the cleaning people are in so im banned to the shop



It’s not about integrity.

There’s a sign on the wall behind him that reads ‘coffee with integrity’, and as far as he can tell, with all of the wild concoctions his parents have come up with and slapped on the menu and called it “coffee” Danny knows that it’s not about integrity. It’s about being different. And the FentonWorks Coffee House is all about being different.

Danny cleaned a counter. In one hand he was scrubbing syrups off the granite and in the other he was sipping at a Lumberjack latte - twice the caramel, half of the liquid smoke. Liquid smoke is an ingredient for meats that are trying to get a smokehouse vibe. To use more than a teaspoon for a pound of meat is horrendous.

And yet there it was.

On the shelf.

In a syrup jar. 

One ounce per pump, two pumps per latte. Nothing in the world has ever tasted more like death. Danny took another sip, considering. Well. Maybe the Turkey Time latte, or the Cappuccino A La Cyan Pepper. Though he kind of, strangely, liked both of those - as long as he halved the overwhelmingly wrong ingredients and doubled up on sugar pumps. 

Still, according to modern business standards, this was a coffee shop that should not exist. Everything on the menu is absolutely terrible. The only way to survive is to walk in, read nothing of the menu, and assume that this shop like any other coffee shop had a generic vanilla latte on the menu. And then Danny would have to go through the painful explanation that, unfortunately, FentonFlavors ™ are patented flavors, and there isn’t a bottle in the facility that has vanilla without pepper. But he can give you a flavorless latte, and they’re not savages here, so there’s white sugar around the counter.

Danny restocked that same white sugar, which was always running near empty. It was raining outside, which to him was good, because his manager lived very far away, up a mountain, where rain often turned to snow and snow meant he wasn’t going to come in today. Danny loved it when Vlad called in. He was a family “friend” (not really) who hated coffee, was very obnoxious about tea, and found a sick pleasure in writing split-shifts that cut Danny’s schedule into pure chaos.

The bell rang. Tucker stepped inside of the small coffee house and lowered his umbrella. He nodded to Danny. “The usual?” Danny asked. Tucker nodded again and walked up to the counter. Danny fixed a cup of hot chocolate, because try as they might the Fentons had yet to find a way to ruin that one yet, and passed it across the counter. Tucker didn’t pay, and Danny didn’t ask. They reminisced over the bad weather together when a figure appeared outside of the window. Danny paused.

There were a few people in this town who, for some inexplicable reason, enjoyed FentonWorks Coffee. There was the bum who practically lived on the corner of second street, the woman who wore tattoos for sleeves and played daredevil games with very tall buildings, the Cloaked Crusader - an Amity Park vigilante who was literally just a man in a top hat and a cloak, and who never captured any criminal ever, but always came in smelling like he’d been tossed in a trash can.

Currently at the window was The Skulker. He never ordered anything. He often stood at the window and stared at Danny, unmoving, a hood over his face. Today he stepped inside. Danny and Tucker both stiffened and watched him scuttle to one of the armchairs in the corner of the cafe. Tucker leaned over the counter, his voice dropping to a whisper, “I thought you guys banned him after he broke the bathroom sink?”

Danny rubbed his neck, whispering back, “My parents are convinced he’s not at fault for it.”

Tucker lifted his eyebrows. Danny shrugged. He took another sip of the Lumberjack. It was god awful.

stoppjm  asked:

yoonminseok 💕💕

  • big spoon/little spoon: yoongi and jimin switch up who gets to be the little spoon, but hoseok is almost always a big spoon
  • favorite non-sexual activity: listening to music, yoongi says its the only thing that can make the two of his boyfriend shut the hell up long enough for him to actually relax
  • who uses all the hot water: jihope~ they always shower together and spend too much time in the shower doing other things
  • most trivial thing they fight over: who’s shorter, yoongi refuses to admit that he and jimin are almost practically the same height and yoonmin always call hoseok a giant
  • who does most of the cleaning: hoseok, yoongi makes most of the mess tho
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: KING JIMIN REIGNS SUPREME OVER THE QUEUE
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: yoongi, tho sometimes he lets it go unattended for a few days just so that he has an excuse to cuddle up to his boyfriends at random moments during the day
  • who steals the blankets: y o o n g i !
  • who leaves their stuff around: usually yoongi but sometimes jimin leaves his stuff around when he’s sleepy or angry and hoseok is always stuck cleaning up after them
  • who remembers to buy the milk: jimin, hoseok gets distracted by sweet meat whenever he does the shopping by himself and yoongi only goes when he’s being forced to and still somehow manages to sneak in his favorite yogurt drinks by the time they’re at checkout even though jimin has no recollection how yoongi got those into the cart in the first place
  • who remembers anniversaries: hoseok! but yoongi wishes he wouldn’t since he claims that there’s no point until jihope are wining and dining him later that night
  • Who cooks normally? jihope. yoongi is banned from using the kitchen appliances that emit fire
  • How often do they fight? yoongi “fights” with jihope every day, but it’s not really fighting when he’s just whining about something he thinks is annoying. they’ve never really had an actual fight before
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other? yoongi feels like his hands are colder since there aren’t two people to hold them and warm them up for him. hoseok does better than yoongi, but sometimes he’ll still turn, mid-sentence to tell one of them something only to realize they aren’t there. jimin would just whine to tae and blow up the groupchat asking if anyone’s seen his boyfriends ‘cause they mightve been kidnapped and he’s lonely and needs cuddles, yes.
  • Nicknames for each other? yoongi to hoseok: seok/seokseok/seokie, yoongi to jimin: minnie/jiminnie. hoseok to yoongi: hyungie/yoongoon, hoseok to jimin: jiminnie/baby/jimbles. jimin to yoongi: yoongles, jimin to hoseok: hobi-hyung/hobi/seok
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner? jimin and yoongi fight over it all the time while hoseok just enjoys the food, glad that he isn’t being expected to pay
  • Who steals the covers at night? yoongi! but it’s okay cause jihope like to cuddle while asleep so they’re always warm
  • What would they get each other for gifts? yoongi would get hoseok a ton fuck of cds by his fave artists and he’d get jimin new dance shoes. hoseok and jimin would both get yoongi candles and notebooks and cute stationary things. hoseok would get jimin a lot of jewelry and jimin would gift hoseok massages, home-cooked meals, and a new stereo for his dance studio
  • Who kissed who first? yoongi kissed hoseok first and jimin whined until yoonseok both just went for it and kissed jimin at the same time. it resulted in a very messy threeway kiss with a lot of “ow”s and giggles
  • Who made the first move? hoseok! he initially loooooved jimin but then yoongi came around and jihope we’re like “shit”
  • Who remembers things? yoongi does, but he tries to be nonchalant about it (spoiler: it doesnt work)
  • Who started the relationship? yoongi did. he knew jihope were an item by the time he met them, but the tension between the three of them was just too much for him to ignore so he sat those happy-go-lucky guys down and laid shit out on the table and well, two became three after that
  • Who cusses more? yoongi! but when hoseok’s startled, he curses enough to make yoongi blush
  • What would they do if the other was hurt? yoongi would just be bored and let hoseok or jimin handle and take care of whoever was hurt because he agreed to being a boyfriend not a nurse after all. hoseok would be frantic and his hands would not be still, he’d just keep fluttering about trying to figure out what to do. jimin would be really calm, but his hands would still shake the tiniest bit when he’d try to soothe whichever of his boyfriends injured themselves that time. all in all, they depend on one another to get through it