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-Brocoly The Jester:"Holyshit,the floor is lava!"

((Remember that one time Incwell City suddenly became Pompeii and everyone had to evacuate?? Yeah that was weird.))

i love wearing crop tops bc it makes me feel powerful and it keeps gross people away from me bc they’re like “yikes, fatty in a crop top, steer clear,” like yes, leave me alone

LA County Cloud Seeding Charade and the Orgone Energy Cover-Up

In the past year, California has seen record breaking rains and a return of a normal hydrological cycle despite ardent media claims of endless drought.  From 2011 until late 2014, California had been mired in an engineered drought, caused by geoengineering programs to restrict rainfall.  Most people know of this as chemtrails, but there is more to weather modification than metals dispersed into the atmosphere.  Altering weather cycles also depends on manipulating the energetic qualities of the atmosphere and creating an unhealthy atmospheric state that inhibits cloud formation and can steer rain systems around target areas.  Likewise, if the desired effect is increased rainfall, this too can be accomplished energetically, as we have found using negatively ionizing technologies and orgone energy.

Los Angeles County started using cloud seeding to induce rainfall this week, even though rain has been abundant this season.  The media claims that “El Nino” is the reason for this increase in rainfall, even though every El Nino reported in the past few years has been “mysteriously” squashed.  Of course to anyone aware of the rain suppressing geoengineering in California, the wall of aerosols holding back storm systems over the Pacific was the reason we didn’t see much rain.  The natural cycle in California is dry most of the year with a wet winter and spring.  The media, beholden to the corporate interests behind suppressing the rain, creates the impression that rain is not normal anytime in California, and if it happens, it is because of an anomalous warm spot of water in the ocean near Peru, called “El Nino.”  Because of the widespread distribution of thousands of orgone energy devices into the environment statewide, the rainfall has returned to normal and then some.  California had record breaking rains during the regularly dry months of May, June, and July this past year.

Cloud seeding is being used to supposedly capitalize on the incoming rain storms.  It can only be done when there are already clouds in the sky, and depends on the dispersal of silver iodide into the atmosphere.  It is curious that LA County would be concerned with creating rain, while allowing geoengineering to continue overhead.  It would seem that if the county wanted rain, they would ban the injection of aluminum, barium, and strontium into the air, and the weather weaponry associated with the rain suppression.  But instead they continue to allow these destructive programs while injecting additional toxins of silver iodide and the highly hazardous material, acetone into the air, among other metals and toxins.  

Rather than using airplanes to disperse these materials, the county is shooting them from devices in the San Gabriel Mountains near various washes and watersheds.  It is unclear how releasing materials at this altitude will affect the clouds above, but it seems certain that they pollute the surrounding land when they come back down.  In addition, silver iodide is not particularly effective in inducing rainfall.  According to Jeff Tilley, of the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada, in an NPR article from Jan. 2014, cloud seeding only works in specific conditions and even with the right temperature and clouds present, “What we find is a range of anywhere between 8 and 15 percent increase in water.”  Since orgone energy has created so much rain in Southern California, the cloud seeding is not necessary, unless it is being used to cover the fact that orgone has already done the job.  Additionally, there are companies working with environmentally safe alternatives using negative ions to form clouds with success, including Earthwise and Ionogenics.  This technology, like orgone, is in harmony with the Earth’s natural processes.  It would make more sense to use a safe technology rather than a polluting one with a dubious success rate.

Photo of cloud seeding in the Pasadena foothills, credit KTLA

It is increasingly difficult to find accurate data on actual rainfall in California due to a cover-up that extends beyond the media and government silence on weather modification.  The media reports on rainfall, but downplays the numbers, and generally adds that the rain will not end the drought.  This cover-up is undoubtedly to protect the corporate backers of the rain suppression programs, including Monsanto with the agenda to monopolize the food market and Nestle to take control of California’s water.  It is very important to create the illusion of scarcity in order for these corporations to more easily control us.  But there is something more that even the independent media is missing.  This is the free energy discovery that tears down geoengineering and restores natural rainfall, orgone energy.  The geoengineering cover-up is tied in and intricately connected with the cover-up of the free energy source which cleans the atmosphere, restores rainfall, and has applications in human health to end disease, including cancer.  Wilhelm Reich discovered this energy, which is the life force pervading the Universe and is in all of us, the Earth, and the atmosphere.  This energy can be harnessed for many good uses.

In the early days of orgone experimentation, Wilhelm Reich was using this energy with his device, the cloudbuster, to restore rainfall to the Southwestern desert during a time of intense drought near Tucson, Arizona.  These experiments are documented in his last book, Contact With Space, documenting his work from 1951-1956.  In the course of his work, he created rain in the “American Sahara,” near El Centro, California.  Not only did the US Weather Bureau not report on the rainfall, but when his colleague, William Moise wrote a letter informing them of the rainfall and the reason for it, the reply received was a chilling two sentence letter thanking him for informing them of their activities.  It was not long after these experiments that Wilhelm Reich met the same fate as many others who have worked in free energy fields, his jailing and mysterious death at the hands of the US government.  This groundbreaking work, so carefully hidden from us for so long through the burning of Reich’s books by the government and the ridicule of the scientific discovery of “the life energy,” was the result of finding the source of drought, that it was unnatural to our Earth, and actually engineered.

Reich had found that by layering organic and inorganic materials, one could collect orgone energy out of the atmosphere and use it in an orgone accumulator, which was a box that a patient would sit in, to relieve cancer symptoms.  He also found that by directing it at the atmosphere, it could lift the deadly energy that was suppressing rainfall, and restore the life energy of the land where it was used.  Indeed Reich was the first to discover the manipulation of our atmosphere in climate engineering programs and the real reason for drought and desertification.  His goal was to end engineered drought, and the suppression of his work is a large part of why geoengineering has been effective in creating weather havoc and man-made climate change on Earth until now.

Today, there is an unorganized network of people around the world making orgone devices and restoring natural rainfall, while cleaning the chemtrail aerosols from the atmosphere and neutralizing the dangerous electromagnetic fields from weather weaponry used to manipulate the heavy metals in chemtrails.  Orgonite is the main device used.  It was invented by Karl Welz in the mid 90s out of resin and metal, organic and inorganic materials, and emits the subtle orgone energy for better health.  Don and Carol Croft had the idea in the early 2000s to make these devices in quantity and add crystals for more power, and to distribute them into the environment covertly, to clean the skies of chemtrails.  This effort has been taken on by many others since, including Georg Ritschl of Orgonise Africa, Dowin Gardner a.k.a. Orgonite Austin, and us here at Team Chembow.  There are many others in this network, which is growing every day.  We find that when an area is “gifted” with orgonite, there is a fast and noticeable change in the weather, with increased precipitation and healthier and more abundant plant growth.  We have been documenting these results for going on two years in California with photographs and written accounts.  Satellite imagery confirms that areas with high concentrations of orgone energy literally blow holes in the chemical blanket, revealing clean skies and allowing normal rainfall.  

Weekly rain estimate from Intellicast as of March 12, 2016.

In this season of restored rainfall throughout the state, with the news reporting storm after storm in California and record snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it is an unusual choice for Los Angeles County to go to the drastic measure of introducing more toxins into the environment for a supposed tiny increase in rainfall.  The work is already being done, and it’s being done at a very low cost in comparison with cloud seeding, and without polluting the land or air.

The corporate owned government and media are grasping at straws now to cover up the drought they have caused and the solution of orgone, which not only rips their chemtrails to shreds, but is the key to the health and consciousness expansion of the entire human race.  They will say anything to draw attention away from the truth, which is that a few individuals in a guerilla weather warfare operation have torn down billions of dollars worth of environmental destruction by a parasitic “elite.”  There is nothing natural about this drought, there is nothing natural about cloud seeding.  We are taking back our power and that is the reason they cover it up first with the El Nino hoax and now with this cloud seeding, which is all for show.  If money makes them “elite,” then they can continue to think that they are.  It is knowledge and innovation, working in harmony with the Earth’s dynamics, that make us humans elite, using simple materials to undo decades, or more, of terraforming our world into a desert.  Seeing parts of California that have been brown and dead for decades green and blooming with poppies is proof enough that something has shifted here, and it’s not because this week some county officials decided to spew chemicals off a hillside.  

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Can you do a headcannon about infantryman!Cloud adopting orphan!Denzel and being the proudest most awesome papa ever. And what happens when he meets Angeal Sephiroth Genesis & Zack? Pretty please?

I’m so sorry, this has probably been buried in here forever. 

Cloud eventually came to terms with failing SOLDIER. It took awhile, but he kept working hard and came to be seen as a very competent trooper. One often requested to work with other SOLDIERs. He rose through the ranks more quickly than usual…mostly because SOLDIERS wanted to work with him and it was hard to put in a request for a mere Corporal. Cloud met his hero and idol under circumstances he never imagined, but god it felt great being specifically requested by Sephiroth himself because the man saw and appreciated his methods, way with people, and just how much effort he put into what he did. The mutual respect was worth more than SOLDIER. 

Cloud was working the back end of a free for all in Sector seven. When instructed to fall back, Cloud started making sure people were also escaping the mayhem, especially after some fires broke out. He saw a kid being trampled after a nearby building went up in flames. He acted fast and scooped him up, trying to direct the traffic and keep him out of harm’s way at the same time. When it started to calm down, the poor kid wouldn’t let him go. Cloud just kept holding on to him. 

It wasn’t discovered until much later that the kid’s name was Denzel. It took even longer to find out that his parents never made it out of Sector Seven. Denzel was put into foster care first, but Cloud was soon called in again. Denzel refused to talk to anyone, but Cloud. Cloud kept their conversations confidential, stating that he had promised he wouldn’t tell anyone what Denzel had said. Cloud visited Denzel almost every day. One day, Denzel left with him. Cloud had no idea how he was going to care for a kid and work, but he could figure it out. 

Cloud decided it was time for a slow retirement. He had a great run with infantry and he was still relatively young. He had enough money to either start learning some sort of trade, and, if that failed, go home and live with his Ma again for a bit. Plus he had someone to take care of now. Plenty of SOLDIERs were upset with this. Especially Sephiroth and Genesis. Zack heard Cloud’s side of the story first. Cloud really cared about this kid, seemed determined to do this right and Zack could respect that. With Cloud watching carefully, Zack and Denzel became quick friends. Angeal was quick to follow. Cloud had new dreams to follow after all and he was doing an honorable thing with this boy. 

Genesis pretty much yelled at Cloud (at a time and place where Denzel couldn’t hear) “It is going to take forever to find a halfway decent trooper to do what I say!” “What? you mean not take shit from you?” Genesis scowled, but schooled his features into submission while Denzel was around him. He may be upset, but it was definitely bad to scar him for life. No…that was for when Denzel was a teenager. 

Sephiroth dragged his feet into explaining why he was upset. First of all…he didn’t want his presence to scare Denzel. “Denzel hangs out with Zack all the time, I don’t think you’re going to scare him any more than Zack can.” The second was harder to work out. “I thought…we had…a relationship. It was work related…but it was there. I understand that you have a new one and it will take up more of your time, but…” “Okay then. So…If I can’t be your colleague…perhaps we can be friends then?” Sephiroth could agree to that. He could agree to that readily. 


BR Poetry Editor Timothy Donnelly, winner of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award, discusses his book The Cloud Corporation and reads his poem “To His Debt.”