and demanding that they fix this. When he sees you tears well up in his eyes and he falls to his knees in front of you. He hugs you and swears that he will never let go, and that you will find a way to get through. He tells you that you’re too stubborn to give in to this and makes you promise to never stop fighting because he loves you and if you ever died he doesn’t know what he would do with himself.

Honey: All around him, people comment that it’s strange to see the ever smiling Honey upset. He drags his feet, his fringe covering his eyes as he hugs Usa-chan to his chest. But then he sees you upset and he tries his best to smile, he really does. But despite his age, he’s still innocent and he can’t cope with these things and he clings to you, and cries with you and promises that he will do what ever it takes to help you. He stays by you, day and night trying to make you feel complete and remind you that you’re not alone. He gives you gifts, plays with you and jokes with you, like he’s scared that any day could be your last, and in all honesty, he’s terrified that that’s the case.

Mori: Mori needs physical exertion to release his anguish, because he knows he could never express it through verbal communication. Every morning after he hears what’s happened you can find him in the gym, fighting like he never has before, taking on so many opponents, and yet you still feel sorry for the people he goes up against as he doesn’t hold back at all. The rest of the day Mori acts normally, making you smile as usual, and acting just as sweet as ever. He figures that too much special treatment would remind you too often and just make you feel worse. At least, outside of his fighting, he can create an illusion for the two of you that this isn’t happening; that everything’s okay and you two are going to live happily ever after. There’s still hope after all.

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New Year's Eve but the boys s/o being in another country

Sure Love! I’m so sorry it took so long, I hope you like it all the same!

Tamaki: Tamaki would be on the phone/video chatting with his s/o all night, celebrating both when it was midnight for them, and for himself. Kissing the phone and saying over and over again that he missed his s/o with all his heart and wanted to see them in person. He would get a little emotional at one point, telling his s/o how much he loves them, and how much he is looking forward to another year.

Kyoya: Kyoya doesn’t believe in the idea of New Year’s resolutions, so when his s/o calls him from their hotel in the US, where they were visiting family, he was only half listening as they went on and on about the things they were going to do as the new year started. He only fully began to listen when they said how excited they were about being able to spend another happy year with him, to which he responded with,

“I don’t need a resolution to do that.”

Honey: Honey was celebrating with his s/o over the phone, singing happily to himself and his s/o as they waited for midnight to happen. It happened to him first, and he shouted into the phone that they had officially made it a year and when his s/o got back to the country they were going on a big date to celebrate their anniversary.

Hikaru: Hikaru would not understand why his s/o couldn’t be with him on New Years. He understood he was in a different country than his s/o because they were on vacation for the holidays with their family. He would be on the phone, with his s/o, who midnight had already happened for, when he would become very livid about the fact that he can’t physically be with them right now, but his s/o would eventually calm him down and make him happy again.

Kaoru: Kaoru would be watching the clock with a picture of his s/o and himself in his hand, scared to call incase his s/o was asleep. He knew he should have paid more attention when his s/o was explaining the time zones but he was too busy staring at them, again. Then the melodic ringing of his s/o’s ring tone and ‘baby’ flashed on his screen. He quickly picked it up, and the first words out of his mouth were, “I love you”

Mori: He couldn’t stand the thought of not being with his s/o on New Years, it was a very spiritual and important time for him. So before he knew what he was doing, he was on a plane watching the lights underneath him as he made his way to London. He had butterflies in his stomach as he made his way up the staircase to his s/o’s hotel room. He rasped his knuckles against the door and when he saw their face appear in front of him, he smiled, grabbing their face and pulling it to his in a sweet kiss.

Happy new year! Sorry this took so long, I hope you like it! (: