the clock that you carried with you from place to place to place until you finally found a home

Not so hypothetically, but actually, a date

aka, what could have happened if Chase’s minions had been so kind as to hold off on their kidnapping spree an extra 24 hours

for my friends on twitter who told me I should write this and know I can’t say no to them :) 

psa: this is unbeta-ed and it’s past my bedtime, so read at your own risk of grammatical errors lol

Felicity opened her refrigerator in search of the leftover takeout she could’ve sworn was still in there somewhere. To her dismay, all she was greeted with was mostly empty shelves. She was not a big grocery shopping person to begin with, and with everything they had been dealing with over the past couple of weeks, she couldn’t remember the last time she pushed a cart through those fluorescent lit aisles.

“How did Oliver manage to be the Green Arrow and keep our refrigerator stocked,” she muttered to herself as she checked a container of yogurt to discover it had expired months ago.

Her eyes caught the box from Oliver’s party the night before and she slid it out, remembering that there had been a few leftover slices of cake. They were on summer break after all, so cake was an acceptable dinner… right?

She was debating eating it straight from the box versus preserving some of her dignity and getting a plate when she remembered that she didn’t have to spend her evening sitting at her counter eating cake alone.

Setting the box down and reaching for her phone, she hit her first number on speed dial and waited while it rang. Which wasn’t a long wait since he picked up before the first ring had finished.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… Am I only allowed to call when I’m in danger?” she teased.

There was a pause. “Well, no I just—“

“Do you want to come over tonight?” She needed to get the words out before he gave her enough time to talk herself out of it. She could practically see his eyebrow rise in that way it did when she said something that could have multiple interpretations and she hastily added, “There’s just leftover birthday cake and I was about to eat it but I realized that you should probably get dibs on it since it was for your birthday.” And also, I just really want to see you. “I promise this isn’t a ruse. But if you’re busy I understand and—”

“No,” he interrupted her. “No I’m not busy. I’m just finishing up at City Hall and then I can be right over.”

The corners of her mouth flicked up in a small smile at the eagerness he was trying so hard and yet failing to hide in his voice.

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BTS Reacts: Your Accident On Stage

Request: Hey! Can I request a bts reaction to their girlfriend in a girl group performing onstage but tripping on a wire and hurting her ankle? Your blog is so nice to read through!

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Seokjin (Jin)

Seokjin wiped the palms of his clammy hands on his pressed dress pants. It was your first award show performance since debut and he knew you would be terribly nervous; he could practically feel your screaming nerves radiating from his designated seat in the audience. Seokjin could picture you backstage, head-mic slightly askew, your hands gently swinging by your side, nowhere to throw your nervous energy. A fond smile appeared at the corner of his plump lips.

Seokjin watched idly as the staff set up your group’s stage, half listening to the other member’s banter.

“She’ll do great,” Namjoon encouraged. Seokjin quickly looked over to Namjoon, a reassuring, dimpled smile letting him release the breath he was holding. Seokjin pressed his lips together and nodded slightly. The lights suddenly dimmed, and he hoped Namjoon couldn’t hear his heart hammering in his chest.

He watched as your group made their way across the stage and into their positions. Spotting you easily, pride blossomed in his chest and flourished up through his throat, the sudden urge to yell words of encouragement almost too difficult to push down.

You eyed the audience until your wide eyes found the striking blond of his hair, a small, barely noticeable smile at the edges of your lips, and you gave a short wave. It took everything in Seokjin not to return the small gesture.

Your performance started off without a hitch, hitting your notes while battling your nerves. You found the camera easily, showing off when it was your turn to shine. Seokjin sang along easily, letting out an embarrassed laugh when he turned slightly to see his head bobbing to the beat on one of the large screens from just a few seconds before.

All it took was a quick look away. A collective gasp from the audience had his head snapping to attention, eyes immidiately following your outline curled up on the stage floor, desperately holding onto your ankle. Your face contorted in pain and every atom in Seokjin’s body screamed for him to go to you, to carry you to a safe place and whisper words of comfort, to wipe away your tears.

He traced every move they made, multiple staff struggling to carry you off stage, your four other members crowding around you to help any way they could. Namjoon placed an arm around the back of Seokjin’s seat, a large hand coming to block his oncoming words from view.

“I know you want to go to her hyung, but you can’t. It’ll look way too suspicious.” He looked to him with apologetic eyes and squeezed his knee with a note of finality. A forced smile made it’s way to Seokjin’s features and nodded, not sure he trusted his voice enough to keep up appearances. He puffed out his cheeks and blew out air, if not for just something to do, to distract himself from thoughts about you. How much pain were you in? Did you wish he was there beside you to soothe away the disappointment that would inevitably come?

He ran a hand through his carefully styled locks and exhaled deeply. “I know,” he murmured, a careful expression set on his face as he watched the staff set up for the next set.

Yoongi (Suga)

Yoongi ran a hand through his sweat-stained hair, exhaling deeply. The new choreography wasn’t making sense no matter how many times they repeated it and he could already feel the ache of his muscles. He would have to work overtime with Hoseok to get this choreo to stick. Yoongi rolled his shoulders back and gently tossed his head from side to side, stretching the strained muscles.

Hoseok passed him a water bottle and downed half, glancing at the clock on the practice room wall and idly wondering what you were up to. He smiled shyly at the image of you that popped into his mind, your hand tucking your hair behind your ears and smiling at the ground.

“Mm, just a second,” Yoongi held up a hand to Hoseok who was closing his own water bottle and made his way over to his bag where he was keeping his phone.  He chuckled softly at the blinking light of new messages waiting for him, knowing you had probably sent encouraging texts like you always did when he was working on a new track or learning new choreography.

Clicking the home button, Yoongi’s brow furrowed when he was greeted with multiple missed calls and texts, all from your group members and even one from his manager. His heartbeat sped up as if he was still practicing as he skimmed through the phone calls and texts. He clicked on the most recent one, a text from your group leader, Hyerin:

Hey, Yoongi. This is Hyerin. (Y/N) had an accident and tripped over a wire during concert practice. She fell through one of the floor lifts and hurt her ankle and leg really bad. She keeps saying she’s fine, that you don’t need to worry. But I thought you should know. Call our manager’s cell when you can to check on her. I attached the number just in case you don’t have it.

Yoongi stood rooted to the floor, his back facing Hoseok and the rest of the practice room. He felt a hand on his shoulder and heard Hoseok mumble something that sounded like “Are you okay”, though the words were too far away for them to be from the man standing right beside him. Yoongi read the text over and over until he had every line memorized. How had this happened? Usually you were so careful; they had to be exaggerating. You were fine, and the girls were just naturally overly worried. Yoongi’s thoughts ran wild, the adrenaline running through his veins.

“I have to go,” he muttered. Yoongi quickly grabbed his things and shoved them back into his bag. He spoke quickly, not wanting to waste more time here than he already had. “I’ll be back late, tell Bang PD I’m headed out.” And with Hoseok staring at him, eyes full of concern, Yoongi rushed out the door.

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

Hoseok’s chest heaved, the adrenaline and sweat of performing still coursing through his veins. The crowds’ cheers still rang in his ears as he made his way into their changing room. He placed his in-ears on one of the makeup counters and took a seat on one of the couches in front of the monitor. Hoseok quickly pulled out his phone and pulled up his most recent texts, all from you sending love and words of encouragement just before their stage. This was the first time that you had been promoting at the same time but he wasn’t going to let it dishearten the tradition you two had set.

Hoseok quickly typed out cheers, most in the form of emoji’s, setting a bet of if either of them won, the winner would have to cook dinner for the other later on in the week. He hit send, pocketing his phone and gazed up at the screen, catching the tail-end of Bangtan’s performance.

Hoseok glanced over his shoulder, grinning when Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon came over to watch the performances, squeezing onto the couch, Jungkook coming to lay across Yoongi and Hoseok’s lap.

Easy conversation filled the room, from Taehyung and Seokin’s impromptu dance battle to Namjoon trying to decipher the deeper meaning of a song a girl group on the monitor was performing. Hoseok watched as three staff members ran past the open door, but dismissed it, thinking nothing of it.

Hyung, shouldn’t (Y/N)’s group have performed by now?” Jungkook questioned, looking up from his spot still sprawled across his lap. The question had been biting in Hoseok’s mind, but he wouldn’t voice it to the other members. His lips pulled a deep set frown, eyes searching the monitor. In the corner of the left screen was a list of all the performances. He quickly scanned the list, worry clawing it’s way through his being when his eyes landed on the words next to your group’s name: Cancelled.

“Come on, guys. It’s time for the awards,” one of their manager’s came in through the open door, clapping his hands to get their attention. Jungkook rolled off of Hoseok’s lap and onto the floor, his breath escaping him in a loud grunt. But Hoseok remained seated, brows furrowed, mind racing with thoughts of you and what was happening. He felt the burning prickle of eyes on him and looked up to where his manager was standing by the door. He jerked his head in the direction of the hall, and Hoseok immediately stood, following him out into the empty hallway.

“There was an accident,” his manager started. Hoseok could feel the color drain from his face. “Some wires weren’t properly taped down and (Y/N) tripped over them. She sprained her ankle and had to be taken to the hospital for proper care.”

“Why wasn’t I told earlier?” Hoseok’s voice was deathly quiet, a harsh contrast to the rage that was boiling inside of him.

His manager sighed. “Hobi, you know you couldn’t have gone with her. That’s way too obvious.” Hoseok knew the consequences if his relationship became public, but it all seemed so small when it came to something like this.

“I need you to go get ready for the awards. And when youre out there, I need you to hold it together.” His manager patted him on the back and made his way back into the room, ushering the boys to go through makeup touch-ups quickly.

Hoseok went through makeup and wardrobe in a daze. His thoughts were only filled with you. He knew you would blame yourself for the performance being cancelled. He knew the furrow in your brow and the slight purse of your lips in disappointment when they told you, you wouldn’t be able to dance for at least 2 weeks. He knew you would push yourself to get back on your feet and reschedule the comeback.

“It’s my job as a leader.”

He could picture your determined set features easily, imagine the ups and downs of your voice, having heard this statements so many times before. A small, sad smile settled on his lips at the thought of you pushing yourself so much. He sighed, releasing all of his negative thoughts with the rush of air. He would help you recover, even if it meant forcing you to stay in bed all day. A genuine smile filled his lips, the image of your group members making you food and arguing with you that it wasn’t acceptable rest to dance on one foot filling his mind. Hoseok relaxed his shoulders, willing the stress of today away.

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

The bitter cold nipped at Namjoon’s bare hands and cheeks as he stood, arms crossed on the side lines, waiting for your solo stage. He licked his dry, cracking lips and checked his watch for the third time. As if on cue, the intro music filled his ears, the soft, delightful sound of your humming making tiny mountains of goosebumps raise against his skin.

A tender smile settled across Namjoon’s face. It was just the intro and he was already smiling like the love-stricken fool he was. He placed his hand in one of his thick coat pockets and idly traced the outline of the velvet box there. He felt the nerves creep up from his chest spreading like wildfire through his limbs.

Namjoon watched with adoration as you graced the stage with your prescense, mic in hand, waving lovingly at the crowd. You glided across the stage, the train of your long, deep scarlet gown trailing behind you, heavy winter coat desperately trying to keep you warm. You easily found Namjoon towards the back left side of the crowd and shot him a knowing smile. Your eyes quickly flitted to the rest of the crowd, and a cocky smirk pushed it’s way to his features. You may flirt with the crowd but he knew you were completely and utterly his.

Your first couple of stages went off without a hitch, having performed your newest single that was quickly gaining popularity. You hit all the notes you had expressed concern about to Namjoon and was even so worried as to seek help from Jungkook. You easily riled up the crowd, though it may have just been you performing, your presence filled the entire stage so naturally.

During a quick five minute backdrop change and water break, you were simply chatting with the audience, telling a story about your parents you had revealed to Namjoon when you were just getting to know each other. He knew you told the story when you were particularly nervous, the memories of you and your parents holding hands and walking around the cherry blossom festival soothing your excited nerves.

Namjoon’s eyes shifted from your form to one of the staff members setting a camera cord down towards the front of the stage, without taping it down or having any regard for where you might walk. His eyes strained to make out the line of the cord, it’s placement. A slight nervous sweat broke out across his forehead and he rolled his shoulders back to soothe his worries. The staff was smarter than that. They wouldn’t put you in danger, no matter how small it was, he thought.

Namjoon’s worries only began to grow as your next song started playing, a hyped up pop song he had helped you and your producer in creating. It was one of your favorites, as you usually would just lose yourself in the song and the crowd would always sing along with you.

As the bridge approached, your favorite part because of the high note you were to hit, you walked up to the stage to fully interact with the audience. It felt like Namjoon had been thrown in ice water, watching you walk just past the cord, your heel barely touching it.

It was almost as if time had slowed and sped up at the same time, your singing barely registering in his ears as you swiftly turned on your heel too fast and tried making your way quickly back to the center of the stage, only for your foot to be caught up in the cord. Namjoon watched in horror as you crashed to the stage floor, hands desperately trying to catch yourself. Your mic rolled off stage with an echoed thud as stunned silence filled the outdoor venue.

Two staff members came rushing out to help you stand as you tried laughing off the embarrassment. You winced as you tried standing on your own, taking a tentative step back only for your ankle to give out under your weight, sending you clattering back down to the stage floor.

You looked out towards the crowd, panic filling your vision, eyes finnaly landing on Namjoon. Anger exploded in his chest, bitter rage furrowing his brows as he made his way along the side lines, carefully covering his face from the crowd with the hood of his coat. Someone would be losing their job tonight, he thought bitterly, as he made his way backstage, flashing his backstage pass at the door. That’s for sure.

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Taehyung (V)

Taehyung’ chest heaved from the performance Bangtan had just finished as they made their way down the hall to the viewing room where they would view their performance and give their thoughts.

“V-ssi!”An unfamiliar voice rang through the long hallway. Taehyung turned around and stepped aside, letting all the boys pass as he waited for the man shouting his stage name.

As the man approached, he eyed the press badge hanging from his neck and sighed impatiently. “I’m sorry,” the deep timber of Taehyung’s voice echoed in the hall too loudly for his liking. “But I do not have time for a personal interview. If you would like one, please see my manager.” And without waiting for his response, Taehyung turned on his heel, and made for the room with the rest of his members. His eyes rested on Namjoon, who was already making his way to Taehyung, hands resting in his pockets.

“It wouldn’t be because of (Y/N)’s accident, would it, V-ssi?” the man called out no more than 10 steps away from Taehyung, but the words echoed noisily in his mind. Taehyung remembered the call he had gotten from your best friend that you had managed to fall off stage from a loose wire while performing with your group at the Gocheok Sky Dome during the last leg of your concert. The six foot fall had broken your ankle in 3 places, and had put your wrist in a sling. Taehyung knew you were clumsy but the carelessness of the staff had put him in an agitated mood, finding every available second to be with you at the hospital.

Taehyung snorted at the man’s words and turned abruptly, venom poised in his throat to kill, but a large hand landed on his shoulder, as Namjoon made his way past, easily carrying himself towards the man. Said press took one look at Namjoon and took an uneasy step back, his eyes darting between the two men.

Taehyung was unable to hear their hushed conversation over his thudding heartbeat, anger still coursing through his veins. He was sure whatever quiet but deadly threat Namjoon was uttering to the man would have him skittering away, tail tucked between his legs.

In the viewing room, Taehyung stood behind the couch, as off screen as he would be able to without looking too reluctant to participate. He just wasn’t in the mood to record, but would push it down for his fans.

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A/N: (Y/G/N) = Your Group Name

Jimin bounced quietly on the balls of his feet, nerves on fire with anticipation. Normally he was comfortable performing on music shows, but this comeback was special. It was the first time he had a huge helping hand with the production and choreography of the song, and he wanted everything to be perfect. And it fell perfectly in time with your group comeback. Though your interactions were kept very limited, you still managed some time together, even if it was only five precious minutes.

Jimin couldn’t help but chuckle lowly and bite his lip at how shy you had been with him earlier. Your group was coming back with a sexy concept, something you were far from used to, and the outfit was more suggestive than you would like. He smiled at how you squirmed under his gaze, biting your lip and nervously tucking your styled hair behind your ear. Jimin took off his leather jacket, and gently placed it around your bare shoulders, an adoring smile aimed at you when heat flushed up your neck and to your face, pulling the jacket around you closer, his heady cologne soothing your screaming nerves.

Taehyung and Jungguk came up behind, laughing at something that had been said just out of earshot and Jungguk placed a hand on Jimin’s waist, tugging him close. Jimin smiled at the action, and glanced back at the two boys, mischief filling their eyes. Jimin snorted and rolled his eyes, looking back to the stage where staff was setting up your group’s comeback stage.

“I heard (Y/N)’s group is doing a sexy concept,” Taehyung grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at Jimin. Jungguk giggled and scrunched his nose at Taehyung.

“Shut up, Tae,” Jimin smiled, lightly punching him in the stomach. Taehyung doubled over in exaggerated pain, holding onto Jungguk’s forearm for support.

“(Y/G/N) on in 60 seconds,” a staff member called over the intercom and Jimin smiled as he heard screams and cheers from the audience. Pride flowed through his chest and he couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his plump lips.

“Come on, lover boy. We should move before someone sees you,” Jungguk joked, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the small, dark hallway where the rest of the members were waiting.

Jimin pulled away, a shy smile spreading across his face. “It’s okay, I’ll just watch from here. I can’t be seen, I’m sure.”

Jungguk pursed his lips and shrugged, turning to meet with the rest of the members. Jimin turned around just in time to see your group take their places on the stools that was part of your routine. As the lights dimmed, the crowed erupted in cheers and whistles. He found you easily, hair almost as bright as his, long and flowing to your mid back, well past the crop top that showed your toned stomach from long nights in the practice room, a shy smile gracing your brightly colored lips.

Jimin found himself entranced, only able to follow your form along the stage, surprised when he realized your song was almost over. “Jimin-ah, come on. Bangtan’s up next,” a stylist called. Jimin sighed and took one last look at your form on stage, confindently striding towards a stool.

Jimin turned to walk away, but the sound of the crowd’s gasps caught his attention. His attention snapped to the stage, immediately finding your form on the ground behind the stool your were heading towards just only seconds before. His brow knitted in confusion, wondering how you had tripped when his eyes caught sight of the loose cord laying across the stage, near where your stool had been.

It took every careful ounce of self control Jimin had learned over the years to not rush out to you onstage and take you into his safe arms. His fists tightened at the sight of you holding your ankle, the immediate swelling noticeable even from where Jimin was.

“Come on.” Jimin felt Namjoon’s firm grip on his arm, gently pulling him away, the last thing Jimin was able to see was your members carrying you off stage in the opposite direction he was. Jimin turned to Namjoon, his pleading eyes searching Namjoon’s careful one. “I know everything in you is screaming to go to her, Jimin-ah. But it would be too suspicious if you’re not on stage with us.”

Jimin looked down at the ground, searching for the restraint he would need to not just abandon the performance and go to you. He knew this performance would be a big one for the group, and exhaled, the only comfort in knowing that you were in good hands with your members and staff.

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Jungguk (Jungkook)

Jungguk bounced excitedly, barely able to keep still with the nervous energy in the air. He adjusted his black face mask and pulled his gray hoodie over his head as people started cramming their way to the front of the stage. Jungguk was never one for crowds, especially in such a small club as this, but you had begged him to one of your performances. And with a small break in his schedule, he was finally able to oblige.

The lights dimmed, signaling the beginning of the show and a giddy smiled brightened his face. The announcer moved from behind the curtains, and settled himself in the middle of the stage. He began riling up the crowd, announcing who was performing with flourish, and what the top prizes would be. The crowd roared and whistled when your name was called and Jungguk’s eyes widened in surprised at how much you were loved. Sure, you had told him how much you loved performing and couldn’t count how many times you had done it now, but he wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction.

Jungguk bit his lip and smiled in anticipation at seeing you on stage, basking in the roar of the audience. He understood the feeling well. It was almost like a drug how addicting it was, to have people screaming your name, to take pride in your work and be returned with such unadulterated love.

Other contestants performed, some doing well, others being outright booed off stage, their nerves getting the best of them. As the next to last person ran off stage, a teenage boy who attempted a rap by Agust D and had been screamed at to get off stage, the announcer happily called out your name into the mic, the crowd once again gaining volume, whistles and cheers erupting from all over.

You peeked your head out from behind the curtain, the crowd screaming louder, if possible, and you smiled and winked towards the audience. You easily walked over to the mic, adjusting the stand to your height, and looked up to the dj, sporting an “ok” hand sign.

The melody began, your usual hip hop base traded for a slower guitar tune that Jungguk recognized as Taeyeon’s “Fine” that had recently been released. His eyebrows raised in surprise; the only time he heard you sing was in the shower as he would always hum along. Jungguk smiled easily as you confidently sang the verse and build, eyeing the crowd for their reaction.

Jungguk beamed with pride as you belted out the chorus with practiced precision, the crowd cheering and clapping in response to your beautiful voice. Jungguk pulled his facemask to rest just under his chin and joined the crowed in cheering, whistling as loud as he could. You locked eyes with him, and smiled warmly, winking at him.

Coming to the end of the chorus, the performance was cut short by an opened water bottle that was flung up towards the stage, water flying all over the stage, narrowly missing your face. Your immediate reaction was to flinch away from the unexdpected intrusion of your personal space, causing you to stumble backwards, foot becoming caught up in the cord of the mic and slipping in a small puddle of water, sending you tumbling down to the stage, ankle landing in an almost unnatural way.

Rage boiled within Jungguk’s chest, heady and hot, threatening to shatter the thin façade he was maintaining. Namjoon had warned him before he left to stay low, to not make himself known. But one look at you on stage as you winced at the pain shooting up from your ankle to your knee, causing unexpected to tears to spring from your eyes had him roughly pulling up his mask and hood, pushing through the crowd to make his way backstage.

You tenderly grabbed at your now swelling ankle, and looked out towards the direction the water bottle came from. Jungguk followed your gaze to the teenage boy who had been booed off stage just before you, being carried off by two bouncers.

Jungguk swore under his breath, taking off after them. barely catching up with the bouncers before they threw the boy out the door. He pulled on the boys hood roughly, stealing him from the grasps of the bouncers. The teengager quickly spun around, caught off guard by the unexpected force, and Jungguk hastily landed one good punch in the side of his cheek before the bouncers flung him out the now open door.

The two bouncers eyed Jungguk, recognition filling them, as his hood had fallen down and mask halfway down his chin. They glanced at each other, unspoken words passing between them. Jungguk’s chest heaved fro exertion, hair askew.

“Don’t let it happen again, Jungguk-ssi,” one of the bouncer’s deep voice sounded too loud in the small hallway. Jungguk replaced his hood over his head and fixed his mask, bowing slightly to the bouncers, a barely heard “Thanks,” leaving his lips before he turned on his heel, and down towards the backstage door where he was sure you would be.

I Remember You

Part Two - Final

Summary: You run into someone you knew before the apocalypse and that someone happens to be, Negan.

Pairing: Negan x Reader, Negan x You

Word Count: 6,108 Words

Type: Multi-part series, 2/2

Warnings: Swearing, awful flirting, large age gap (legal age gap, y’all), drinking, smutty smut smut, general Negan stuff.

Rating: NSFW

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After Simon escorted you away you were handed off to another guy named, Chris. He was handsome to say the least, his curly brunette locks tied messily in a ponytail behind his head. Strands of his wavy hair fell around his 5 o’clock shadow. He was thinly built with russet, reddish-brown skin that perfectly accompanied his hazel-green eyes.

You’d asked if you could be untied, but didn’t receive an answer. Chris wasn’t very fond of talking as you had discovered while trying to make pleasant conversation only to be brutally shut down by the booming silence. He had shown you to a room, that looked to be that of a bedroom. It was small but could probably fit two beds if needed.

As he had pushed your body to sit on the bed, you turned to him. Your chests where basically touching each other as he looked down at you with questioning eyes.

“I’m not sitting down unless you ask me, with your words.” You sarcastically say with a smile.

He opens his mouth slightly like he’s ready to say something, that is until the door to the room rudely opens. You both turn your heads to look at the intruder only to see the leather cladded bad guy, Negan. The position you were in was slightly compromising, your bodies closely touching and faces only inches from each other.

Negan frowns, “Chris, if you even try a goddamn thing on her I’ll rip your tongue out.” He hisses.

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Unknown King

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU (sort of)

Summary: We’re readying GG right now in my American lit. class and let me tell yOU, this book is so beautifully written that I  could cry. It does not take place in the Roaring Twenties because I just didn’t want it to be that way. If you want to be added to the tag list tell me (THiS is A SERIES)

Word count: 1.2k+


Before you left home, your mother made sure that you knew the procedure when meeting someone new. “Be nice and never left them know you hate them if you do,” She had said. “But more importantly, try to fit in.” You had moved to New York, still living in a dream. You got a job as a journalist and hoped to become an author one day. Though you hadn’t even begun writing your book, you decided a new location would inspire you.

So you left your small town home to the Big Apple. You had enough money to get you through five months of necessities and hoped your journalist job at The Report would do you justice. You really didn’t know that your home was in the middle of one of the most wealthy parts of town. It was the cheapest home up for sale and now you knew why. There were photos but those must’ve been taken years ago. The paint job looked sloppy and it looked like your home would fall apart any second. The garden did, however, make up for it.

Your gaze moved to your neighbor’s home. Though it didn’t look like a home, more like a palace. It was grand and made your abode look like a shack where they kept the gardening tools. If people passed by, they would possibly gawk at the castle instead of your eyesore. You rolled up your sleeves and began to unpack. Not a moment to lose, this was gonna be a long day ahead of you.

“Hey, Rookie,” A girl sauntered towards your way and leaned against your desk. “How’s the day treating ya?”

You shrugged, “Better than I expected, to be honest. This is my first time in a big city. I’m glad I didn’t get lost.”

She shrugged, her blonde fringe sweeping to the side, “You’ll get used to it. In about a week, you’ll know how the ropes work. What about your neighborhood? Not all these streets are rainbows and lollipops.”

“Actually, I only have one neighbor. The next house is about a half a mile down the road.”

“Wait, you don’t mean,” She paused. “You bought that house next to Barnes’ place didn’t you?”

“Barnes?” You asked.

“He has a really big house, almost looks like a castle,” She quickly explained.

“Yeah,” You replied. “Huh, I didn’t think anyone lived there. No one ever comes out.”

“Trust me, hun, you’ll regret ever choosing to live there by the end of the week.” She smirked.

“Why is that?” You asked.

“Oh, you’ll know,” She smiled and began walking away. “The name’s Emma by the way.”

“Y/N,” You called back, but she was already rounding the corner.

When you got home, you stopped under the large willow tree that cast its shadow across your cottage. Your gaze moved to the mansion that loomed over you. It looked empty, dark. Still like the night, with no signs of life. The movement of a curtain made your eyes snap to the window the faced you. If someone was watching you, they were gone by now.

You heard some rumors about your neighbor. Though you only knew his last name and you weren’t entirely sure the gossip was true. The things they said were just bizarre. It seems like no one truly knows him. He’s seen as this grand person that captivates people’s attention, yet no one knows who he is. He’s a ghost.

I heard that he’s associated with a mafia. Which is why he’s so wealthy.” A girl by the name of Maria had told you during your lunch break. She leaned on her hand in a very relaxed kind of way.

“Mumbo, jumbo,” Eric spun around, stirring his coffee with a spoon. “He surely won the lottery.”

“As if! Robin told me that he killed his family in order to get the insurance money. Which is why now he’s mafia. Makes sense,” Maria shot back.

“Is this all true?” You had asked, completely bewildered by their statements.

“I do believe he’s in a mafia. He scares me,” Maria shuddered.

“You’ve never even met the man,” Eric continued.

Maria shrugged, “I heard what I heard and that’s final.”

And just like that, the topic of Barnes was finished by those single words. Leaving you as confused as ever.

You walked into your home, lighting up the place with a few bulbs that you had to buy. The music of crickets danced through the cool night air. Your eyes were weary with sleep and you soon found yourself collapsing onto your mattress, falling into a deep sleep.

Friday morning, you walked out onto your porch. You carried your only house plant and didn’t want it to die so you were striving to keep it alive and well. The noise coming from your neighbor’s house made you raise an eyebrow and tilt your head in that direction. Dozens of servants were going in and out of the home. Carrying plates of food, various bottles of alcoholic beverages, ice sculptures and other countless things that only seemed fit at a royal ball. Gardeners trimmed the hedges and cut the grass, tended to the luscious garden with the grand fountain in the middle of it.

You found yourself gawking at all the work they were getting done. The sound of the pot steaming made you rush inside to shut off the stove. The water was had nearly evaporated. You frowned and filled the pot with water before putting it on the stove once again. A knock at your door made your head perk up. You haven’t had visitors since you moved here. You went towards your door and was met with one of your neighbor’s servants. He wore a dark blue suit. His head held high with a letter cradled in his hands.

You opened the door, “Hello, can I help you with something?”

“Mr. Barnes would like to invite you to his party, later on, today,” He handed you the letter. Without another word, he turned on his heel and left you on your porch. Completely bewildered.

You tore the letter open. The fine, black ink stood out on the creme colored stationary. It read:

I would be honored to have you over as my guest at my small party in the evening. I understand that you’re my new neighbor and would like to welcome you with open arms. The party begins after eight o’ clock.

Signed, Barnes

You weren’t one for parties, so instead you shrugged your shoulders and set aside the letter. Not giving it a second thought for the rest of the day.

That night, after eight o’ clock, cars and limousines flooded the driveway if Barnes’ palace. Men and women drove from all across the city to this party to kill the night. Music erupted from the windows of the house and flooded into yours. You could almost hear the joy coming from the people’s tongues. You finally understood why Emma had told you you’d regret buying the place, but truthfully, you didn’t regret a thing.

The party didn’t end until the ungodly hours struck the clock. Little by little the people left the party. They were laughing as they crawled into the backseat while their chauffeur held the doors open for the drunken folks. The wealthy all seemed satisfied after having a party of money. Once they all disappeared into the night, the mansion was left alone and dark once again as it was earlier before, leaving the servants to clean up the mess the next morning.

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Anniversary (Jihoon)

Originally posted by mountean

Synopsis: According to everyone else, apparently anniversaries were a pretty big thing to forget about. 

Genre: Fluff ft short suggestive content at the end

A/N: For my Jihoon stan who’s had a rough week. I hope you enjoy this. 

Everything seemed normal today according to Jihoon. He woke up with his right arm stiff because he let you use it as a pillow. He brushed his teeth with you, drank a cup of coffee you had brewed for him, let you force him to sit down and eat breakfast because you knew he wouldn’t eat the rest of the day. While leaving for the door, he let his lips land themselves onto your forehead. It was sweet and simple, although he didn’t kiss you on the lips often, forehead kisses made your heart flutter just as much.

“I don’t know if I’ll come home tonight but I’ll text you.”

You nodded, leaning on the nearest wall, “that’s alright.” you pointed a finger accusingly at him, “Lee Jihoon don’t forget to eat. I’ll hit you if Chan tells me you didn’t eat.”

Jihoon chuckled at your action. Something he loved about you was how no matter how much his work took his time, no matter how much he was forced to move around, to be in new settings, you were always one of the constant ones in his life.

“I will. I will.” He stood at the door for a moment, thinking. Eyes gazing over your figure still dressed in your sleepwear. Your lips smiled at him and he wondered when the last time he kissed them was.

“You’re gonna be late.” you sang, “Seungcheol will be mad.”

Jihoon jumped a bit, a sheepish smile taking over his face, “Yeah that’s right. I’ll see you when I can.” he closed the door behind him, a regretful sigh left his mouth, “I should have kissed her.”

He entered the building with thoughts of music crowding his mind. Jihoon was mentally mapping out the song in his head when he opened the practice room doors. He was greeted with 12 sparkling eyes looking at him.

Jihoon tried his best to ignore the weird gazes of his members. He’s delt with weirder situations, like when Seokmin brought in a hoard of kids he got from who knows where.

After two hours of nonstop dancing, the sweat flew in various directions as Jihoon plopped himself onto the floor. He was digging in his coat for his cell phone but instead continued to grab empty air.

“Ah Dammit.”

“What’s wrong.” Seungcheol took a seat next to him.

“I forgot my phone.” Seungcheol nodded and then it happened, those sparkingly and hopeful eyes appeared in Seungcheol. Jihoon had enough, “Why. Why are you all looking at me like I’m some protagonist in a romance movie.”

“Well because aren’t you kinda?” Seungcheol asked.

Jihoon continued to look bewildered.

“Don’t you know what today is?”

Jihoon thought for a moment. It wasn’t a member’s birthday. He’s was pretty sure it wasn’t his birthday neither yours, “um, Saturday.”

“Oh my god.” everyone gasped.

Confused more than ever, Jihoon glanced around as the others stayed stunned, “what. What what?”

“Anniversary Jihoon!!!!!” Mingyu shouted.

Anniversary? Jihoon’s expression remained confused.

Seungcheol turned to him, “This is just like last year. I swear its like you didn’t learn. Its been two years Jihoon. You know. Y/N?”


Seungcheol pinched the bridge of his nose, “its your two year anniversary with Y/N.”

Jihoon remained blank. Two years he thought. Had it really been two years already. Jihoon looked back at the males and shrugged, “so?”

“So??” Soonyoung chirped up, “I forgot my one year anniversary and you know what happened, I slept on the couch for a week.”

The rest nodded in agreement.

“One time.” Seungcheol spoke, “I forgot it was our three year and she totally flipped out at me. I got her flowers at 11pm and she threw them back at me. She gave me the silent treatment for 3 days.”

Others agreed in unison.

“But she didn’t seem mad in the morning.” Jihoon wondered.

Jeonghan leaned forward, “That’s how it always is. She probably thinks you’re gonna plan some grand surprise for her.”

Jihoon shook his head, “I told her I probably wouldn’t be home.”

“Wow.” Jun butted in, “You just dug a deeper hole for yourself.”

Another chorus of nods filled the room. Would you really be mad, he wondered.

Jihoon continued his day normally. The others continued giving Jihoon warnings but he brushed them off, he knew you wouldn’t be that mad.

“You never know.” Jeonghan singed as he exited Jihoon’s studio.

The thought began to gnaw at him. It especially did when he realized Chan hadn’t bugged him to see if he ate so he could report it to you. Just as Jihoon opened the door to his studio he ran into Hansol.

“Hey have you seen Chan?”

“Chan?” Hansol shrugged, “I think he said something about going home because he was tired.”

Jihoon paniced, that meant you didn’t talk to Chan. Were you ignoring him now? Were you mad at him so you didn’t tell Chan to check up on him?

“Oh yeah, I got some lyrics, can you look at them.” Hansol opened the document on his phone, when he looked up, he saw Jihoon’s figure leaving down the hallway, “Hyung!!”

Jihoon waved a hand, “Text it to me. I’ll be back later.”

Jihoon glanced over at the taxi’s clock. 11:15pm. He had the cab stop at the nearest convienant store by your apartment. Jihoon thanked the lord the store sold flowers, he picked a bouquet of roses also stuffing various of your favorite snacks onto the counter.

His foot tapped impatiently in the elevator. Other residents glanced in confusion at the odd combinations of flowers and junk food. As soon as the doors opened he flung out. His hands shaking as he entered the pin. Jihoon opened the door, he prepared for the worst as he walked in.


Jihoon entered furthur and further until he entered the living room. He let out a breath of relief, you laid sprawled on the couch, headphones blasting music, with your cell in close proximity to your face. You turned your head, finally catching his figure. You ripped the headphones off, a grin plastering your face.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were working.” A laugh escaped your lips when you saw the flowers and snacks, “What’s all that.”

“I’m sorry.” jihoon spoke hurriedly, “I’m so sorry I forgot about our two year anniversary. I’m so selfish, I only thought about work and didn’t know. The others were telling me about how their girlfriends got mad and I didn’t know if you would so I came here with roses and snacks and please forgive me.”

You sat speechless. The words rolled off his tongue quickly and you took a moment to process them, “wait. Its our two year anniversary?”

Jihoon froze. He really wasn’t expecting this, “yes?” he spoke slowly.

You nodded, “ahhh I guess I’m sorry too then. I didn’t realize it. I mean its just an anniversary Jihoon. We don’t need to celebrate every year.” You stood up, taking the flowers from his hands, “but its cute that you went through the trouble of getting these at night.”

Jihoon flushed. He watched your figure carry the roses, finding an empty vase to put them in. Jihoon dropped the bag of snacks. You squeaked as he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

“You’re such a cool girlfriend.”

You rolled your eyes laughing. When you had neatly placed the flowers in the vase, Jihoon spun you around.

“I’m sorry.” He placed his forehead onto yours.

“For what? Its just an anniversary”

Jihoon shook his head, “not that. I feel like a shitty boyfriend because I forget things like this.”

A smile graced your lips, “Hey. Lee Jihoon. If you’re a shitty boyfriend then at least you’re my shitty boyfriend. Anniversaries are meaningless, who cares if we’ve been together for two years.” you placed a hand onto his cheek, “all I care is if my shitty boyfriend ate today.”

Jihoon laughed. He pulled you close, lips hovering over yours, his breath taken away as he felt the warmth of your lips. He had forgotten how much he loved them. Jihoon applied more pressure, suddenly backing you up to the kitchen counter. Your hands found themselves tangled in his hair, pulling them softly when you felt his fingers graze the skin of your ribs under your shirt.


You and Jihoon pulled away, with slight uneven breaths. Slight confusion in both of you were present, who would be at your door at almost midnight. You followed him to the door. He opened it wide and you were greeted with 12 screaming voices.


Jihoon slammed the door in their faces, grumbling, “GO HOME!”

Fights like this (Chris Evans x Reader)

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A/N:  First of all: Happy Halloween!! (to all of you who celebrate it) Remember to be safe, and have fun and probably diabetes if you eat a lot of candy.

To the anon that requested this: Please forgive any mistake, inaccuracy and all that, I didn’t read it twice but I wanted to post it after the super long wait, sorry. Tell me what do you think! I found hard as hell writing this.  (I got a lot of info from the Christopher’s Haven site)

Request: Reader is Chris’s fiance and they’re together since before he was Cap. For like 5-6 years. She is not an actress (why does every Chris fic writer makes the reader an actress?). but she understands that Chris can’t be home for long times. And she understands his friendship with Hayley. Until that dubsmash that Chris kissed Hayley. She sees it on Twitter and when Chris thinks she’d be cool with it, she’s actually very jealous and angry without yelling. And it leads to argument, lots of angst, break up OR angry smut

Warnings: hehehehehehehehehehe….. smut ahead

It wasn’t easy, but of course you didn’t expected it to be. Being compromised with one of the emerging stars of Hollywood wasn’t an easy job and it meant that a lot of sacrifices had to be done, but yet, it was worth every minute, Chris always took care of that since the moment he met you.

It was supposed to be a normal day in your volunteering at Christopher’s Haven, where you would organize different activities and games for the children staying at the place, so they could always have fun and be entertained, but it turned out to be the day your life would change.

Since you arrived you could sense how everyone in the place was shedding an unusual happiness and  excitement.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry, there was an accident a few blocks back there and I had to walk to here” You explained to Will, your superior, justifying your delay.

“Don’t worry, someone got you covered” He waved her hand nonchalantly, pointing at the  fuss in the common area where the kids usually played, a crowd of tiny persons jumping excitedly around a guy.

You frowned, who else could have been there? It was your turn after all and the other volunteer would arrive some hours later.

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Love Hurts (Pt. 3)

Rating: R

Word Count: 1,971

A/N: sorry this sucks. should I turn love hurts into a fanfic?

Part 1 (X)

Part 2 (X)


“Y/N what took so long?” Sam asked.

“Oh nothing, there were a lot of girls in the bathroom.” I lied.

“It’s okay, we were laughing about Kimberly. It seems that she dumped Dylan, poor boy.” Kelsey said.

“Now who is she going to screw after the party or maybe at the party.” Sam laughed.

“Ew no, sex is not allowed in my boyfriend’s house. Only exception.” Maddie remarked referring to herself and Calum and looked directly at me as an indirect.

“Listen girls, no one is getting laid tomorrow night.” I laughed.

We kept talking about tomorrow’s party until I remembered my conversation with Luke. I tapped Maddie’s shoulder and whispered in her ear.

“Maddie I need to ask you something, privately.” I whispered.

“Is it urgent? We can go to my house after class.” She said and I agreed.

I couldn’t wait until the last bell rang, I was so desperate I wanted to know what happened between Luke and Maddie and why they are not friends anymore. When the last bell finally rang me and Maddie got into her car and she drove us to her house.

“Ok what was that important thing you wanted to ask me.” She said.

“It’s a long story, so I was talking with Luke at lunch time for a minute and he mentioned something about you and him being best friends in the past.” I spoke.

“Oh, he did?” She sighed.

“Yep, so what happened?.” I asked.

“Well it’s a long story but” she sighed “ummm, he’s always been my neighbor and we grew up together. We always played together when we were little and basically did everything together. But something happened” she looked down, her eyes watered a little “and we both changed, I wanted space and stopped hanging out with him. We had a big fight and never talked to each other again, that was like 4 years ago.” She said.

I didn’t asked her what happened between them because it would affect her, it was better if I didn’t know.

“And did you ever like take your friendship to another level?” I asked her.

“Do you mean like romantically?” I nodded.

“No never, we only saw each other as good friends. We were also kids and having a relationship was disgusting.” She laughed.

“I thought for sure that you guys had a thing. And why don’t you talk to each other again?, it’s been 4 years.” I added.

“I won’t talk to him, I won’t forget what he said to me.” She thundered.

“One day you’ll have to forgive each other.”

I had to go so I said goodbye to her and went home, tomorrow was the party and I needed to get ready. I walked to my house and nobody was there, this was a good time to make a mess in my room to find a good dress. After hours of looking in my wardrobe I found a black dress I could use with my new high heels. I didn’t organized my room again, I just went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and went downstairs, my mom later yelled at me for my messy room and told me if I didn’t organize it I wouldn’t go to any party. It took me all the afternoon to clean my room, I shouldn’t have tossed my clothes everywhere. I looked at the clock and it was 4pm, Maddy was coming at 6. ‘I better get ready in just two hours.’ I thought to myself. I took a shower and put some makeup on, just eyeliner and some lipstick. My phone vibrated, it was a text from Maddie. She was outside my house, I ran down the stairs and almost tripped on my way down. To much excitement wasn’t good for me.

“Wow slow down, you’re gonna get hurt yourself.” Maddie said from inside her car.

“Get in.” She shouted.

“Are Kels and Sam at the party already?” I asked her.

“No, they aren’t. We are picking them up.” She answered.

We went to both of her houses and then on our way to Calum’s house. He called Maddie, he needed more drinks and asked if she could go buy them. Maddie accepted so we went to the mall and bought alcohol and more snacks. We finally arrived at Calum’s at 8:45. Maddie searched for Calum whilst I stayed with Kels and Sam. The house was full of teenagers mostly from our school, I spotted Kimberly dancing with Jack he’s Kelsey’s brother. I couldn’t find Luke so I went to the kitchen to drink some vodka. I placed the vodka in my hands and poured some in a glass, I finished it and then put the glass down.

“Partying alone?” A deep voice said behind me, the adrenaline running through my veins.

I turned around and Luke was smirking.

“Just for a minute, I was bored.” I said.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” He giggled.

“And why were you looking for me?” I smirked.

“I was bored too” he smirked again “and I know we can have some fun.” He said now in my ear.

We went upstairs to the bathroom, I guess I was gonna break Maddie’s only rule. But I had another plan for Luke.

He locked the bathroom and I unbuckled his pants, I pulled them down and started toying with his boxers.

“No teasing.” He grunted, little did he know what I was gonna do to him.

I rubbed his bulge in his boxers making him groan and then pulled his boxers down. I grabbed his shaft causing him to groan loudly, I lay my tongue under his tip and licked just the tip but he pushed my head down his dick. I took as much as I could in my mouth and pumped the rest with my hand. I looked up and his face was dull of pleasure and lust. I hollowed my cheeks and bobbed my head as fast as I could. I licked and sucked until he was ready to cum.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum honey.” He groaned.

I stopped my actions instantly and smirked at him. He looked at me flustered and angry.

“What are you doing?” He snapped.

“I told you yesterday you had to pay.” I chuckled.

“Fuck you, I hate your games.” He groaned.

I laughed and left the bathroom. Whilst I was going downstairs I saw Kimberly going upstairs, she ignored me. I stared at her and she knocked on the bathroom’s door.

“What do you want now?” He shouted from inside the bathroom.

“Luke? Lukey is that you?” She giggled.

“Kimberly!?” He shouted.

“Yes, it’s me Lukey, open the door.” She pleaded.

I didn’t want to imagine what was about to happen so I just left. I didn’t want to think about her giving him a blowjob, I was so pissed.

I went downstairs and went to the kitchen again, I found the vodka bottle and drank it directly from the bottle.

“Wow slow down honey.” A deep voice said behind me.

I turned around and it was Dylan smirking at me. He gestured me the bottle and I handled it to him. He took a zip directly from the bottle.

“I’m Dylan.” He introduced himself.

“I’m Y/N.” I said.

“Are you friends with Calum?” He asked.

“Kind of. We study in the same school.” I responded.

“Oh. Yeah I’ve seen you, you’re Maddie’s friend.” He remarked.


We talked and drank the whole bottle of vodka until 11pm, I was pretty drunk and he was too. I saw Luke and Kimberly dancing a few times next to the pool, the party was there, and I don’t know what’s going on between them.

“Let’s dance Y/N.” He slurred.

“Sure, I’d love to.” I slurred.

He held my hand and took me to where the loud music was. We started dancing but all I wanted was to know were Luke was now. I spotted him staring at me from the corner of the pool, so I started grinding on Dylan. He grunted and placed his hands on my ass. The next thing I saw was Luke’s fist connecting with Dylan’s face.

“Luke what’s your problem? leave him alone.” I shouted.

“What’s my problem? You’re mine and you’re drunk, I’m taking you home.” He whispered.

“And don’t make a scene.” He commanded.

I walked to Calum’s front door with Luke by my side, and I could barely keep my balance. I almost tripped but Luke held me before I fell to the ground, he lifted me up and carried me to his car. I fell asleep in the car ride, suddenly I felt strong arms getting me out of the car, it was Luke. He closed the door with his foot and took me upstairs.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“I took you to my house since I don’t know where you live.”

“My mom’s gonna be pissed.” I slurred.

The staircase that led to the door was decorated with two grandiose statues of lions, placed on each side. Or maybe I was just really drunk.

“Don’t worry about it, I sent a message from your cellphone to Maddie saying you were going to stay with me.” He said opening his bedroom door with his foot.

“Thank you.” I snuggled in his chest.

He placed me in his bed and when he was about to leave I grabbed his arm. There was something that was killing me inside.

“What happened after I left the bathroom?” I asked him.

“Do you mean at Calum’s?” He said and I nodded.

“A girl knocked on the door, I thought it was you. And that’s all.” He said.

“I know who she is. She’s your ex, tell me what happened.” I slurred.

“She was knocking on the door and I had a big boner. So I told her I’d go downstairs and dance with her in ten minutes if she stopped knocking on the door. She left and I finished myself off, that’s all.” He explained.


Silence filled the room for a minute, Luke locked eyes wit mine. His face was really close to mine, I pushed my lips against his and the kiss got heated.

“Y/N stop, I’m not taking advantage of you, you’re drunk. I promise you that if you still want me tomorrow I’ll be here for you.” He said. This was the first time he said my name, because he always called me honey.

“It’s a promise?”

“It’s a promise.” He said.

Luke’s POV

I was about to leave my bedroom but she asked me to stay with her, how could I say no. There was something about her that I’d do anything to see her smile.

“Stay, sleep with me please.” She begged.

I lay next to her and hugged her from behind. She looked so vulnerable and fragile next to me. I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to hug her tighter but that would be too much. I tucked her hair behind her ear and whispered “I love you.” but she had already fallen asleep.

I wonder what she will say when she wakes up, will she remember what happened or will she act like nothing happened. She cared about me, she was jealous when she saw me with Kimberly, I was jealous too when I saw her dancing with Dylan. I was really pissed when I saw him touching her bum, I had to do something and the first thing I did was punch him. This girl drives me crazy but is she faking this or does she really like me for who I am?

breaking up with Luke - PART 2

after you broke up with Luke, he and the rest of the boys constantly tried to contact you in every way possible. they called you, texted, tweeted, Facebook messaged you… they did everything, desperately trying to find a way to speak to you.

but you never bothered to pick up your phone and answer any of them. of course it hurt ignoring all the messages from them, all of them trying to explain how much Luke loves and misses you, and how all he wants is to fix this. you had to constantly delete voice messages, never making the mistake to listen to one again after last time - Luke had called you, hysterically crying and sobbing out how much he needed you. but you still believed it was for the best, and after about a month and a half, Luke finally stopped.

he stopped calling, stopped texting, stopped tweeting and stopped trying to interact with you. you could finally see a genuine smile on his face as you every now and then stumbled across a picture of him on Twitter. it made you happy to finally realise that he moved on. I mean, of course it hurt you as well, knowing he didn’t need you anymore, but that meant your plan had worked out just the way you wanted it to.

so months flew by, and you slowly managed to get your life back together. it was hard, because it wasn’t that easy to move on while spending every day in the apartment you and Luke shared for over two years. but you made it.

along with your new life came a new guy. his name was Casper, a guy from your art class. absolutely adorable, and you just didn’t have the heart to say no when he nervously asked you out. best part was, that you just couldn’t help but like him. he was funny, sweet and kind, and treated you with respect. you really enjoyed his company, and being with him helped you forget about the still aching pain for Luke, the one that probably never fully would go away.

so it’s a Thursday afternoon, you’re sitting in the school cafeteria, your computer in front of you, trying to finish an essay while eating a sandwich when your phone starts to ring. you sigh, reaching over to grab it, totally forgetting to check the caller ID before picking up. “hello?”

“hello there, stranger” Michael laughs from the other side of the phone.

“Michael?” youpout your sandwich down, running a hand through your hair in surprise.

“yes. don’t tell me you deleted my number from your phone, y/n! I will probably cry if you decided to”

“oh, uh, of course I didn’t. I guess I just didn’t check who was calling, that’s why I’m surprised”

“yeah, well, it’s me. hi”

you laugh softly. you’ve got to admit, you’ve missed Michael like crazy. “hi. so what’s up? why are you calling me? I thought you guys gave up on me a long time ago”

“oh, honey, please. we would never give up on you” Michael chuckles. “anyways, I was just calling to, you know, prepare you. in case you forgot”

“in case I forgot what?”

“we’re back” and with those words, your heart literally stops.


“yup. we’re back in Sydney” he confirms what he just said, making you a tiny bit nauseous. “been for a week now”

“a week?”

“yeah, none of us didn’t really want to bother you right away” suddenly, he lowers his voice, as if he’s about to tell you a secret. “Luke’s been staying with his parents, you know”

“I figured” you mumbled, your head spinning at the mention of him.

“but he’s got all his shit at your place” Michael continues. “I can come over and pick it up if you want. or if you just leave the key in that plant, like you guys used to, one of us can come over and help him when you’re not home”

“I.. uhm, I think it’s the best if I’m there” you say. “we’ve got some stuff we need to decide who gets it”

“yeah, of course. what time do you want him over?”

you glance at the clock, biting at your bottom lip. “two hours? I’ve got a class that ends in one, so that should give me enough time to get home”

“yeah, good. I’ll let him know”


you got a text from Michael five minutes ago, announcing that Calum will be bringing Luke over any minute, helping him to carry some stuff.

you’re currently staring at yourself in the mirror, nervously trying to pull your hair up in a ponytail. you don’t know what to think, what to do or even what to say. I mean, last time you talked to him was when you broke up with him. what are you supposed to say now? ‘hi Luke! how are you? how you’ve been? you good?’…

a loud knock on the door interrupts your thoughts, and you hurry out the bathroom, concentrating hard on your breathing. you open the door, revealing a smiling Calum.

“y/n! long time, no seen” he pulls you in for a hug, softly patting you on the back as a hello.

“hi, cal” you say, hugging him back before stepping to the side, noticing Luke. he leans against the door, staring at his feet. “hi” you mumble softly.

his blue eyes meets yours, and you could almost swear that the whole neighbourhood could be able to hear your heart pound. he just nods, pushing away from the door before walking past you, heading towards your bedroom.

“he’s just a bit..” Calum stops himself, not sure what to say.

“I know” you just nod, understanding what Calum tries to say. “I’ll help him with the clothes”

you quietly follow Luke, finding him searching through his side of the closet, two bags already placed on the bed. you can hear Calum in the living room, probably getting Luke’s cd’s and video games.

you walk towards the bed, pulling out his grey sweatshirt - the one you’ve slept with every night since that phone call. “you want this?”

Luke glance at you, shaking his head before going back to pulling out his t-shirts and flannels. “you can either keep it or throw it away, it’s too small for me anyways”

his voice is low and raspy, sending shivers through your entire body. it sounds so dead though, nothing like the happy voice belonging to the boy you used to know. you put the sweatshirt down on the table, walking towards the bathroom to grab the pile of clean clothes you washed right after he left for tour. you bring them back, putting them in the bag before facing his broad back, clearing your throat. “so… how are you?”

“I’m okay” quick answer, nothing more. he turns around, a mountain of clothes in his arms. he moves past you, his blue eyes tired and filled with no emotion at all as he tries his best to look at anything but you. he throws the clothes in the bag, swallowing hard as he feels you watching his every move.

“well, I’m glad you’re okay, then” you mumble, just about to walk over to where he keeps his big collection of black skinny jeans and sweatpants.

“fuck, y/n, just please..” Luke groans, angrily throwing some shirts in the bag. “please be quiet. I don’t want to talk”

“I was just asking how you are, Luke” you turn around to look at him again, his back faced to you.

“damn it, y/n, what do you think?” he spins around, finally looking you directly in your eyes. “here I am, packing my stuff to leave my girlfriend that I had for the last three years. I’m seeing you for the first time in six months, first time since we broke up, how do you think I feel?”

“I..” you cut yourself off, not knowing how to reply to that.

“well, I’ve got the answer - I feel like shit!” he stares at you, refusing to be the first one to look away.

you look back at him, your bottom lip shaking as you can feel your eyes watering at the sight of him. “I’m sorry”

Luke sighs, lowering his shoulders before walking up to you, bending down to grab some jeans. you follow his movements, sitting down on the floor next to him, grabbing some clothes.

“good to know at least one of us is happy” he glance at you.

“Luke” you groan. “I might be okay, but I’m far from happy. it’s not like this break up was easy for me neither”

he turns his head, fully studying you before reaching out with his hand, placing his fingers on your cheek, pushing your face until your eyes meet his. “then why did you do it?”

you’re still in love with him, you really are, and maybe that’s the reason why you can’t seem to answer him.

without thinking, you both lean in, ready to kiss, but you’re able to stop him last minute, placing a hand on his chest, looking down on the floor and whispering “we can’t”

“oh” Luke stands up as he realise the reason behind your answer. “uh, okay”

you’re following him with big eyes, watching as he packs the last clothes. he brought a lot of them with him on tour, therefore the lack of clothes to pack. “I’m sorry-”

“it’s okay. it’s cool” Luke shrugs, grabbing both bags. “just make sure he doesn’t treats you the way I did, we want this to work out, right?”

you sigh, following him as he walks out the room, announcing Calum that he’s ready to go. “I’ll get someone to come over and get the rest of the stuff, alright?”

“Luke-” you follow him to the door, Calum’s already carrying the two boxes he found to the car.

“Michael will let you know when” he takes a last glance at you.

“so I guess this is bye?” you mumble, crossing your arms over your chest.

“yeah” Luke nods, stepping out the door. “take.. uh, take care”

“you too” you follow him out with your eyes, feeling the way your heart starts to ache again.

he turns around last minute, his eyes staring into yours. “just want to make sure - it would be too late even if a new guy wasn’t in the picture, right?”

you swallow, running a hand through your hair. “I’m sorry Luke”

he smiles softy, nodding before turning around.

and so you watch him leave.

We don't talk anymore (Joe Sugg)

We don’t talk anymore.

Summary: You and Joe Sugg broke up months ago and although you guys don’t talk to each other, you miss each other.

Inspired by the music video of we don’t talk anymore.

The * in this is barriers, showing that it will switch from Joe to the female character.

She woke up.
He woke up.

She was gonna have the happiest day of her life.
He was gonna have another normal day in his life.

It was her birthday.
It was her birthday and he wasn’t going to celebrate it with her this year.

She took out her phone reading the happy birthday texts from her friends and family and looked outside, she was in her small apartment just a few blocks away from London and she smiled softly, she loved London so much and was glad she moved there when she had a stable job and money, there she met who she thought was the love of her life.

Joe Sugg.
Joe looked at his phone and looked at the messages he never deleted from her, and he looked at the recent messages and it was her reaching out for him, but he knew she was drunk then due to the fact that Zoe was there that night.

He thought about the break up he had with his ex-girlfriend, it was a stupid fight that could have been fixed but both of them were stubborn. There were nights he would lay there in bed looking at their old photos and videos, it was a normal thing to do every night.
She was expecting a happy birthday text from him, but of course it never happened. She knew it wasn’t going that get to her since Louise and Tanya had big plans for her birthday today and they invited all of her friends. She wondered if Joe would be there tonight, she kinda hoped he would make it just to see his face but also the same time she couldn’t face him.

‘Hey Doll, wanna get coffee?’ -James.

James had been a co-worker she met when she first started her job, he was quite a gentleman and was always polite to her and know that Joe and her broke up, he was talking to her more.

'Sure, I’m just gonna get breakfast first with some friends’


He was on his way to a interview with Casper since they were promoting their new movie, although Joe rather be home sleeping, being outside and having a good time made him happy.

“So Connor, Jack and the boys are going to do karaoke tonight, are you in?” Caspar smirked and Joe looked out the window and shrugged

“I don’t know, I don’t feel well today probably something I ate” Joe said trying to make an excuse but Caspar narrowed his eyes at him, knowing he was lying

“It’s been a few months since you two broke up.. It’s time you should move on, she probably moved on too.. Hey Julia is gonna be there tonight” Caspar said as Joe frowned

Julia had been a friend that Jack knew, she was always flirty towards Joe despite him turning her down since he was in a relationship, but now that he’s a single man she would take advantage of that.

Joe but his lip for a moment before nodding “Yeah that sounds fun”

She sat there laughing and almost choking her drink from laughing so hard from Louise making jokes and she noticed there was a miss call from Joe. She frowned as she was angry at herself for not noticing but knew it was best she didn’t pick up.
Joe sighed softly as he hung up the phone, he called her to wish her a happy birthday and for them to meet to have lunch for her birthday soon, but he knew it was stupid for him to even call because it would make him seem desperate. He got up once Caspar came back in as they were ready to go to the next place to be interviewed.
“I’m so glad we can have coffee today” James said warmly as they sat in a small but very comfy coffee shop as she was sipping on her tea

“Thank you so much for asking me, it means a lot” She smiled as James blushed and looked down

“I mean of course, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve laid eyes on.. You deserve nothing but the best” James said as she bit her lip and she looked up at him

“You’re coming to my birthday party tonight right?” She asked and he nodded

“Louise invited me, so once we’re done here I’m going to find my best outfit to impress you” James joked and she chuckled. Soon she found James’ fingers moving slowly towards her as he intertwined their fingers together and she felt nervous at that moment, it was the first time a man had been intimate with her, in a way she felt guilt.. She felt like she was betraying Joe in a kind of way but she knew they had broken up, she shouldn’t feel guilty.

“I can’t wait to see you tonight” She whispered as he smiled brightly as they were holding hands

“Thank you for the interview, Mr Sugg and Mr Lee” The interviewer said nicely before their managers came in telling them they were done for today

“Glad to be done, now we can be ready for tonight” Caspar said as he was excited as Joe pretended to be happy by giving him a smile

“We’re going to Nando’s before heading over there, join us” Caspar said as Joe smiled and nodded before checking his phone and of course not seeing a text message from her.

He called an uber ride as he was placing his sun glasses on and looking outside the window, observing the world as it was passing around him, watching the couples being all lovely to each other and some older couples walking together with children. It hurt him so much seeing this.

She was walking home since she lived only a few blocks away from the train station, she looked around her surroundings and saw the beauty of the world.. She wished she could see it with Joe.

Joe and the gang were at Nando’s laughing away as they were enjoying their meal as Oli spoke

“Hey you spoken to her, today is her birthday” Oli said as Joe shook his head

“She would probably tell me to piss off, I don’t know if she wants to speak with me” He said as Conor scowled at him

“That’s a lie, if she was texting you and even though she was drunk.. She still cares for you” He said as Conor thought for a moment before shrugging as he pulled out his phone and unlocked it and looking at his photos and the first photo that popped up was a photo of her, her legs around his waist as he was carrying her and they were laughing, he remembered it so well since it was their one year anniversary and they were with Zoe and Alfie in Greece.

Looking at the picture and remembering, he frowned remembering the memories.
She sat on the stairways of her apartment building waiting for her ride to take her to Louise’s party

She was looking through her photos until she spotted one, the picture of him carrying her when they were in Greece. It was that night Joe declared his undying love to her and he said that night he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, she was shocked about the confession and had kissed him telling him that when he was ready, they would spend their life together.

“I feel so close to you right now, it’s a force field!” Joe sang as he was trying to be horrible but he wasn’t and he looked over and saw Julia dancing from the sidelines as she was moving her hips more once he was looking at her and she shot him a wink

Soon after he finished singing he sat down and had some water, Julia came towards him as she sat in front of him exposing her chest a little

“How are you doing tonight Hottie?” She whispered into his ear as he shivered a bit, her doing this was so not right to him..

“I’m doing good, you?” He asked as she smirked and placed a hand on his inner thigh

“I’m doing better now, hearing you’re single now” She whispered as he smirked at her and she winked at him as she walked off swaying her hips as she went up to sing

Her voice was pretty good, she even had Conor joining as Joe watched in awe as Julia was singing.

“Happy birthday to you!” Everyone finished Singing as she almost had tears of joys as she blew out her candles and everyone was cheering as She looked over as James was looking on with adoring her.

Once they had finished cake, James took her outside in the yard as they watched the night sky

The group finally finished karaoke and everyone was tipsy but Joe as had to stay sober since he had an important meeting in the morning.

Soon Julia made her way towards him as she brought him into a hug as he accepted it as they embraced

“Why don’t you come back to my place tonight?” She said into his ear and he thought for a moment until she looked at him and crashed her lips against his own As their lips moved in sync and a few people were cheering them on
“You look beautiful tonight” James said as he admired her wearing that dress and she chuckled at him

“I’ve tried, gotta look good for a good day” She said as she noticed he came closer until their noses touched and she was nervous

“What are you doing?” She whispered before he leaned forward and brushed his lips against her own, their lips moving together perfectly as she wrapped her arms around his neck
He grabbed Julia’s waist and brought her in closer as he was considering her offer but his mind started yelling at him.

This wasn’t her.

Her mind was screaming at her to stop,
This wasn’t Joe.

They broke free from the kiss as She looked at James And then the time

“I have to go I’m sorry”

He broke free from the kiss as they were literally gasping for air as he shook his head at her

“I can’t.. I’m feeling tired”

She hugged her friends including James as she wished them a farewell before walking off.
He smiled as he hugged his friends including Julia goodbye as he was walking back to his house.

She sighed as she fell back and her back hit the mattress and she sighed as she looked at the light in her room and the clock read 1:18 AM.

Joe finally made his way to his bed as his back hit the mattress as he sighed that today was finally over and looked over and saw it was 1:18AM

But something was still bothering him.

He didn’t say happy birthday to her.

She went on her phone and found his name on her contacts list as she decided to message him.

'Hey, I miss you’

She quickly deleted it as she saw he was typing.
He sat on his bed as he was thinking before he went to her name and messages as he was typing out.

'Happy birthday Love, I love you’

She saw him typing.
He was typing.

But he deleted the message.
But she saw him deleting the message.

He thought it was best for him to just try to move on.

She thought it was time for her to move on, he wouldn’t come back to her.

But it was hard.

Looking at the photos on his phone with the pictures of her, the videos of her smiling and dancing as they were in his old house

It drove him crazy.

She looked at the videos of him singing to her as they were laying in bed as she loved his singing voice and the videos of him acting goofy when he stole her phone.

She had to move on.
He had to move on.

She thought he didn’t care about her.
He thought she didn’t care about him.

But he missed her.
But she missed him.

She laid back down as she locked her phone
He laid back and locked his phone.

'Tomorrow will be another day’ She thought.
'Tomorrow will be another day’ He thought.

But that’s the story of two lovers, who almost made it.

Been lacking on Joe love here so here you go! This was meant to be a Dan fic but I’ve been writing him more recently and thought the Joe lovers deserve some love.

Review! Enjoy!

He's the Teacher (10/?)

I was super excited to go to the movies with Dan. Wait… What the hell do I wear?
I know, I know… It’s just the movies but I still want to look nice for Mr.Howell and to be honest I’m quite excited to see how Mr. Howell dresses when he’s not in his usual work clothes. Being a button up under a suit jacket.

I went through all of my clothes until I found the perfect outfit, then doing my hair and so on until I was ready.
I took a deep breath and looked in the mirror a final time… ‘Its as good as I can get’ I think to myself just as I hear a knock at the front door. Oh Jesus! It’s already 5?
“One second!” I yelled as I quickly got my phone and purse.

I pulled open the door and oh Holy Jesus on a boat. Mr. Howell was hot in his suit and all but in his dark skinny jeans and brown leather jacket… BOOOM.. Oh sorry that was just MY OVARIES. *cough* sorry….

“Wow… Hi gorgeous” Dan was first to speak and I instantly looked down and blushed at his words.
“Hey… You look great” why am I so awkward?
“Thank-you” Dan replied smiling as he hugged me, then leaving a kiss on my cheek.
“To the movies?” Dan questioned, hold his hand out to mine
“To the movies” I agreed smiling and taking his hand as we walked to his car.

Dan opened the passenger door for me before climbing into the drivers seat and starting the car.

Blood - MCR started playing and I got over excited as I started to sing along

“I’m the kind of human ruckus that you love!” The song ended and Dan clapped with a large smile glued to his face
“Sorry… It’s my favourite song..” I explained, now slightly embarrassed
“No, don’t be sorry, that was great! And you have an amazing taste in music” Dan replied with a wink at the end. He then reached across and placed his hand just above my knee, causing butterflies to go on a rampage in my stomach.

The movie was good… I think… Okay so I didn’t pay much attention to it seeing as an extremely attractive man had his arm around me. At the end of the movie Dan placed a soft kiss to my neck, causing goosebumps to cover skin.

We got in the car and began the short trip back to my house, with Dans hand drawing little patterns on my thigh. Getting slightly higher up my thigh every few minutes.

Dan pulled up in my driveway and parked the car before walking me to my front door. I stood on my toes and gave him a quick kiss
“Thank-you for tonight Dan” I smiled
“Anytime gorgeous” Dan smiled back and kisses me more passionately on the lips. I could feel him smiling into the kiss, making me do the same. We pulled apart and Dan whispered
“So… Does Mr. Howell still need to come in and help you study?”
I giggled before replying
“That would be wonderful thank-you Mr. Howell”

I pecked Dan or Mr. Howell on the lips before pulling him up to my bedroom, I walked over to my bed which still had books from studying earlier on it. I picked up the books and turned to Mr. Howell
“So I needed help with this part here…”
His face quickly filled with disappointment before I dumped the books on the floor and wrapped my arms around his neck
“Just kidding” I giggled
“Oh thank-god!” Dan breathed out before he smashed his lips to mine in a hungry and heated kiss. Lifting me and carrying me to the bed, then laying over the top of my body…

I woke up to soft kisses going down the back of my neck and an arm wrapped around my bare body. Smiling, I turned to face a curly haired Dan, looking more gorgeous than ever.
“Morning” I whispered
“Good morning beautiful” Dan replies, pulling me closer to his body. I placed a gentle kiss to Dans bare chest, before noticing something stabbing against my thigh. Without thinking I pushed my hand down beneath the duvet to feel what it was… Dan then created a strained moan…how I didn’t think of that I’m not sure…
I looked up at Dan and asked
“Well can you blame me? I’ve got the most beautiful, let alone naked girl cuddled up to me” he smirked back.

I looked over at my clock to check the time as Dan started to leave open mouthed kisses down my neck and started to wonder around my body with his hands.
“Dan… You have a class to teach and I have to attended that class” I giggled
“Right after this…”
“No Dan-”
“We can make it quick. Please baby girl?” That nickname always got to me…. But I can’t let it now
“Dan you have to go home and get clothes and I have to get ready”
After a little groan from Dan he replied
“Okay okay, but now your getting detention with me at lunch break”
“It’s not highschool Dan” I giggled
“I don’t care” he laughed back before kissing my lips and putting on his clothes from last night. I wrapped a sheet around me and sat up in the bed.

After putting his clothes back on, Dan kissed me passionately.
“Thank-you for such an amazing night baby girl” Dan said sweetly. Kissing my nose and heading for the door
“I’ll see you in class Y/N” he winked
“Bye Mr. Howell”


I happily walked into class, looking up to see Mr.Howell smiling at me. I smiled back as I walked to my desk and sat down.

Strangely, one of the popular and bitchy girls walked passed and left a note on my desk. I was confused as I opened it up and began to read…

'It was a good movie last night wasn’t it? Oh.. I guess you wouldn’t have noticed with Mr. howell sucking on you neck. You better meet me at lunch if you don’t want everyone finding out


Hey everyone, i just wanted to say thanks for reading and also a few of you were asking why I won’t explains the outfit chosen and the way the persons hair looks and I do that because it’s you as the reader. I’m not going to explain it as myself being chubby with black hair and green eyes because you may be thin with blue eyes and red hair or whatever. So anyway I hope you enjoy. Love you as always, have a lovely day :) xxoo

Destructive (Sehun) 1. Owning

Requested by anon 

Everyday life. The usual walk to work, get groceries, then go back home. Constant repeat of the same agenda everyday. Nothing really surprised me. The same customers walked in and out everyday. So what was so exciting about this world? Love? Friendship? Drama? Isn’t that all just stupid crap that get’s people moving through the day?

That was until that fateful day. The day that just turned my world around.


Walking down the gray cement, I listened to the usual songs that blasted through my earphones. Turning down the usual corners, I didn’t bother to realize him. Taking out my keys, I unlocked the door and opened it with the sweet jingles the chimes made.

Turning on the lights, I placed my bag in the back and tied the apron around my waist.

Heaving a sigh I said, “Huh, new day. Let’s make this some what eventful.”

The sweet jingles rang again as I swerved around and found a man standing in the front looking around the room.

“Sorry sir were not open til 8. You can come back later.”

He smirked, “I can’t wait that long.”

I stepped away from the counter and put my hands on my hips, “Please don’t be difficult.”

I checked the small clock hanging on the back wall and said, “You have half an hour you really can’t wait that long?”

Looking at him I saw him checking out the tables and decorations that suited the shop.

Under his breath he murmured, “This place will be perfect.”

Walking closer to him I mocked his tone and said, “What will be perfect?”

Standing straight he gave me that smirk again, “I’ll be back at closing time.”

What was this guys problem?!

“Look buddy, this place isn’t ‘perfect’ for you so either you come and buy something or you get the hell out.”

He laughed, “Wow you’re real frisky aren’t you? I’ll be back, and I’ll definitely buy something.”

As he walked out I scoffed, “Yeah well, I won’t even let you buy anything! Jerk!”

Cleaning the table he touched I smirked, “Think he’s the boss, HA! Friken guy is a thug. All those tats on his arms, thinks he’s so cool.”


The day went by like normal. Usual customers came in and out. I baked all day and restocked the emptying shelves.

Towards closing time, my fellow employees left as I started closing up.

Coming back my ass.

As I washed my hands and grabbed my bag I saw him in front of the closed glass door.

This guy just doesn’t let up does he?

Grabbing a napkin and writing on it I stuck it on the door and held it as he read.

Were closed! Get lost!

I saw him laughing. He then held up a sheet of paper. Reading it through the glass I read, This shop belongs to me now.

Right as I read the last word he busted the door open. Stepping back I yelled, “What the hell does that mean?! You don’t own anything! I own this shop!”

He laughed, “Not for long. I’m gonna buy you up.”

I sarcastically responded, “And how is that going to happen?”

He smirked, “You don’t wanna know baby.”

That word.

I snapped, “”

“And why’s that, baby!”

Throwing my arm, I punched him hard in the face. I could feel the contact push him back.

He swiped his thumb over his busted lip and laughed, “Ok I’ll give it to ya. You do have some sprite in ya but that doesn’t change anything.”

“And how’s that?”

He quickly pushed me against the counter with my lower back slamming into the hard side.

Cringing in pain he bent down and whispered, “I have my ways. Either you behave or I won’t be so nice next time.”

Coughing out I said, “This wasn’t your mean side? Ha! I’m impressed.”

He stepped back and smirked, “I like that you still are stubborn. It get’s me…excited.”

“Look, you’re crazy, so if you don’t leave I’m calling the cops.”

“The cops don’t mess with me. If you didn’t know that already.”

“And how am I supposed to know.”

He smiled, “It’s ok. You’ll learn a little later. I think for now, I like to see you scramble.”
Starting to walk out he yelled, “See ya later kid! Very soon.”

Rubbing my back I retorted, “There’s no next time!”

“Aish, that jerk. Walking in here all cocky.”

Grabbing my back I made my way back to my apartment. Smelling the damp air I knew it was gonna rain, hard.


The next day I threw on a baggy hoddie and walked outside. The pouring rain was relentless. Pounds of acidic water drenched my hoodie until I finally reached the shop. He stood there. Not even an umbrella. Just a tank and jeans.

Such a tough guy huh?

Ignoring him, I opened the door and walked in like usual. He walked in and took a seat at the coffee counter.

“You can ignore me all you want but I’m not leaving today.”

Still ignoring him, I hung my hoodie and tied the apron around my waist. Walking in the back I turned on the radio and listened to the calming music that enveloped the shop. Preheating the ovens I collected all the ingredients to restart another day.

I heard his heavy footsteps stop in front of the entrance.

“Those smell good.”

“Yeah well, you’re not getting any.”

Collecting some extra baked goods, I packed them into a small container.

“What are those for?”

I faced him, “None of your damn business. How’s that?”

He smirked, “Are those for me.”

Sighing I said, “No, there for someone special.”

He scoffed, “You have a boyfriend?!”

Stopping my work I aggressively walked towards him that made him take a few steps back.

Leaning into him I whispered, “Even if I did, you would be the last one to know.”

Carrying the trays of goodies and placing them into the shelves, I checked the clock. 7:50.

“Are you leaving and coming back later?”

He leaned his arms against the counter so his hands held his face and in a cutesy voice he responded, “Why, miss me already?”

I scoffed, “No, so I know when to close up so I can avoid you.”

He laughed, “I will be back, but not alone this time.”

Slamming my hands on the counter I yelled, “I swear if you bring any of your…people, then I’m calling the cops and getting a restraint order.”

“Shhhh, no worries. They’re going to be harmless, for now. I’ll be back. Anticipate.”

Taking a pastry clipper, I threw it at him until it hit his back.

In an instant he walked back and leaned so close our faces almost touched, “Did you throw that?”

Stuttering I said, “I’m the only one here.”

Almost in a whisper he responded, “Do it again, and I’ll make sure my buddies are harmful and your shop will be mine.”

Walking away he picked up the pastry clipper and placed it on the table.

Hey guys! So an anon requested this and I personally loveeeeee it. I hope it was what you wanted though! Thank you for waiting sooooo long I love you and I hope you enjoyed reading it!-  


anonymous asked:

Can you write a snowbarry drabble where caitlin is pregnant and barry cries because he is happy

Caitlin can’t remember a time where she’s been more nervous to tell Barry something.

Well, scratch that. She remembers how nervous she was to tell him that she had accidentally broken his favorite microscope. Still, that doesn’t compare to this moment right now. She nervously chews on her lip and glances up at the clock that they have hanging in their kitchen. He should’ve been home by now, but Barry, bless him, will never be on time to save his life.

Keep reading