the cloning

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I sent this a bit ago, but I don't know if tumblr ate it so I'm gonna ask again. So for andthentherewerenone, the Sith are gone and even the most stubborn in the Senate have learned not to the mess with the Jedi, but well... the Jedi have a galaxy's worth of enemies. There are plenty out there who would PAY to have a Jedi in their clutches either for revenge or because its some kind of turn on for them. And the clones... well they don't like that. Que clones vs. slavers. Clones win. Please?

Feeling a bottle settled to his lips after head had been settled into someones lap, Anakin started sucking instantly and almost moaned in bliss as cold water filled his mouth as he continued sucking as slowly as he could.

“That’s it General, slow and steady.” A familiar voice murmured as a gentle hand passed over his hair.

The voice made Anakin force himself to open his swollen eye as much as he could to stare up at Kix and Tup, the former having been the to lift his head up and the latter being the one with the bottle.

He swallowed and closed his eyes again, the strain being to much as he continued to suck the water down steadily until it was empty and Tup took the empty bottle away.

“Is he aware?” He heard Tup question.

“Somewhat, but if he remembers this is something else. General, can you tell me where you hurt?” Kix questioned.

Rasping a bit, Anakin forced his eyes open again to narrow slits. “Everywhere… fuckin’ slavers.” He slurred out.

“Yes, fucking slavers.” Kix agreed, once again carefully pressing his hand over Anakin’s no doubt greasy and bloody curls. “Captain’s going through the rest of the cells to find General Kenobi and General Billaba with the rest of the men, but he’s going to come back with a stretcher for you.” He smiled gently at him, eyes creased in worry.

Anakin rasped and closed his eyes before weakly lifting his hand to his throat. Tup caught his hand, or Anakin assumed it was Tup at least since Kix was still stroking his hair. “Easy does it General, we already removed it. No collar for any of you unless that’s what you want.” He assured his Jedi.

The other made a soft noise at that before nodding, letting Tup guide his hand back down, the trooper still holding it.

“…Kark his hand Kix…”

“I know, he’ll need bacta anyhow. I think all of them will.” Kix sighed above Anakin. “They did a real mess of his stump too…”

Anakin made a low noise and hoped that Padme would be allowed to visit him in the Halls before he let himself pass out, knowing the troopers would keep him and the others safe.


“What do you mean slavery rings are on the run and the hutts are running scared?” Anakin blinked up at Windu as he was being toweled off by a droid.

“Just what I said, the clones have them on the ropes.” Mace shrugged, glancing back to where Depa and Obi-Wan were still floating in the tanks before looking back at his fellow uniformed council member. “Apparently the slavers have a high price on any Jedi, but double for anyone like you, me, Depa or Obi-Wan. The troopers have not taken kindly to it at all and now they’re…”

“They’re reacting.” Anakin finished for him, face grim. “How bad? How is the Senate taking it?” He added as the droid put a soft tank robe over his shoulders.

The bald Jedi ran a hand over his head. “That’s just the thing, they’ve been… silent about it. I was hoping you’d talk to your wife, see what she says?” He added reluctantly.

Staring at the other for a few moments, Anakin nodded. “Sure.” He sighed a bit before wincing.

Mace watched him before sighing. “How bad off are you? The reports indicated that your hand was… well you were very injured.”

Anakin lifted his hand, wiggling his fingers and grunting a bit. “Well, the nerves are damaged I can tell you but… I can still use it. I fought the longest since… well my history.” He grunted quietly and Mace nodded quietly.

The two looked towards the tanks for long moments. “…You did well Skywalker.” The Korun finally praised and Anakin felt a wry smile cross his face.

Chapter 160 Raws Thoughts

My boy Shigaraki’s growing up. He’s finally looking the part and being a professional villain just like his old dad. Doesn’t even need Kurogiri to babysit him anymore. <sniffs> I’m so proud of him. (Did he do some training before this? I don’t remember him being this athletic the last time he fought. Then again, that was a long time ago) (He’s still wearing sneakers though. Gotta upgrade to boots my boy)

Getting some nice Dabi action, gotta love that.

Still have no idea what Toga and Twice were doing but that’s probably because I can’t read Korean.

The driver was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How did they manage to get their hands on Overhaul without getting noticed by the heroes? Did I somehow miss anything?

Snatch kinda looks like Knuckleduster from Illegals. I almost mistook him for Knuckleduster until I saw the caption and his quirk.

Is it just me or does Mr Marbles look a tad different?

Can Overhaul put his hands back together or can he not do that without his hands? 🤔

Shigaraki pulled a Chronostasis. Ya gotta stop doing that. If you say you’re not gonna kill someone don’t kill them. If you save someone you don’t disable and abandon them. If you do then you’re a liar. (Well, to be fair, they ARE villains)