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Monet Landscape by Tony
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Étretat is best known for its chalk cliffs, including three natural arches and a pointed formation called L'Aiguille or the Needle, which rises 70 metres (230 ft) above the sea. The Etretat Chalk Complex, as it is known, consists of a complex stratigraphy of Turonian and Coniacian chalks. Some of the cliffs are as high as 90 metres (300 ft). These cliffs and the associated resort beach attracted artists including Eugène Boudin, Gustave Courbet and Claude Monet.


Four different variations of the Cliff House have stood on the cliffs overlooking Seal Rocks, at the Northwest corner of San Francisco. Two earlier versions were rather modestly small in size, especially when compared with the elaborate eight-story Victorian building which stood on that spot from 1896 to 1907 as the third Cliff House. And when that ornate version of the building burned down, the fourth version to be built was designed more like the first two: simple, and made to blend in with the ocean and cliffs surrounding it. That fourth version is still standing today.

The Cliff House has held restaurants, dance halls, gift shops and vista points. From the windows of the building, a person could see for miles down the coast. They could also sit at their table and watch any ships that might be sailing in or out of the Golden Gate. Regardless of which incarnation of the building a person was visiting, they always had a spectacular view.

There were various means of commuting out to the building. At first there were horse-drawn carriages, which for a small fee would take them on the approx. 45 minute trot from downtown to the ocean. Later, trolly and train lines were added for more frequent runs back and forth across the city.

There were several other attractions for people to visit after making this trip out to the coast. Depending on the year, people could also walk among the statues in the elaborate gardens above the Cliff House, on the grounds of Sutro Heights. There was also a sky tram that carried passengers between the Cliff House and Point Lobos, along the water’s edge. For many years, just down the hill from the Cliff House was a large amusement park called Playland, and then directly North of the Cliff House were the famous and elaborate swimming/ bathing/sauna buildings of Sutro Baths.

And of course, people have always loved just strolling along the beach, breathing in the salty air and listening to the waves. The Cliff House has always been one of the true San Francisco icons.


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Okay, really dumb idea, but Anna and Elsa confronting Ingrid but the conversation slowly goes from dramatic plot to "don't stare at the opening of her dress" and "these two are sisters, right?" I'm really sorry.

This turned out significantly darker than I expected, but here you go…


Ingrid always seemed to have a backup plan. The more ideas Anna tried to come up with, the more she’d be surprised by her sadistic, psychotic, highly disturbed aunt. Even having lost Elsa’s support had no effect on the Snow Queen’s mood. And now that she could no longer send Anna to the dungeons or throw her off a cliff, Ingrid had resorted to confronting her nieces with their worst fear: themselves.

“Anna, please stop wasting our time. You don’t belong here, can’t you see it? Your battle was lost from the beginning. Elsa is my sister now.”

“She’s nothing of yours! She’s mine! You can’t take her away from me and you never will.”

Ingrid rolled her eyes at Anna’s growl. “And who do you think you are, you foolish little girl, to tell me what I can or cannot do? She is more connected to me than she’ll ever be to you.”

“Wanna bet?”

Anna attempted to reach Ingrid. Elsa put a hand on her arm to calm her. Ingrid watched the scene, still thoroughly amused.

“There is no need. My magic runs in her veins. Our power joins us in ways you could never aspire to understand. You are nothing, Anna, nothing but a simple empty brat whose greatest talent is knocking things over and having a mouth bigger than your brain. Have you heard what they say of you? Haven’t you noticed there isn’t one redhead in our family, or that of Elsa’s father? People say you’re a bastard.” Ingrid pronounced the last words with evident delight.

At this Elsa stepped forward. “Enough! Listen to yourself! You’re insulting your own sister, Ingrid. We’re your sister’s daughters, why do you want to hurt us so much?”

The Snow Queen’s voice softened. “It’s nothing against you, Elsa, my darling. It’s never been against you and it never will be. She’s the problem, this bastard girl.” Ingrid snorted. “You won’t even look at me, child. You know what I’m saying is true.”

“I’m not looking at you because I don’t want to see such vulgar display of flesh,” Anna nodded at Ingrid’s dress. “Haven’t you seen yourself in a mirror? You look worse than those tavern girls. So much for the almighty Snow Queen.”

Ingrid let out a little laugh, and took a step towards the princess. She looked Anna up and down, and shook her head with a mocking smile.

“Does it bother you, Anna? Of course it does; sensuality is a concept you will never comprehend, or possess. What does a mediocre creature like you know of femininity? Elsa, sweetheart, don’t be silly, understand that Anna is an obstacle for your development. I have such plans for you, a life of greatness and power beyond imagination, and there’s only a worthless girl standing in your way. You could be so much more, if it wasn’t for her.”

“On the contrary,” growled Elsa. “I would be nothing, if it wasn’t for her. I will never leave her.”

“Elsa, be reasonable-”

“She’s mine!”

Ingrid stopped. Her eyes traveled between the two girls, between their joined hands, the identical posture of their shoulders ready to attack. They had both made the same claim, She’s mine. They even moved together, from how they adjusted their feet to how they flicked their eyes and even how they breathed. They’re sisters, Ingrid thought. Or are they? She found it hard to believe when they stood so close and so fiercely protective of each other. They reminded her more of those pathetic little couples she had spotted sometimes.

Ingrid took a step towards Anna. The girl stepped back, disgust in her face. Ingrid’s amusement had no end.

“Still offended by my, how did you say it, ‘vulgar display of flesh’? Yet, it doesn’t seem to bother you in Elsa. Look at her, the girl you’re claiming to own. Aren’t you bothered by the way her dress clings to her shape, by the slit of her skirt? Don’t you find the way she displays herself vulgar? Doesn’t she look like a tavern girl to you? Or maybe when it comes to her that’s what you want –you want her to look like your whore.”

Elsa raised her hand and shot a current of ice and snow. Never one to be outdone, Ingrid met it in midair with one of her own.

“Oh no, sweetheart, let’s not come to this. You don’t want to fight me, just as I don’t want to fight you. We’re family.”

“No, we’re not,” Elsa spoke through her teeth, shaking with anger. “You’re twisted, and sick, and completely out of your mind. Anna is my only family.”

Their powers fought, one never able to actually  defeat the other. Though delighted by her niece’s strength, Ingrid cut her own current to make Elsa calm down. Until she learned how to master her energies, overuse could harm her.

Ingrid stood right in front of Anna, knowing that given the difference in heights her neckline would be in perfect view for the princess. As expected, Anna averted the sight, blushing.

“Look at me, Anna, look at me. Oh, you stupid coward. You’re Elsa’s sister, aren’t you?” she cooed, stroking Anna’s face. “Aren’t you?”

Anna nodded, still not looking at her.

“Well, are you sure about that? Is that all you are to Elsa, or is there something else going on? That’s why you’re so possessive with her, because you want to own her as a woman,” Ingrid’s voice melted with the joy of having found Anna’s weakest spot.

“Leave her alone,” hissed Elsa, coming between them. “You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Elsa, honey, don’t fall for her tricks. She’s trying to charm you, to seduce you, to lure you away from what you deserve. Elsa, don’t be dragged into that madness.”

This time, Elsa was the one to take the step forward.

“Too late.”

The way Elsa walked, shielding Anna from Ingrid and making her way forward with the grace and fierceness of a snow wolf, would have made her aunt proud if it didn’t come from the wrong reasons. And the fact that she paid no attention to how provocative and sensual her anger was made the whole scene much more fascinating.

“Whatever sinful images your mind is building about my sister and me… you’re right,” she hissed. “Anna is mine, and I am hers, in ways that you’ll never be able to understand. She’s all I need to be happy and you cannot take her away from me. I will kill for her, if necessary. Now go. Go and never come back. And please, change that dress. It is outrageous.”

Ingrid caressed Elsa’s face. “Oh, my love, no. I won’t bother you anymore. When the time is right you will come to me. And I’ll be waiting.”


Amangani Jackson Hole: Unearthing Year-Round Respite

Amangani, a remote cliff-top luxury resort located a staggering seven thousand feet above sea level with sweeping views of the Tetons and Snake River Range, is the perfect up-scale base for skiing, or even for taking year-round respite amongst the natural beauty of Grand Teton National Park and nearby Yellowstone National Park.

RE:covery Time

Wind cut through the heliport, carrying off the debris and fine dust brought by the myriad of flying machines coming and going. Rough, scorched hulls mingled with sleek, fresh painted aquilas, bearing tourists and supplies for the bustling cliff-side resort just beyond.

Rebeckah pulled her robes tighter around her, the whipping wind tugging at the hem and constantly pulling her hood back down. Her new mechadendrites wound around to pin it down. She looked up at the servoskull that hovered above her head. It slowly turned in place, scanning the crowd for the Lord Inquisitor.

Two skitarii flanked her, helping maintain the wide berth that people gave the priestess. Lingering tension kept her from being totally comfortable in how tight the crowds are.