the closet ninjas

Ninja Brian’s Closet

okay,,, once again,,, this turned into something bigger than what i initially expected,,, but im totally feeling this one. thank you @devilgate-drive​ for the prompt and i hope you love it, yo!! i actually really like this one (i’ll get to ur other prompt sometime today or tomorrow, at this rate who fucking knows lol)

Prompt: How Danny found/bought the Dannequin.

“Brian, for the last, fuckin’, time, you’re not gonna kill my girlfriend!”

“Well, she’s not really your girlfriend if you’re planning on breaking up with her.”

Danny stammered on his words a bit, realizing that Ninja Brian was technically right. “Yeah- well– okay, yeah, fine, whatever,” he frustratedly threw his hands in the air, rolling his eyes. “Not my girlfriend. But still, you know what I mean. We’ll figure out a way to get her off my tail without killing her.”

“Whatever. This situation could be solved as easy as pie, but fine, take the hard way out.” Brian signed, giving Danny a deadpan stare. “Why haven’t you just broken it off with her, like you always do? Why’d you even let it get this far?”

“I’ve tried to!” Danny collapsed onto the couch, letting out a heavy sigh as he stared up at the ceiling. “That’s the thing. Every time I tell her that we should break up, or that I’m not really feeling the relationship anymore, she either brushes it off or thinks I’m joking! But I’m not joking!” He threw his hands in the air again. “She just doesn’t get it, man!”

Ninja Brian climbed up onto the arm of the couch, and sat cross-legged, looking down at Danny who was lying down in front of him. “Is she stupid, or is she in some kind of weird state of denial?”

“Look, I don’t fuckin’ know. And now she’s talking about moving in, and getting married, and having a family and shit, and I’m like, NO! DEAR GOD, NO. You know how I am, Brian!”

“Yeah, I know.”

“I just… need to find some way to get her away from me.”

Brian lifted his hand up, ready to sign something in response, but before he could even sign anything, Danny interrupted,

Without killing her.”

Brian immediately put his hand down, and exhaled with frustration.

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anonymous asked:

is there a way to do magic without a ceremony? for people who have to "stay in the broom closet," so to speak (aka, people who can't openly practice wicca.) I've heard of a type of paper magic where people will write down a spell, but I don't know what else goes into that.

Yeah! There is a lot of different types of magic you could do. 

Closet Witchcraft:

That should help and this right here

Sirdame Snakes

“Baby Bear”--a short sequel to “Guy Time”.

For erlaine07, who wanted to know how Liam would deal with his new baby brother cutting in on ‘Guy Time’.

To read the first installment, “Guy Time” click here.

They named him Michael.

Granted it had taken some negotiation with Liam as the six-year-old had wanted to name his baby, Michelangelo—after the Ninja Turtle. Katniss and Peeta had settled on a good middle and were able to name their new little one something decidedly normal.

After all, their names were weird enough.

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“Saying yeah… you want her, but she’s so mean
You’ll never let her go. Why don’t you let her go?”

Karai appreciation post with the two versions (2012&IDW) I did makeups of because I couldn’t resist when hearing this song by Matchbox 20 ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)  which one do you like more (totally not asking this for cosplay references honhon)?