the clouds move slowly

Part 2- Hal Carter 

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Pairing: Hal Carter x Reader
Part: 2/?
Warnings: Smut - slight angst 
Summary: Hal takes you for a ride in his pickup truck
A/N: This is the second part in a series based on this post. I’ve been writing this for a while and I’m honestly so proud of it. Thank you for @writemarvelousthings for encouraging me. Please come let me know what you think! This is the song I listened to while writing - You Belong To Me - Jo Stafford
Word count : 4,157

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The creak and slam of Hal’s red pickup truck door is unmistakable as he pulls up to your house and got out. Checking your lipstick one last time, you kiss your mother on the cheek and tell her not to wait up. She fixes you with the stare that you knew all too well. You skip out of the house, the screen door shutting behind you with a screech. Looking up you see Hal, he’s leaning against his truck a playful smirk spreading on his lips when he spots you. 

“Well don’t you look like sugar and spice and everything nice” he drawls, a cheeky chuckle following his words as he rids himself of the straw he was chewing. He takes you in his strong arms planting a sweet kiss on your cheek. “Your momma isn’t watching out of the window again is she?” he mumbles. 

You laugh and shake your head placating his fear, “she’s fixing dinner”. 

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What Are Friends For? {Remus Lupin x Reader} *REQUESTED*

For you, anon! 3 requests down. 1 more to go!


Sunday afternoons with (Y/n) were mostly spent outdoors, trying to explore the secluded places around the school. (Y/n) did not mind this since she loved being away from all the drama in school and it was the only time she really gets to spend with her boyfriend, Remus Lupin, alone.  

She sat on the checkered blanket he had set up for their picnic by the lake while Remus lied down with his head on her lap.

“How are you today, love?” He smiled, looking up at his girl.

“Splendid, darling. What about you?”

“Good!” He chuckled, opening his mouth as she popped a tiny chocolate in his mouth. His lips closed around the tip of her finger, making her giggle.

“No biting!” She laughed, drawing back her hand and wiping it on her dress. Remus sat up and took a tiny chocolate as well, holding it between his fingers.

“Alright, now it’s your turn.” He smirked and as his hand came close to her lips, he suddenly popped it in his mouth at the last second. She frowned at him while he began to laugh.

“That’s not fair!” She whined.

“Again, again. But this time, close your eyes and open your mouth when I tell you to.”

(Y/n) raised her brow at him suspiciously. “You’re not gonna put a pebble in my mouth now, are you?”

“Of course not. Now close your eyes.”

She did as she was told and waited for his instruction. She wanted to keep one eye open to see what he was trying to do when she felt him kiss her lips lightly.

She opened her eyes and saw the smirk on his face.

“So where’s the chocolate?”

“Come on, you didn’t find that at least a bit sweet?”

“Well, I wasn’t able to taste anything. Maybe you should try again.”

“Now, you’re just playing with me.”

(Y/n) laughed at Remus who pretended to look angry, his arms crossed and his lips in a cute pout. She wrapped her arms around him and lied down on the blanket with him, watching the clouds move slowly. Remus pulled her closer to him, nuzzling his nose in her hair.

“You know, when I was a kid, I thought the cotton candy was stolen from the clouds.” She said, making him lift his head and look at her amusingly.

“Mm, you know what I think?”


“I think your parents stole the stars and placed them in your eyes.”  Remus smiled, twirling her hair around his finger. She snorted at his pick up line and rolled her eyes.

“Haha. Try again.”

“Hm, I think your parents stole the–”

“Seriously? What is it with my parents stealing things?” She grinned at him.

“Because you stole my heart, (Y/n).” Remus said with a straight face. (Y/n) watched him and tried to bite her lip to force herself from smiling but she could not take it. She chuckled and felt her cheeks blush at his words.

“That was very smooth, Lupin.”

He smiled and kissed her lips once more which she returned passionately. She gave him one last tiny peck before checking the time.

“Do you think we should go back?”

“Yeah, the boys might get suspicious already. I told them I was in the library and James might find out I’m not there.”

(Y/n) nodded understandably, beginning to pack away their things and the checkered blanket. Remus helped her out and the two walked together hand in hand before stopping at the front of one of the school’s entrance.

“Next week again?” He asked to which (Y/n) smiled and nodded again.

“Sunday. See you around, love.” She placed a kiss on his cheek and waved goodbye.

He blushed at the gesture and went back to the Gryffindor common room where his friends sat by the fire. James was the first to notice the smile on Remus’s face which he tried to hide.

“You look a little happy there, Moony. Did you find little red riding hood on her way to her granny’s house?”

“No, just the same red haired girl who won’t go out with you.” Remus countered, sitting on one of the empty chairs.

“Oooh, burn, Prongs!”

“Shut up, Padfoot.”

“I just went to the library to read,” Remus said, smiling once more as he pictured the smile on (Y/n)’s face and her beautiful (h/c) hair.

“Moony, you’re doing it again,” Peter said, watching his friend with amusement.

“Doing what?”

“You’re a bad liar, Moony. No, you’re a horrible liar.” Sirius teased.

“You’re fancying someone!” James smirked. “Come on, lovewolf. Who is it?”

“No one!”

“Oh, I think I know who it is! It’s (Y/n), isn’t it?” Peter said, bouncing on his chair excitedly.

“Wow, Peter. Thanks for ratting me out.” Remus rolled his eyes.

“So it is true!” James said. “You fancy her!”


“Have you snogged her yet?” Sirius asked. The question caught Remus off guard and without hesitation, he answered a loud “Yes” before realizing he had slipped his own secret. The boys snorted and laughed while Remus hid his blushing face with a pillow.

“Lovewolf, lovewolf!” James chanted, “Think we should name you that, instead!”

“Fuck off, Prongs.”

“Mind your language, swearwolf.”

“Maybe we should also call (Y/n) something. Like Mrs. Moony! Or Mrs. Lovewolf!”

“Can we stop with the lovewolf, please?” Remus complained from behind the pillow.

“Can’t quite hear you, Moony. What did you say?”

“I said, can we stop with the–”

“Oh, Remus! Where are thou Remus?” James said in a high pitched voice, ignoring his friend’s muttering. “Oh, yes! Remus! Right there!”

James started to moan loud, enough to be heard from outside. Sirius joined him and the two began to create random noises while Peter laughed at the two.  

“You two disgust me.” Remus removed his pillow and waited for the two to calm down from their antics. After sharing a last laugh, they stopped and sat on the chair where Remus was.

“So, I take it, you really love her?” James asked.

“Of course I do. I’m just worried how she’ll feel about our relationship now publicized.”

“Nobody knows excepts us, you know.” Sirius said.

“Well, you were moaning my name earlier so I’m pretty sure the whole castle knows by now.”

“Even so, you think we won’t hex them if they say something?”

“Padfoot’s right. I think we should celebrate this and maybe next time, I can also join you with my future–”

“And nonexistent.”

“–wife!” James finished and glared at Sirius.

“We got your back, Moony!” Peter smiled, patting his friend’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it.”

Remus shook his head with a smile and ran his fingers through his hair. Despite how idiotic and troublesome his friends could be, they were like his family and now that they know about his relationship with (Y/n), he couldn’t help but feel happy and satisfied with the people he cared most about.


*No Ordinary Feline* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Dear Author, You have great works here! Hope that upcoming weekend will be great for You! My request is the following. You and Newt had a row because You were jealous to Tina . You went back to Your flat, but on the doorstep sits a cat. With Your live to animals You take it home. And to this cat You share all Your emotion. But it will not be an ordinary cat 😊… all best to You

a/n: I’m so happy to be back!!! I hope you guys enjoy this one! 

Descending down in to Newt’s case, you sighed when you saw Newt hunched over a piece of parchment and scribbling intently. You and Newt had met a year ago and recently started dating. Everything had been going perfectly until Tina started writing to Newt more often than usual. You noticed he had suddenly become more interested in writing back to her than spending time with you.

“Newt?” You quietly walked up beside him and leaned over his shoulder to see the words:

Dear Tina

You sighed, and asked him if he’d be coming out soon to join you for some afternoon tea.

“Can we maybe have tea later? I’m writing to Tina right now.”

Newt’s words faded as you began wondering why he was always writing to Tina. Was it because she was prettier? Smarter?

Sighing, you sat down on a stool and rested your head in your hand.

“Something wrong, love?”

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(NSFW) First Night - Saizo Kirigakure

The reader is a virgin in this. Here you go, @lovespot12​.

The follow up to this, Seventh Night - here

‘Don’t sleep on me, little lady.’ 

‘Mmm, I’m awake…’ You said drowsily, your head propped on your elbow. 

‘What did we hear so far, then? Get it wrong and you pay for wasting my time.’ 

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We’re So Different, You And I

Summary: While you and Peter are having one of your usual quarrels, Felix sees you both and comments on how opposite you two are.

Word Count:  876

Warnings: None

Inspired by the song Bitter Winter by San Cisco

“How could you say that?” You asked, bewildered.

“What? It’s the truth!” Peter shot back.

The two of you were sitting on the ground in a clearing in the forest. You were leaning against a tree with your back to the bark, and Peter’s legs were laying on top of yours so the two of you formed perpendicular lines.

“So, let me get this straight: you don’t believe in karma? Like, at all?”

Peter just shook his head. “Definitely not. If I want something, I get it. If I do something that someone considers bad, then that’s their problem. I live a life with of no regrets.”

You scoffed, and pushed his legs off of yours.

“Hey, what was that for?” He asked, leaning forward.

You pulled your knees to your chest instead. “I just don’t see how you can think that way. Like your actions don’t have any consequences.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Y/N, you can’t blame me. I’m a king, remember?”

Now you rolled your eyes. “Mmhm, yep, a king. Definitely. You’re a king. You, who has all the striking characteristics and nobility of, what, a criminal?”

He grinned at this description. “So what, my kingdom is a little…unorthodox.”

You gave him a look. “Your kingdom is a bunch of scraggly-looking juvenile delinquents.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Peter leaned back on his hands, absorbing the sunlight, and this time you stretched and crossed your legs over his. He placed a hand on your knee and started tracing light circles on your skin with his thumb. This, despite Peter’s big-headed nature, made you smile.

His sun bathing came to a halt when a big cloud moved in front of the sun, and you saw the sky slowly turning more and more gray.

“We should probably head in soon. I think it’s going to rain.”

Peter wrinkled his nose. “Ugh. I hate the rain. It smells all gross and then gets all humid. If I was the king of not only Neverland but also Neverland’s weather, I would make it endless sun, all day, every day.”

This boy. Honestly. Two words: mind-boggling.

How in the world do you hate the rain? It’s one of the most beautiful things about nature!”

He just shrugged.

“Plus,” you added, “you wouldn’t have any of your luscious green trees if it was only sun all the time.”

Peter shook his head again. “Nope. Don’t care. Not worth it. Another thing I’d do if I controlled topography: I’d make all of Neverland one big beach.”

You piled your head in your hands, exasperated with his horrible opinions on geography and natural (and spiritual) occurrences. “Your beliefs are whack.”

It was at this moment you heard rustling and saw Felix step out into the clearing. He was holding a dead bird in one hand, and his bow and arrow in the other.

The second he saw you two, he started smirking. “What, are you to at it again?”

“At what?” You and Peter asked in unison.

“The bickering!” Felix exclaimed. “It’s all we’re forced to hear! Every single day! ‘Oh, no, Peter, primrose is not nearly as poisonous as poison ivy!’ 'Oh, yes, Y/N, it is!’” Felix mocked both of your voices.

You narrowed your eyes at the tall blonde boy. “Don’t you have other things to be doing right now, Felix?” You gestured to the bird.

“Oh, this bird?” Felix held it up. “He was actually alive when I got here, but I think you two’s dumb fighting killed him.”

“Shut up!” You and Peter both said again at the same time.

“Fine!” Felix retorted. “But for the love of all that is holy, please settle your match here. The kids don’t need to see that kind of violence.”

That was ironic, considering the Lost Boys were out right now playing a game called “Whirl the Squirrel”, which, yes, was exactly as gross and vile a game as it sounded.

“Thank you very much, Felix. Off you go.” Peter shooed him away with his hand.

“No one understands why you two are together! You’re polar oppooossiittteeesss!” Felix called back, and then he was gone.

You thought for a moment, as Peter resumed the circle-tracing on your leg. “I mean, he’s got a point.”

“Okay, Y/N, I was confusing primrose with white snakeroot, I really thought we already settled this-”

You whacked his arm. “No, not that! I meant about the opposites thing.”

Peter paused. “Oh. Well, I mean. I guess.”

You waited for a further answer, but when there was nothing, you questioned, “And? That doesn’t concern you at all?”

He turned to you, his big, green eyes so familiar and comforting you could look into them for hours. “Y/N,” he started, “If I wanted someone like me, I’d just hang out with myself.”

You smiled, and just as you did, the first raindrop fell down right on the tip of Peter’s nose. You leaned in and kissed where it had landed, and Peter grinned, his eyebrows flicking up suggestively as the rain started to come down harder.

He leaned in, kissing you harder and pinning you against the ground.

“Peter!” You pulled back, laughing. “We’re gonna be soaked by the time we get back to camp!”

Peter, in response, just cocked his head to the side, looking down at you with pure adornment and want. “You know what? I think I kind of like the rain now.”

ah i was just in a fluff mood and wanted to write something original and light to break up some of the request one shots! i hope you guys like these types of short, pointless imagines-they’re so fun to write! as always, thank you for reading. i will never understand why you do! xoxo

Her First Apartment Ch.6

4770 words. enjoy my lovelies ;3

Rated M for inuhotness kehehehe

His ears flicked at the air, annoyed as he scrambled his brain for something to say to her. They’d been sitting here for five minutes. His brow twitched and his foot threatened to start tapping if he didn’t hurry and think of something.

“How were your finals?”

“Hm? Oh I did alright. I may have to retake biology this summer but grades haven’t been posted yet.”

Kagome was so nervous she wondered if he could somehow smell it, which made it even worse. She wished she could just curl up on the bean bag to her right and not get up until she had to leave in the morning.

“I see.”

That reminds me… “So. Explain the whole technically-not-a-student thing.”

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Clouds streaked across the azure sky and reflected against the crystal clear water.

Chuuya looked around him, searching for any sign of life when he noticed the wetness of his clothes. Cold water clung around his pants and chilled him to the bone.

Stirring the calm water, he shifted his feet slightly and disrupted the clear reflection of blue and white as small ripples increased in size as they faded away.

The executive stared at the serene scenery with a sense of foreboding. His reflection stared back at him as the clouds slowly moved across the sparkling water when a thin line of red tainted the crystal liquid.

He shot his head up and found Dazai lying not too far away. Blood seeped around the still figure as Chuuya tore through the water to reach the brunet’s side.


He pulled his former partner into his arms and gave him a firm shake, ignoring the sickly warmth of blood staining his clothes as water dripped down from wavy brown locks.

“Dazai! Oi Dazai. Wake up-“

Pale blue eyes widened as his breath caught in his throat.


Why isn’t he breathing.

Another firm shake only resulted in no response.

Unwilling to accept that Dazai was gone, Chuuya brought his hand against the brunet’s cheek.

“…Osamu,” he choked out in a strained voice. “Osamu please…”

He tightly shut his eyes.

“I’m begging you-“

The executive clung onto the limp body and brought his head down on what should’ve been Dazai’s chest only to meet soft petals of red poppies.

Staring in disbelief at the scattered blossoms, Chuuya ran his hand through the water where Dazai was merely seconds ago and pulled a poppy towards his face.

A hoarse voice left his lips.


He woke up with a start, breathing heavily with dilated eyes. The pattering of rain against the window greeted him along with Dazai’s soft breathing.

Chuuya turned around and stared at the peaceful face beside him as the brunet slept. Blood had managed to stain the bandages wrapped around his former partner’s arms but for the most part, the bleeding had ceased.

Wrapping his arms around the sleeping figure’s head, Chuuya brought Dazai close to his chest and shut his eyes to try to chase the bleeding, the poppies, the cold, motionless body from his mind.

Amber eyes cracked open at the contact, but the brunet remained motionless till the redhead’s breathing evened out in a steady rhythm, indicating his fall back into slumber.

Slightly stirring to prevent Chuuya from waking up, Dazai carefully brought his arms around the slender waist and drew the small form closer to himself.

Instead of drifting back to sleep, he remained motionless and watched the steady rise and fall of Chuuya’s chest as rain continued to splash against the window.

Ah Chuuya…Why do you care so much..

Downfall [20]

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 4,430

Genre: Assassin AU

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20

Darkness consumes you.

It feels as if you still haven’t returned to your body, like you’re a floating entity in the abysmal limbo between your own mind and tangible reality. You don’t know how long you’ve been in this state or when you even entered it, but in an instant, you finally feel the gloomy cloud dissipating ever so slowly. It’s only when you move your hand and feel the smooth cotton under your fingertips that you can confirm that you are indeed awake.

The first thing you do with this revelation is try to remember what exactly happened.

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Arms Around the Wind

Shallura Week Day 1 - Time

Sorry I’m so late, this fic DEFINITELY ran away with me. It’s up to 9300 words and it still isn’t finished. But it’s at a place where I can comfortably say it can stand alone and you can all enjoy it, for now, until I finish it after Shallura Week. Because this WILL be finished, I’m having too much fun with it.

Shiro and Allura are returning from a mission… but not everything goes according to plan as they end up somewhere and somewhen they never would have expected.

Spot the special cameo towards the end! *winkwonk*

A perfectly normal return from a perfectly normal mission. Nothing out of the ordinary, no hostiles encountered and barely anything to report when they got back to the Castle of Lions. All in all, one could have even defined the mission as boring.

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mingling-with-people-how-fun  asked:

took a look at your icon and..would it be alright to request a matsuhana one-shot in a summer setting? like matsuhana in an especially hot summer's day and the two boys are practically baking. thank you babe and best of luck with your writing blog! <3

Summer Haze 

First request! Honestly, Matsuhana is life and I loved writing this.

All Matsukawa could hear was the melodies of cicadas, singing outside under the summer’s relentless sun, and the whirring of the tower fan as it blew cool air into his face, drying the sweat that glistened along his forehead. He feels his hair and his clothes stick to his skin persistently and his mind is trapped in the summer haze, drowning in the heat. The tall male is staring up at the ceiling, his body sprawled out on the bed with no thoughts except for one; and it’s the image of Hanamaki etched into the blank canvas of his mind. No matter how hard he tries to erase it, knowing it’s plain wrong to love his best friend, he just can’t, his heart won’t let him.

“Matsukawa,” A voice pulls him out of his thoughts and he turns his head slightly, watching the man that’s been plaguing his thoughts walk into the bedroom, two ice pops in hand and a few water bottles, tucked under his arm. With a grunt, he sits up, taking the plastic packaging as Hanamaki settles down on the floor, leaning against his bed.

“I don’t want to do anything, it’s too damn hot,” Matsukawa groans, watching Makki look back at him and chuckle.

“Not even Smash Bros?”

“Nope, I won’t be able to beat your ass in my current condition,” he responds, a sly grin on his lips.

“Then what do you want to do? You can’t just lie in my bed all day and literally drench it in sweat,” Hanamaki says and quickly adds, “Ok, speaking of sweat, get off my bed - that is disgusting.”

Quickly finishing his popsicle and ignoring the shivers as he chews the ice, he pounces up and Matsukawa yelps when he feels Hanamaki latch onto his legs and tries to pull him off the bed. Both of them are reduced to giggles, the two giant children wrestling each other without a care in the world. It’s when Hanamaki gives up, sprawling out next to Matsukawa, he comes up with a brilliant plan.

“Hey.” Matsukawa hums in acknowledgement.

“I have an idea. Go wait for me out in the backyard.” Hanamaki jumps out of bed, his barefeet thudding against the wooden floors as he runs downstairs without a second glance.

Matsukawa is completely clueless and just a tad bit concerned, but he follows wordlessly. 

The sun’s beating down on his back and all he can do is mumble about how he wishes for some rain to appear and wash away the heat. His wishes come partially true and a spray of water shoots out from behind, drenching his back. He nearly screams at the sudden chill and spins around to be met with Hanamaki, armed with numerous water guns and a mischievous smirk - the same one he’s fallen in love with since their first year of high school.

“We’re gonna have a war!” he exclaims, tossing over one of the larger water guns (a colorful super soaker) that was strapped to his back, along with a small pistol.

It’s a blur after that.

Matsukawa ignores the water and sweat dripping down his face as Hanamaki sprays him with his pistol. He ignores the aching bruise that colored his right knee when he trips over the hose while he was running away. He ignores the way Hanamaki’s neighbors look at the two as if they’re doing something illegal.

Because all he can focus on is Hanamaki. His lips stretched into a contagious smile and his sweet laughter ringing in his ears. He realizes how much of a schoolgirl he is when his eyes are glued to Hanamaki’s frame, his t-shirt sticking to his body and revealing his sculpted muscles from the precious volleyball they’ve played together for years.

He realizes how much he loves the creampuff-obsessed male and can’t help but hold back a sob. This is their last summer together and he doesn’t want this to end. Just the thought of the two living their separate lives, the strings connecting them to the hip, wearing thinner and thinner until they snap, makes Matsukawa sick to his stomach but he pushes it all down to keep smiling.

They’re both drenched and tired, but thankfully, dark clouds began to take over the bright sky and so they decide to stay outside, lying in the grass together, water guns scattered, empty and well spent. Maybe he should say something, anything, because it hurts so much in his heart to keep quiet. But before he could speak, Hanamaki beats him to it.

“You know, I had a lot of fun. And…” he trails off, taking in a breath before continuing, “It’s going to suck, in uni, without you by my side.”

“Guess whose fault is it for going to Kyoto?” Matsukawa attempts to joke, but his voice is shaky and his heart clenches like someone’s wringing it dry. The two stay silent, watching the clouds move slowly. As the sun peeks out once more, he hears it. It’s honest and warm and practically a whisper that disappears in the light breeze but it still reaches his ears.

“I love you.”

That summer haze from earlier returns full blast.

His body goes on autopilot and he sits up quickly, crawling over to Hanamaki until he’s practically straddling the other. Matsukawa leans down, staring at Hanamaki’s eyes filled with doubt and their lips finally touch, melding together in a foreign dance.

And when he opens his eyes, pulling away just an inch from his face, he’s relieved to see all of the fear disappear.

“I love you, Takahiro.”

His first name rolls of Issei’s tongue smoothly and he says it again and again.

He’s certain that the summer haze is gone when he finds himself smiling against Takahiro’s lips, their arms tightly wrapped around each other with no intention of letting go. 

Cloud painting from life, sitting on my balcony between 7:55 and 8:35 pm Melbourne time. A real challenge! I’d be mixing colours and by the time I look up the clouds have changed shape and moved on. If clouds moved slowly enough we’d probably give them names like the continents and islands of Earth. Reminds us that the land is constantly moving too, but we only see it change so slowly.

Dylan inviting you to the shooting range

     You look up at the sky as you took a puff of your cigarette. You watch the clouds slowly move. Your trance is broken when you hear foot steps to the left of you. You look over to see another student. He was tall and had a black trench coat hanging off him. You also noticed he had a NIN t-shirt on. You’d seem him around the school before, but you didn’t know him. He gives you an awkward smile and nod as a hello. You nod back and look back up at the sky. You hear him light his cigarette. You lean against the wall. There was an extremely strong awkward silence between the two of you. You look over at him and notice him starring at you. He stares at the ground once he realizes you caught him starring. He stayed quiet and didn’t show any sign of starting conversation. The awkward silence began to drown you. 

     “I like your shirt.”, you say. He smiles. “Thanks.” You get into a conversation about NIN that later turns into the two of you talking about other bands. You had a very similar music taste. “I’m Dylan.”, he says as he awkwardly snaps his fingers. “I’m (Y/N).”, you smile. You hear the bell ring and you drop your cig and step on it. “Maybe we could hang out sometime?”, you suggest. “Yeah! Maybe we could go to a shooting range or something sometime.”, he suggests. “Yeah! That sound’s really fun!”, you say and walk to your class.

     The week goes by and you and Dylan have talked more and more. You’ve even gained a little crush on him. He invited you to come with him and some friends to the shooting range on Saturday. You accepted and here you are now, in your house, waiting for him to pick you up. “Now is this a date?”, your mom asks. “No he’s just a friend and we’re just hanging out. You have nothing to worry about.”, you tell her. You look in the mirror one more time. You’re wearing a sweater and some jeans with boots. You hear a knock on the door and rush to it. ‘Act casual.’, you tell yourself in your mind as you open the door. You looked up to meet his eyes. “Ready?”, he asks. You nod and tell your mom bye before heading out the door with Dylan.

     Once you make it to the range, you step out of the car, feeling the chilly Autumn breeze. You see Dylan’s good friend Eric and a few other friends and a bunch of guns. You and Dylan walk over to where the other teens were. “Try shooting this one. It doesn’t have a very strong recoil and it’s pretty easy to handle.”< Dylan says, handing you a smaller gun. You aim at a bowling pin that was set up as a target. You pull the trigger and watch the pin hit the ground. “Nice job!”, he says. Watching you shoot filled him with joy. Eric hands Dylan a gun you watch as he loads it. “Dylan be careful. You have the gun facing your stomach.”, you warn. He looks down at the gun. “You’re right.”< he says without a trace of care in his voice. He turns the gun around where the barrel isn’t facing his stomach. You watch as he aims and fires at a pin. The gunshots echoed through the forest. You stare at his every move as he shoots. Who knew guns could make guys so much more attractive? 

     “You wanna try this one? It’s got a pretty strong recoil.”, Dylan says, handing you a gun. You take it and he puts ear muffs on your head. “Your gonna need those.”, he says. You can’t hear him, but you could read his lips. You aim the gun and fire. He was right about the recoil. It made you take a step back and you ended up tripping. Before you hit the ground, Dylan catches you from behind. You laugh and take off the ear muffs. “Thanks Dyl.”, you laugh. “Are you alright?”, he asks. “Yeah I’m fine.”,you try to control your laugh. 

     The sun starts to go down, creating a beautiful sunset. A cold breeze flies by, making you shiver. Eric nudges Dylan with his elbow. “Dude let her wear your trenchcoat.”, he whispers. Dylan nods and takes off his trenchcoat. “Here.”, he says, trying not to be awkward as he hands you his coat. You smile and take it. “Thanks.”, you say as you put it on. It drags the ground and the sleeves almost completely cover your hands. It was extremely warm and you slightly nuzzle into it. Dylan watches, adoring every second. Another hour passes and it’s dark now. “I think I should get home soon.”, you tell Dylan. He agrees and you both walk to his car. Once you get back to your house, he walks you to the door. “This was really fun. We need to do more stuff like this.”, you say with a smile. “Yeah.”, he manages to stutter out. You hand him back his trenchcoat and walk inside.

strifesodos week 2k17 - rain (prompt fill)

anyway uhhhhhh strifescloud machine broke and i have practically been living and sleeping at work these last few days but even though it is like……approaching midnight i managed to smash out a quick fill that was floating around in my head for my favourite boys to celebrate a Good Week before i go to sleep for real

i am also hoping to finally finish that oneshot i was doing for this week…pray 4 me my friends


Genesis gently eased open the door to the back porch, the wood creaking in protest as he stepped gingerly outside. The rain was coming down in thick sheets, drumming loudly as it impacted with the roof until it had forced Genesis to give up on his book in sheer irritation at the noise. Cloud was nowhere to be found within the house and Genesis had reluctantly chosen to search outside, though it was beyond him why anyone would willingly go out in this weather.

Sure enough, Cloud was out in the open, seemingly unbothered by the steady fall of rain as he leaned against the outer railing.

Foolish man, Genesis thought to himself fondly.

He quietly moved towards the edge of the mostly-dry porch, though he was sure Cloud knew he was there. There was little that escaped enhanced hearing, even beneath the sound of the rain, but something in the air made his steps almost reverent, as though the peaceful atmosphere of the day could be shattered by any sudden noise.

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Another six shots thundered down the range and punched flakes of paper into the damp air. Each round had struck the first three Weevil cut-outs in the eye.
Jack stood in a slowly moving cloud of gun smoke, arm extended, face stony.
‘Coffee, gentlemen,’ said Ianto as he came in. He put down the tray on one of the reloading tables and brushed a smudge of cordite from his shirt cuff. He looked up, saw Jack’s grim expression, then checked the Weevils. ‘Feeling a bit out of sorts, are we?’
‘I didn’t like the way they were looking at me.’
Owen smiled at Ianto and jabbed a finger at Jack. ‘He’s frustrated, he is.’
‘I know. He always aims high when he’s in a bad mood.’

Something In The Water by Trevor Baxendale (Torchwood Novels #4)

I love that Ianto knows Jack this well already.

anonymous asked:

"If I asked you to marry me would you say yes?" ~ OQ

They’re lying on their backs with eyes on the slowly moving clouds, fingers laced between their bodies and resting upon the soft grass. It’s quite the incline that they lay upon but it’s their favorite place. Far away from the rest of the world. 

“If I asked you to marry me,” Robin begins casually, as though speaking of the weather or describing his shift in his mother’s cafe two nights ago, “would you say yes?” 

Her stomach flips at the prospect but it’s just for a moment because he’s not asking, not now anyway and, if she knows him, not for a few years yet. They’re young but not stupid. Still, her answer is, “Yes,” because she knows that she would, “I think so,” but why let him get cocky even if she is certain. 

He nods, his expression still completely serious despite the ridiculous notion of marriage in the middle of their perfect little day. “Good.”

“And if I asked you?” 

“Probably not.” 

She scoffs a laugh, turning her face to his to find him grinning at her. “You’re such an ass!” She swipes at him with a hand that he catches and tugs on, rolling with her to pull her body atop his and laughing when she smacks at his chest still despite her wide smile. 

“Of course I would,” he replies tenderly this time, stroking her dark hair behind her ear, “I’d be a fool not to.” 

She purses her lips to keep her smile from growing even further as she teases, “And what if I manage to get that book deal and have to move to New York to be closer to the action?” 

He lifts his head to press a kiss to her nose before resting back on the hill and promising, “Then I’ll be in the seat next to you on that plane.” 

This time it is she who drops her head to press a kiss to his lips before she whispers, “Good,” and dives in deep.

anonymous asked:

I went to lapland last winter on an organised trip and had some real luck with seeing the northern lights but we noticed that they're so much more clear on photographs then in real life

Yes they are. Just slowly moving, plain green or yellowish tinted “clouds”, which you can see here and there randomly. You can’t see the Milky Way the same way on the sky as you see in the photos; same with northern lights:

you don’t see anything like this in the sky, neither you see this:

The upper north you go, the stronger the northern lights gets though. It’s also all about the season (how much/less natural light) and solar winds. With strong solar winds I’ve been able to see strong northern lights on August night with the first dark nights of the upcoming fall in East-Finland. 


Summary: The most notorious mafia gang in the city, and you’re at the heart of it…quite literally!

Based off of this request - “All of BB - MADE trailer. All hitmen. U r like a sister to them. All live together in a safe house (love ur cooking/adorable family). U get kidnapped & fucked up badly (ANGST!), they r PISSED. People get fucked up, killed while they save you. Fun ;)”

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Part 6

The car is silent apart from your laboured breathing from the adrenaline running through you and the hum of the engine as you speed through the city. Your mind had been clouded with images of how worried Jiyong would be when he realised you’d left, and you have to wipe a few tears away when you think about how you’d betrayed him, wishing that he’d just been able to let you speak to your father instead of making you feel like a hostage again.

‘Maybe we should turn back.’ you murmur, glancing over at Seungri and tensing up when you see his dark expression, eyes fixed on the road and hands gripping the steering wheel so hard that you think if you nudged him it might snap in two.

'Having second thoughts?’ Seungri mutters, not looking at you as he continues driving, his profile in the darkness of the car feeling menacing and you end up pulling your knees to your chest, the feeling that you had to get back to Jiyong growing stronger and stronger.

'Y/N, he’s been keeping you hostage for the past 3 years. If you want to see your father, you can see him.’ he says, his expression still not changing, but the vague hint of emotion in his voice makes you feel more at ease than you had been.

'Seungri, I may have been a 'hostage’ in the first place…but i’m not-’

You’re cut off before you can finish your sentence by the console on the dashboard of the car lighting up, displaying the gangs emergency distress signal, and you feel your stomach flip as you make the link that Jiyong had found out you were missing.

'What are you going to do?’ you ask Seungri quietly, watching him as his eyes flicker to the message, before he reaches over to turn off the screen, continuing to drive and speeding up slightly.

'We’ll only be gone for an hour tops, then we can go back.’ he murmurs, drifting across lanes as he quickly exits the near deserted highway.

'Are you sure?’ you ask, being skeptical about his version of an 'hour’, but relaxing a little when he chuckles lightheartedly.

'Of course, I’m-’

He’s the one that’s cut off this time by a ringing echoing in the car, and you watch him reach into his pocket to pull out his phone, glancing at it before looking up at you.

'Stay quiet okay?’ he tells you, waiting until you nodded before answering, assuming a happy go lucky tone of voice.

'Hey, I’m just-’

'Seungri, have you seen Y/N?’

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“I hope she has your eyes.” He raved, fingers tapping gently on my tummy and beaming brightly, as he held himself by his elbow.
“She?” I gushed, smiling up at him and placing my hand over his, tangling our legs together. “You are so sure?”
“I hope she is a girl.” His eyes sparkled. “I hope she will be like you.”
“Like me?” I laugh, looking up through the top of the trees, and seeing the clouds slowly move above them. “Why?”
He sighs, picking at the grass as he lies down next me. “My family is crazy. I like your family.”
“We are farmers.” I snorted.
“But you don’t have to keep up appearances, or make Kattegat better.” Sigurd claimed. “You can just farm.” He shrugs, lying back, and putting his free arm behind his neck.
“But you do not have to slave over dirt all day.” I smile as I tangle his hair in my fingers. “Or pick up after smelly animals.”
He laughs. “But I have to listen to my brothers.”
“Soon enough, we will have our own home. With our baby. You will not have to listen to your brothers, and we could have a little farm. Some animals.”
“We could settle somewhere.” He looks down at me. “Somewhere that we could live.”
“Sounds like a plan.” We smile at each other, then look up at the cloudy sky through the trees. “I do hope we have a girl, also.”

Horoscope and Tarot Overview for June 12, 2017

The Moon is in earthy Capricorn until tonight keeping us be pragmatic and focused as we navigate our day. It is time to set our lives in order, separate what is important from extraneous noise and focus on what will help make us successful and grounded.   

The Moon squares Uranus and sextiles Chiron this afternoon, then semi-squares Neptune this evening, we are asked to turn our attention to matters of the heart, tune into our intuitive self and listen carefully to our needs and our relationships’ needs. If we sit quietly, meditate and turn inward there can be healing, good communication and promising, even creative outcomes.   

The Moon moves into airy Aquarius at 7:46 PM EST, loosening our heavy constraints and bringing more intelligent thought and altruistic empathy to our already ponderous day. We may be better able to detach ourselves from situations that need a little objectivity, this will lead to a better understanding of pressing matters.   

Affecting us tonight but exact at 3:18 AM tomorrow is a Mercury-Uranus semi-square, in the first of many Mercury led aspects this week, we are headed for new and unusual thought patterns, some fuzzy thinking and perhaps a little forgetfulness while our heads are in the clouds. Breathe, ground and move slowly.    

Tarot Cards of the Day- 5 of Cups, 5 of Pentacles and the 10 of Swords- today seems to be a mid or turning point where we get to choose our next moves. We need to break away from crying over spilled milk/wine and look to the promising future events. So what if we are outside the norm, take a little risk, end a bad relationship or work situation and move on.   

Chakras: third eye, throat and heart 

Crystals- lapis, blue lace agate and emerald 

Aromatherapy: rose geranium, chamomile and lavender 

Yoga-yin yoga with supported backbends   

Title: Moon in Water (2/?)

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Ratings/Warnings: T

Summary: A run in with trouble on a dark night lands Yata on an island that shouldn’t exist, with the first human he’s ever seen in his life. Except that everything about Fushimi is different from what Yata’s heard humans should be…

Notes: A wild update appears~

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