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Name: Lena
Age: 16 (will be 17 on December)
Country: Greece

penship people,
my name is Lena and I’m almost 17 as you can see above. I came back to this website because through it I’ve met some amazing people that I can’t imagine my life without so it would be great to meet some new people that are looking for a serious, longterm friendship. Don’t be scared though, we’ll chat for a bit in the beginning to see if we get along xD So here’s a bunch of stuff about me. I’m a dancer, I’ve done ballet for 12 years, contemporary for 2 years but I dropped them both when I was introduced to hip hop which is what I do right now and it’s my biggest love:P Other than dance, I have many interests like reading books (I’m pretty much addicted to reading, it’s not even funny), writing, playing and listening to music, watching movies, anime and series (skam, ouat, ouat in wonderland, vampire diaries, teen wolf, gotham, skins, pretty little liars, rookie blue and supernatural- yeah, I’m addicted to series too><). I love art, I seriously interpret everything that happens in my life through art and I have a special place in my heart for those who can draw. I also spend a lot of my time with and learing about animals. I have a dog and he is the memeber of the family I’m closest to. If things go as planned, in a year I’ll be in Uni studying veterinary. So, if you can deal with my awkward (mainly in the beginning), clumsy and talkative self I’ll be more than happy to get to know you! I’ll seriously talk your ears off about feminism and human rights and many serious stuff but also you’ll get to see the not so serious side of me that talks about every stupid thing that comes to mind.

Preferences: I prefer someone around my age (15-19) and also, I’d like to talk through fb messenger or tumblr cause snailmail is kind of distant and it’s easier to lose touch through it. I’d definitely like it though, if we exchanged parcels and a few letters now and then!


Don’t reblog this, because I’m not in the mood to get in the 43,000th identical argument about my views today.

I’m gonna answer these questions together.

I try to avoid explicitly attaching myself to an ideology right now, because I draw influence from a lot of different strains of political thought and thus have a position that is often pretty idiosyncratic. However, if asked to label it using popular terms, my views are closest to those of social democrats and democratic socialists.

In the immediate term, I’m an advocate of reformist efforts in favor of a mixed market economy with a strong redistributive welfare state, political and economic democracy, anti-racism, feminism, internationalist anti-interventionism, labor rights, environmentalism, and civil liberties. I hope such reforms can the be built on to achieve more transformative change over the longer-term: the permanent democratization and decentralization of political and economic power, a form of democratic, liberal, market socialism. I’ve hinted at my thoughts about what exactly that looks like (cooperative businesses, democratizing political reforms, public utilities, credit unions and public banks, housing co-ops, etc.) but I’ve yet to go into detail about it.

To help provide context, I draw theoretical influence from Eduard Bernstein, John Rawls, Leonard Hobhouse, Amartya Sen, John Stuart Mill, John Maynard Keynes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Michael Harrington, Noam Chomsky, Thomas Paine, Gar Alperovitz, and countless others.

As such, I find myself in a very weird place in political circles. There’s surprisingly little going on that’s left of Bernie Sanders but right of Socialist Alternative. I feel very much the same way you do, second anon- far too anti-authoritarian for Leninists, too reformist and focused on feasibility for anarchists, and constantly frustrated with the shallowness and insufficiency of mainstream left-liberalism. 

When it comes to action, my idea is to support whoever’s ideologically close to me doing serious work right now. If I’m being honest, I’m not doing nearly as much activism work as I should be right now, but I’d like to support the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, support progressives running for office and keep pressure on the Democratic Party, join protests and campaigns that local progressive organizations are holding (NAACP, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, etc.), and continue educating myself and others.

when i was in middle school, i took a history test in pencil and when we went over the answers, i noticed the teacher marked me down on a question i had answered correctly. so i raised my hand and told him, and he went over to my desk and said, “your test is in pencil, you could have changed it now while we’re going over it” and walked away. and when i tried to argue, because i’ve always been taught to use a pencil if i ever made a mistake, and i’ve always been a good student, he snapped and said, “well then you should have used pen then. you bring this up with me again and i’ll lower your score further.”

and just to make matters worse, he would give us these trick question quizzes that only had 3 questions so each question was about 33 points and if you got just one wrong, it was a 67 which is a D. and because of that first week experience i had to take all his tests and quizzes in pen.

i was an 11 year old girl who didn’t even have a single friend or ambition yet, all i had was school and the praise of my parents, and all i ever did was stress over the abrupt changes from elementary to middle school and learn to shut up, follow orders, and not trust anyone.

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How old are you?: 24

Current job: Student. 

Dream job: I don’t know yet…

What are you talented at?: Writing and learning new things. 

What is a big goal you are working towards, or have already achieved?: Nothing in particular right now. 

What is your aesthetic?: So much haha, I don’t know what to call it. 

Do you collect anything?: Books is the closest thing I come to collecting anything…

What is a topic you’re always up to talk about?: MBTI, Harry Potter, feminism, equality, psychology…

What’s a pet peeve of yours?: Ignorance. 

Good advice to give?: Never judge anyone because they may have something going on that you know nothing about. 

Recommend three songs?: Portland Maine by Donovan Woods, Love is Mystical by Civil War Kids and Torches by X Ambassadors. 

The mystery of Katie Holt

I’ve already explained what  brought me here in a post I made on my main blog, so can jump strait into the meat of my cases on both sides of this debate. 

I stick very very hard to canon, and I make as few assumptions as I can when following a story. 

 On the issue of Pidge’s gender, I believe that the show has been very clear. Katie Holt used the alias of Pidge Gunderson to get into the military academy and use their technology to find the truth about her father and brother.

She kept up the ruse for a while longer as she began acting as a paladin but later revealed herself to her team once she believed it was important information. 

 I can’t for the life of me remember where I read it,  but I agree that the creators forgoing what could very astutely be called the “hips and tits” treatment, for characters that reveal themselves to be female. We’ve seen that already, and for Pidge it really makes sense. She’s a nerdy tomboy with the build of a 12 year old boy. And we love her for it. 

 Now, I understand the desire for trans characters, but I think you’re all barking up the wrong tree here. We can reasonably say that Pidge/Katie is a cis-gender girl.      …. Most likely……. Probably….. All signs point to yes…. Occam’s razor says it is so… but… 

 Let’s not forget who made this character. The writers(? at least the same animation team) who brought us Korrassami, a lesbian couple who was disguised thinly so as to ride the line of canonical truth, so that their relationship could be interpreted as either platonic or romantic.

They may have done something similar here, Let me explain. (For this next part I will also be citing evidence against the theory, there’s no evidence against the other argument.)

Let’s say that Pidge is transgender, K? She came out as a girl, so, born a boy identifies as a girl. Peachy. If that’s true, then from what we’ve seen from her flashbacks, her parents supported her and let her live as a girl. The officer at the academy addresses her as a girl and generally the society they live in seems to be pretty accepting of her being trans.

In this scenario, the proverbial “coming out” Would be her telling her team that she is a girl, that is, that she identifies as one.

And it’s kind of sad that she needs to assume her male identity to get into the academy.

But then, if she’s trans, why does she act so stereo-typically boyish? Really, there’s no rule saying that just because she identifies as a girl she needs to act like one… though, if her being trans and her family supporting her in it meant that she could express herself, so, why would she act like a girl around them?

Hmm.. this could be a bit of a problem.

What about… being a trans, boy?

Let’s say that the society is not so accepting of trans people. So, now ‘he’s’ born a girl, but he either comes out as a boy to his family and is forced to live as a girl, or never does and is then later allowed to embrace, his male identity in the academy.

In this case, coming clean as a girl is him saying, “hey guys, i was born a girl, but I’m a boy, k?” With a resounding, “k.”

There are problems with this one too. 

 Wouldn’t his mother oppose his decision to join the academy as a boy? I guess it wouldn’t be hard to convince her that it was the best way of finding their lost family.

And, if the society they came from was really intolerant of trans people, why would not a single one of the other paladins have any problem whatsoever with that? Lance’s shock doesn’t count as intolerance.

I do suppose that both of the previous points could also be resolved by saying that it was his father that was trans-phobic.

In closing, I acknowledge that there are applicable alternate theories to apply to this situation, but I don’t think they are correct.

For now it’s canon that she’s just a cis-gender girl.

Don’t accuse me of misgendering her. Don’t presume to correct me. Don’t make wild claims about how she’s trans or agender or genderfluid. 

And please, don’t be so abrasive towards people who make assumptions about her, as she is cis in the show. If your ask-blog version of her is trans, say it, K?

Like @ask-pidge here. I am almost  certain that Katie menstruates, unless of course she hasn’t his puberty yet, making her kind of a late bloomer. Or what could very well be the case, that she IS trans, which is not canon until the creators confirm it. In either case, it seems that you are sort of pushing your headcanon, trying to pass it off as truth.

As a writer myself, I believe very strongly in authorial intent and if it is made clear that it was in fact their intent for Pidge to be trans, I will gladly embrace their decision.

I will listen to your headcanon, and in fact I love reading them. But for now, she’s cis and that’s canon, until the creators say otherwise, at which point I will never shut up about it because we just got a trans character in a family program.

Stop going to the wiki and trying to push your headcanon.

It’s not true. get over it.


I saw a post from @trapped-in-cartoon-hell , which seems to possibly hint at possible authorial intent.

Pidge looking confusedly at the genital area of an anatomical silhouette seems to be the closest we’re going to get to confirmation that she’s supposed to be something like an allegory for what being transgender means.

So, between the scenarios that I described above, and this image here. There can be at least an entertaining case that Pidge is a Transgender metaphor.

But again, until the creators say otherwise, she’s cis.


While i was searching for imaged for this post, I found this,

I like it, but it made me realize that I don’t really want a more feminized Pidge, I like her just the way she is.

credit goes to @myshitartblog

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What are all the variant names you use for Persephone?

In order of appearance in the book:

Kore: from HHtD, meaning ‘maiden’ or ‘girl’

Persephone: also from HHtD. It’s real meaning has largely been lost to the ages (unlike her husband, as Āïdēs means Unseen One), but the leading theory is that it is pre-Mycenaean or untranslated Mycenaean. From close matches to Linear B, perse- means destroyer, and -phone is voices. The one who silences men’s voices: the goddess of the dead. But another name, Persephassa or Perephatta, has the destroyer prefix, and it is theorized that the suffix means ‘light’, therefor, Destroyer of Light, or She Who Destroys the Light.

Praxidike: from Orphic Hymn 29, meaning ‘exacted of justice’.

The Iron Queen: from the Odyssey, the honorific used by Odysseus when addressing her.

Despoina: in Arcadian myth she was ‘The Maiden’, and in their mythology she was the daughter of Poseidon. She is often identified as a separate goddess, but her similarity to Persephone is uncanny, and the Arcadian and Eleusinian cults were very similar.

Related Mediterranean chthonic deities:
Ereshkigal: Sumerian goddess of the underworld
Nephthys: Egyptian goddess of mourning
Isis: Egyptian wife of Osiris, goddess of the cycle of death and rebirth

Aristi Chthonia: the best of the chthonic deities. An epithet used in Ancient Greece to indirectly refer to Persephone, as ancients did not want to speak her real name and summon the Destroyer.

Wanakt-ja: Archaic Mycenaean for ‘Queen’, the closest word we can get to actual Minoan.

Sotiera: Savior, a common cult title for Persephone in the Eleusinian Mysteries

Anessa: Queen in Ancient Greece, feminization of Anax

Metra: would be ‘mitera’ in modern greek for Mother, but I used the Ancient Greek pronunciation.
edit: I grabbed the word ‘metra’ from ‘Demetra’ on one website, but found out that it means ‘uterus’ in modern greek. *headsmack* oh well… things to focus on in the rewrite…… edit 2: just found what I was referencing!… in the Classical period, Demeter’s name was spelled  Δήμητρα, which is where I got Demetra (Dimitra?)  Hot damn, I really need to learn Greek….

Thea: literally, Goddess

Karpophoros: bringer of fruit, i.e., the Goddess of Spring

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This truscum stuff sounds a lot like the people who fake gender dysphoria for attention and sexual gratification as well as fetishize dressing in the opposite genders clothes wish to validate they're freedom to do this. I still think this is sleazy no matter what because people who are willing to lie about a real neurological problem just so they can get off is very dehumanizing to people who really have this problem, I hope this doesn't make a me a "truscum".

I don’t call anyone “truscum” who doesn’t call themselves that, which is why I usually use quotes and a descriptor like “self-described” or “so-called” in front of it.

That said, I’ve glanced at your blog and I see you talking about autogynephilia, which makes me very uncomfortable.

The whole idea of “autogynephilia” was coined by a man—a cis man with a fetish for trans women—and is rooted in the idea that female sexuality is… well, the idea that female sexuality isn’t. The idea that for a woman to have desires that exist independently of a man’s are a contradiction in terms, so any “trans woman” who experiences or expresses sexuality must actually be indulging a paraphilia rather than just… experiencing sexuality as a woman.

Even the name is a dead giveaway. The concept of “gynephilia” was created to similarly pathologize lesbians, to turn lesbianism itself into something that could then be “treated”. Sticking “auto” on the front and applying it to trans women doesn’t make it more valid or less misogynistic in its implications.

Now, there are people with a transvestite fetish, but the thing is: we already have a word for that. It’s transvestite fetishism. And you can have whatever opinion about it you want, but I’m going to tell you my opinion about it. No, I’m not. I’m going to tell you my history about it, so that when I tell you my opinion, you will understand it.

I’ve already made a post today talking about what it was like to grow up as a trans girl in the 80s, before the world wide web and what we used to call without a shred of irony “the information superhighway”. My first fragmentary glimpses of the existence of transsexuality, of a model or framework where people like me can exist, where… confused, contradictory, and often deeply damaging. But they were all I had, and the closest thing I could get to what I really needed.

The pop culture version of trans women I could see was a mix of Super Camp Gay stereotypes mixed with Men In Dresses jokes, but then there was also stuff about… transvestites. And forced feminization. And the sort of stuff that gets roped together and called “autogynephilia” in order to posit the existence of a mass of creepy sleazy fake trans women whose existence not only justifies the skepticism and outright attacks that we are made to suffer, but is used to enlist us in the battle against ourselves.

Now, right now, I’m thirty three, almost thirty four years old. I have lived as a woman “full time” for… about eight years. Before that, I was fully identified as a woman online, and I know that’s a “fake trans woman” marker, but my social existence has been 90% online since the WWW prefix came to my town. Online was the avenue of transition that was available to me first.

Before that, I knew I was a girl since I was little, in the classic trans narrative sense.

I’m not a lesbian and I’m not currently in a relationshp with a cis person or a woman, so if you for some reason wanted to make a case that I’m one of these sleazy fake trans women trying to get off on either transsexualism or by co-opting relationship structures with women since I failed to score as a dude, you’d have a hard time.

Anyway, I said I knew I was a girl since I was little. But because of the dearth of good information and the weird admixture of skewed cultural narratives I got, I didn’t always know what that meant.

So picture me. I’m 11, 12, 13. I’m getting these little snippets, first from novels with adult themes or movies with suggestive imagery for the sake of a joke, and then suddenly the internet is a thing, but there’s not much on it. Certainly not a lot of accessible information about trans people, and I wouldn’t know how to find it if it was.

But one of the areas where stuff caught on right away was…. well, porn. And another area was stuff that had existed on the ur-internet, dial-up BBS systems. So there were things like GIANT text archives of queer sex stories that just made the bridge from before the internet to on the pretty seamlessly, and they weren’t that hard to find because… well, there wasn’t much else there.

So I’m of the age where I’m starting to have, y’know, ~*feelings*~, and I’m trying to make sense of them while also trying to make sense of the whole I totally know I’m a girl, but ~*biology*~ and also the whole world says I’m wrong, and here’s… well, here’s the closest thing I can find to a story about someone like me.

It’s not a story about a trans woman. It’s a story about a guy who gets ~*turned into a woman*~, either by a dominatrix type woman or a big manly masculine guy or some kind of tag-team combination. 

This kind of story does nothing—nothing good, anyway—for me right now, but to 14 year old me? They offered so much. Even the “forced” part of the narrative offered me… an alibi. An escape. A release valve.

Because one of the things that happens when you’re a trans girl and you don’t know what “trans girl” is, is you internalize the idea that what you know to be true about yourself and what you want for your life—what you need for it—is WRONGETY WRONG WRONG WRONG SUPERBAD WRONG. You will be punished for expressing it. You will be punished if anyone finds out.

But here’s a fantasy version of reality where you can imagine you get what you need—or something close to it, anyway—and it’s not your fault.

There’s a reason the Victorian audience of Bram Stoker’s Dracula found the mind control and predation aspect of his vampires so compelling, and that’s the emotional alibi factor.

Now, if I were to just talk about these stories and my fascination with them out of context, people would conclude that I was one of them creepy fake trans women who’s really just a fetishist.

And from this, we can take away the fact that if we could go back in time and you were observing me as a 14 year old on the internet discovering this stuff for the first time, you would not think you were looking at a 14 year old closeted trans girl.

So say we come across a 24 year old or 34 year old or 44 year old person who’s in the same position. Are we looking at a creepy fetishist who’s appropriating trans women… or are we looking at a closeted or newly emerging trans woman working through decades of repression and mixed messages from society?

This is why my opinion of transvestite fetishism can never be as simple as “They’re fetishizing the objectification of women!” or “They’re getting off on misogyny!” or “They’re making things worse for trans people!”

I’m not saying that every transvestite out there is a confused or scared trans woman waiting to happen.

But I will ask you:how many of them would have to be, before you would start to feel uncomfortable about shooting down every apparent transvestite fetishist who starts exploring transsexuality?

You know, I was only going to talk about my childhood here, but let’s keep going. I feel a roll coming on.

In my late teens and early twenties, I was desperate for a relationship. I’d never really had one, and I was lonely, and I needed the validation… some validation, any validation. And this is another “fake trans girl” trigger that people will jump on, but we’re human. Everybody does things for validation. People who get validation all the time don’t need to set out and specifically do things to get it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need it.

I really wanted a relationship. I really wanted love. I wanted romance. Was my idea of dating and romance and courtship influenced by society and misogynistic ideas? Sure. Welcome to the human race.

But the thing is… I didn’t think I could have that stuff. Growing up trans in a cissexist society was so corrosive on my sense of self that I wasn’t even sure I deserved it, but even when I believed I did, I was dead certain I couldn’t get it.

So I… well, at the time I thought of it as somewhere between seeking a compromise and making the best of what I had to work with.

I made posts on websites… mostly ones catering to bisexual dating… putting myself out there as “the best of both worlds”. I advertised my absolute submissiveness, my willingness to do anything, to take anything… because I thought this what I would need to do, to be desirable as a trans woman. 

Because I thought “desirable as a trans woman” was a contradiction in terms.

Because I had only ever seen trans women being desired as sex objects.

I’m 99% sure that I’ll see parts of this very personal post being taken out of context as evidence that I’m a misogynistic autogynephlie… just like the Craigslist personals of other trans women were recently used, by a “trans critical” person who also believes that there are scores of autogynephlic fake trans women out there who must be rooted out and shamed out of existence.

And here’s where we come—at last—to the point of this very long, very personal post: even those of us who knew we were girls before we were potty trained did not spring fully formed from the brow of Zeus with a full and complete sense of self and perfect knowledge of what it is to be trans.

We all grew up in a society that takes no care to give us the information we need but burdens us with terrible (and terribly mixed) messages about femininity, about sex, and about ourselves.

This may be less true as time goes on, but we all grew up in a society that generalizes gay men, trans women, transvestite fetishists, and submissive straight men together into a sort of amorphous mass of The Hypersexualized Failed Male, and it takes us some time to separate what is us from the expectations that have been layered upon us.

Note that this same confusion that afflicts us will also sometime mean that someone will go through (and I use the term with considerable hesitation) “a trans phase”, where a gay man or a submissive straight man is trying to make sense of the signals society has sent him and comes however briefly to the conclusion that they might be trans.

Having patience and compassion for people who are at a point in their journey where they’re still mixed up on this stuff—or still settling for the version of romance they think they can get or the version of femininity they think the world will accept for them—might mean that occasionally, we end up dignifying a real creep who really just is “lying for attention”, as you put it, or getting his rocks off on fetishization.

And for that matter, note that I’m by no means saying we can’t keep a guard out for fetishizers!

I’m just saying, let’s be honest about the scope and scale of the problem. The rhetoric which you are adopting here is actually less identified with “truscum” than with trans eliminationists, and that should tell you what the real purpose of it is.

The narrative you’re repeating exists to legitimize the idea that we’re all fakers and fetishists, that we’re all co-opting the experiences of women for sexual purposes, that we’re all lying for attention.

Honestly i am so tired of people calling Lois Lane an “anti-feminist” damsel in distress

You’re talking about a feminist icon by nature here!! Lois Lane premiered as a working woman – a hard as nails journalist – during a time when few women filled such a role. A woman who, in her first appearance, told off a man who demanded that she act in a way that didn’t suit her dignity or wants. Sure… certain  comic book writers throughout the years tried to destroy her independent attitude in accordance with the eras when she appeared, but somehow she has always bounced back. 

Lois Lane is a character that has always been at the top of her field (and journalism is a traditionally male-dominated field, mind you). She fights for truth and justice without using her fists or physical strength (which is arguably braver than doing such with superpowers). 

And fun fact: you don’t have to punch villains in the face to be considered a feminist. You also don’t have to refuse to accept help from members of the male gender to be considered a feminist. 

Think of it this way: If my house was being burglarized, would I, as a woman, be considered anti-feminist for accepting the help of a male police officer, instead of confronting the criminals myself? Of course not! 

So why, when Lois happens to be rescued by Superman while doing her important job, do you condemn her for being offensive to feminism? In BvS, did you forget that she was the ONLY person who really figured out Lex’s intentions, and that she was willing to selflessly throw herself between Bruce and Clark? Did you forget that Clark would have DIED if not for her, meaning that she returned the favor of saving not only his life, but his mother’s life as well?

Lois Lane’s narrative throughout the film is almost as prominent as Bruce’s, and is most definitely more prominent than even Clark’s. She is the one putting together the  pieces that the audience must discover while Bruce plans and Lex schemes. 

To assume that only superheroines are valuable or representative of feminism is hypocritical, considering that female superheroines don’t really exist while female journalists do. I don’t understand why people can’t see Lois in the movie, and even in the comics, as what she is – an everyday woman who uses nothing but her wits and convictions to become someone extraordinary and impactful to the world. That’s one of closest things we can get to real feminism in superhero movies and comics. So please, go criticize another character. You picked the wrong one. 

Just a quick little 101 for you guys because sometimes I want to do some educationing/talking. 

“White Feminism” is not an umbrella term for feminism that only embraces white women. “White feminism” is a term for feminism that is not intersectional which means that it excludes women of color, disabled women, queer women, trans women, lower class, ect. 

As I understand it, intersectional feminism embraces all women including and especially those who are women of color, LGBT, disabled, lower class, trans, or queer. 

I point this out because it is so important to not turn feminism into an oppression olympics. It’s harmful to the cause to try and decide which women have more important stories or to compare women of color to disabled women in terms of hardship or queer women to lower class women. They all face very very diverse, different struggles but they are all important facets and stories to feminism. They are all women. 

Your feminism, whatever it is labeled, should be as diverse and inclusive as possible and not prioritize the needs or stories of any group of another. I see a lot of hostility come up when people start getting angry about WOC vs. Queer women or things of that nature and both are so, so important to a diverse feminism. Remember when you are protecting, supporting, and uplifting one minority group, to do your best not to simultaneously stomp out another or hush their voices. We’re all guilty of that. As a white, queer woman I am guilty of prioritizing LGBT stories and voices as they are closest to me. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get priority when it’s their time but it means reminding myself that there are other women and other voices. I’ve also felt my voice as a queer woman be stomped out by other groups who prioritize their struggles.

I’ve found so far that one of the most important, simple things to do in being a feminist woman is to listen to the voices around you, even if you think you disagree with them. Listen to the women in your world, all of them. And take as much empathy as you can with you into the discussion. Understanding that this is a movement that involves all of us and is important to all of us is important. 

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So, with this season of Agent Carter finished, any general or specific observations about the show/characters?

  • agent chad michael murray is, EXPECTEDLY, STILL A DICK
  • like, here he is, the biggest douche in the universe, still a dick
  • one thing i do appreciate out of the finale, especially in regard to how the writers responded to the ending, is that you know, the writers KNOW that he’s a dick, that his scene was very subtly coded as a Dick Move, which is significant to me because i hate it HATE IT whenever shows that deal even tangentially with racism or sexism - books and films too, when it comes to it, which is why, you know, 12 years over the help any day, even besides the white saviorism - treat it as a personal issue rather than an institutional one
  • so you know, that even if chad michael murray felt the slightest guilt about taking credit for peggy’s efforts, it’s not HIS sexism that’s the problem, it’s the institutional sexism where the senator and by association the president assume that it’s him who ought to take the credit
  • so a+ on that front
  • still shit on race, tho
  • like, it’s not so much shit. on. race. as it pretends that race doesn’t exist, and by extension, racism doesn’t exist
  • which is kind of ironic because this show has no problem tackling personal and institutional instances of misogyny soooooooooo
  • i see you
  • PEGGY. HAYLEY ATWELL. PEGGY. H A Y L E Y A T W E L L. it’s almost painful to watch her at this point because like, she’s so good? how can one person be this good??? (also bc her face hurts me) but she is SO GOOD, she makes everyone else look TERRIBLE. even people who would be passable to great in anybody else’s presence (like lyndsey fonseca) is like, wooden, next to her, i just. HAYLEY ATWELL. like hayley atwell deserves - you know what hayley atwell deserves??? hayley atwell deserves cold war aesthetics from david fincher. hayley atwell deserves writing from abi morgan. hayley atwell deserves a score from hans zimmer. hayley atwell deserves EVERYTHING SHE COULD POSSIBLY WANT, I GET THAT WE’RE DOING CANDY COLOURED POP VINTAGE AESTHETICS, BUT WHY DIDN’T YOU AIM FOR THE HOUR’S VIBE?
  • anyway. what i’m trying to say is that everytime hayley atwell is on screen it is a double edged sword, bc on one hand she elevates this family time slot abc lightweight to Real Acting, but on the other you realize how little Real Acting there is apart from her. james d’arcy can stay!!!! dominic cooper needs to work on his american accent. also IS IT JUST ME but has he regressed since the history boys?? anyway
  • i’ve still not had enough time since its ending to PROPERLY process this, but my main interest in this show is that i’m fascinated by how - you know, already they are doing some shady fucking shit, and we’re only about a year on from the end of the war. emily was talking about how it’s really a very very claustrophobic narrative in that all of us - with hindsight on our side - know exactly how these stories end. howard becomes an obsessive and abusive or at the very least incredibly neglectful father and philandering husband who, you know, probably in mcu timeline spearheaded the creation of the military industry (and he feels bad about making that shit now, but you have to remember he has canonically already worked on the manhattan project - and given his track record would probably also go ahead to make like, you know, agent orange. howard. jesus). peggy becomes director carter and creates an intelligence apparatus that is HILARIOUSLY EASY to corrupt by virtue of the fact that while the ends might be different, shield and hydra’s respective methods run pretty fucking close. which means - hello - she probably signed off on paperclip, she probably played a hand in recruiting zola, she probably - given the events of winter soldier, showing that the security counsil/fury had the power to implement a global programme that bypassed all the heads of state of the most powerful nations on earth) - also played significant roles in a metric fucktonne of shady foreign policy during the cold war. 
  • so knowing what we know
  • i’m interested to see how this show will handle that - if they’re going to handle darkening the story with grace, or if they’ll chickenshit out - WHICH WOULD BE, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, AN IMMENSE DISAPPOINTMENT AND ALSO FAILURE - like, i get that this is not house of cards but christ. that moment where she kicks a woman out of a window and cracks her skull, then sits down to assess whether or not she should have one of her closest friends shot down?
I need feminism because...

I just had my fastest mile since I started running again. It wasn’t the celebration of a return to cardiovascular health that I thought it would be. In fact, my heart rate hasn’t gone below 140 in the twenty minutes I’ve been home, and I still feel a bit blacked out around the edges.
This fastest mile was because some fuckwit in a motorcycle started trying to circle me and then blocked off my access to the trail system that I generally run back to my house on; which forced me to book it to the closest well populated area that was brightly lit and would get me safely back home. About a mile towards town.
I jumped hedges and cut through backyards.
Dude followed me until I started jumping hedges.

Rape culture directly impacted my health and my exercise routine in a dramatic way tonight. It’s not ok.

If you are going through that dark period, go to your family and closest friends. Don’t put yourself in danger. It’s very crucial that you get your feelings out — but don’t ever inflict harm on your own body because your body is so sacred. I wish I could tell every young girl with an eating disorder, or who has harmed herself in any way, that she’s worthy of life and that her life has meaning. You can overcome and get through anything.
—  Demi Lovato