First Kiss - Karl Anderson

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The past three months have been one of the best. Karl and I kept our relationship down low for the first month or so. Now that we made it official, everyone considers us the “IT” couple now. 
Everyone was getting ready for the Royal Rumble which was starting in an hour. The kick off show was already starting.
“Go steal the show.” I told Karl and Luke as I walked with them to gorilla. “We will.” Karl winked before kissing my forehead. 
Luke gave me a hug before two sweeting me. 
“We will as always.” Luke said. Then their theme song hit and they walked out to the sound of the crowd cheering and some booing. 
I then walked back to catering to watch the match.
“I saw you in gorilla. When are the two of you going to kiss? Not that it’s my business.”

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[INSTAGRAM] 170620 After School Club update

arirang_asc: 오늘 하루가 아름다웠던건 우리 청하를 보고… 청하와 함께 방송을 하고… 청하 덕분에 웃을 수 있었기때문…♥
보기만해도 미소가 지어지는 우리 청하와 함께할 수 있어서 너무 좋았어요 🙌 앞으로의 모든 활동 화이팅! 우리는 다음 활동 때 꼭 또 봐요 😻
Our day was beautiful because CHUNG HA was in it💗
She made all of us smile with her sweet personality and enthusiasm!
Good luck on the rest of your promotions CHUNG HA! We will cheer you on every step of the way😚
#청하 #CHUNGHA #HandsOnMe#WhyDontYouKnow #arirang_ASC


Nam Taehyun (South Club) has released the MV for “Dirty House,” a track from their upcoming debut mini-album “90″ which is scheduled t o be released on June 2th.

@itisasign awwwwww i guess it’s nice of your body to wait until you were done with exams???  mine usually jumps ship on me in the middle LOL

the cats in those gifs are literally me tho.  the second one?  the way it steals the blanket?  like “i need the large blanket but must avoid interactions with other beings” = me.  and of course, aggressive caring and comfort and cuddles always =v=

awwwww caerwyn is precious <333  i don’t think i could handle him though =‘D  i had an irl friend last year who tried to tell me to rest when i was sick before an exam and i literally avoided him the whole week >.<

also, here are some gifs of you that i found: 

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you and me ^^^

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you with a cat ^^^

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^^^^^ don’t forget to take your own advices, friend =v=