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~ Hey so the person you reblogged the tea time thing from. What do you think they meant when they said Calum will be getting closer for PR with Nia? I'm going through some stuff rn and seeing a picture of Calum kissing, hugging, or whatever PDA would really fuck me up some more. Idk why i'm scared. ahhhh

They aren’t anything to worry about, so don’t even bother draining you mind over that. Cal is Single, happy, and just friends with Nia. We’ve always talked about what pr can mean and what it does so really, until their contract is up it’s a free for all on what will happen

Sometimes I think about how left out Zay felt out in Secret of Life and just how much his inclusion and significance in the group has developed since. Farkle and him have bonded, as well as Smackle and him (wait till you see ACM). Maya and Zay get even closer (handshake in PR, GM Bear stuff). And Riley goes from calling him “that Zay kid” in SoL and sort of having this subtle resentment of him, to saying probably one of my favorite lines any of the clique six has ever said to him (GM Goodbye).

I’m already envisioning the gifset of him walking away all sad in SoL vs all these beautiful S3 moments of him being part of the group :)

Yeah, ok, but Power Rangers!Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. AU.

With Coulson as the Red Ranger who is part no-nonsense leader and part dorky kid who has spent his whole life idolizing the Power Rangers and now he gets to be one, are you kidding this is the greatest, let’s go save the world, gang. And he wants to protect them all so badly, because they’re just kids, and Black Ranger May sometimes wonders if he remembers that he’s just a kid too. Also, he gets most of the best one liners, and Blue Ranger Ward is jealous and Yellow Ranger Skye is in awe.

And Ward as the Blue Ranger who is just a little bit jealous that Coulson gets to be the Red Ranger and really isn’t a team player at the beginning but eventually gets the hang of it and is super protective of everybody no matter how much they exasperate him. He pretends to be big, bad super badass but actually he is almost as excited as Coulson because Power Rangers. He takes being a Ranger about 200% more seriously than anyone has ever taken being a Ranger, and likes to stare moodily into the distance and think about responsibility.

Fitz as the dorky Green Ranger who has trouble taking the whole ‘fighting aliens, defending the earth’ thing 100% seriously while dressed neck-to-feet in green spandex, and is really more interested in how their morphers/zords/weapons work than actually punching anything, and also he has a ridiculous secret crush on childhood friend Pink Ranger Simmons, except even emotionally stunted Blue Ranger Ward can tell and Yellow Ranger Skye ships that like you wouldn’t believe. And Pink Ranger Simmons keeps throwing herself into dangerous situations and it is causing him problems because if there is one thing in this world he can’t lose it is Jemma Simmons, and no, sure, she didn’t make him follow her anywhere, but he would, he would one hundred percent follow her anywhere, wearing whatever color of dumb outfit he was required to if it meant staying by her side and getting a chance to protect her.

Simmons is the Pink Ranger, and she’s mostly just glad that Fitz is also a Ranger because like, what if she got to be a Power Ranger and her best friend didn’t get to be, and she had to keep a secret from him? But he’s a Ranger, and so everything is good, except Yellow Ranger Skye won’t leave her alone about the fact that she has a big giant crush on him. And also she is pretty upset about the fact that the monsters always explode, which seems both scientifically improbable and also means she can’t go and look at them and figure out how they work. Green Ranger Fitz is grossed out by this, Yellow Ranger Skye just looks at her puzzled like Why is this a thing you want? and Blue Ranger Ward is in charge of keeping her from wandering too near an exploding enemy in an attempt to figure it out (Simmons, I swear to God, come back here we are supposed to be posing dramatically you are going to get yourself hurt and Coulson is going to blame me and I am going to blame me and then we will have to do a Blue Ranger-centric episode where I do a lot of moody staring off into the distance while the audience appreciates my jawline and then I will have to try to fight the monster all by myself and then you guys will show up and remind me that we’re a team and then I will probably have a touching scene with Skye that leads to romantic tension do you see all the problems you are hypothetically causing will you just come back here and pose damn it.)

Yellow Ranger Skye who doesn’t really have a family, except suddenly she does, and if you had asked her a year ago if she would have been dressed in brightly colored spandex fighting evil with five other people she would have laughed in your face except now it’s pretty much the only thing that makes sense, to be in this place with these dorks, wearing brightly colored spandex and fighting evil and also trying to get Fitzsimmons to admit to their ridiculous crushes while simultaneously covertly appreciating Blue Ranger Ward’s jawline and also his abs, because Ward likes to train shirtless and then stare moodily into the distance, which is equal parts sexy and ridiculous, a mix that Skye can appreciate.

And Black Ranger May, who mostly sits quietly in the corner when the team hangs out, and who has taken it upon herself to look out for Red Ranger Coulson because he’s spending too much time being serious leader/protector Coulson and not enough time being giddy about being a Power Ranger kid Coulson, who she likes a lot more. She generally shows up to battles last, and like everyone is all Where is May at, did she not instinctively feel the monster showing up and then two of the bad guys explode and May rides in on her motorcycle zord, suited up and ready to go and wondering what everyone is waiting for why are you guys not killing aliens yet our job is to kill aliens let’s kill aliens and look good doing it.

This is the only AU I care about.

TAG the woman in your life that loves like Jesus! You never know how the smallest little tag can encourage her to keep going today!

DAY 126/365
Part 1 of 2

There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. - Pr. 18:24 (NLT)

My dear sister,

1. Be the kind of woman that loves like Jesus…the world needs it
As we see here in this proverb, all throughout the Word of God we have examples of how to treat those around us. Jesus was the ultimate example of this and as women, we have to be an example of this as well. The reason why is because we live in a world where women are always  in competition with each other. It starts early on and it often times plagues our friendships, our sisterhood, and our outlook on those around us. But today I just want to encourage you that there is so much more to our womanhood than the world tries to tell us! Today, as women who are followers of Christ, let’s make a commitment to be an example of a different kind of woman! The Apostle Paul reminds believers of this in Ephesians 5:2: and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

2. No matter what, don’t compete for attention
There is so much pressure on women and girls to “have it all.” We look at celebrities who have the relationship, the career, the looks, and it gets in our heads than in order to be a woman who is truly worth something and capable of doing meaningful work in the world is a woman like that. It’s so deeply entrenched in our culture that when we see another woman who might just be a little closer to achieving that worldly goal of womanhood, we feel like we’re not worth as much as she is because we don’t have her looks, body, celebrity husband, etc. We end up being pressured to prove that we ARE good enough and we ARE worth paying attention to. Today I just want to encourage you that your worth is in Jesus. Hold onto that and live your life to be like HIM and be an example to others on how to do the same! Stick close to your friends and don’t feel like you have to compete with them or anyone else!

Biblical context + further reading: Pr. 18

DAY 126/365
Part 2 of 2

There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. - Pr. 18:24

My dear sister,

2 things to remember to when it comes to dealing with friends + relationships

1. Encourage your friends
We live in a world where people don’t hesitate at all to express their opinions on their friends’ relationships. Tonight I just want to encourage you that even though there’s so much pressure to talk about people’s relationships or singleness behind their backs, let’s be the kind of women who continue to encourage and pray for our friends when it comes to their singleness and the people they date. Of course we should always hold one another accountable, but let us be careful as followers of Christ that we don’t tear them down in the process. Let’s continue to encourage our friends to make good choices, even when their pressured to do what’s wrong. Let’s not just talk about doing it…let’s encouraging them! Let’s not let our friends fall!

2. Be an example
It doesn’t matter how insignificant you feel at times, your friends DO notice your actions and you have the ability to inspire them to make better decisions! This is true even when you’re single. When you make that choice to stop texting that guy who is not respecting you, you just might inspire your friend to do the same with that guy who is not respecting her. When you tell your friend that you’re praying for God to strengthen your heart when it’s been broken, she just might ask you to pray with her if she ends up dealing with the same thing. We live in a world where so many people are recklessly entering and leaving relationships and are clueless about their worth. Their breaking each others hearts and getting more and more broken themselves by the day. The way that we can begin to see a change is by building up our friends and encouraging them to embrace their worth in Christ. Let’s remind them that they don’t have to settle for just any relationship.
Single, dating, engaged, married–let’s BE the example and inspire our friends to see their worth!

Biblical context + further reading: Pr. 18
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