the cloack

Fan art inspired by @beanpots and her Day and Night AU. I thought it would be nice for me, to try to draw her characters. I really loved to paint Yuuri’s cloack <3 I love to draw Yuuri most of all btw.

Roses brushes by: Miss Didi Chan

PS: Victor is a little bit bigger than Yuuri, I noticed just now… Sorry ç_ç


2 May 1816 – Wedding of Princess Charlotte of Wales and Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld

In the evening, while Leopold held a dinner for few gentlemen at Clarence House, Charlotte went down to Buckingham House, dined with the Queen and then went upstairs to change into her wedding dress. Outside the escort of Lifeguards assembled, and the band of the Coldstream Gards and a guard of honour from the Grenadier Guards marched down to the courtyard of Carlton House. Inside Carlton House, guests were assembling beneath huge, hot, low-hanging chandeliers in the heavily gilded Crimson Drawing Room, where the ceremony was to be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Just before nine o’clock, Charlotte came out of Buckingham House, climbed into an open carriage and drove the short distance down the Mall with the Queen sitting beside her and her aunts Augusta and Elizabeth sitting opposite. “Bless me, what a crowd”, she said. Charlotte’s dress cost over £10,000. It was a white and silver slip, covered with transparent silk net embroidered in silver lamé with shells and flowers. The sleeves were trimmed with Brussels lace, and the train, which was six feet long, was made of the same material as the slip and fastened like a cloack with a diamond clasp. She wore a wreath of diamond leaves and roses, a diamond necklace and diamond earrings, both of which had been given to her by her father, and a diamond bracelet that had been given by Leopold. 

The ceremony was short and dignified - except for Charlotte’s slight giggle when Leopold promised to endow her with all his worldly goods. When it was over, Charlotte and Leopold stayed only long enough for the guests to drink their health. Then they left to change. Church bells pealed. Bonfires were lit. Field guns cracked their salute in St James’s Park, and far down river the cannons at the Tower of London boomed. 

Charlotte & Leopold: the true romance of the Prince Regent’s daughter by James Chambers.

Sansa drifted to seep as the moon rose, Arya several hours later, curling in the grass under Ned’s cloack. All throught the dark hours he kept his vigil alone. When dawn broke over the city, the dark red blooms of dragon breath surrounded the girls where they lay. “I dreamed of Bran” Sansa had whispered to him. “I saw him smiling”. - Eddard V, AGOT.

This part of Ned charapter is not only so heart warming ( imagine sansa and arya sleeping peacefully while their loving father keeps guard…such a sweet scene). But for me this quote can foreshadow Sansa, Arya and Bran all surviving at the end. When the dawn broke could mean when the war of dawn (with the others) ends, and the dragons are gone ( the dark red blooms of dragon breath) the girls (Arya and Sansa) are still there. And Sansa dreamed of Bran too, smiling. I just hope for my stark children to be happy and alive at the end. 

  • The One Who Died Drunk In Power: Aries, Leo, Gemini, Capricorn
  • The One Who Died For Lost Love: Libra, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
  • The One Who Greeted Death Like An Old Friend: Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Taurus

lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.
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Dan Howell’s Ten Step Plan

Summary: Dan Howell may have been only fifteen, but he knew where his life was going. He was going to be a runway model, (his pastel goth fashion and thousands of tumblr followers assured him of that.) And just because he has a crush on Phil, a year eleven who also happens to be super dream and in drama, that doesn’t change Dan’s plan. It just inspires him to come up with a new one. A ten-step plan, to be exact.
Word Count: 10021
Warnings: some swearing, making out, mentions of sex, anxiety, angst at the end, slight homophobia (typical teenage boy stuff)
A/N: I’m so excited to be sharing my PBB3 fic with all of you! Special thanks to my artist, Sasha, (x) and my beta cloackativelys for being so lovely. Also, thanks to Josie for being a team player and actually reading the first draft of the fic before anyone else. Please enjoy!

Dan could already see it. One day, he was going to be a model. He had dreams about it; walking down the runway in the latest fashion, everyone taking his picture, people going ‘oo’ and ‘ah as he walked with confidence. He would buy a mansion with the millions of dollars he had and he would fly to exotic places in his own private helicopter. His partner, (and not just a wife, if a hot, rich guy wanted Dan he would say yes in two seconds) would be equally as famous and would support Dan in everything he did. He would maybe fly back to Wokingham to rub in the face of all of the people who called him a gaylord —when he was so obviously bisexual— that he was rich and famous and they weren’t. Unfortunately, today was not that day.

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anonymous asked:

Does Widow ever sleep in Reaper's cloak? Is that the only way she can feel warmth?

Yes! Almost always when Reaper is around.

That texture and the heat from his body helps her to sleep at night. The feeling something she hasn’t truly felt for such a long time. She loves the feel of it, even wrapping it around her shoulders on chilly mornings.

It takes Reaper forever just to get it back.