“I love Star Wars because that myth is a wonderful tool to teach children a basic morality. For that reason I think it will continue to maintain its relevance and justify its existence. So to contribute in a tiny way to that cause feels good.” - Sam Witwer


Celebrating Star Wars Day with The Clone Wars.

May the Fourth Be With You.

Hard core to casual fans across the galaxy are finding ways to celebrate this year’s Star Wars Day. I try to do something different every year to celebrate Star Wars Day (the only thing I do every year is spend more money that I should). In years past I’ve watched The Films, baked Star Wars treats, binge listened to RebelForce Radio, and more. But this year I’m devouring Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Thanks to Netflix, I’m watching some of the best episodes remembering just how amazing and important this little-show-that-could was. Other than watching The Films, this has felt  like one of the best celebratory activities I’ve done for Star Wars Day. There are many reasons The Clone Wars are an essential and entertaining entry in the –official– Star Wars Canon. But here are my five top reasons:

5. It was Star Wars… every week!

Up until The Clone Wars, Star Wars on the screen took THREE YEARS to come out. And though the “dark times” (time between the end of the OT in 1983 and the rebirth of the Expanded Universe in 1991) were before my time I can only imagine waiting years for content of any kind to come out. It was sixteen years between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace. But when the Clone Wars began, it was hard to believe we were getting Star Wars… Every Week! Yes, yes there was time in between seasons but it was only months, not years.

4. It’s George Lucas’ Last Entry into the Canon

Though the series had many writers and Dave Filoni at the helm, George Lucas was an integral part of the production from the beginning. Retiring was a long time coming for George and the Clone Wars was the perfect way for him to flesh out the Star Wars myth before passing the baton onto the next generation. From finally explaining the Whills of the Force to giving us an in depth look at youngling training the Clone Wars gave Lucas the platform to get some last few details off his chest before moving on.

3. You see Anakin as a true hero.

The prequels are polarizing to say the least. I firmly stand by them though I do recognize some of their flaws. But whether you loved the prequels or not, you never truly got to see Anakin Skywalker: The Hero. The prequels focused on his young innocence then his downfall. The Clone Wars finally gave us tales of the legendary Jedi hero. It finally gave us “the best star pilot in the galaxy - the cunning warrior - and the good friend.”

2. It Completes the Prequel Trilogy

As mentioned above, the Clone Wars fleshed out Anakin. It not only helped Anakin’s character but the hole prequel story as a whole. It gives more context to Anakin’s fall, the actual war that is the Clone War, the arrogance of the Jedi Order, Sidious’ evil plot, the clones, the politics, and more. The show was great at giving more necessary plot and character development to the Prequel movies. George probably didn’t realize how big of a story it would need to be when he started the prequels. By the end, three movies were not enough to tell that story and luckily we got The Clone Wars to fill in the gaps.

1. Ahsoka Tano

We’ve all heard it: “I was very skeptical of Ahsoka’s character… Now? I love her.” Most fans’ Clone Wars reminiscing begin with this sentiment. She was a 14-year-old calling the chosen one “sky-guy.” Of course we were skeptical. And of course we were wrong. Ahsoka gave more reason for Anakin’s distrust in the Jedi Order and eventual turn. But Ahsoka became so much more than a plot device to propel Anakin’s journey, she became a great character in her own right. We were her experiencing the Jedi order with her. Like us, she knew what the Jedi were supposed to be and represent. And like us, she eventually saw what it truly was. Not to mention the needed addition of a well developed female jedi, the addition of Ashley Eckstein to the Star Wars family, and as much character growth as Luke in the OT.

Thank the maker… Ahsoka Lives.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, watch the video that was made for the series’ 100th episode. It captures everything that was great about the series.