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Countdown Has Begun

So, everything went well with giving notice. I’m staying until Jan 19 and they’ve already accepted something like 11 to 12 resumes for the two positions.

I now have about 2 months to get things lined up for my life as a freelancer. I’m scare shitless, to be honest, but everyone keeps telling me that it’ll all work out. And I know me. I’ll worry about it in the beginning, but I’ll get things worked out in time and everything will be okay. 

So, until then I’ve just got to focus on my birthday party (it’s almost here!) and on getting the Olympics issue finished for the magazine. The planning committee press person said I should come down on one of their tour days and look through the venues (YAY!) before the Olympics. And I should be hearing about my interview with the creative director with the opening and closing ceremonies this week.

And then, I’m also planning a trip to the U.K. this summer with two friends from New York. We’ve decided that we’re going to do a Harry Potter/Outlander trip. The magazine publisher wants me to write a feature on it - which means possible help with getting discounts or free hotel stays. And now the ladies have decided we’re going to just go all in and turn it into a full-fledged travel doc that will air on the web platform they use for their webseries. Meaning we might get some sponsors for it and not have to pay for the full trip. We’d like to get some of the actors involved as well (I voted Weasley twins - they want Ron Weasley), but well, I know how that is. Not so easy to do. But going to try regardless.

So yea… got tons of stuff to get done… here’s hoping I don’t end up losing it… Just keep reminding myself that I have vacation coming up on Dec. 3. I can make it until then…

Someone what to help me???

anonymous asked:

can you imagine Markle at the Anniversary dinner? She wear something inappropriate cause she'd be merching make sure she got papped as she entered. Maybe she'd be high too as she was at IG opening. How can one seriously think this fake would be anywhere near the anniversary dinner? This affair is a Markle pr fantasy. Harry is no where near her nor is she getting anywhere near the RF

Exactly anon. She would turn up with her ripped jeans trying to act cool but as we know that will never happen. The queen and the royal family have made it crystal clear that she is not invited anywhere and that was done during IG where they didn’t even comment on her whereabouts including no pics of her and Harry at tennis or closing ceremony.

thanks anon but that would of been funny to see her try hard to merch.😊👍

  • Talks the most, says the least: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
  • Talks the least, says the most: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Does an equal amount of talking and saying: Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces

Tfw you’re watching a video and you see Jungkook looking vaguely in Jimin’s direction and you think ‘haha, I bet he’s looking at Jimin’ but you can’t prove it because he’s not in the shot and then you watch another video and he’s staring directly at him and you just think, ‘oh’


jensen & misha jib panel (p1)

(p2) misha talking abt jens getting emotional, & jensen talks abt it

reminder that jensen dealt with depression (which everybody ignore) so was obviously affected personally. also reminder that he get’s attacked by so called fans regulalry, as does misha (like when they started yana). 

(p3) last part +closing ceremony

(drop by youtube, by clicking video tittle, to thank the fan who filmed it)

Are those whiskers?

Pairing: Wolfstar

Warnings: Drinking, mild smut, all the feels 

Remus was cold, again. Even under his bed covers and surrounded by books. It was as if the transition had sapped the warmth from his body, even days later. He drew the covers closer and tried to ignore the empty feeling in his bones. His eyes were beginning to droop closed, and he might even have fallen asleep if it weren’t for that thumping noise drawing closer and closer.

“YOU!” The dormitory door screeched in protest as it banged open. 

Books and papers slid across his duvet as the curtains of his four poster bed were whipped open.

“Where have you been?! I’ve been looking for you all night!” The deep voice bordered on theatrical. Remus didn’t have to look to know who it was. 

Instead he dived to save the large tome that was about to fall on Sirius’s foot. 

“I think you have the answer to that one Pads, I’ve been here.”

“And what have you been doing here?!” Accused Sirius, unperturbed.

Remus looked about the room, affronted. 

“I thought I’d work on the map…Sirius, have you been drinking?” Questioned Remus, frowning slightly. 

“Of course I’ve been drinking Moons.” Sirius’s voice had become a little throaty, Remus thought. It sounded kind of good.

Sirius swung around the four poster bed, and Remus just about managed to sweep the rest of his books aside before he collapsed on top of the bed, sighing deeply.

Remus was suddenly aware that he was wearing little more than a pair of boxers under the sheets.

“The question is, why weren’t you drinking Moony? You're​ missing the party of the year. I only left because I couldn’t find you.”

Remus concentrated on piling the books onto his bedside table.

“Pads, what party are you talking about?” He said to his nightstand.

Sirius rolled onto his stomach, pushing Remus across the bed and propping up his head on his hands. Remus did his best to ignore the way he could feel Sirius’s warmth at his side, even through the sheets.

“Sirius, what party?” Remus pushed, if only to distract himself.

“What party?!” Sirius’s exclamation turned into a frown, as he fell deep in thought.

“Actually…it was sort of impromptu…” He admitted. “I’m not entirely sure how I got there if I’m honest.” Sirius’s eyebrows knitted together.

An exasperated smile was creeping across Remus’s face. “And…why do you have…I mean, are those cat whiskers?”

Sirius gasped and nodded somberly, drawing himself even closer, so that Remus could see the smudged face paint quite clearly.

“I saw those two Hufflepuffs we tricked into doing our potions essay last week….I needed a disguise.” Sirius raised his eyebrows, as if he expected Remus to be impressed.

Remus couldn’t help the snort that escaped his lips. “Yeah, well… they don’t suit you. You’re a dog, remember?” 

Sirius slapped a hand across his face, as if he’d somehow managed to forget this fact about himself. 

“By all means” He smirked, “take them off.” 

Remus smiled, he couldn’t help it. “Maybe I will.” 

He reached into his bedside drawer, pulling out a towel and wetting it with his wand. “Stay still.” 

Sirius smirked, pushing back his hair and closing his eyes ceremoniously. 

For a moment the thought flickered across Remus’s mind that it would take just a few centimetres for him to close the gap between their lips. 

Instead he sighed and pressed the towel to Sirius’s face. His free hand drifted to Sirius’s jaw, holding him in place. It was hard not to spread his fingers out, not to slide his hand back and lose it in Sirius’s hair. To pull him forward and…

Remus shook his head and moved to the other cheek, working quickly now. 

When he moved his hand away Sirius followed. Did he imagine that, or did Sirius just lean his face into his cupped palm? Remus stayed frozen, mesmerized by the trust of Sirius’s closed eyes.  

He dropped the towel, and took the liberty of running his fingers across Sirius’s newly clean cheeks. When his eyes flickered open Remus dropped his hands guiltily. 

“All done.”

Sirius smiled. “Back to my beautiful self.” 

Remus’s snort was quickly replaced by a gasp as Sirius rolled over and wriggled under the covers.

Suddenly Sirius’s body was against his bare skin. Sirius was in his bed. Remus tried to control his erratic heartbeat, but he was only wearing boxers and Sirius was in. his. bed. Tingles burned across his skin as an oblivious boy flicked off his shoes and socks. 

“Why is your bed so much comfier than mine?!” He asked, throwing his head onto the pillow dangerously close to Remus’s face and staring at the ceiling.

“I…I thought our beds were the same.” Muttered Remus weakly.

He was suddenly intensely aware of how the back of his hand was brushing up against Sirius’s.

“Nope, yours is definitely better than mine.” Sirius said decidedly, letting out a contented sigh.

After a few minutes pause, in which Remus tried desperately to control his heartbeat, he broke the silence.

“So…you’re just going to sleep here are you?” He tried to keep his tone light as he stared determinedly at the ceiling.

“If you want me to move…” Sirius yawned, clearly crashing after his busy night, “…you’ll have to make me.” He turned his face towards Remus and closed his eyes, putting out the light with a lazy flick of his wrist.

Remus didn’t want Sirius to go anywhere, so he kept his mouth shut. If he stopped staring at the ceiling and turned his face sideways he would be practically nose to nose with Sirius, and he couldn’t decide if that was a brilliant idea, or a terrible one. Remus closed his own eyes and sighed. There was a comfortable fuzz of warmth and tiredness creeping over them.

The back of Sirius’s hand was still touching his, and one of his legs was now hooked over Remus’s. There was a steady wave of tingles rolling back and forth across Remus’s body, and he thanked Merlin Sirius hadn’t taken any clothes off, because he was pretty sure his body would have exploded.

“You’re drunk.” He murmured, as much for himself as Sirius.

“Not as drunk as you think I am.” Came the low reply.

Remus’s heart leapt, but his mouth couldn’t quite form any words.

Sirius lapsed into a sleepy silence, until, quite naturally, Remus turned his face to the side. Even though his eyes were firmly shut, he could feel Sirius’s hot breath on his lips. Sirius must have felt him too, but he didn’t move an inch. Was he asleep? Was he just drunk?

It was then Remus realized that their fingers had become intertwined. It was subtle, almost accidental, but it couldn’t be a mistake. Could it?

With his heart in his mouth, Remus made the tiniest of movements, dragging his pinky finger in the smallest of circles across Sirius’s skin.

Sirius’s wordless reply came quickly, as he mirrored his movements with his thumb, which had found its way to the top of Remus’s thigh. Nerves and pure excitement coiled in Remus’s chest. Was this really happening? He couldn’t be mistaking these signs.

Still, no words passed between the boys, and Remus stayed frozen to the pillow. But the tension in his chest kept building as the circles Sirius was teasing on his upper thigh grew bigger and bolder. With each circle he knew he couldn’t be mistaking it.

This was it. He had to do it. He wanted to do it, Merlin he wanted to do it so badly.

Hiding behind closed eyes, he inched his lips closer and closer, pulse hammering in his ears. It took almost a full minute until Remus was so close he couldn’t possibly go back. Still, he wasn’t quite sure who closed the gap, but it was happening

Sirius’s lips were soft, teasing. Remus felt the tension in his chest expand into something like euphoria. He was lost in Sirius’s musky smell, the soft feel of his hair, the press of his body, his lips, Merlin his lips. Why hadn’t he been doing this his whole life?

Remus all but moaned in protest when Sirius broke the kiss.

Finally. Merlin, I’ve been waiting so long to kiss you.” Sirius said, his voice deep and raspy.

Remus tried to form words, but Sirius’s hand was travelling along his waist, tugging their hips closer together. What left Remus’s mouth was more like a growl.

Sirius let out a chuckle that was quickly stifled by a kiss as Remus’s hand slid to his face. He leant into the touch, releasing a wave of something excitement that flooded every nerve in Remus’s body. He was greedy now, every inch of Sirius was a too-long forbidden place he could finally explore.

Their mouths came together harder and more desperately this time, and after a few moments Remus tugged at Sirius’s bottom lip, sucking and grazing his teeth over the soft skin. Before he knew it he’d let out another soft growl of satisfaction.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He murmured.

Sirius’s grin was visible even in the half darkness. “Oh I might have an idea.” He replied, sliding on top of Remus and grinding gently onto his hips. 

He leant down to Remus’s ear, “There are a few things I’ve been waiting to do to you.”

When Sirius’s fingers reached down past the soft waistband of his boxers, Remus took in a sharp breath. His face must have betrayed him, because the corners of Sirius’ mouth fell. 

Sirius pressed his hand flat against Remus’s chest, and he was sure Sirius could feel his frantic heartbeat underneath it. 

“Tell me this doesn’t feel right.” Said Sirius, his voice edged and desperate.

He leant down, pushing Remus further into the soft bed, and pressing his lips to the skin of his neck. 

“Tell me this doesn’t feel right, and I’ll stop.” He breathed. 

Remus shook his head, fighting hard not to let himself go “You’re drunk.”

Sirius drew back, focusing a long hard stare into Remus’s eyes. 

“A little.” He rasped, sliding backward and pulling Remus into a sitting position.

Sirius slid his hands around Remus’s neck, pressing their foreheads together and concentrating very hard on slowing his breathing. 

“Yeah.” He breathed. “I’m a little, little bit tipsy. But I’ve been thinking about kissing you for seven years. And I’m not sure I can wait another seven seconds.”

Sirius pulled away just far enough that he could focus on Remus’s face in the dim light. 

“But if you ask me to I will.” 

Remus stared at the boy in front of him. He already knew his world had shifted.

He pressed a thumb into Sirius’s lip, trying to convince himself this was real.

“Promise me you’ll feel the same in the morning, Sirius.” 

Warm hands cupped Remus’s face, forcing his eyes back to the grey pools in front of him.

“I promise, Remus” The way Sirius said his name already had Remus leaning forward, grabbing a handful of his soft shirt, kissing whatever skin he could reach, but Sirius didn’t stop. 

“I promise.” He murmured into Remus’s neck. “I promise.” He breathed as his lips brushed against his ear. 

“I think I’ll feel this way for the rest of my life.”

((((( I used a translator.I’m sorry  ㅠ_ㅠ))))))

Hello !!!!!
Finally, the closing ceremony is over.
Here are the pictures of the items sold!

There are several things left behind.

So I want to sell them to you too. (If you want!!)
But I’ve never sent overseas courier before.

I could be delayed because I don’t have the info.

Did you know Toby visited the event hall anyway?!!?

I’ve got Toby autograph in my painting!!!! 

(( ㅇ우와아아아ㅏ~!~!~!! 너무 쩐다~!!!!!!!!!))

I’m dying to die … I’m so….happy…… ㅠ_ㅠ♥

Anyway, I will bring good news next time!

Ah!!!!   It was late, but Happy New Year to you.   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

아 그리고 해외에 사시는 한국분들도 제 텀블러를 보시는거 같더라구요..!
호옥시…제 굿즈 원하신다면…..원…하..시.ㄴ..다면…….
나중에 통신판매할때 그때 연락 주세요..!!!!! (정말 원하신다면…(원하시는분들이잇을까..???)

아 그리고 혹시…해외배송? 해보신분이나..알..고..있거나..번역 도움을 해드리고 싶다! 하시는분이 있다면…….덧글 남겨주세요 ㅠㅁㅠ 우아ㅏ앙

(아무것도 모르면서 일을 너무 크게 만드는거 아닌가 싶지만 재고가 너무 많이 남아버렸습니다…젠자아앙~)

해외에있는 한국분들도 새해 복 많이 받으세요 ><~!!!!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

my favorite soft clexa things:

  • baths. washing each other’s hair, kissing each other’s shoulders and necks, playing with bubbles, helping each other dry and get dressed (sometimes one touch leads to another and getting dressed doesn’t get done)
  • sweet sex. taking off each other’s clothes, slow and gentle, content smiles, giggles, foreheads bumping. they’ve got all the time in the world
  • sleeping naked. soft, sleepy kisses, lexa’s head on clarke’s chest, tangled limbs. in the morning, clarke waking lexa up with little kisses all over her face and back
  • half-dressed cuddling and napping. both in their underwear, tired after a long day. lexa has her eyes closed and clarke wraps an arm over her waist protectively
  • hugs. long, heads buried in shoulders, hands on each other’s hair, smelling each other and being so glad they’re here, together
  • cheek kisses. clarke getting on her tiptoes so she can kiss lexa’s cheek. when she wants to be silly, sloppy kisses. lexa pretending to be disgusted by them, but laughing anyway
  • forehead kisses. lexa, being taller, holding clarke and kissing her forehead when clarke needs comfort
  • nose kisses. short and playful, when the other is being too cute and they can’t resist
  • casual intimacy. quick kisses, watching the other get ready for bed. lexa reading and playing with clarke’s hair while clarke is lying down with her head on lexa’s lap. clarke drawing while lexa naps beside her. lexa sitting between clarke’s legs
  • dancing. slow dancing in grounder ceremonies, eyes closed, wearing pretty dresses and feeling the other’s heartbeat against their own. carefree dancing in the privacy of their room late at night, because clarke is bored and lexa needs to loosen up. sweaty bodies, laughs and hands intertwined
  • lexa taking clarke to see the ocean. clarke being amazed, running in the sand and tripping over her own feet, feeling like a teenager for the first time since the ark. clarke stepping into the warm water, squealing when a wave hits her. lexa, smiling, joining her. the two of them, exhausted after playing in the water the whole day, sitting in the sand to eat and watch the sunset. at night, lying down to stargaze. there’s sand sticking to their hair, skin and sundresses, but they don’t care because it’s the happiest they’ve ever been
  • holding hands. all the time. during sex, baths, naps, walks. lexa distractedly playing with the clarke’s fingers. clarke bringing their joined hands to her lips and kissing lexa’s hand
  • linking pinkies. they link pinkies in public before they hold hands. it’s low-key and affectionate, and it feels like a promise that one day they will be able to hold hands without fear
  • lexa taking care of clarke. lexa holding clarke, reminding her to eat and take a bath, brushing and braiding her hair. lexa being there for clarke, helping her love heal
  • clarke taking care of lexa. clarke tenderly wiping lexa’s tears with her thumbs, softly kissing her wet cheeks and eyes. clarke being gentle and showing her fragile, sweet little lexa how loved she is

“That is why all the girls in town… follow you, all around. Just like me, they long to be close to you.” - [Close to you] by The Carpenters

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