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A Good Day

THIS IS MY FIRST WRITING THING I’VE EVER POSTED HERE. FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.(Sorry for yelling at you, I’m just nervous) Thanks so much to the lovely @spectralstyles and @roseonhissleeve for being so supportive. You’re both amazing. x

It was a lazy Sunday morning, and you two were wrapped up in blankets and in each other’s arms. He was still fast asleep, but you had been up for a little while. You were facing him and being mindful not to put too much pressure on his body, not wanting to pull him out of dreamland. The curtains were trying their hardest to dim the light, but the sun shone far too bright. The light danced on his skin and gave him a glow, so beautiful you couldn’t even comprehend. His lips looked as luscious as always and they were slightly open, so he could inhale and exhale. You could see the slightly chapped and cracked parts of his lips because you were so close. His cheeks radiated a warm glow- the left one had pillow marks all over it because he was a heavy sleeper. He was laying on his left side and you had turned over to your right so you could witness the beautiful scenery. You couldn’t help put place two of your fingers on his lips, they looked so inviting. Even though a little cracked, they still felt as soft as always. He started to stir. You traced his bottom lip with your index finger. God, you’re beautiful. A few moments later, his eyes started to flutter open. “G’mornin’, love,” he said groggily, before shutting his eyes again, and sighing.

“Morning.” You smiled as he scrunched up his face and rubbed his eyes. He looked at you and pouted, “Were you staring at me?”

You rolled your eyes and giggled. Grinning at him you said, “No. Why would I do that?”

“You were! That’s creepy, babe.” He said as he smiled with a closed mouth. You usually always woke up after him, to the feeling of his lips pressing kisses all over your face. This was one of the rare mornings where you got to admire his beauty while he was asleep. And so much beauty there was to admire.

“Don’t inflate your ego, love.” You said to him before moving closer to connect his lips to yours. You lips moved together slowly and you felt the smile forming on his. “Stop smiling! I’m trying to kiss you!” You said as you pulled back slightly and chuckled. 

“M sorry, ‘m sorry,” He says dipping his head closer before attacking you with kisses. He kisses your forehead, above your eyebrows, nose, cheeks, mouth, and every inch he could get his lips on, while you shrieked and laughed.

“I loveee youuu.” He said with every kiss he left on your face.

You felt so at home when you were with him. These moments couldn’t ever compare to any others, they were your favorite. These were the ones you replayed in your head when your day wasn’t going as well as planned, and he wasn’t there to hold you. They were the ones that kept you going.

You smiled to yourself, it’s going to be a good day today.

We’re Alike In That Way

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader (Criminal Minds)

Summary: [requested by: @donuts1324]: I was wondering if you could do an imagine of Spencer profiling the reader and the reader gets upset because he promised he wouldn’t do that..(also could the reader NOT be in the FBI?) thank youuu❤ 

Word Count:

Warnings: a teensy bit of angst.

Other Notes: this is kind of based on derek and savannah’s first fight in 9x21, “What Happens in Mecklinburg”. enjoyy ;)

also, sorry this took so long! i was incredibly sick yesterday, so i had to write it today! :)

You stared at the clock again. It ticked closer to midnight every second. With each annoying tick of the longer hand, your anger grew. Spencer still wasn’t home. He was supposed to be home last night, but he had called and said the case had dragged on an extra day. You were furious, of course, because he had known how important yesterday had been to you, but there wasn’t anything you could have done.

You ears perked up when you heard the door open and Spencer set his keys and shoulder bag down.

“Hey, babe,” he greeted, kissing your forehead as he sat down next to you.

He noticed when you didn’t respond right away like usual, his profiler instincts kicking in. You looked up at his concerned face, and instantly felt bad for being upset.

You usually didn’t mind Spencer’s irregular hours. You knew he loved his job, how much he helped people. And you knew the BAU team was more like family to him. And your job called for some late nights and impromptu out of trips as well.

But you couldn’t help but be agitated nonetheless.

“Spence-“you began, but he cut you off.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I really am. We ended up pulling an all-nighter, a stakeout. I truly didn’t plan for this to happen.”

You sighed, “Of course you didn’t, Spencer. I’m not mad at you, exactly, just frustrated. My mom finally convinced my dad to come to DC, and-“

He made you stop talking by giving you a hug. You fell into his chest unwillingly.

Your father hadn’t approved of any of your decisions since high school. He had wanted you to stay in your hometown for college, but you had accepted the Georgetown scholarship against his will. Moving in with Spencer also hadn’t been the best idea in his eyes, but your mom convinced him you were happy, and to let you figure it out for yourself. Even though, the two of you hadn’t spoken in almost 4 years, and you were eager to show him that Spencer and you were happy with each other, and with your jobs.

“Y/N, I know what is about,” Spencer said, “It stems from the constant childhood disagreements you and your father had, and your need to impress him.”

You quickly pulled out of his grip, “Spencer, stop profiling me!”

“I’m just saying Y/N, it’s the truth.”

“You made a promise to me nearly two years ago,” you continued, “You promised you wouldn’t profile me!” Your tone was firm.

Spencer held his head in his hands, “Didn’t you just say you weren’t mad at me?”

“I wasn’t, and then you decided to psychoanalyze me like one of psychopaths!”

Spencer sighed and looked down in guilt, “I’m sorry, it’s been a long day. For the both of us, it seems,” he stepped closer to you, “I didn’t mean to profile you.”

You sighed again, “I’m sorry too.”

He kissed your lips quickly, and held your cheeks in his hands, something he knew you adored. You liked to be held, and he loved to be able to frame your face like that.

“You’re right, you know.”

“About what?” he asked.

“I do have a constant need to impress him. My dad, I mean. I was never my older sister, and that infuriated me. I thought this was an opportunity for him to see how good things had finally gotten,” you admitted.

“I tried to impress my dad all the time before he left,” Spencer ran several fingers through your hair gently. “We’re alike in that way.”

You smiled in comfort. “Are your parents still in town?”

You furrowed your brow, “I think they’re leaving the day after tomorrow because their flight got delayed. Bad weather back in Minnesota.”

“Call them and try to schedule for tomorrow,” Spencer told you.

“Really? I thought you would revel in the chance to avoid this meeting,” you joked.

“Normally I would, but we owe it them for making this trip all the way here.”

“I’ll text my mom and see if she’s awake.”

He nodded in agreement. He stared as you walked back into the bedroom. He was still looking at his feet, and didn’t see you turn around.

“Thank you, Spence. I love you.” You smiled again.

“Anything for you, Y/N. I love you too.”

agenderneutralname  asked:

Mama! How would everyone in the 104 react if a cat walker up to them? Would they cuddle it? Is anyone scared of cats?

Mama! I forgot the vets! What would the vets do if a cat walked up to them?

Mikasa: let it come close and hold out her hand so it can see if it likes her
Reiner: Stop and look at it and talk to it
Bertholdt: try to pet it, but it would run away
Annie: Hold out her hand to let it smell her. The cat would start to call it’s friends
Eren: Yell “Oh a cat”, cat runs away
Jean: Kneels down to let the cat come closer, gets scratched ):
Marco: Can easily pet the cat, it marks him
Sasha: Get super excited about the cat and sit down so it can come closer
Connie: looks at it and walks on
Historia: Looks at the cat and purrs, suddenly surrounded by cats
Armin: Watches the cat and sees what it does, happy bean
Ymir: Hahah loser cat, sits down and plays with it
Levi: Walks on 
Hanji: Starts talking to the cat in a high pitched baby voice “oh who are youuu!”
Erwin: Stare at the cat, it’s so cute
Nanaba: low-key panic, stay cool Nanaba
Mike: Sniff the cat

I’m Here

Ivar x Abused!reader

Trigger Warnings: past abuse, alcohol consumption, slight violence (I mean, it’s Ivar)


Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

You hated nights like these. The loud hoots of laughter and large drunk Vikings tumbling around, groping anything around them of both genders. It seemed that once the ale played its effects, the whole camp became a bunch of animals. Sometimes, you found it rather entertaining, as you would have never pegged Ubbe to be a sad drunk, and seeing the strong mountain of muscle whine about how he had always wanted a dog but never got one made you giggle for days. But that was the only exception. Seeing people drunk made you uncomfortable. You would rather spend time at home, cooking, cleaning or doing whatever excuse to not attend the weekly bonfires. You had been over at Helga’s house, helping her with different ointments and tea mixes to prepare stocks to send with your men when they went on raids. Suddenly a messenger appeared, knocking loudly at the open door and letting himself in before even receiving an answer. 
“Queen Aslaug requests your immediate presence. She wishes to speak with you, Y/N. She’s waiting by the bonfire - and we both know the queen doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” 
Your grit your teeth at the underlying threat of his statement. Who was he to boss you around? Helga was furious, ready to talk the man’s ear off, but you placed a soothing hand on her back, mouthing a “thank you”. You had to go. The queen seemed to not have been very happy with you lately, and last time she called upon you, you had feigned sickness to avoid going to the festivity.

“I will get going then.” You took one of your knifes and tucked it safely into the belt of your skirt; if you were going to go to the party you wanted to feel a minimum of comfort seeing as you knew you could protect yourself to some degree.

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anonymous asked:

I've never done this before and I hope this isn't something you've already done. But can you do a fic with Peter getting excited to have another human on board to understand his references? (Guardians consider Tony part of the family even though he's new) is that ok? Did I do that right? Thank youuu

Hey! everything is alright! :) Thank you for sending a prompt!


“So what do you think?” asks Peter when he shows Tony the new weapon. He had found it on the planet after their last mission.

“Ohh it looks nice.” answers Tony and takes the weapon in his owns hands. It’s very light and not really big. Tony takes it a bit apart and looks closer at it.

“And?” asks Peter and hops up and down beside him.

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.” says Tony then and giggles.

Peter gasps.

“Wait a minute! That from back to the future!” Peter says and he sounds so exited.

“Yeah.” smiles Tony then. It’s the first time ever that somebody gets excited over that. Normally people get the needle when he does something like that.

“Oh my god. Nobody understood my references here before, but you can even quote movies!” shrieks Peter and Tony laughs.

“Wait…” says Tony then more serious and takes the weapon again. He turns it around and tries to look incredible focused.

He then takes the weapon against his ear and holds a finger up to Peter.

“E.T. phone home.” he says and Peter cracks up.

“Oh god! Do that again.” Peter says happily and Tony does. This is the most fun he had in days!

“What the heck are you doing?” asks Rocket now, who sits a few steps a way with another new weapon.

“I carried a watermelon.” says Tony at that and shrugs.

Peter squeals with laughter.

“You - what?” asks Rocket and shakes his head. Drax seems even more confused.

“And you wouldn’t share it with us?” he says angrily because he was on earth with Tony before and watermelons are his favorite.

“Oh yes i did.” says Tony and Drax growls.

“I hate you!” he mutters and Tony knows its not true.

Tony stops laughing and looks a Drax.

“I and others have come to a belief, that your heart is not in this. That you don’t have the belly for it.” he says its like Delbert Grady in Shining.

Peter laughs again.

“What the hell, Tony! I love you!” he says and then in the next moment he seems to get what he just said.

Tony gasps.

“Hahah! Raccoon did you hear that! He loves him.” laughs Drax and Tony throws the weapon at him.

This is an incredibly romantic moment, and you’re ruining it for me!” says Tony like Duckie in Pretty in pink.

Peter smiles shyly at him.

“Romantic?” he asks and Tony nods.

“Very romantic.” he whispers before he finally kisses Peter.

Early [Bucky x Reader]

Warnings: idk bucky going to war, crying, drama, shitty writting

A/N: so here’s the long awaited sequel to late- early [so original, ik ik] 

It can be reader as an individual part! It does have a part before this, called Late, which explains some of what has happened, but isn’t necessary to read it!

have fun!


Feeling lonely and being alone were two different things. And since those two were so consistently termed as being the same, you didn’t really know how to explain how lonely you felt in the middle of a crowded room.

You didn’t give yourself much time to remember Bucky. You tried desperately to cover it up, but deeper wounds take longer time to heal.

You had to allow yourself time to let the blood clot, to form the tissue that would still pain you when you touched it, but would protect you from outside threats anyways.

But watching him from the corner of the room, his face trained down on the floor, his hands shoved deeply in his pocket, picked on the scab of the cut like an inexperienced toddler.

His eyebrows were furrowed and even though you couldn’t see his eyes, you knew they were clouded over with thoughts you could never fully decipher.

You knew for a fact that he was leaving the next week for the war, the thought closing over your heart like an icy clamp as you thought of it every time.

People swished around you, their laughs and giggles filling the air as they danced to familiar tunes. A sense of nostalgia drifted though your mind like the fog of a dreary morning, slowly and wistfully as you continued to glance at him occasionally.

“May I have this dance?” He winked subtly at you, a wide grin filling his face as you laughed loudly.

“We’ve been dancing together the whole evening, you ridiculous being.” You giggled, feeling the grip around your waist tighten.

“I was told it was good manners to always ask someone before dancing.” He breathed out, an expression of awe weaving itself at your laugh.

“I think you get the point since we’ve been dancing for close to thirty minutes now, Bucky,” you teased him, eyes crinkling at the corners as he revelled in how utterly gorgeous you could possibly be, even with sweat threatening to drop down your forehead, a tired expression creeping it’s way to your face. But he was Bucky, and he was selfish and if could, he’d dance with you for as long as he could because he just wanted to feel the closeness of you to him.

“So do you want to dance with me, Y/N?” he asked with a small smile gracing his lips.

“I do,” you admitted, laying your forehead against his chest as you breathed in his scent with a content smile.

“Wait for a couple of years and you’ll be saying those words to me at the altar,” he said and you could feel him press a kiss to your head as a promise.

No words exchanged as he already knew your answer by the smile he felt against his chest and subtlest of nods.

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Chemistry or Engineering? (Pietro x Reader) One-shot request

A/N: Hey! Ok so sorry it takes a while to get started but i made it as floofy as i could haha. I used russian as a substitute for sockovian as per usual.Hope you like it! This is my first request sorry if its really bad, i didn’t know how to go with it. But here it tis! (^~^)



Kukla= Doll


Its late. Its 1:00 AM and your shift at Tony’s lab should have ended three hours ago. You could be sleeping in your cozy new bed here at the Stark Tower, that Tony so generously offered when you got interviewed for the job. What he didn’t mention before you took the offer was that the Stark Tower had a pest problem.

The place was crawling with Avengers.

They were constantly walking in to speak with Tony often enough to put you off and distract you from your work. Sometimes in groups making a mess in the lab! In they come all broad shouldered knocking over your things.

So here you were at 1:00 am trying to make a scientific breakthrough that you could have made at 7:00 pm just because the avengers couldn’t keep away from the lab.

You appreciate them saving the world of course, you thought that was awesome.But you appreciate a quiet lab too, something you can’t have if they don’t back off, especially the sockovian guy, the really fast one with silver hair you think his name is Quicksilver. You could count him coming in at least six times a day! Always to ask the most insignificant things, like last time when he asked tony if he should get blue running shoes or dark blue running shoes.

You try not to waste anymore of your time thinking about it so you concentrate on keeping your hands steady as you work on welding the print analyzer of the project you were working on.

You had woken up early that day so your eyelids were getting heavy with sleep. You put down your tools and sighed looking at the table. “Closing my eyes for five minutes won’t hurt anyone.” You said as you leaned your head down and rested it on your arms that were crossed on the table.


When you opened your eyes again you could see someone leaning against the table next to yours. You lifted your head from your arms and as you did you saw who it was.

“Quicksilver?” You asked rubbing the sleep from your eyes. He was just there leaning on the table with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Yes but that is not my real name. My real name is Pietro.” He said standing up and giving a small smile.

“Well then, Pietro…"You looked around and saw you two were alone in the lab.“Were you just watching me sleep?”You asked getting up from your seat and putting your hands in you lab coat pockets trying to hide the fact that you were nervous to be alone with him.

“Yes.Wait! No! I wasn’t! Or at least i didn’t mean to!” Pietro ran his hand down his face that was tinted pink.“Glupyy.” He muttered a word in sockovian that you didn’t understand, his voice rough with his accent. That was the first time you’d heard him speak it and you had to admit it sounded really good.

“How exactly do you watch someone on accident?!” You sassed putting your hands on your hips.

“I was just waiting for Tony, and you were there and i didn’t want to wake you so i-“

“Tony?” You interrupted “Tony won’t be here till morning Speedy.” You were having fun arguing with the cute sockovian and it looked like he was having fun too with his sudden change of face. He had a sly smirk now.

“Look at the time sweetheart, its already morning.” He was getting closer as he talked. “Looks like youuu over slept.” He said booping your nose in the “you”. That caught you off guard and you furiously blushed. “So yes. Tony is on his way here.” He said still getting closer to you the smirk turning into a grin.

“ I-i wasn’t supposed to sleep so long! I had to finish my glove a-and” “Shhh relax kukla.“ He placed a hand on your cheek and his eyes were scanning every inch of your face as if trying to memorize it. “The world isn’t going to end…this time.” He chuckled a little at his own joke. He was close enough that you felt his hot breaths on your face now. While he was cracking dumb jokes you felt close to a heart attack with how your heart was racing. You had bearly talked for the first time and now you were close enough to smell his minty aftershave. You had to say something.

“S-so why are you waiting for Tony? You need advice on a dress that match your ‘dark blue’ shoes??” You chuckled awkwardly, you had no idea what to do in this situation. You area of expertise was the lab not whatever this was.

Pietro’s confidence completely fell at your question. He let his hand fall from your face and looked down at his feet with the rosy color returning to his face. “I-i wasn’t actually getting shoes…”

“Huh? Then why where you here yesterday? You came like twice about the shoes.” Your brows furrowed in confusion.

“Because he really really likes you (Y/N) and he’s been bugging me during my work time just to stare at you since you got here.” Tony’s voice boomed from the lab speakers.

“Tony?!?!” You and Pietro both jolted not expecting the sudden addition to the conversation.

“No, its Jake from Satefarm.” Tony said sarcastically

“Tony what are you doing spying on your own lab?“you asked

“He set us up.” Pietro said with a small smile and the pink that was on his cheeks now a flaming red.

You looked at Pietro with wide eyes and a red tint also forming from ear to ear. “Wait so he’s not kidding?”

Pietro couldn’t answer so he simply nodded.

“Yeah now kiss and get outta my lab. Sheesh” Tony said and left the intercom

“You distracted me from my work! That’s why i was here till morning!” You said trying to calm down your heart.

“Im sorry kukla, let me make it up to you.” Pietro said and leaned in. You were so not ready for that kiss so you braced yourself and said “butijustmetyou!”

Pietro stopped mid way, smiled and nodded. Then he held your head in both hands and kissed your forehead gently.

When you opened your eyes Pietro was staring back at them and said what may be the cheesiest thing you’ve ever heard.

“Are you a scientist? Because i sense some chemistry.” You smiled.

“I’m an engineer Speedy not a chemist.”

Pain Meds

Title: Pain Meds

Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: No amounts of research or books can truly prepare a person for childbirth. 
Rating: Teen (there is some swearing, lol.) 

Notes: This is a oneshot I thought up on the spur of the moment. I have a headcanon where Sakura becomes psycho while in labor, and Sasuke is left not knowing what to do. Forgive me, he may seem OOC at times.



Sakura was absolutely livid, face red and sweaty and breathing heavily.

Sasuke sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. It had been almost 12 hours since he had arrived to the Konoha hospital, unceremoniously carrying a pissed off Sakura in his arms in the early stages of labor.

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anonymous asked:

so i was hugging this guy, and at first it was a normal, but then he started to squeeze harder. do you think he was trying to feel my boobs with his chest? do guys DO THIS? DO YOUUU DO THIS?

maybe he was trying to get closer to your heart? 8-)