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Hello there! I love your writing and I always get so excited when yours requests are opened again! Could you write a Hotch x reader where the reader has been on the team for a couple years and is secretly dating Hotch but the rest of the team doesn’t know?! Maybe she has to keep making up excuses as to why she turns down other dates and then somebody catches them in his office or something? I would he happy with anything like this with lots of fluff! I also understand if you can’t! Thx so much😊

I can do that!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Are you sure!?  They are the cutest.  And!  They’re brothers.”

“Garcia, if they’re twins, I know they’re brothers,” you chuckle, walking alongside your bubbly friend who was trying to sell you on this double date.

“Come on, Y/N.  I know you like beef cakes,” Garcia says as she wiggles her eyebrows.

“Beef cakes, huh?” Hotch says, crossing your paths as you shoot him a light glare.

“Sounds like a nice time,” Hotch murmurs, glancing up at you with a sly smile on his face as you bite the inside of your cheek.

“See!?  Even the bossman thinks you should get out,” Garcia whines lightly.

“Well…if the bossman thinks I should…” you trail off, watching Hotch’s brow furrow lightly as you smirk in his general direction.

You and Aaron had been dating for a few months now.  At first, you weren’t sure the two of you could hide it, but with the two of you being uneasy with public displays of affection, it was easier than you thought to hide it from the team.  Being with them for two years has given everyone ample time to find your little quirks, so you were always making sure you kept them under-wraps.

Like if a woman flirted with Hotch when you guys were traveling.

Or when guys would ask you to coffee after a case was wrapped up.

As you watch Hotch walk away, his back pulled taut and his lips pulled into a thin line, you snicker and shake your head as Garcia continues to babble away about the date that you still hadn’t conformed, but that she was keen on getting you to attend.

“You never go out anymore,” Garcia whines as you sigh lightly.

“This job is stressful.  I need time to myself to relieve it,” you admit, the memories of your time spent with Aaron wafting to the forefront of your memory.

It had been a few weeks now…

“Or you could find someone to relieve it for you,” Garcia whispers as she wiggles her eyebrows again playfully.

“Jesus, Penelope,” you breathe, your eyes widening at her bold statement.

“I know.  I know…the public prude can’t take a sexual joke,” she says as she wafts her hand in the air.

“…but I bet you’re a hell of a minx in the sack,” she murmurs.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” you smirk as Garcia’s jaw playfully hangs open.

“A sex joke.  You made a sex joke!” she squeals as she claps her hands.

“Y/L/N,” Hotch booms from on high.

Looking up at him, his face twisted and irritated, you sigh lightly to yourself as you flicer your gaze towards Grcia.

“Guess the bossman doesn’t like sex jokes,” you murmur lowly, eliciting another stifled giggle from her before heading for the stairs.

Walking into Hotch’s office, his blinds pulled taut and the only light from the room beeming into his face from his laptop, you stand in the doorway waiting for his command.

“Shut the door,” he lulls.

Stepping in as you shut the door, you keep your eyes on him as you watch him clench his jaw.

“Really, Y/N?” Aaron sighs.

“You started it,” you shrug lightly.

“I was joking,” he says, finally peeling his gaze from the screen and glancing over at you.

“So was I,” you toss back.

“Were you?” he asks, his eyes stern and his voice steady.

Was he serious?

“Of course I was, Aaron,” you say, furrowing your brow lightly as you take a step towards him.

“You know you could always go find someone else.  Someone stronger, not so busy with their job…or tied down with a kid-”

“Hey,” you interrupt him, taking another step forward, “that’s my decision to make.  Not yours.  You may be my boss inside of these walls, but off the clock?  You’re the man I love.”

You watched his shoulders relax a bit as you close the distant between your body and his desk, your hip raising up to sit cockeyed on his as your fingertips reach out, shutting his laptop slowly as nothing but the moonlight streaming through the window illuminates the room.

“Do you want out?” you ask lightly.

“No,” Aaron says, looking you in your eyes as you nod lightly.

“Do you want me to leave?” you ask, a bit softer this time.

“God, no,” he says lowly, slowly standing to his feet as your eyes take in his towering form.

“I’ve missed you…” you whisper, your eyes watering lightly as you drop your gaze to his chest.

“It’s been a long few weeks,” he murmurs, stepping forward as you shift so that your entire butt is sitting you on the edge of his desk, your legs swinging lightly as he slowly steps in between them.

“Yeah…” you breathe as you try to keep your emotions at bay.

“I have a bit of good news, though,” Aaron says as his hands begin sliding up and down your arms lightly.

“What’s that?” you swallow, looking back up at him as he smiles lightly down at you.

“Our mandatory summer vacation starts next week, and Jack will be away at camp for 10 days.”

“He got in!?” you squeal, a huge smile lighting up your eyes as Aaron chuckles lowly.

“He did.  He’s very excited.”

“Oh my god, I bet so!” you exclaim as you clap your hands lightly.

Meanwhile, the team heard your light squeal, and had turned their full attention up to Hotch’s office.

“She’s been in there a while,” Derek murmurs beside Rossi as a smirk begins to play on his cheeks.

“I wonder how long they were able to hide it from us,” J.J. wonders as Spencer steps up to her side.

“Hide what?” he asks.

“Why don’t you come stay a few days with me?” Aaron asks as his hand makes its way to your face, cupping your face as his thumb strokes your cheek.

The two of you had taken it slow over the past 4 months, and the two of you had yet to spend a night together.

Both physically and sexually.

“Y-…you want me to…to come stay?  For a bit?” you ask, your voice lightening in shock as your eyes dance around Aaron’s face.

“Only if you want,” he says, his free arm slipping around your waist as he steps closer to you.

The feeling of his body between your legs made your cheeks burn brightly.

“I-…think I would really like that,” you breathe.

“Good,” he smiles, bending his body lightly as his face starts inching closer to yours.

“B-b-but…we’re at work?” you whisper against his ghosting lips.

“I dismissed the team a while ago,” he whispers back, capturing your lips in a sensual kiss as an involuntary moan escapes your lips.

But by now, the entire team had gathered outside of Hotch’s door, listening to the sounds as Garcia’s eyebrows shoot up on her face.

“That’s why she hasn’t been going on any dates!” she whispers harshly to Derek as he chuckles to himself.

“Way to go, Aaron,” Rossi murmurs.

Feeling yours hands make their way into his hair, his arms cloak your back as your hands begin to tremble, his tongue dancing deep within your mouth as both of your breaths become heavier in the darkened room.

“Oh, god,” you gutturally groan just after Aaron breaks the kiss, his nose nuzzling the tip of yours before your eyes flutter open.

“Or maybe you could just spend the whole vacation with us,” he breathes.

“I like the sound of that,” you whisper, smiling broadly as the two of you begin to giggle.

“Come on.  Let’s get you home,” he murmurs, helping you off of his desk as he grabs for his coat, your hand reaching out for the doorknob as you swing the office door open.

And you stop in your tracks when the team comes into full-view.

“Y/N, is everyth-”

But when Aaron appears behind you, the team smirking at you both with their arms crossed around their chests, J.J. playfully shakes her head as Rossi begins to chuckle.

“You two are good, I’ll give you that,” he acknowledges.

“How long!?” Garcia squeals in shock.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hotch this shocked,” Morgan muses with a grin on his face.

Feeling the deep flush creep back up to your cheeks, you feel Aaron wrap his arm around your waist, pulling you close into his side before pressing a light kiss to the top of your forehead.

“4 months,” Aaron answers Garcia.

“Oh my god we have so much to talk about,” Garcia breathes, pushing everyone aside and grabbing yours and J.J.’s hands, “we’re ordering pizza and I have tequila and mix and oh my gosh I cannot believe you kept this a secret and there’s ice cream because you have four months of juicy gossip to fill us in on what in the world is wrong with you I-”

And as you look back at Aaron, craning your neck and pleading for him to help you, you watch him slowly become bombarded by the guys as you see Rossi put his hand on Aaron’s back, probably leading him to go have drinks and cigars.

“Y/N?” Hotch asks sternly from the balcony as you fully turn around, waiting for him to bail you out of the situation, your jaw goes slack as he says, “Leave out the beef cake parts, please.”

“OH MY GOD!” Garcia squeals, pushing you onto the elevator as you glare hard at Aaron.

A night to forget Part 2/5

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Warnings: Swearing, Cheating Maybe (?) 

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/F/S - Your favorite show

A/N - Steve meets reader and she helps him deal with life in the present until somethign tears them apart.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II  Part 4 II Part 5

The next day Y/N woke up on cloud nine. She had hardly slept the night before; she was so excited for her date with Steve today. For the past month she had been working on a gift for Steve. She got the basket all ready. Inside was an iPod filled with every noteworthy song from 1946 to 2015, and his very own copy of A Farewell to Arms (which he loved when he read it) finally she placed the last item in the basket which was the best item of all. She had compiled a pocket sized reference book for Steve that was in alphabetical order.  That way when someone made a reference around him, all he had to do we look it up and he would understand. In the front she wrote an inscription.
For my man out of time, never feel lost again.
Remember babe, home is where your heart is.
Love Y/N

It was 5:00pm; she still had a few hours before her date with Steve. She put on some music and turned on the shower. Right when she was about to step in she heard her phone ring and ran to answer it. 

“Why hello handsome” She smiled into the phone

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Relocated [7/10]

Pairing: Modern!Steve Rogers x Reader AU

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,685

Author’s Note: Holy crap, I am SO sorry for how long it’s been with this fic. I can’t believe this has been on hold for almost 5 weeks now, I can’t apologize enough! I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block with this fic, hence why it took so long. But here we are - chapter 7. Hope you enjoy!

Read chapters [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Y/N gave the bubbling pot of red sauce another stir and arched her back to glance at the wall clock to check on the time. She told Steve to get to her apartment by 7PM, so he should be arriving soon. Wiping her hands on her apron, she looked around the kitchen to make sure everything was ready for dinner. Pasta – check. Sauce – check. Salad – check. Everything was good to go. She just needed to let the sauce simmer for a bit more. Just as she was about to shoot Steve a text to ask where he was, her doorbell rang. She hurried over, stopping by the bathroom for a quick once over before she answered the door. A bouquet of roses greeted her and a pair of blue eyes peeped out from behind.

“Steve, what’s this?” she gasped.

“Well, Ma told me never to go to someone’s house empty-handed, so…” he said, thrusting the flowers forward.

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The Firework Boy

A BTS/Bangtan boys fanfiction

Summary: You catch sight of him under the light of a thousand fireworks burning light onto his face, but what happens when the embers burn out and you’re left in the darkness? You just have to find the light…

Chapter summary: Needy Jimin + Fluffy Jimin = Caught Jimin.

Chapter type: fluff, minor smut, slight angst

Chapter 9 - Coming Tomorrow

Chapter 8

You spend the next day exploring Seoul a little bit, dawdling down little markets and window shopping in the big malls- because you couldn’t really afford to buy anything when you were still paying for school. When Jimin had dropped you off the night before you’d been reluctant to let him go, and even as you were walking back to the hotel now you couldn’t help but glance in every direction hoping that you might see him.

‘Jagi, I’ll see you tomorrow…I promise. And if I come and pick you up then there wont be any chance to get caught by the others, so we’ll have the whole night to ourselves.’ he murmurs as you stand on the hotel steps, his arms around your waist and your hands on his chest, playing with his zipper on his coat as he talks and smiling to yourself as the butterflies in your stomach stir with excitement for the following night.

'I was kind of hoping we’d have some alone time tonight.’ you confess, glancing up at him shyly and pursing your lips to hide a smile when he grins at you, leaning towards you so that he could whisper in your ear.

'There’ll be plenty of time to be alone tomorrow.’ he murmurs, pressing a kiss to the skin below your ear and making you shiver in his arms, the action eliciting a chuckle from him as he pulls back to press his lips to yours instead.

'Jimin, come on!’ you hear Taehyung whine from somewhere behind you, making Jimin groan frustratedly against your mouth and his hands that were kneading your hips become a little rougher out of aggravation, making you chuckle.

'I think you have to go.’ you whisper against his lips, pulling his head back gently where your fingers had reached up to knot in his hair, and giggling when his mouth slips into a pout as it detaches from yours.

'I don’t want to.’ he grumbles, his tone so childlike that you cant help but chuckle at him, quickly kissing him on the nose before stepping out of his grasp.

'I’ll see you tomorrow night.’ you murmur, laughing louder when he grabs you and pulls you back so that he could dip you backwards and crash his lips against yours once more, holding you tightly so that you couldn’t fall.

'Okay…now i’ll go.’ he breathes, when he finally pulls away, setting you back upright and leaving you breathless as he jogs down the steps to Taehyung, shooting you a wink when he glances back before throwing his arm around Tae and walking off with a loud, boyish laugh that echoes down the street.

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“Six” part 15: Electric Love (Finale)

The events of Six and Mayday come to a conclusion at the Gala.

Spin-off of the Mayday series.

Steve x Reader

Warnings: Feels, fluff

I looked around and surveyed the room I was in. A low bungalow, in a row of low bungalows, in a shipping yard in Normandy. Everyone here was dead.

I’d changed my tactics the last month. I’d decided it wasn’t really fair to kill low level Hydra guards who didn’t have even half of the sense it would require to actually know who they were working for. So I was trying to keep those casualties to a minimum. Let’s just say, maybe some of Steve’s goodness had gotten to me. I wasn’t sure.

I’d developed a new strategy. A few weeks ago I’d cleared out a Hydra base with a large stockpile of knock-out gas. I’d decided that it needed to belong to me, along with a gas mask, and I’d just been dosing the outside guards unconscious since then, and only taking out my 36 years of aggression on the important people inside of the buildings. The guys outside, they were peons, making shit money to do a dangerous job. Maybe a little dance with near-death would change their mind. Maybe I’d run into them later and take them out of existence. It was their choice, really.

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Fresh Start

Hey, I was wondering if you could maybe do a fluffyish one shot involving Hotch x Reader. My birthday is actually next Friday [Feb 5] and I also just got out of the hospital [three day evaluation for depression]. I was wondering if maybe it could be that the reader is struggling with Depression and thinking about Suicide and Hotch notices something wrong and he helps her. I don’t know. Sorry I’m a pain in the arse :P I’m reading your stories all over again btw <3

You are not a pain in the arse!!  Never, ever think that.  I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get to this prompt, but I hope you enjoy the story.  I have merged it with another prompt I have received that is incredibly similar except for one deviance, so @lulukia and @wrecklessxdesires, this one is for you guys.  Some triggers in this story, so read with caution, please.

It had been two weeks since some random team from some government agency had come swooping in to try and save you.

It had been two weeks since your brother, who had been serial raping women throughout the city, had plunged a needle into your arm and taken you right there in the hallway of your childhood home, without any regard to the consequences of his actions.

It had been two weeks since your entire world had been turned upside down by a man you grew up with.  A little brother who had kept you safe from bullies and stood up for you at the bus stop and taken care of you when you were sick.  A little brother you had home-schooled on your own and taught how to read and re-taught how to do math while your mother popped pills and slobbered all over the bathroom floor.

The two of you never even knew where your father was half of the time.

You couldn’t believe it.  Feeling the prick in your arm as your head turned to your brother, pleading with your teary eyes as he watched you plummet to the ground before yanking off your leggings.

You ended up throwing out all of your leggings.

The team leader, a guy by the name of Aaron, had found you sprawled out in the middle of the hallway, your brother slumped in the corner after having his fill of you as his wild eyes danced around the walls.

Your little brother…

Sitting up in bed, screaming at the top of your lungs, you lunge yourself out of your bed and stumble into the kitchen, making way for the sink as you begin to throw up your meager dinner, the stomach bile eroding the scabs already forming in your throat as you retch and heave, your hand stumbling to turn on the cold water as it washes quickly over your head, soaking your hair and soothing your tear-stained face.

You couldn’t keep going like this.

This Aaron guy had taken a liking to you.  Said he could set you up in one of the unused safe-houses, furniture included, until the trial was over and you could financially get back on your feet.

You ended up cashing in all of your saved up paid vacation to get you through the trial.

“I can’t keep doing this,” you murmur to yourself as you shut off the cold water, rearing your head up as you feel the droplets of water trickle coolly down your back, running in between your shoulder blades and settling into the small of your back.

“I can’t do this anymore,” you whisper, shaking your head as the tears begin to pour.

Making your way back into the borrowed bedroom, you open your bedside drawer and pull out your journal, courtesy of a Dr…,Reid?…, reaching for your colorful pen that a girl named Peggy…or maybe it was Penny…had given you.

Aaron had been very kind to you, and you didn’t want him to be upset.

Scrawling a note to him as you place it back on the dresser drawer, you rummage around and find the strongest medication you had in the house, your Excedrin Migraine pill bottle, full to the brim as you wander out into the kitchen, throwing a cabinet open and finding the bottle of wine you had snuck in a few evenings ago.

Going into your bathroom as you set them on the counter, you slink back to bed as you set your alarm clock for 5 am.  You had it all planned out in your head.  You were going to take the pills, one by one, with a sip of wine, and while the sun was rising beautifully outside of your bedroom window, you would slowly close your eyes as you sat perched on your window sill, desperate for one last glimpse of beauty to etch itself behind your eyes before they closed for good.

You were hoping that the last glimpse of beauty would keep the ever-looming darkness away in the endless sleep you were going to provide yourself.


Knocking on the door as he shuffles on his feet, Hotch jams his hands into his pockets as the dark sky twinkles with the light of the stars.

He found that, with Jack at Jessica’s for the weekend, he couldn’t sleep without checking in on you.

Knocking once more before taking his key-ring out, he checks his watch as he sighs and shakes his head.

4:32 am.

“No wonder she’s not awake,” he murmurs to himself as he puts the key into the door lock, slowly turning the knob as he lets himself into the safe-house.

Shutting the door quietly as he locks it behind him, he jams his keys back into his pocket as he makes a beeline for your room, your bedroom door cracked ever so lightly as he slowly presses it in.

Hoping to not wake you, he resorts to just a peek, your toes poking out from under the sheets making him smile as he lets himself into the room.

Seeing you there in that hallway, where he had found you, sobbing into the carpet as the drugs had paralyzed your body wracked his brain every night.  He couldn’t shake the vision of the fear in your eyes, your leggings ripped away from your body as your brother rode his chemical high in the corner.

He still couldn’t fathom how someone could do that to their own sister.

And yet, out of all of the horrid things he has seen in his career, the vision of you laying there on the carpet seemed to wrack his mind the most.

And he couldn’t quite understand why.

It’s probably why he had become so protective of you.

As he meanders to your side of the bed, sitting down lightly on it as he watches your relaxed body slowly rise and fall with every breath you take, his eyes flicker over to the open journal, his curiosity getting the best of him when he saw his name at the top of the page.


When you see this note, I will be gone.

Furrowing his brow as he looks down at you, he moves away from the bed, the journal in his hand, as he goes and sits on a chair in the darkest corner of the room.

I need you to understand that it isn’t your fault.  For whatever reason, you feel responsible for me.  I’m a grown woman.  Well, 24 may not mean grown to you, but to this world, I am.  And I…I wake up every night with the sweats.  I do laundry every day because I sweat through everything.  There is fear in every corner of my life where there used to be sunshine.  I can’t sleep, I can hardly move, and I’m throwing up so much that my esophagus is scabbing over, making eating a chore.  I’ve lost 10 lbs, my body is tired, my soul is flightless, and my heart is broken.  The only person I ever put my trust in…the only person I ever put my heart and soul into…took everything from me the moment he jabbed that needle into my arm.

I need you to understand that I can’t live like this any longer.  This isn’t a way for anyone to live.  And it’s not your fault.  There’s nothing you could’ve done to stop this.

And I won’t apologize.  Because this is what’s best for me.

Aaron.  This is not your fault.


Reading the note over and over again as tears begin to rumble down his cheeks, he is startled by your alarm clock, the blazing beep shattering the night as your tired frame shoots up straight, beads of sweat pouring down your face as you swing your legs over the bed, your hand slapping down onto the alarm clock as you hang your head low.

You were ready.

As Aaron’s eyes watch you slowly get up from the bed, he sees the back of your pajama shirt soaked to the brim, his eyes wide with horror as he quietly watches you make your way for the bathroom.

You were in such a trance…so determined…that you didn’t even notice that your journal wasn’t on your nightstand.

As you pop open the wine bottle, Hotch furrows his brow at the sound as he watches you emerge from the bathroom, the bottle of wine in one hand and the open bottle of pills in the other.

Letting out a deep sigh, Hotch stares at you, rooted to the chair in the dark corner as he watches your lips curl around the bottle, your head throwing itself back as you take a long pull of the racy maroon liquid.

Watching the bottle drop from your mouth as you pant for air, you go over to your bed and spill some of the pills out, taking three into the palm of your hand and bring them to your face.

“No!” Hotch yells, barreling out of the chair as he comes towards you, knocking the pills out of your hand as your mouth peels open for a scream, your body shaking with terror at the sudden appearance of him as you feel the wine bottle fall from your hands, clattering to the ground as your back rams into the wall, Hotch’s body pressed firmly against yours as your wild eyes flail around the room, your breath picking up as your heart races.

“Stop!  No!  Please!” you yelp, your sobs distorting your words as Hotch lets go of your hands, bringing them up to cup your face as he sinks down with your shaking body, his eyes level with yours as his face finally comes into your view.

“Y/N!  Y/N!  It’s me.  It’s Aaron.  Sssshhhhh…”

Feeling your breathing finally even out as your jaw unhinges, you find him staring intently into your eyes, fresh tears brimming at the rims as your chest begins to heave.

“When did you…?”

“Y/N…” he whispers, leaning his forehead into yours as he drops his hands, his arms wrapping around your body as he pulls you close, peeling you from the floor as he hoists you up and guides you back over to the chair in the dark, sitting you on his lap as your face buries itself into the crook of his neck.

Sitting there in the dark as the sunrise begins to crest the hills, slowly flooding its beautiful rays into your darkened room, you feel your eyes drooping to the rhythmic combing of his fingers through your hair as you feel him take a deep breath in, his chest raising up against your body.

“We need to get you some help,” he finally says.

The problem was you knew he was right.  You were willing to take your own life without ever letting anyone on to it.  No divvying up of possessions.  No talk of it beforehand.  No attempting to seek help yourself.  You were completely content in just…stopping.

But you didn’t know what to say.

So you just kept quiet.

“There’s a wonderful place up the road, right here in the middle of town.  I know the woman that runs the place.  She, uh…she’s very nice, and I’m sure that they would provide plenty of help to help you get back on your feet,” he continues.

But you still continued to stay silent.

“Or, if you don’t want to stay somewhere, you could…um…you could continue to stay here, in the safe-house, provided that we find you someone that you could talk to a few times a week.  I mean, I would make sure you were closely monitored for a time, but that’s an alternative, if you don’t want to be checked in somewhere,” he adds.

And still…silence.

“Y/N,” he whispers, “please talk to me.”

“Why were you here before 5?” you croak.

Now it was time for Hotch to be silent.

“I set the alarm for 5 specifically so no one would be here.  Why…why were you in the corner watching me?” you ask, raising your heavy head up and looking at him with your red, puffy eyes.

“I uh…I just…”

Studying his face as he sighs heavily, he rests his forehead on your shoulder as he slowly press your cheek into his hair.

“I just couldn’t stop thinking about you.  About how you must not be sleeping, and about how terrified and alone you must feel.  So I just…came over,” he states.

Nodding slowly as you move your lips into his hair, you lightly kiss the top of his head as he slowly rears back up, his eyes dancing across your face as you bring your hand up to cup his cheek.

“I can’t burden your life any longer,” you say, shaking your head slowly side to side as Hotch’s eyebrows furrow tight.

“But you’re not a burden,” he says.

“So you do this with every violated woman you come across?  You put them up in one of the FBI’s safe-houses and stock her fridge with food and come over several times a week to eat and check up on her and then randomly sit in a dark corner and watch her sleep, ironically on the morning that she decides she no longer wants to live?”

The sentiment made him wince.

“There are people in this world who want you to live,” Hotch says.

“Name one,” you say matter-of-factly.

“Me,” he says without missing a beat.

“You don’t even know me,” you reply incredulously, furrowing your brow as your confused eyes dance across his face.

“And I won’t be able to if you kill yourself,” he responds.

The idea left you speechless.

“It’s your choice,” he whispers as he pushes some hair out of your face, tucking it behind your ear.

Weighing your options as you sit there silently on his lap, you bring your hand up to your face before removing it to pinch the bridge of your nose.

“I think that…I would probably thrive better in the safe-house while going and seeing someone a few times a week,” you breathe.

“You’d be under protective detail if you did that,” Hotch says, “meaning, I would have to tell the team what has happened so that they would understand why I’m requesting it.”

“I-…I understand,” you say sheepishly.

“Any reason why you don’t want to go to a facility?  I could still come and visit as often as I could,” he says.

“Do you want me to go to one?” you shoot back.

“You just don’t seem very confident in the decision that you’ve chosen.  I want to know why being checked in seems worse to you,” he explains.

“I’m…I’m scared that…that if I, if I go to a center and…you know, have myself checked in that I’ll…I’ll…”

Sighing as you feel the tears brewing once more, you feel Hotch lower his hand onto yours as he wraps his fingers around it, squeezing tightly, silently urging you to go on.

“I’m scared that I’ll never want to leave,” you whisper, your lip trembling as you close your eyes.

And as Hotch pulls you back to him, your body cuddling in close as his strong arms lace themselves around you, you begin to sob into his neck once again, your words becoming muddled by the warmth of his skin against your lips.

“Why?” you sob into his skin, “Why me?”

Interference (pt 3)

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Officer!Jimin x Reader AU

”What the fuck do you think you’re trying to play at Kim Taehyung?”

Once his partner agreed on behalf of both of them, he was up and dragging Taehyung with him to discuss about his little outburst. His fingers curled around the front of the younger’s uniform collar, pressing him further into the wall as he glared into the laxed blank eyes of his co-worker.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind being reduced to ‘some identity theft agency’ to help out one girl for a little while,” Taehyung spoke firmly without waver, staring straight into the glowering eyes of Jimin’s, “But this is your chance, you need to get used to having a woman around, for God’s sake Jimin, you’re always walking around with a stick up your ass, take this as a little side job off work.”

“And don’t say ‘but’, the others are capable of working on the cases, one break won’t kill you.”

Jimin sighs shakily, ruffling his orange hair vigorously, “You know full well that I can't…”

“I know, that’s why I’m saying only for a little bit, if you really can’t then fine she can go to an actual identity theft agency,” he sighs, placing a comforting hand on the older’s shoulder.

They return to find you sitting idly where they had left you, kicking your feet back and forth like a child, your fingers pressing lightly against your forehead. When you spot them, you’re immediately standing with your hands held behind your back, crossing your fingers in hope, and holding your breath awaiting their answer.

Jimin looks over you once more, disgust filling him when he glances over your body clad in regular jeans and a plain tee. Exhaling dramatically, he nodded towards his partner and turned to leave.

“He said okay,” Taehyung beamed, motioning excitedly for you to follow as they lead you to their car, “We’re still technically clocked in, so you’ll be able to meet the whole gang~”

“Don’t worry though, they’re not as tight up the ass as Jiminie here is,” he reassures before pausing, thinking for a moment before shaking his hand dismissively, “On second thought one of them can be a little bit of a cold one, but he’s a big teddy bear, just don’t wake him up when he’s napping.”

“Yoongi-hyung is gonna choke you to death if he ever finds out you just called him a teddy bear,” Jimin points out bluntly as they get in the car with you in the back seat.

You watch in fascination as they talk like they’ve been friends forever, the screen divider blocking you from their world. The orange-haired man seems to forget your presence as you notice how lax his shoulders are compared to back at the hospital.

“You know.. she’s gonna have to stay with us.”

You have to place your hand on the divider to prevent your face from slamming into the glass screen when Jimin slams his foot on the breaks.

He pulls over with a screeching stop, his knuckles draining into a pasty white the tighter he grips the steering wheel as he slowly turns his head to squint at his partner. His mouth twitches as he glances at your confused face before glaring back at Taehyung.

“What do you mean.. she’s going to stay with us?”

“It’s exactly what I mean, you’re not that stupid Jiminie,” the younger sighs, pausing when the latter glares at him, “I hope you weren’t thinking of dropping her in some cheap, crusty old motel, and I’m sure the rest of the guys don’t want some stranger to be living with them until she can pick herself back up.”

“You’re forgetting that she’s also a stranger to us!” Jimin reasons, frowning when Taehyung shakes his head.

“I’m aware of that, but she’s got nothing hyung, she has no clue about who she is, what makes you think she’s going to know what to do with herself when there’s nothing for her to salvage, that’s why we’re going to help her.”

As they argue, you can only watch them in confusion, their mouths moving but no sound penetrating through the glass protector that separates you from their conversation. However, based on the stress and frustration that twists Jimin’s face and the subtle glances he shoots you, you’re able to deduce that they’re talking about you.

Taehyung looks oddly calm compared to the older male, eyes drilling back into the other’s glower.

It doesn’t take long in their staring contest, desperate to one up each other, until Jimin sighs and silently admits his defeat with his head hung low before continuing to drive to the precinct in a pregnant silence that makes all three passengers in the car tense with awkwardness.

As soon as the emergency brake is locked into place and Jimin yanks the key out of the ignition, he’s shoving the door open and close with a reverberating slam before stalking into the building. Taehyung is left to open your door with an apologetic smile, leading you through the double doors and past the front desk to a room full of desks, a separate room in the far corner probably the leader of the division’s office you hypothesize, as he leads you towards where Jimin is seated and grumbling to two other detectives.

One of them has honey brown hair, noticeable dimples you spot when he smirks at you, and he towers over you from what you can deduce from his lanky figure. The other has darker brown hair, just as tall as the other and looking like a prince in your eyes. There’s something elegant about the man as they all turn their attention to you and Taehyung.

“Is this the girl?”

Taehyung steps up, giving the two men a nod, “Yup, oh this is our unit’s leader, the brains of all six of us, Kim Namjoon.. and the pretty boy is our precious princess, Kim Seokjin, and the other two are-”

Seokjin steps in, smacking the younger upside the back of his head with a frown, displeased with his nickname, “Hoseok and Yoongi are out on a call, but you’ll meet them eventually… ah but I don’t think you’ve introduced yourself yet.”

“I’m sorry, along with my memories, my name has gone.. I don’t remember it-”

“See, useless, I tried convincing him but Tae is a stubborn one,” Jimin interrupts bluntly, his eyes meet yours briefly before he turns away and focuses on organizing his desk, “A complete waste of our time.”

Namjoon frowns and kicks his rolling chair, the younger wheezes as the desk pushes into his torso. When the other turns with a glare, he meets his gaze equally, reprimanding him with a condescending narrow of his eyes before dipping his head towards her, “I apologize for his rude behavior, but you’re gonna have to get used to his bitchy attitude if these two are to help you regain your memories.”

Seokjin sighs a little overdramatically as he adds in like a disappointed mother, “Poor boy is on his period every day so please bear with his mood swings.”

“Hey!” Jimin protests, pushing himself away from the desk and spinning until he can face the eldest, fuming with a childish pout on his face. He’s about to say something, but the way Seokjin challenges his glare has him backing down with his tail in between his legs like a mutt.

“It’s still light out, why don’t you take her out to see the crime scene,” Seokjin suggests once Jimin turns away and continues to busy himself with fixing up the surface of his desk, “I’m sure the boss won’t mind Jimin finally taking a break off work.”

And that’s how you find yourself back in the car with Jimin and Taehyung, driving to God knows where with Taehyung driving and Jimin being a pouty little child in the passenger seat, his arms crossed over his chest and grumbling something you can’t hear through the glass divider.

He barely spares you a glance when they stop the car at an opening of an alley, exiting the car and disappearing into the darkness of the narrow pathway. The brunette is once again left to open your door and kindly guides you through the alley with a hand curled loosely around your wrist.

The alley is a part of an outside market, the backs of shops making up the borders with storage that couldn’t fit inside left in plastic packages and stacks outside their respective door. However, among the items, you can spot the contrast of bright yellow barricade tape with the words “keep out” printed boldly continuously along the surface. Inside the barricade it forms, there’s an outlined body of white masking tape, a grey blotch of what might’ve been your blood at the head.

You don’t hesitate, your feet approaching the yellow tape barrier, carefully ducking your upper body under the line and crouching down beside the dried spot of what was your puddle of blood.

Carefully running your fingers over your temple, the soft layers of gauze keeping you from the wound beneath, you slowly lower your hand to the outline. As your fingers touch the pavement, your head throbs painfully and your vision distorts.

In and out of reality, images flash before your eyes. Your gaze is still downcast, but in your hand is a pocket knife, your hand shaking as your fingers curl tightly around the handle.

In reality you can faintly hear the concerned voices of Taehyung and even Jimin who is aggravatingly calling you “pervert” for a lack of a better name.

The flashes continue despite their voices, like a strobe light, the knife still clutched in your hand before you look up and there’s a dark silhouette in front of you. Instead of daylight, it’s nighttime and the only source of light being the moon above.

A loud bang echoed throughout the alley, your ears began ringing and the voices of your companions are drowned out. The flashes between memory and reality stop and you find yourself in your memory, your vision blurring as your hand drops the knife to touch your forehead. Pain blooms and spreads from the area like a wildfire, your brain barely registering the next events that happen.

Blood smears against your skin before your senses fail and you’re falling to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

A clink of metal grabs your attention before a gun skids towards you, stopping right beside your hand. Your limb feels extremely heavier than you remember when your hand reaches to grab the weapon. You can barely feel the sleek silver against your numbed senses as you shakily try to point it at the retreating shoes.

Black paints your vision, eyelids growing heavier by the second, before the gun slips out of your hand and your arm falls boneless. The ringing in your ears fade and you can only hear your ragged breathing accompanied by the clicks of the heels walking away from you as you slip out of consciousness.

You’re shaken out of the memory, hands on your shoulders, your head thrown back and forth the longer they rock you vigorously. Vision fuzzy, you squint and manage to make out the face of Taehyung as you clutch your still pulsating forehead.

He notices your pain and comes to a halt, helping you sit up and lean against one of the back doors of a shop.

“You okay?” he asks, searching through your hazy eyes for answers as he starts waving his hand in front of your face quickly, “You kind of blacked out there.”

“I’m fine Taehyung-ssi,” you answer bluntly, managing a slight upturn of your lips before grabbing his hand to halt his dizzying movements.

He cracks a crooked smile, slightly rectangular, as he sits back, “Hey now, we’re gonna be living together for a while, so get used to calling us without any honorifics.”

Before you can respond however, another voice is cutting you off.

“Did you get a memory?”

You snap up, gazing passed his shoulder and catching the narrowed eyes of Jimin who has his arms crossed over his chest. He’s leaned against the door across from yours, his expression looking as though he’s at a party he was forced into attending by his parents. Holding your stare, he raises an eyebrow, expecting an answer.

“Miss pervert we don’t have all day, did you have a memory or not? Or do you need to be sent back to the hospital? Because I sure as hell will assure you that I have no objection to leaving you there.”

Blood rising to your cheeks, you glare at him halfheartedly at the reappearance of the nickname, “I’m not a pervert!”

“Then why are you always staring at me, huh? Am I that good-looking?”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” you spit back, pushing away the contradiction in your mind that Jimin was, in fact, very handsome.

“And yes.. I did have a memory.”

Crèature de la Nuit (Calum - 6.4k words)

A/N: This is my first time posting my writing on tumblr, so please tell me what you think. Happy Holidays!! Also, I just want to thank lilachealyirwinut, and rebelical for being the ones to support me while I was writing this. I wouldn’t be posting this if it wasn’t for you guys. Love you xx

“Yeah, baby harder,” she moans loudly as he thrusts deeply into her, his lips leaving their mark on her skin.

Scarlet and chestnut colored eyes close in pleasure as euphoria tingles every nerve in their bodies, the only sounds are skin slapping against skin and mewls filling the room.

“Fuck I’m close,” he groans into her neck as his thrusts begin to become sloppy. She opens her eyes at his words and pulls his head to hers, pressing her lips passionately against his before whispering, “Come for me baby.”

Her soft command sends him over the edge, groaning her name as he empties all he can offer into her.

Calum shoots up from his bed, his body covered in sweat and his boxers wet. “Shit,” he murmurs to himself, running a hand through his raven, blonde-streaked hair before getting up to change. This is the tenth time in the last month he’s had this dream and he wants nothing but for it to stop.

His brain is always clouded with her although he doesn’t understand why. He’s never met her or seen her around yet just the thought of her voice..her touch makes his heart stammer and his cock rock hard. How can someone you’ve never met have such an impact on you?

Once Calum pulls on a fresh pair of boxers, he looks over at his alarm clock, the bright digital numbers reading 4:05 am. He sighs heavily and decides since he has to be up in an hour anyway, he might as well get an early start to the day.

Pulling on his work uniform, he begins to quickly tread the ten minute walk from his home to the old record store he’s been working at for a few months now, trying to get out of the winter chill.

As he unlocks the shop door and steps inside, Calum’s thoughts are once again entranced by his constant dream. Images of her back arching off the bed and breathy moans fill his brain until he can’t stand it anymore. Before turning on the lights, he texts the one person he knows he shouldn’t.

4:45 (1) Outgoing:

Hey man, I got $30 on a pint. Meet me at the store in an hour?

Calum anxiously waits for a reply as he clocks in and continues to open shop. During that time his boss, Mr. Blaire, comes in surprised to see his usually unpunctual employee behind the register.

“You’re here early, Hood,” he says as he walks toward his office.

“Decided to try something new today, Sir,” Calum replies, glancing at his phone in his lap.

“You should try it more often. Might notice a bigger pay,” he calls before stepping into the small side room and shutting the door.

Calum would’ve reacted to his employer’s words if it had not been for the text that pops up on his lock screen at the same time.

5:10 (1) Crash:

Yeah. Meet me out back in 15.

The time is filled with Calum selling a few girls some The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys LPs until he steps through the back door into the dank alleyway, where Crash is waiting.

Crash could be described as your standard bad boy. His caramel skin marked with various tattoos, his strongly built jawline covered in stubble. His dark hair is spiked in a quiff and his lean body, like any other day, is dressed in black matched with biker boots.

“Since when do you need a fix so soon?” Crash questions, leaning against the brick of the building.

Calum shrugs and ponders the inquiry himself. He usually only meets with the dealer every three or four months or so, not wanting to get addicted to the illegal substance commonly known as “V”.

“I guess I’m hoping it’ll stop this dream I’ve been having,” he replies more to himself than to the man in front of him.

Crash’s eyebrows shoot up at his words before he replies, “Dream?”

Calum nods, putting his hands in his pockets. “Yeah I keep dreaming of this girl and it’s driving me insane. I’d rather be high than have to deal with it.”

“This won’t help you, mate. Trust me.”

Calum’s eyebrows furrow at Crash and waits for him to elaborate, but when he doesn’t he just shrugs his words off.

“Whatever, I’ll take my chances.”

Crash bites his tongue and once the exchange is made, Crash disappears from sight and Calum walks back inside the shop with his drug of choice in the inside of his jacket.

Calum continues to work until about five before Mr. Blaire says he can go.

“I’ll close up shop today. It’s been a slow day and I don’t expect anyone else to come in,” he says before Calum thanks him, clocks out, and heads home eager to use the packet near his chest.

As soon as he steps through his front door, he bounds over to the couch, pulling his needles from under it and the drug out of its confines.

“V” isn’t just another street drug such as cocaine or heroine. Its name is short for vampire blood and although unorthodox to most, it gives its’ user a high unlike any other, something Calum is craving at the moment.

However, one thing he didn’t know is that “V” does more than make you feel zoned out for a while, but we’ll come back to that later.

Calum eyes the maroon liquid for a moment until he connects his needle to the dispenser at the top, letting it fill a little less than half way, only enough to have a short high, before injecting it into his veins. His eyelashes flutter at the sensation, his pupils beginning to dilate as the substance swims through his body.

He sighs at the rush he’s experiencing, leaning back and staring at the wall for a moment, the usually still structure curving in a way that makes him chuckle to himself.

At first, Calum feels nothing but at peace until he hears a voice in his head, her voice. His body stiffens subconsciously as she says to someone, “I’d rather not go. Clubbing is the last thing on my mind.” A muffled reply resounds through his ears before she sighs and he swears he can taste her sweet breath on his tongue. “Alright, alright I’ll go this once but after that no more.”

Then just as it comes, her words fade out and are replaced with the same scene Calum is trying to run away from. This time, it seems to be more vivid. Like she was actually moaning his name in his ear and grasping at his clammy skin.

It feels like forever before the dream finally stops, his chest heaving up and down. Calum still feels some of the effects of the substance in his body as he sits up, puts everything away, and goes to the bathroom, splashing cool water on his face. He stares at his reflection for a few moments, trying to figure out what just happened.

What the fuck?” Calum asks himself. “When did I start having the dream consciously? Why did it feel more real than usual? How in the hell did I hear her? What does this mean?

He tries to think back to the multiple occasions he’s gotten high and confirms nothing that intense has ever occurred. Calum shakes his head a bit, trying to get the rest of the narcotic out of his system. When he realizes that won’t work, he decides to jump in the shower, hoping the hot water will do the trick.

Quickly undressing, he steps in and turns the tap, calefacient water falling above him. As the shower head helps relax him and the steam rises, Calum closes his eyes in content but as soon as he does he regrets it. For as his eyes shut, a soft touch of something can be felt on his back. Lips.

He jumps away from the spraying water, looking behind him to see there was nothing there, but the kisses don’t stop. Soft and gentle, they make their way from the center of his muscled back to his shoulder until they reach his neck, nipping at the skin in a way that almost makes Calum moan out.

His brain automatically registers the mouth moving against him as hers, like knowing every part of her is second nature.

Calum blinks a few times, before his sight turns red. And then the color transforms into eyes he knows like the back of his hand. She steps away from him a little, his gaze still transfixed on her lustful one. Her pale, beautiful body stands before his, her entirety covered in water droplets from the shower head. She leans down and continues to kiss him everywhere she can, the feeling of her lips continuing to invade his body until they reach his lips, crashing against his own.

On instinct, his eyes shut tight and his lips react with hers. Hands grip at his hair, pulling tightly on the root, emitting a moan from him. His hands feel for another being, before colliding with cold, soft skin.

“Calum…” A feminine voice whispers in his ear. His hands wrap around her waist, pulling her body flush against his own. Her icy skin instantly soothing his.

“I’m gonna do it, Calum…” She whispers again, before releasing a giggle. Her lips attach to his neck once again, sucking & nipping on the warm flesh. He doesn’t question what she’s going to do even though he knows he should and just as the clouds in his head fade a little, a sharp pain shoots from his neck all the way down his body.

The sudden burn causes Calum to yell out and seconds later he’s stumbling out of the shower, holding his neck. Rubbing at the source of the ache he tries to feel a bite mark, but when he only feels wet, smooth skin he faces the tub again and nothing but tile is staring back at him. He remains frozen for a few moments until he realizes water is getting all over the floor and turns the shower off, wraps a towel around his waist, and leaves the bathroom even more rattled than before.


Calum paces around his bedroom still in his towel from earlier, phone in hand.

7:45 (1) Outgoing:

Crash, what the hell was in the batch you gave me?

7:47 (1) Crash:

Nothing. Just the usual. If this has to do with your dream again, I told you that shit wouldn’t help.

7:47 (1) Outgoing:

You never gave me a reason why it wouldn’t. I need answers.

7:50 (1) Crash:

I can’t tell you anything. I’ve got my own ass to protect and the less you know, the better.

If you’re so desperate for answers, find them yourself.

7:50 (1) Outgoing:

Protect your own ass? From what?

When he doesn’t reply, Calum knows this conversation is over and he sighs before plopping down on his bed. Crash’s words cloud his head for a long moment. “If you’re so desperate for answers, find them yourself.” He mentally goes through all of contacts, trying to find one person that would know what’s happening to him. Calum almost gives up until he thinks of a name, quickly sits up and dials a number, cursing himself for not going to him before. The phone rings for a few seconds until the other line picks up.

“Long time, no talk, Hood! Who do I owe this lovely call to?” Michael says, sarcasm dripping from his words.

Calum sighs before replying, “I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I’m hoping you can help me out with something.”

“You don’t speak to me in what–a year–and suddenly you want me to do something for you?

You’ve got to be joking.”

“Please, it’s important.”

Michael’s heavy sigh comes through the receiver until he says, “Fine. I’m going to Eclipse in a couple of hours, meet me there.”

“Okay, thank you.”


Michael ends the call and Calum places his phone down, standing up to change.


Now clad in a blue button down shirt and black skinny jeans, Calum stands outside of a popular club in town for humans and others that aren’t his kind. Flashing the bouncer his ID, he enters the loud club, moving past dancing bodies in the dimly lit building, trying to find the person he came here for.

Calum continues to search until he feels his phone vibrate in his pocket. Pulling it out, he reads a message from Michael.

10:05 (1) Michael:

In the back, mate.

His eyebrows furrow at the screen before he makes his way to the back of the club, finally spotting Michael sitting in a booth, surrounded by a group of people, the pale boy’s hair a different color than the last time he saw him.

“You’re a redhead now huh?” Calum says over the music as he sits next to Michael.

Michael chuckles and replies, “I think it suits me, Hood.”

A girl in a tight, short dress approaches with some drinks and sits on Michael’s lap, handing him one before running her manicured hand through his dyed hair. He smirks up at her before returning his gaze to Calum.

“And I think the ladies agree,” he says taking a sip of the red liquid in his glass, an odd smell coming off the drink.

“What is that?” Calum asks, looking up at him. Just as he does, the strobe lights moving overhead shine over Michael and he notices his eyes aren’t the green he remembers they once were. Instead they’re a deep maroon shade in the glow of the club. His eyes widen as he realizes what his friend has become. Calum’s eyes flicker to the drink in the girl’s hand, seeing it’s the same as Michael’s.

“It’s not human blood if that’s what you think,” Mikey chuckles, “merely a substitute. Tru Blood®.”

“When did did you..”

“A lot can happen in a year, mate.”

“When you texted me and told me where you were, did you know I was here? Did you use your powers?”

Michael nods and smiles, “I’m surprised we didn’t experience any vampire powers considering the amount of times we got high together.”

Calum gives him a confused look and Michael sighs before whispering in his lady-friend’s ear, sending her off somewhere.

“ “V” does way more than just make your head go up in the clouds for a while. Since joining this…community, I’ve been able to learn way more about it and its side effects than I knew when I was human.“

"What kinds of side effects?”

“Well they’re all vampire powers such as telepathic ability, psychic abilities, increased speed, dreams, vision enhancement, strength–,” Michael lists before Calum cuts him off.

“Dreams? What kind of dreams?”

“I’m sure you’re well aware of what kind of dreams, mate. I could sense you had one over the damn phone earlier.”

Michael laughs and sips his drink as Calum’s cheeks turn a shade of pink.

“I was trying to get them to stop by using the thing that was causing them,” Calum murmurs to himself before speaking to Michael again, “Why do they occur?”

Michael opens his mouth to answer, but his gaze drifts into the crowd of dancing bodies, a smile crossing his face. “I don’t think I’m the right person to tell you that, mate. But I know someone who is.”

Calum turns in the direction Michael is looking, seeing his friend’s date returning to the booth with a small group, a guy and two girls, following her. As they walk closer, he sees the boy holding hands with the girl directly behind him, obviously a couple. But when as he looks at the second girl, her head is down, long hair covering her face, and he has an automatic understanding that she doesn’t want to be here.

“Cal, this is Marcus, Daenerys, and [y/n].” Michael says as his date sits back down on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. [y/n] raises her head when her name is spoken and Calum’s heart almost beats out of his chest.

Her beautiful face is one he’s only seen in his head, in his dreams. The scarlet of her eyes seems to be even more enticing in person, specks of gold floating in the crimson sea.

“Is he okay?” Marcus asks Michael as they all stare at Calum gawking at the beauty before him.

Michael chuckles as he speaks, “Yeah he’s fine. We were actually just talking about something and I figured [y/n] could help him out.”

[y/n]’s face twists in confusion until she turns to stare at Calum for a brief moment. He somehow feels her presence in his mind, reading his thoughts to understand what Michael’s talking about.

I didn’t think you were real..” Calum thinks, focusing on her as a gasp escapes her throat, his thought ringing through her ears.

“How did you know I was reading your mind?” Her sweet voice questions authoritatively.

Calum replies immediately, “I-I could feel it. I don’t know why but I could.”

“He’s a User isn’t he?” Daenerys speaks up, her sight focusing from Calum to [y/n].

She nods in reply before cocking her head to the side. “Let’s go somewhere where they can't hear us. I’ll tell you everything you want to know,” she telepathically says to him.

[y/n] holds out a hand to Calum and he immediately takes it, eager to touch the girl he’s craved for ages. When his skin touches hers, a feeling that can only be described as static electricity courses through them. They both gasp at the feeling before she pulls away, cradling her hand and staring at it curiously.

It seems we have more of a connection than normal Users and vampires do.

She makes her way to the middle of the dance floor, effortlessly creating a path for herself and Calum to walk through. A mix of The Weeknd’s “High For This” begins to play and [y/n]’s hips move to the beat in ways he’s only imagined.

Calum pulls her backside to his front, his large hands clutching the fabric of her black, lace dress like it’s the last thing he’ll ever touch. [y/n] grinds her body against him briefly until she turns to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Calum groans at the loss of friction, causing her to chuckle a little before her features become serious again.

“I supply my blood to Crash, which he gives to his..clients. Clients, like yourself, have dreams of the vampire whose blood was used to make the "V” they’re getting off on,“ she says loud enough in Calum’s ear so that only he can hear. "You could say the vampire and the human have a connection, but it’s usually just a few dreams here and there.”

“Why are mine about you so intense? They usually feel like more visions or strong hallucinations rather than dreams.”

[y/n] shrugs, “I don’t know. I’ve never experienced anything like this in all my years. Also, supplying is fairly new to me. Your visions are very intriguing though.”

“They are?”

She nods as her lips curve into a smirk, “I saw some images of your most recent one in your brain. I think it went something like this.” [y/n] presses herself even closer to Calum and begins to place unhurried kisses up his neck, the softness of her lips causing his breath to become unsteady. “Or this.” She returns to his ear and gently nibbles on the lobe.

A low growl vibrates from Calum’s throat and his hold on her tightens. “You better stop if you don’t plan on finishing what you started, Babe.”

[y/n] pulls back just far enough for her lustful eyes to meet his. “Who said I wasn’t planning on finishing?” She cocks an eyebrow at him before removing herself from him and heading towards the exit. He immediately follows her outside like a lost puppy begging for a treat.

Before Calum can even get a word out, she’s already walking towards her parked silver bugatti.

“You drove this here?” he gapes, “What if someone stole it?”

[y/n] lightly chuckles, unlocks the car and says as she gets into the driver’s side, “Trust me, there’s more where this came from.”

Calum’s thoughts divert to the tightening in his jeans and decides to not ask anymore questions, hopping into the passenger seat. As soon as he shuts the door, she speeds off down the street, taking sharp turns and ignoring stop lights until she gets to her destination.

“Damn woman!” he exclaims, slowly releasing his harsh grip on the dashboard. “Do you always drive like that?”

Once again, his question causes her to laugh. “What’s the point of driving safely when you're immortal? Now come on.”

She’s out of the car and at the door of the apartment complex in an instant, giggling as Calum tries to catch up with her. Leading him into the building and onto the elevator, they end up going to the top floor and stepping into a gigantic penthouse.

The huge space is decorated with expensive IKEA furniture, and thick black curtains hang from the sides of the large bay windows.

Calum eyes them and wonders whether the myth about vampires being burned alive by sunlight is actually true.

“Sunlight doesn’t burn us. It just irritates our eyes to the point that we get horrible headaches. It’s similar to how humans feel when they have a really bad hangover,” [y/n] says suddenly, obviously reading his thoughts.

He turns to face her and laughs a little. “What about the myth that vampires lure their prey in by making them believe they want them? Is that true?”

She moves directly in front of him and steps closer until there’s only a inch of space between their bodies. “Some vampires do,” she voices in a whisper, “others just miss what it feels like to be human.” [y/n] moves her hands up to his shirt and begins to unbutton the buttons, feeling his tan skin as she does so. “Some of us like to remember what it was like to have warmth radiating off of us,” she pauses and places a hand over his heart, feeling it thud at a fast pace, “what it's like to still have a beating be vulnerable instead of constantly being indestructible.”

[y/n] returns her gaze to Calum’s for a brief moment until he reaches up and cups her beautiful cold face in his hands, bends down, and lightly presses his lips to hers, the electrifying sensation from when they touched at the club coursing through them once again. He pulls back a few seconds later, gauging her reaction before her hands shift to wrap around the back of his neck and she kisses him again with all she has.

Their kiss deepens, becoming more passionate by the second and it’s everything Calum imagined it would be. His touch moves from her face to her back as he pulls her impossibly closer, one hand creeping a little lower to squeeze her ass as she moans her approval into his mouth.

Once both of them are having trouble breathing, she breaks their contact and unbuttons the rest of his shirt, practically ripping it off him. [y/n] places her lips to his neck all the way to his collarbone, sucking and nipping at the skin. Calum closes his eyes and groans deeply at the feeling before lifting her from the back of her thighs, her legs wrapping around his waist, and asks, “W-which way–mmm fuck–to the bedroom?”

She only pauses her actions for a few seconds to murmur, “Upstairs, second door on the left," before she’s back to imprinting her mark into his flesh. Calum doesn’t know how he manages to make it all the way up the staircase with her touching him the way she is but before he knows it, he’s placing her on a king-sized bed and crawling on top of her.

Clothes become strewn all over the floor until they’re both naked and Calum can’t help but stare at her body for a long moment.

"’re so gorgeous,” he says softly and kisses her again, his lips then travel down her throat, in between her breasts and down her stomach until they reach the spot she’s yearning for him to touch. “You want to feel vulnerable, Baby?” He questions, slowly kissing the inside of her thighs. All [y/n] can do is moan and nod in response, watching his every move with impatient eyes.

Calum makes sure he holds eye contact with her as he lightly slides his tongue up her slit, collecting the arousal there. “Fuck you taste delicious,” he says before diving in again, eating her like she’s the last meal he’ll ever have.

She shudders and grips the sheets, moaning out his name every time she catches a breath. Her hips buck up hard as he sucks on her clit, the action almost taking her over the edge. “Cal-Calum I’m–I’m close.” At her words, he sucks on her harder and presses a finger into her entrance, easily finding her g-spot and thrusting against it.

Only moments later, she screams his name and ecstasy tingles every nerve in her body that she thought had died long ago. [y/n] completely loses control of herself and her fangs emerge from her gums as she continues to writhe. Calum’s eyes widen at her extended canines, but admires her and he licks her clean, his tongue causing the aftershocks of her release to last longer.

He watches her struggle to focus on retracting her fangs and catch her breath for a little while longer, loving the way her body shakes from her high before making his way back to her face.

“Feel human yet?” Calum speaks with a smirk crossing his features, his lips brushing against hers.

“Not quite.” [y/n] whispers back, stealing a kiss as she lets her hands wander down to his hard, flushed length. A moan erupts from his chest and into her mouth when she gently pumps him a few times, allowing more precum to coat his tip. [y/n] continues to stroke him as they share another heated kiss before she breaks it and says, “However, I think this might just do the trick.”

Calum pulls away from her, allowing her to get more comfortable on the bed and within seconds, he positions himself at her core. He teases her a bit, rubbing his head up and down her slit, loving the way she whines for more. “Come onn.”

He eventually gives in and pushes into her, both of them moaning at the sensation. Calum slowly pulls back out before bringing himself deeper into her pussy. Their fingers intertwine as he continues to thrust into her, sweat beginning to form on his brow.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” he groans above [y/n], her mewls causing him to go faster. He’s never wanted to pleasure someone so much in his life, but watching her in ecstasy and knowing he was the cause of it just felt right. Like this was supposed to happen, almost like the puzzle pieces were finally connected.

[y/n] begins to clench more frequently around Calum, her release building quicker than it did the first time. Knowing she’s close, he lets go of one of her hands to rub his thumb against her already sensitive clit.

His actions ignite the fire inside her and [y/n] falls apart for the second time that night, her back arching as she screams. Calum comes moments after, a mix of profanities and pet names falling from his lips.

They ride out their highs together a little while longer before he pulls out and lies next to her, completely exhausted. Once she can breathe steadily again, [y/n] breaks the silence.

“Cal?” she speaks tiredly to the man beside her. [y/n] turns her head towards him to see his eyes are closed and knows he’s on the verge of unconsciousness.


“You made me feel….alive…you made me…feel human..,” her words drift off into the soft sounds of slumber, but Calum hears her loud and clear.

Managing to find some energy, he pulls her toward his chest and wraps his arms securely around her before letting sleep take him under.


The next morning, Calum awakes to an empty bed and the smell of food wafting through the penthouse. Walking into the kitchen, he finds [y/n] standing over the stove in only his shirt from the previous night, automatically loving the way she looks in it. Making his way over to her, his lips place a number of chaste kisses on her exposed neck as he snakes his arms around her waist.

“Good morning to you too,” she giggles and looks at him from the corner of her eye, before she scrambles the eggs in the pan in front of her and places them on two plates already filled with pancakes and bacon.

“How early did you have to wake up to make all this?” Calum questions, letting go of her to eat off of one of the plates.

[y/n] opens the fridge, getting out two pitchers before she replies, “Just a few minutes before you did. Vampires are fast creatures remember?”

“How could I forget, you practically time traveled from your car to the complex last night. What's in the pitchers?”

“’s juice,” she says whilst pouring orange juice into a glass, “and the other’s Tru Blood®,” pouring another glass of the substitute for herself.

[y/n] simultaneously slides him his glass and drinks from hers. “Can you pass me my plate?”

Calum does as she asks and watches her curiously, wondering how a vampire can eat human food.

“As long as I have a healthy diet of blood in my system, I can eat whatever I want,” she voices out loud, a knowing smile carving onto her lips.

“You can still read my mind?” Calum tries to focus on her thoughts, but doesn’t hear anything but silence.

[y/n] shakes her head, “I think that wore off the second my blood left your system. Your staring simply gave away what you were thinking about.”

“Hmm. Well what am I thinking about now?” Calum asks, a smirk growing on his face.

She eyes the messy-haired and shirtless man in front of her before speaking again, “I don't know. What would a curious human like yourself want to know?”

They stare at one another for a moment and the atmosphere quickly turns from playful to serious while Calum ponders her question.

“How’d you become like this?”

The question leaves his lips in a hushed tone, but she hears it clear as day.

[y/n] sighs, gulping the rest of her drink down before looking at Calum again. “You really want to know?”

Once he nods she walks past him, grabs his hand and leads him to the living room. She sits and he silently follows her lead, waiting to hear the story.

“Vampires have existed since ancient times and were able to keep a somewhat low profile. But by the 12th century, they were completely out of control. Feeding on any townspeople they could get their fangs into, destroying whole villages, and some women even turned children when they impulsively decided they wanted "families”. In 1305, a group of humans that wanted the chaos to end were turned and formed a group called The Order. They banded with witches to create the only spell that could change humans from that day forward: dying with vampire blood in their system. They made sure their responsibilities would be passed down for generations, deciding every child born into their families would become vampires as well. My father was the Head of The Order, so my brothers and I were turned as soon as we were of age. Over time, all it’s become is a coven of “royalty” who think they can make choices for every vampire in existence and I decided that life wasn’t for me, so I left my family and have lived my life the way I wanted to ever since.“

"When’s the last time you saw your family?” Calum asks once she’s quiet.

[y/n] scrunches her eyebrows in thought. “I haven’t seen my father since 1630, when my eldest brother, Enzo, took his place as Head. Enzo and my other brothers, Elijah and Theo like to check in every once in a while and try to persuade me to come home. However, when they can't come, they send their friends like Marcus and Daenerys to watch over me. It’s insanely annoying.”

“May I ask why you haven’t seen your dad in such a long time?”

The delicate-looking girl in front of him sighs and looks down at her hands. Without thinking, Calum threads his fingers with hers to reassure her. “You don’t have to tell me if it’s too much, you’ve already told me a lot already.”

She stares down at their hands for a second, smiling a bit. “No, it’s okay. I’m the youngest out of all my siblings and while my mother was giving birth to me, she passed away. Medicine wasn't very advanced back then they way it is now and there was nothing anyone could do. My father has always blamed me for her death and has never treated me the same way he treats my brothers. I honestly think he only turned me to get satisfaction out of knowing that I’ll live with the guilt of her death for eternity. He never gave me any responsibility in The Order and I figured that my presence did nothing but make him sick so I left.”

Calum’s jaw clenches at the thought of [y/n] practically being exiled out of her family by her father, she didn’t deserve that. “You know her death isn’t your fault right? No matter what he fucking says, that’s not your fault.”

She looks up to meet his gaze and nods. “Yeah, I know.” He can see a hint of doubt in her eyes and just as he’s about to address it, she changes the subject.

“Let’s talk about something else! Or better yet, do something else.” [y/n]’s expression changes from somber to sultry in seconds and before Calum can even process what’s going on, she's straddling him.

“W-what are you doing?”

“Do you trust me?”

“Babe–,” he tries to get a sentence out, but she interrupts.

“Do you trust me?”


“Great!” [y/n] says prior to bringing her wrist to her lips and biting down.

“What the hell?! Why’d you do that?”

She doesn’t reply to his questions and instead holds her bloodied wrist out to him. “Drink it.”

“You want me to drink your blood? Why?”

“Just drink it.”

He can tell she’s getting annoyed, so he does what she says and clamps his lips to her skin and sucks softly. Calum realizes her blood, as weird as it may sound, tastes incredibly sweet and as he continues to drink, the familiar feeling he gets from “V” courses through him.

[y/n] watches him intently and when the rush to his head gets to be too much, he pulls away. Calum wipes his mouth and looks at her again, giggling a little at the way the lines on his shirt she’s wearing turn squiggly.

“Are you okay? How do you feel?”

“I feel great, babe,” he says, stroking her thigh. “You have really soft skin. Like really, really soft. Is that a vampire trait or something? Wow, it’s so soft.”

[y/n] chuckles at his words before leaning down to kiss him. “You’re funny when you’re high.”

“I’m funny all the time baby, never forget it.”

[y/n] notices she can hear his thoughts again and remembers it goes both ways with them.

Ever had sex high before?

Calum shakes his head at her, the idea already appealing to him.

Do you want to?”

He immediately nods his head about five times before she can get him to be still and kiss him again, beginning round two.


Calum finally finds the will to leave [y/n]’s place and go home by midnight.

“You sure you want to go?” She questions, admiring the patches of fresh hickies she left on his body as he gets dressed.

“I don’t want to, but I have work tomorrow." [y/n] pouts and crawls out of the sheets to stand in front of him, her arms wrapping around his waist. "But I don’t want to you leave.”

Calum tries his hardest to ignore how very naked she is at the moment and continues buttoning his shirt. “But I have to. Maybe you can come check out the store I work at, it’s got some really cool vinyls.”

“That’d be nice.”


He gets her to let go of him so he can go downstairs and look for his shoes. After minutes of searching, he finally does, puts them on, and looks up to see [y/n], now wrapped in bed sheets, observing him with a sad expression.

He walks over to her and gives her a long, hard kiss. She kisses him with just as much passion and when he pulls away he whispers, “You’ll see me tomorrow, don’t worry. Okay?" [y/n] nods and kisses him one last time before she sees him out. "Text me when you get home. I put my number in your phone.”

Calum laughs and promises her that he will. Once he’s outside, he finds it surprisingly easy to make his way back to his place, knowing the way somehow. The night is quiet and it’s not as cold as it was the night before. When he gets to his street, Calum faintly hears an extra set of footsteps behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, he scans the area and doesn’t see anyone.

Am I still high?” He inquires to himself.

He shrugs and faces forward again, but as soon as he does a hand grabs him from behind and he feels a sharp pain in his chest. Calum cries out in pain and stumbles to the ground, seeing red-stained metal poking out of where his heart is located. His shirt feels hot and sticky, knowing for a fact the substance is his blood. As the world around him goes black, he can hear a voice say, “The Order will no longer tolerate Users or vampires that..” The rest of the words fade out and Calum’s breathing becomes more and more ragged until the street is silent once again.

How to Avenge 101 [Part 7]

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] … [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Word Count: 1,544 (Sorry these are getting so long!)

Noise assaulted your ears, waking you from your sleep. At first you thought it was another drill, but they you realised there were actual voices this time.

You sighed, just waiting for half a second longer. You were sprawled all over the bed, your foot half hanging over the edge. You’d once wondered if you there was a correlation between how much you did during the day and the more haphazardly you slept. Judging from the way you had woken up this morning, yesterday had been rather hectic.

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Lucky Lady

Word Count: approx 1267

Character: Castiel/Reader

Just a bit of cutesy fluff :3

Other: (Y/N)= Your name

Just a tiiiiiny mention of sex

Based on an imagine I saw “Imagine Castiel asking Dean and Sam how to ask you out”


    You lazily stretch under the covers of your bed, roll over and glance at your clock and watch “12:30 pm” blink on and off. You and the boys had gotten back to the bunker from a vampire hunt late last night and the only thing on your mind at the time was sleep. Which explained the reason you were still wearing the clothes you had on for the past 4 days, leaving the bed and you still dirty and bloody. “Great.” You growl getting up and ripping the dirtied sheets from your bed and throwing them in the hamper near by. You rummage around your duffel bag for your body wash,catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror on the wall.
    Your hair was falling out of the ponytail it had once been in, dirty stray hairs sticking out at the nape of your neck. Perfectly matching your torn shirt and jeans. You made a cringing face at yourself and stepped into the hallway to retrieve a towel from the linen closet. It was time for your favorite part of getting back to the bunker. A nice long hot shower. It felt like forever since you were genuinely clean.
    You quickly walked down the hallway towards the bathroom. You didn’t know if Sam and Dean were still asleep,so you kept quiet as you neared their bedrooms. Suddenly your stomach growled, the sound bouncing off the blank walls,making it sound 10 times louder. You stopped where the hallway split,to the right the bathroom, and to the left, the kitchen and the library. You stand there weighing your choices. “I should eat first, if I wait til after I shower Dean will probably wake up and eat all the good stuff. But I’m fucking filthy.” You whisper to yourself. “Ah screw it,I really want that pie in the fridge!” You say spinning on the balls of your feet to face the left hallway. Honestly with the way you were currently feeling you didn’t care if it was Deans pie or not. While you loved him to death, Dean sometimes needed to be pulled down from his high horse. He had made you feel like a complete idiot during the hunt. stealing his pie was the perfect revenge
    You near the entryway of the library you hear the sound of distance voices.
    “Dean,I need your assistance.It’s rather urgent.” Cas says
    You stopped dead in your tracks and leaned on the wall outside the library. “If its important, why isn’t Cas asking you about it too and to Sam as well? Not just Dean?” You thought looking down at your feet. You’d always liked Cas, ever since you first bumped into him in the bunker after he unexpectedly ‘flew in’. You don’t remember when it developed into a bit of a crush. But it was always a wishful thought you brushed off your shoulder on a daily bases. Nothing like a relationship  between an angel and a human could last. You crept a little closer,straining to hear the conversation
    “Yeah Cas, whats up? Dean reply’s flipping the page of the book he’s reading.
    ” I’d like to ask your opinion on how I would go about,uh,asking someone to accompany me to dinner..Or something.“ Cas says awkwardly. Dean stares puzzled at him before he finally understands.
    "You mean ask them on a date? I didn’t think angels did that sort of thing?” Dean asks, shutting the book and looking at Cas.
    “Yes I know, such feelings of affection are against regulation. But I feel it’s necessary.”
    “Well,I wasn’t expecting that! So whose the lucky lady?” Dean grinned, leaning back in his chair.
    “Well its, It’s uh.” Cas says looking around as if to check to make sure no one was looking.He leaned down to the table and said quietly “Its (Y/N).” You fling your hand to your mouth to muffle the small, almost inhuman noise you made having heard Cas.The silence you heard from Dean  shows you he is just as surprised as you were.
    “Well that’s great!"Dean says smiling
    "Do you think she’s an achievable goal?”
    “ Yeah I think she is, shes a great girl. Awesome hunter,smart,pretty, funny, except I hate it when she eats my pie. She knows not to touch it!” Dean replys drumming his fingers on the table. Cas cocks his head to one side and shoots Dean a confused look, since they’d clearly gone off track from dating tips to Deans precious pie. Dean looked around the room trying to find where he left off. You can’t help but smile at Deans compliments,maybe you’ll leave the pie alone.For now.
    “Anyway, Yeah Cas  shes 'achievable’. I can tell by the way she acts,she likes you. But you’re asking her out because you like her right?”
    “Oh yes very much so. She makes me feel very happy.” Cas says making a big dumb smile grow across your face.
    “Well you spend a lot of time with (Y/N), What do you think she’d like to do?” Dean asks.
    “I’ve noticed that she enjoys consuming large amounts of alcohol, preferable whiskey. And old films seem to be a preference.”
    “Hahaha,Well why don’t you see if she’d like to go to that theater in town where they show the old movies and then go out to a bar to fuel those drinking habits of hers?” Dean says laughing.
    “That sounds like a very good idea. Thank you Dean.”
    “No problem, and you might want to carry some protection,just in case,ya know.” Dean says with a wink and a pat on Cas’ back.
    “I have my angel blade, will that be sufficient protection?” Cas asks with his signature puzzled look on his face. I couldn’t contain myself any longer, I started laughing into the palm of my hand pressed against my mouth.
    “You hear that?” Dean asks. You quickly turned to head to the bathroom when you run straight into Sam. You scream as the scare causes you to jump backwards, landing on your behind in the doorway of the library.
    “ (Y/N) you okay? Sorry I didn’t think I’d scare you” Sam asks helping you up off the floor. You could see Dean in the corner of your eye, judging by the smug look on his face he could tell that you’d been listening.
    “It’s okay Sam, I’m alright. Excuse me I was just going to take a shower.” You quickly shoot back trying to avoid contact with Cas. You pick up your towels and almost sprint down the hallway. “Dammit, Should of picked shower over pie! Deans rubbing off on me!” You thought giving yourself a mental smack.
    “(Y/N),wait!” Cas says suddenly appearing in front of you, making you run into him, just like the way he did when you first met him.
    “Uh yeah Cas?” You reply looking at his gorgeous baby blues.
    “I have a question. Would you um, consider going to the theater in town that shows old movies and go to a bar where we can fuel your drinking habit?” He asks imitating Deans suggestion almost word for word. You curl one side of your mouth into a grin and couldn’t help but laugh. Cas looked down and pursed his lips together, like he was hurt. “I’m sorry, did I say something wrong?”
    “Oh Cas.” You laughed taking his hands in yours. “ No you said everything just perfect. Of course, I’d like to go out with you. In fact I’d love to.” His  expression changed into a smile that you see very rarely. It was one of those little things in life that gave you a high feeling. “Just let me have a shower then we can go then if you’d like?”
    “Yes, I’d like that. I’ll go tell Sam and Dean that we’ll be leaving.” Cas replies disappearing again. “Seriously though, he could of walked down the hall.” You thought opening the bathroom door. But hey, Cas whooshes you off your feet everyday,with him you really are a lucky lady.