the clones caring about kira

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Tell me more about why Alison Hendrix is the best character ever. I'm always thrilled to read a 400 page essay about why people love their faves.

Okay so Alison is like the outsider, which is funny because she tries her best to be so aggressively normal in the beginning. She’s got her kids and her husband and then all the sudden she’s dragged into this “surprise you’re a clone and someone is killing off clones” thing. And understandably she flips, goes off the deep end a little and tries even harder to protect what she’s got. She’s untrusting of Sarah because she trusted Beth and now Beth is gone. Alison is fully aware of her shortcomings within clone club. She feels inadequate. She’s constantly reminded that’s she’s not as “badass” as Sarah or a cop or a scientist. So she does what she can. She complains a little because come on who wouldn’t complain about impersonating your clone in front of her family. I would be terrified! But she commits, she gives money, she teaches Sarah to shoot. She cares about Kira and she loves all of her clones. She doesn’t betray them even though she has probably the most to lose. She goes through real life struggles like addiction and betrayal and sure she overreacts but she feels her life spinning out of control and she just so desperately wants to be the one to hold it together. She coaches her kids’ teams, she hosts potlucks, she runs for school board trustee, she houses Helena. People see her as a bitch or stuck up but really she’s just lashing out because all her life her mother has dissed her father and suggested that she wasn’t good enough and now she’s part of something bigger and she feels that she can’t keep up. Alison is insecure, not sure where she fits, and she just wants to make everything perfect. Even when she’s in rehab she’s so desperate for approval and love that she takes over making the name cards and is supposed to give a speech. She may feel inadequate and she might not always say the best thing, but she’s trying so damn hard. She can’t be what her sisters are, but damn it she’s going to try to help them anyway she can. She risked exposure to get Cosima the bot, she risked Donnie to protect Sarah, she risked herself to save her sestras. Alison is just so full of love and so underestimated. They overlook her, everyone does. They see her as the soccer mom or the woman doing community theatre, or stupid suburban Alison, but she TRIES SO HARD TO DO RIGHT BY THE PEOPLE SHE LOVES. She loves her sestras and her husband and kids and Felix. She would do anything for them.