the closest thing to perfect

A few of my favorite parts of "Hamilton's America"

•seeing Lin’s writing process
•Lin’s freestyle: “ah yes I gasp cause I’m next to the ass of Jasperson”
•Daveed saying Jefferson sucks
•Every clip of the show
•Insight of the actor’s views on their character

Thank You, Chyler

Dear Chyler,

I’ve been trying for months to write this, to find the perfect words but there are none.  The only way perfect words can even exist are if such a thing as perfection were real so the closest I’m able to get to is this: THANK YOU.

Even a simple thank you does not feel like enough to share how grateful I am to you, the writers, and Floriana Lima and everyone else for the portrayal of Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer.  I’m sure you have read hundreds of stories, thousands even.  I felt the desire to share mine.

I’m 28 years old and I cannot express my gratitude enough when I say how much I love Alex Danvers, more so at this point.  When I watched as she expressed her coming out to Maggie in 2x05, “Crossfire” I was floored, brought to tears even.  At the end Alex tells Maggie, “The one part of my life that I have never been able to make perfect, was dating.  I just never really liked it.  I mean I don’t know I tried, you know, I got asked out. I just, I never liked being intimate. I just, I don’t know, I just thought maybe that’s just not the way that I was built, you know it’s just not my thing.”

To this moment I cannot watch that scene without it bringing me to tears because it was in that moment that my whole life was condensed into Alex coming out and being truthful to and about who she was.  I felt like those words could have been my own.  And not only her words but her age too, the fact that you had this character who was coming out somewhat late in life, late 20’s and here I am experiencing the same thing and at roughly the same age.

I didn’t have a boyfriend until my senior year of high school and being honest it was the pressure that everyone else had one and I didn’t but mainly it was my way of testing myself because even back then I questioned on whether or not I was gay and that was my way of trying to prove that hey I’m not when somehow deep down I knew I was only lying to myself.  

The questioning never really went away though.  In college I found myself thinking about it once again.  And I attempted to come out but it scared me so I tried to forget it and went on to playing the “straight card” because I thought it would be easier on me and those around me, my parents in particular.

Seeing that moment on ‘Supergirl’ though, it changed everything.  It was through your character that I felt like I could finally release and be me.  I came out to my mom shortly after and my sister too.  My sister was easy as she’s bi (boy my parents don’t have it easy with us!).  And then I finally let go and let be and came out at my place of work where a number of people I work with are either bi or gay or lesbian.

The funny thing is when it came to my closest friends, my mom and sister, and my co-workers, they all ready knew.  It was more of a shock for me to come out than it was for them to hear I was gay/lesbian. Some friends even told me they had their suspicions since our days in high school.  

Telling my dad was harder. I told him two weeks after the episode aired.  It was hard for him to hear but like everyone else in my small world, he told me that he had suspected since my high school days as well.

I’m 28 years old and I came out.  It’s all thanks to your deep and honest portrayal and your kind words that I’ve heard and read in your interviews and it’s also thanks to Alex Danvers. Without any of you I would probably still be in the closet so I thank you for giving me the courage to be who I really am.

-Ronnie M.


rewatched end of eva and still got existential angst and komm susser tod just floatin around in my head
obvs no movie is objectively good and perfect but for me end of eva is like…the closest thing i’ve ever seen to a perfect movie
(plus realised i was headin off back to uni tomorrow and i hadn’t yet used my monstrous collection of copic markers ((pluusss got major art block and the best way to get rid of it is copying)))

I spent years pursuing the man I thought was the love of my life. He was the closest thing to perfection I had ever known, beside myself, so I was certain we were meant for each other. Thankfully, I learned I was wrong before it was too late. I found true happiness with someone who was the opposite of what I was looking for. He’s not the definition of perfection, but he’s perfect you me.

Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide To Royality, by Chris Colfer.

I’m hating him so much right now. And I’m crying even more. Not fair. 

Thank You - Scorbus one-shot

fanfiction?? what’s that?? oh yeah haha I still write stuff

This is supposed to be a chapter for something much bigger but I really liked it and I have posted anything in ages so here ya go

Scorbus and dad Draco was one of the only good things that came out of TCC and I’ve kinda been living and breathing it for the past few weeks so this sort of just spilled out of my brain in an hour enjoy ~

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She’s the calm during the storm. Wherever there is rain, she’s the sunshine, reminding me that pain doesn’t last forever. She’s the closest thing to perfect. The reason why I believe in angels. She’s God’s gift to me. The best blessing I’ll ever receive. She’s my best friend, my confidant. The only person that truly understands me. And with her voice she calms my spirit. With her smile she warms my heart. With her wisdom she inspires me. With her laughter she cures me. With her love she encourages me to believe that I am valuable, and for that I show my gratitude. You are forever loved.
—  Mama by srgraham
the signs as peniel english lines
  • aries: first snow of the year still reminds me of you
  • taurus: until the day i die, until the day the oceans go dry
  • gemini: i’ll rev your engine real smooth wroom wroom
  • cancer: bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay
  • leo: my eyes ain’t turning, they’re fixed on you
  • virgo: you’re nice on the outside but a witch on the inside
  • libra: i’ll be your shoulder strap and you can be my backpack
  • scorpio: it used to be we, but now it’s just me
  • sagittarius: yeah i’m a huge mess
  • capricorn: woo get out my life ho!
  • aquarius: you’re the closest thing that i’ve ever seen to a perfect human being
  • pisces: no trace, erased, from my life you were effaced
Taekwoon: Stretch Marks & All

You’d never been one for body confidence. You were content with the way you looked but, like everyone, there were some bits you’d rather change; regardless of how perfect others think you are. This had become an issue with your newest boyfriend. Taekwoon was the closest thing to perfection you had set your eyes on, super cute nose, ideally shaped lips and deep, dark eyes. You’d fallen the moment you saw him. You’d seen him in nothing but his boxers several times when things got steamy during make-out sessions, but you’d never taken your clothes off in front of him, not even down to your underwear. There were bits of you that you were worried would turn him off, that he wouldn’t like to see. He knew this, and it hurt him to see how upset you got about it; he just wanted to make you feel good.

You were straddled on his lap, arms hooked around your neck as his own settled around your waist, leaning in, he nudged his nose against yours, foreheads rolling against each other. His lips moved slowly towards yours, you eagerly returned the kiss, your hands sliding into his hair, fingers curling around it, the kiss becoming more passionate as he lets out quiet groans into your mouth, his palms sliding up your shirt, fingertips drawing shapes onto your back before they slip back down to the hem of your shirt. He began to lift it up until you froze, leaning back.
“Baby?” He asked, eyebrows raised. You bit your lip, glancing away from him.
“I’m.. worried.” You replied in a hushed tone, he dropped his fingers immediately, pushing one side of your hair behind your ear.
“There’s these marks, stretch marks, on my stomach on my thighs; what if you think they’re ugly, I know I’m not stick thin like some of the models you hang out with.” You continued, shrugging. Your eyes met his once more, a sad look flashed across his own, cupping your face as he pecked your lips.
“Show me.”

You pulled the last of your clothes off, standing in front of him in your underwear, your arms desperately trying to cover the marks you didn’t want him to see. He sighed, stepping forward as he tried to pull your arms away. Reluctantly, you let him, watching as he dropped to his knees, arms around your thighs as he pressed a kiss to your stomach. You let out a small smile; his lips moved to the stretch marks on your thighs, kissing each one before he made his way back to his feet.
“You, are beautiful. I like you the way you are, marks and scars included. I love you if you’ve got stretch marks, if you gain weight, lose it, I don’t care.” He smiled, pressing his lips to your nose. You felt butterflies in your stomach, cheeks turning red as he took your wrist, taking you to the full length mirror at the side of his bedroom. Standing behind you, he slid his arms around your middle.
“Look at yourself; don’t you see what I do? Don’t you see how wonderful you are, inside and out?” He asked, nuzzling your head before leaving a soft kiss to your neck. He ran his finger-tips over your stretch marks, smile getting larger with every touch.
“These are normal, people get them, they’re part of you and they are nothing to be ashamed about.” He whispered into your ear. You shut your eyes, arms relaxing as a small smile spread across your mouth, leaning back into him. For the first time in a long time, you felt completely comfortable with showing him the real you.

This last year with you has been the closest thing to perfect I have ever experienced. It was full of adventure, laughter, growth, and love. I am more than blessed to call you mine and I will gladly and easily love you each and every day for the rest of my days if you’ll let me.
You are so beautiful Madison Taylor Lolita Bradley. I am the luckiest woman. I Love You.


Addicted for 15 days challenge
Day one: Favorite siblings/in laws relationship 

I’d like to return to when I was just ten and tell myself that this loathsome neighbor boy would always be a part of our lives. 
Loren Hale would always be one of us.
Maybe not a Calloway sister, but the closest thing to one.

― Krista and Becca Ritchie, Some Kind of Perfect


I’ve never met somebody so understanding and so just everything. Her laugh sends butterfly’s through my stomach. When we kiss, oh man the feeling I get. Words can’t even explain it. Everything stops around us and I just feel so safe. Nobody has made me feel as safe as she does. And her eyes, I could get lost in them forever. Her smile could make the saddest man who hasn’t smiled in years finally smile again. Even when things aren’t going her way she will still always looks as if she is on top of the world. I know nobody is perfect but she truly is the closest thing to it. Whenever people talked about how they fell for their significant others flaws I was always confused about how that was possible. But now I get it. She is so patient when it comes to me. I really don’t know how she does it but thank god she hasn’t given up. She is the first thing to come to mind when I wake up and the last when I go to bed. If I’m being honest she really doesn’t leave my head. Everything reminds me of her. Now that might become a bad thing one day, but in all honesty it would be a honor to have my heart broken by her. That’s kinda a weird thing to say, but she’s everything I’ve ever wanted and i don’t want to lose her. But I care so much about her that I want her to be happy so if she wasn’t happy with me then I’d want her to leave. She comes first no matter what. She’s opened my eyes to so much in so little time. I’ve grown because of her and I’m continuing to grow. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky, but whatever it was I’m happy I did it. She makes me look forward to so much in my future. She is my everything.

To the one she falls in love with,

You are the luckiest damn person on planet earth.

You don’t know it yet, but someday you’re going to hold the most beautiful heart in your hands, one that beats only for you.

I hope when that day comes, you realize what you have. If you don’t fully understand how much of a privilege it is to be the one she chooses, then you’re a damn fool.

She’s the closest thing to perfect you’ll ever encounter; inside and out, that girl is gorgeous.

She’s absolutely one of a kind, one in a trillion. You are never going to find someone as enchanting as she is.

So don’t be stupid and hurt her. Don’t break the heart she gives you. She’s strong but she’s human.

And she’s yours.

Be the best you can be for her.

The one she didn’t fall in love with

They just met at the wrong time. If it had been at any other point in their lives, they would’ve made it. They’re the closest thing to perfect together two humans can be. But sometimes, perfection, love, happiness…sometimes all those things just aren’t enough. And it’s sad, it’s damn heartbreaking, but it’s the truth. That’s life.
—  from an unfinished story #137