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The Cloisters - 99 Margaret Corbin Dr, NY 10040

While first-time visitors to New York are encouraged to visit the city’s flagship museums – The Met, MoMA, The Guggenhein… the real fun to be had is in the city’s lesser-known homes of art and artefacts.
Falling under the same ownership as The Met, The Cloisters may be bit of a hike to get to (you’ll have to take the subway to the northernmost part of the city, past Harlem) but the expedition is worth it. In a quiet, suburban neighbourhood that feels borderline rural compared to the claustrophobia of midtown, The Cloisters is a castle-like structure devoted to the art and architecture of Medieval Europe. Comprised of five cloisters imported from France, the museum offers an immersive experience back in time, with monastery-style gardens, a room that recreates a 12th-century chapel and awe-inspiring collection of Medieval tapestries, objects and works of art.

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Worries [Germany - present-day France, Strasbourg, 1280-1300]

Although the head certainly belonged to a column figure, it is unknown whether it was part of the sculptural program of Strasbourg Cathedral or of another church in that city.

© Marie V Vollmer aka Lulette  ||  The Cloisters, Fort Tryon, Manhattan, New York City, 23 février 2011


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Kyoogokoku-ji Temple. The Twelve Devas. Gatten (Sun Deva), Nitten (Sun Deva), Fûten (Wind Deva), Suiten (Water Deva), Rasetsuten, Enmaten, Katen (Fire Deva), Taishakuten, Ishanaten, Bishamonten (top to bottom). 1127. 

The Twelve Devas are the gods of the twelve directions in Esoteric Buddhism, including the four quarters and four semi-quarters, up and down, and the sun and moon, and are the guardians of Esoteric Buddhist monasteries. These scrolls were formerly owned by Kyoogokoku-ji (To-ji) Temple and, along with the images of the Five Vidya-Rajas (Godaisonzo), were used in the annual, Mishio New Year’s ceremony of esoteric prayers, held at Shingon-in in the Imperial Palace. 

So this is why I ended up getting feels over a plant while at the Cloisters museum.

“I’ll spread this out, and you rest. We can probably risk a small fire, and you can heat up that potion of yours to help your cough. I’ve got some meat here and a few vegetables Garic threw together for me.” Caramon prattled on, not even realizing what he was saying. “I’ll fix up a stew. It’ll be just like the old days.

"By the gods!” He paused a moment, grinning. “Even though we never knew where our next steel piece was coming from, we still ate well in those days! Do you remember? There was a spice you had. You’d toss it in the pot. What was it?” He gazed off into the distance, as though he could part the mists of time with his eyes. “Do you remember the one I’m talking about? You use it in your spellcasting. But it made damn good stews, too! the name…it was like ours–marjere, marjorie? Hah!” –Caramon laughed– “I’ll never forget the time that old master of yours caught us cooking with his spell components! I thought he’d turn himself inside out.!”

Sighing, Caramon went back to work, tugging at the knots. “You know, Raist,” he said softly, after a moment, “I’ve eaten wondrous foods in wondrous places since then–palaces and elf woods and all. But nothing could quite match that. I’d like to try it again, to see if it was like I remember it. It’d be like old times–”

There was a soft rustle of cloth. Caramon stopped, aware that his brother had turned his black hooded head and was regarding him intently. Swallowing, Caramon kept his eyes fixedly on the knots he was trying to untie. He hadn’t meant to make himself vulnerable and now he waited grimly for Raistlin’s rebuke, the sarcastic gibe.

There was another soft rustle of cloth, and then Caramon felt something soft pressed into his hand–a tiny bag.

“Marjoram,” Raistlin said in a soft whisper. “The name of the spice is marjoram…”

Dick Grayson, a writer?

I have a rule: there is no such thing as a coincidence in comics.

If it happens once it’s neat, if it happens twice it’s definitely something, and if it happens twice in the same series, it’s time to talk about it.

In Nightwing Vol 2 Issue #4 Dick Grayson gets a job at “Hogan’s Ally”, a cop bar, to gather information about Blüdhaven cops. When the owner, Hogan, asks why Dick wants to work at a cop bar Dick says he’s an aspiring writer looking for stories 

In Nightwing Vol 2 Issue #140 Dick is researching New York history and the Cloister museum. When Deborah, the librarian and his future girlfriend, asks why he’s doing the research he says he’s writing a book about New York and the American Revolution.

While this could be Tomasi referencing Dixon’s early work on the series, Dick being a writer or having the ability to be a writer is a very viable possibility  

Bruce taught Dick on almost all aspects of crime fighting, including writing mission reports. In “Batman: The Widening Gyre” by Kevin Smith it’s revealed that Bruce keeps detailed accounts of all his missions for the sake of his loved ones.

Silver St.Cloud, Bruce’s fiance at the time, spends her free time reading over the case reports while Bruce is fighting crime. According to her  “[Bruce has] got a voice that’s engaging and sharp, and you keep things moving, but you never skimp on the details. ”

It’s reasonable to believe that when Bruce was teaching Dick one of the things he taught him was how to write passages like these.

Dick definitely has the skills needed to be a writer, whether or not he’s ever displayed the habit of writing in cannon I’m not sure, I couldn’t find any examples. But his Earth 2 counterpart was a journalist after the Flashpoint, along with a story from “The Tales of the Batman” portraying him as a journalist for the school newspaper. Journalism requires the ability to write clearly and coherently, same as fiction writing. So Dick clearly possesses the skills in any universe and he’s definitely capable of being an author and I think it’s something that he may having given consideration to. Why else would it be the first thing that popped into his head, twice?