the cling is a synonym for love

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Why do we always run back to what broke us?

I think we all like to believe in second chances; in notions of timing; that nothing is ever impossible. That if only we did this or we did that, things would finally fall into place. We cling onto hope with no foundations. We reach for familiarity; because clinging to the cliff edge is better than falling into the abyss.

But some things are impossible. Some things just don’t work. Are toxic. Are wrong. Some people don’t bring out the best in you. Sometimes love becomes an excuse. Sometimes love becomes synonymous with fear of being alone. Sometimes love becomes nothing at all.

She's everywhere

She hangs around my neck in the necklace I wear,

Whose words spell out love.

She lingers on my lips,

In the smile I get when I think of her.

Her smell clings to my skin,

Since in sleep it soaks through the shirt she gave me.

Her smile rests in my cheeks,

Since I cannot think of her without smiling as well.

She’s in every song I sing,

Since love and her name became synonymous.

She’s in every word I write,

Because a write must get their inspiration from somewhere.

She is my inspiration. She is my rock.

There’s something in her voice that tastes like addiction,

And I’ll never be able to get enough.

She’s mine and I promise you that,

As long as she does not give up on me…

Forever with her is where I will continue to aim to be.

EXO High

Byun Baekhyun (noun) [1] a junior which is part of the school choir with Kyungsoo (see also Do Kyungsoo) and the math club with Chanyeol (see also Park Chanyeol) [2] the social butterfly who is everyone’s friend, thus making him the PR Officer of the student council [3] has a not-so-obvious crush with his best friend Chanyeol.

synonyms: loud, friendly, jolly

Do Kyungsoo (noun) [1] a junior who is part of the school choir with another junior, Baekhyun (see also Byun Baekhyun) [2] the student council vice president with his bestfriend, Junmyeon as the president (see also Kim Junmyeon) 

synonyms: dense, dense, dense

Huang Zitao (noun) [1] a (scary) sophomore with Sehun and Jongin (see also Kim Jongin and Oh Sehun) known for his permanent bags under his eyes which makes him look like a panda also known for his obsession with Gucci bags [2] the male who clings onto Junmyeon and claim he is his mama, much to Yifan and Jongin’s chagrin (see also Kim Junmyeon and Wu Yifan) [3] has a weird relationship with Jongdae (see also Kim Jongdae)

synonyms: scary, panda, baby

Kim Jongdae (noun) [1] also called troll, known for trolling all his best friend along with his friends Baekhyun and Chanyeol (see also Byun Baekhyun and Park Chanyeol) [2] nicknamed Chenzi or Orange in mandarin, courtesy of Zitao (see also Huang Zitao) [3] has a love-hate relationship with Zitao

synonyms: troll, troll, troll

Kim Jongin (noun) [1] high school jock, part of Yifan’s basketball team (see also Wu Yifan) [2] a protective younger brother to Junmyeon (see also Kim Junmyeon) [3] a sophomore who has a teeny tiny crush on his brother’s bestfriend, Kyungsoo (see also Do Kyungsoo)

synonyms: hot, tan, sfskdhhgsdgsh

Kim Junmyeon (noun) [1] the perfect student, currently the student council president and the president of almost all clubs in the school (except Basketball) [2] the senior who is famous for his beautiful demeanor and sweet character [3] Zitao’s mama (see also Huang Zitao) [4] the male who is also crazy in love with Wu Yifan (see also Wu Yifan)

synonyms: guardian, angel, perfect just perfect

Kim Minseok (noun) [1] a chubby cheeked senior, affectionately called by Luhan baozi (see also Xi Luhan) [2] the student council’s treasurer and naturally the only sane person in it, or so he thought [3] a good hyung to everyone especially on his favorite dongsaeng ( or dìdi) Yixing (see also Zhang Yixing)

synonyms: cute, baozi, cute

Lu Han (noun) [1] the senior who is known for his pretty and youthful face, Junmyeon and Yifan’s classmate [2] the male who has an apparent fascination on Minseok’s cheeks (see also Kim Minseok) [3] has a soft spot on Sehun’s fascination towards him (see also Oh Sehun)

synonyms: pretty, cute, deer

antonym: manly

Oh Sehun (noun) [1] a sophomore and Jongin’s bestfriend (see also Kim Jongin) [2] the male who is known for his expressionless face which transforms into a smile whenever Luhan is around (see also Xi Luhan) [3] the tall male who follows Luhan like a little duck, and is apparently crazy for the older male.

synonyms: cold, expressionless, cute so cute

Park Chanyeol (noun) [1] a junior and part of the school’s basketball team [2]  Byun Baekhyun’s bestfriend (see also Byun Baekhyun) and everyone’s happy virus [3] the tall male who tries so hard to show Baekhyun how much he loves him.

synonyms: tall, happy virus, cheerful, too cheerful

Wu Yifan (noun) [1] a tall senior who looks cold in the outside but is a real softie inside. [2] the famous basketball captain who had won with his vice captain Chanyeol (see also Park Chanyeol) [3] the tall dork who apparently is crazy with Kim Junmyeon (see also Kim Junmyeon)

synonyms: cold, dork, weird just weird

Zhang Yixing (noun) [1] an adorable junior, whose eyes are always unfocused and distant [2] a Chinese male who is with Jongdae and Baekhyun in the school choir and known to have an angel voice (see also Byun Baekhyun and Kim Jongdae) [3] has a tiny crush on Minseok (see also Kim Minseok)

synonyms: pure, innocent, angel

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